WSJ reports sharp deterioration in US relations with Saudi Arabia

Differences between Washington and Riyadh intensify over Ukraine

U.S.-Saudi relations have reached their lowest level in decades under Joe Biden's presidency. The Wall Street Journal reports on the critical point in relations between the two countries.

Photo: Global Look Press

The publication notes that relations between Washington and Riyadh have become especially aggravated against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine.

Thus, the United States insisted that Saudi Arabia significantly increase oil production in order to reduce its prices and deprive Russia of a significant part of its income. However, the kingdom refused Washington.

It is noted that in mid-March the United States sent a delegation to Saudi Arabia, but the host country met them rather coolly. In addition, in early February, the White House tried to arrange a telephone conversation between Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but he refused to dialogue.

At the same time, in March, Salman spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and during the conversation reaffirmed Riyadh's commitment to maintaining the oil deal with Moscow.

In addition, relations between the two countries were noticeably shaken by the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, to which the United States reacted very sharply.

As writes WSJ, in September 2021, Salman allegedly met with US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and after he raised the issue of the murder of a journalist, the Saudi prince allegedly yelled at the American politician and said that the US could forget about the request to increase oil production .


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