Zyuganov promised to “sort out” the hospitalization of Rashkin

Communist deputy underwent an operation

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov commented on the hospitalization of fellow party member Valery Rashkin, who was recently deprived of his parliamentary immunity due to illegal hunting.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

“ Let's figure it out. He had an operation, this is the second stage of the operation, in connection with this trial he had to postpone, “- said the politician in an interview with Gazeta.ru.

Zyuganov added that he does not know the exact reason for the hospitalization of his colleague , however, he promised to comment on Rashkin's condition again later.

In turn, another Communist deputy Nikolai Kolomeitsev told RIA Novosti that Rashkin had been taken to hospital for an eye operation. At the same time, it is noted that he may return to work in the near future.

Earlier, the State Duma, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, deprived Rashkin of parliamentary immunity.

In October, the car in which Rashkin was, was stopped in Saratov region. The carcass of a moose was found in the trunk of the car. The deputy himself first stated that he simply found the carcass of an animal in the forest and intended to hand it over to law enforcement agencies.

However, later the parliamentarian admitted that he shot an elk, allegedly confusing it with a wild boar. A criminal case was opened against the deputy on the fact of illegal hunting.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunting: “The body of an elk is lying”

Watch the video on the topic

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