What is the probability of a meteorite hitting a person?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 10. Wings of the Soviets 09/03/2022

A dog house that was hit by a meteorite was put up for auction. Do meteorites often fall on people? 

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For the booth pierced by a meteorite in 2019 in Costa Rica , they want 200 thousand dollars. ➊ The hole from the fall of a body of cosmic origin is 17 cm in diameter. The German Shepherd, by the way, which was sleeping in the booth, was not hurt.

As for the  probability of hitting people, even though 16 t meteorites arrive on Earth and every year, it is equal to 0.000001%.

So, for the first time, the meeting of a person and meteorite in  1954  in Alabama (USA). An object weighing 3.8 kg broke through the roof of a house and hit housewife Ann Hodges in thigh ➋.

In 2016  meteorite exploded during a fall in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in 2016. ➌, as a result of 3 persons were injured, 1 died.

The fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite in & nbsp; 2013 & nbsp; ➍ caused an explosion, from the actions of which 1615 people suffered, — mostly from broken glass. The largest piece of the meteorite weighed 500 kg.

A meteorite weighing 500 g struck in 2021 g. the roof of the cottage in g. Golden (Canada) and fell on the pillow of a peacefully sleeping woman ➎. Luckily, he didn't hurt her.

In the same year, an Indonesian whose house was hit by a meteorite became a millionaire. “Guest” weighing 2.1 kg turned out to be a rare carbonaceous chondrite ➏. The stone was estimated at 1.4 million pounds.

In addition to the meteorite, a person has a chance to meet space debris — every year, 60 & ndash; 70 & nbsp; tons of rocket stages and & nbsp; fragments of satellites fall on the planet. However, the garbage got into the person only once — in 1997  a tiny fragment of a Delta II launch vehicle flew into the shoulder of American Lottie Williams ❼.

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