Zyuganov spent more time at Stalin’s grave than Lenin’s

The Communist Party leader advised Putin to read the works of Ilyich

It seems that Manezhnaya Square was so crowded only in a past life. On Lenin's birthday, hundreds and then thousands of people gathered at the monument to Zhukov. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War in orders, schoolchildren in scarlet pioneer caps, Chinese TV correspondents, a group of tourists from Nicaragua.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

To the left of the building of the Historical Museum, two paddy wagons sheltered forlornly. But it was clear from the look on the policemen's faces that nothing bad could happen here today.  

While waiting for the traditional formation in a column , a man who calls himself the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro suddenly appeared in the arena. The offspring of the leader of the Island of Freedom, Alexander Seregin-Castro, immediately switched the attention of the press to himself and pushed a short speech:

– On February 24, Russia went its own way. At last we have become a centered nation. Vladimir Ilyich showed us that we can offer an alternative to the dying West. The golden age of which Lenin spoke has begun now. Everything is starting to come true.

Someone from the listeners of the self-proclaimed orator wanted to argue with him, but the attention of the crowd switched to a group of young communists who dragged on “And the battle continues again, and the heart is anxious in the chest! And Lenin – so young, and young October ahead!» 

The son of Comrade Fidel was instantly forgotten.

Three minutes before eleven participants lined up in a column. As if out of thin air, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov, accompanied by the first deputy of the Central Committee of the party, Ivan Melnikov, and the head of the Communist Party faction in the Moscow City Duma, Nikolai Zubrilin, appeared at its forefront. The journalists tried in vain to see deputy Valery Rashkin among the party functionaries. But just today he was in the Saratov court, where he was sentenced in the case of the murder of an elk – Rashkin received three years probation and will now lose his mandate.

We entered Red Square under the chimes. Among the ocean of scarlet banners, the flag of the Luhansk People's Republic fluttered. Four tourists from Nicaragua carefully unfolded a canvas with the coat of arms of their country. But they did not dare to pick it up.

By tradition, the highest representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation were the first to go to the tomb of Ilyich. Gennady Zyuganov laid a handful of red carnations, stood at the entrance for a second, bowed and went inside. Members of the same party rushed into the darkness behind him, and behind those – a string of schoolchildren in red caps. But just a couple of minutes later, Zyuganov had already left the Mausoleum from the side of the Kremlin wall. And, again, traditionally, rushed to the grave of Stalin. It feels like he spent almost twice as much time near the stone bust of the leader than near the glass coffin of Lenin. It soon became clear why.

In his speech to the press, Zyuganov spoke many times more about the era of Stalin. The Great Patriotic War, the struggle for the survival of the country and the growth of the military industry and economy in the post-war years – it's all more relevant now. But the communist leader did not forget Ilyich either. 

Lenin, according to Zyuganov, – a recognized genius who abandoned the imposing life of noble offspring and threw all his strength into building a new state. Developer of several models at once  states – from hard war communism to almost liberal  NEP. “The current Russian leadership has plenty to choose from,” – so bluntly and said Zyuganov. And at the same time he advised Putin, Mishustin, Matvienko and Volodin to read Lenin's work “State and Revolution”; – to make it easier to manage. 

The memory of Lenin was honored on Red Square: footage of the procession to the mausoleum

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He reminded that the collective West did not leave hope for a day to split Russia into 20 pieces. “The Americans would take Siberia for themselves, the French would have their eyes on the Crimea, the British dreamed of the Caucasus, the Japanese had already landed troops in the Far East at the beginning of 1918.” This means that now we will not be at war with fraternal Ukraine, but with NATO and the United States, which warmed up the Nazi criminals who managed to escape from the Nuremberg Tribunal across the ocean. 

The only thing that Zyuganov did not say, &ndash ; that President Putin, two days before the start of the special operation, actually called modern Ukraine the brainchild of Lenin. According to the president, “from the point of view of the fate of Russia, the Leninist principles of state building turned out to be much worse than a mistake.” So it remains unknown whether the leader of the Communist Party agrees with the president. Or he just doesn't want to argue with him.

Lenin's memory was honored in Moscow: bright photos from Red Square

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