What weapons can be made valid for self-defense?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has prepared mandatory technical parameters for weapons that can be used for self-defense purposes. The corresponding draft document was published on the portal of draft regulations.

What kind of weapon does the document refer to?

The document lists the types of limited firearms that can be used for self-defense. This is a pistol, revolver and a barrelless firearm device of domestic production.

What technical parameters will have to be observed in the case of weapons for self-defense?

If the document is adopted, Russians will need to follow the rules when buying and using weapons for self-defense purposes. Such weapons must not:

  • be converted from firearms or made using their essential parts;
  • have a design that allows, as a result of reversible changes, to use its barrel, bolt, drum, frame, receiver or bolt box to replace the corresponding parts of a firearm for its repair, alteration and restoration of its damaging properties;
  • have a design that allows you to detach the barrel from the body part or bolt (fixation must be made with steel pins that cannot be removed without irreversible changes);
  • have a design that allows you to fire cartridges for firearms.

< p> Weapons for self-defense must have the following features:

  • has protruding elements in the barrel bore (if any) that do not allow, without irreversible changes in its design, to ensure the possibility of firing shots with metal projectiles, as a result of which a specific kinetic energy of more than 0.5 J/mm2 is reported to them;
  • leaves on spent cartridges – traces of weapons containing a complex of features sufficient to identify the weapon;
  • has an individual number marking on the barrel, bolt, drum and body part, applied in a way that does not allow their destruction without mechanical processing. The depth of the individual number must be at least 0.2 mm.

What requirements are proposed for mechanical sprayers?

The draft states that mechanical sprayers, aerosols and other devices should not have a form that imitates military hand-held small arms … In addition, such items should have bright colors of individual parts and mechanisms.

What requirements may become mandatory for stun guns?

Electroshock devices and spark gaps of domestic production cannot have a shape that imitates combat hand-held small arms. They will have to be marked with an individual number on the metal parts of the product, as well as bright colors of individual parts and mechanisms.


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