Xi Jinping sent a strong signal to Biden

Beijing called on America and NATO to talk with Russia and condemned indiscriminate sanctions

People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, in talks with Joe Biden on Friday, urged the US and NATO to talk with Russia and opposed indiscriminate sanctions.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the US and NATO to negotiate with Russia to resolve related to the Ukraine crisis and expressed opposition to indiscriminate sanctions during video calls with US President Joe Biden on Friday.

According to the Global Times, Xi Jinping said that conflicts and confrontations are of no interest to anyone, and peace and security are what the international community should treasure most.

After Biden said that the United States not seeking a new cold war, changes in China's system, a stronger alliance against China, support for “Taiwan separatism” or conflict with Beijing, President Xi said he takes these remarks very seriously.

With regard to Sino-US relations, Xi Jinping said that the direct reason for the current situation in relations between the two countries is that some people on the American side did not fulfill the important common understanding reached by the two presidents and did not respond to the positive tone of Biden's statement. The US has misunderstood and miscalculated China's strategic intentions.

The talks lasted almost two hours, and both Xi and Biden agreed that the conversation was constructive and urged working groups on both sides to take concrete action to get bilateral relations back on track and make appropriate efforts to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

President Xi focused on the big picture instead of just talking about the Ukraine crisis. He emphasized China's overall views on security and diplomacy and reaffirmed the principles of China's policy, said Lu Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to Global Times.

President Xi Jinping's remarks on the Ukraine crisis were a comprehensive statement of China's position, and he supported the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, as well as talks between the US, NATO and Russia, Lu said, noting that the aggressive actions of some senior US officials who put pressure on China have never influenced Chinese politics.

“I think that Friday's conversation is significant not only for China-US relations, but also for the global geopolitical situation. The Chinese leader's speech showed that countries are closely following the US in fomenting the crisis,” said Lu Xiang.

Chairman Xi also made remarks on the Taiwan issue. Lu Xiang called them signals to the US that if they continue to play with fire on the Taiwan issue and violate China's core interests, there will be no friendly or positive relations between Beijing and Washington.

The crisis in Ukraine is already a headache for the United States, and they will not like new confrontations with China, writes Global Times. Lu argues that the US and its politicians should give up the fantasy that they can solve all problems through sanctions or coercion, since it is impossible to solve global problems, including political crises or economic issues, without China and Russia.

< p>Just hours before the meeting, in a rare gesture, Beijing sent strong signals that it would never accept US threats or coercion over Ukraine, and promised to give a strong response if Washington took action that harmed China's legitimate interests.

In an exclusive interview with Global Times, an anonymous Chinese official said that China accepted the US offer for a telephone conversation between the two heads of state on Sino-US relations and the situation in Ukraine due to bilateral relations. At the same time, China will never accept threats and coercion from the United States, and if the United States takes measures that harm the legitimate interests of China and the interests of Chinese enterprises and individuals, China will not sit idly by and give a strong response, the official stressed, noting that the US should have no illusions about this.

Strong signals from China were sent when the Biden administration intensified its disinformation campaign about China's “military support” of Russia to Russia and tried to threaten China with “terrible consequences,” recalls Global Times.

Chinese analysts believe that a clear statement of China's position is very necessary and timely when the US is trying to manipulate Friday's talk to force China to change its diplomatic stance, split Sino-Russian relations, and tarnish China's image.

According to a Global Times editorial on Friday's talks between Xi Jinping and Biden, “The virtual meeting this time was requested by the American side, and many have interpreted it as a signal that the American side wants to seek help from China on the Ukraine issue. The US wants China to be part of a comprehensive network of sanctions against Russia. But it must be said that China has no obligation to cooperate with the United States, and does not agree at all with such crude means of unilateral sanctions. The US must respect China's different position so that negotiations can continue. The Chinese side will never agree to US coercion and will not allow the US to use the Ukraine issue to harm China's legitimate interests. The Chinese side has made this very clear.”

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