Why did the FSB detain Stanislav Matyukhin, the grandson of the first head of the Bank of Russia?

On Wednesday, May 25, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB detained in Moscow the grandson of the first chairman of the Bank of Russia Georgy Matyukhin — 36-year-old Stanislav Matyukhin. About This is reported by “Kommersant”. Matyukhin is charged with participation in an organized criminal community (OPS). Matyukhin, according to law enforcement agencies, served as the CEO of a “large financial pyramid” called  QBF, stole about 2 billion rubles from investors. 

How was the arrest of the grandson of the first head of the Central Bank Stanislav Matyukhin? 

It is reported that the businessman was detained on Wednesday morning, May 25, in his apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Moreover, as the publication notes, it is unlikely that the “visit” operatives came as a surprise to Matyukhin, since all of his colleagues have either already been arrested in the QBF case or are on the run. Previously, the suspect was in the status of a witness in the same case, and his apartment was searched twice, so this time the security forces did not repeat these activities. 


What is Stanislav Matyukhin accused of? 

Now Matyukhin is charged with participation in an organized criminal community, inflicting heavy damage to investors in the amount of 2 billion rubles. It was he, according to law enforcement agencies, even after the flight abroad of the main beneficiary of the financial group QBF Roman Shpakovconvinced depositors that they had nothing to worry about. Fundraising continued until the company's license was revoked.

 What did the defendants invest money in?

According to investigators, the organizers of the financial pyramid, instead of the promised investment in serious financial projects, “were taken offshore,” the newspaper writes. Then the defendants in the case invested their assets in the purchase of shares, real estate, expensive cars and other things. Some of them (about 1 billion rubles) have already been arrested by the court. 

Is it true that Anastasia Volochkova turned out to be one of           company's investors?

Yes, truth. The ballerina, according to Kommersant, invested about 3 million rubles in QBF . Of these, Matyukhin returned only 500 thousand rubles to Prima, hoping that the Russian ballet star, thanks to his connections, would help unblock the company's accounts in the regions. But she refused this request, after which the company's employees stopped contacting her. The remaining amount of the ballerina was not returned. Matyukhin advised Volochkova to discuss further issues with  the beneficiary of the financial group Shpakov.

 What is known about Stanislav Matyukhin? 

It is reported that before being appointed CEO of QBF in 2017 Matyukhin worked for the Federal Financial Markets Service. Later — at the Central Bank, where he dealt with the regulation of the activities of financial organizations and supervised QBF, «» reports. 

The suspect does not admit his guilt. According to him, he was always “trying” to save a sinking ship. and allegedly did not carry out any theft of funds in the company. However, according to the newspaper, Matyukhin bought an apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt while being an employee of QBF.   



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