WP: Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed to find a way to help the Russian Federation without violating sanctions

China was suspected of trying to help Russia bypassing restrictive measures.

The Chinese authorities are trying to help Russia, but in a way that does not violate the imposed sanctions against it.

According to The Washington Post, Moscow has been convicted of exerting pressure on Beijing at least twice.

The Russian authorities want to receive new forms of economic support from the PRC.

Thus, it is reported that the Russian Federation demands that China maintain trade agreements and provide support in the field of finance and technology in sectors of the economy affected by Western sanctions .

According to the sources of the American edition, China may find itself in a difficult situation if it seeks to help Russia as the most important strategic partner.

At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to the publication, instructed find a way to help Russia financially without violating sanctions.

Note that, according to experts, trade between Russia and China by the end of 2022 could reach $200 million.

Such an assessment was given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In turn, On June 2, The Guardian columnist Larry Elliott wrote that three months after the start of the economic war against the Russian Federation, one can say that it did not go according to plan, and Russia wins in it, unlike the West.

He believes that the sanctions have led to a “perverse effect”, and the prices for Russian oil and gas have risen in the world.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that China banned “Boeings&# 8221; from Russia to fly over its territory. The media also wrote about possible problems that “Aliexpress” may have.

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