What coal mines do they want to close in Russia?

The President of Russia & nbsp; Vladimir Putin & nbsp; ordered to tighten responsibility for violations at mines, eliminate the risk of accidents at work, and also study the need to close coal mines with a high risk of accidents.

< p> “ To take, if necessary (based on the results of discussion with trade unions and other interested organizations), measures providing for the gradual decommissioning of coal mines with a high risk of accidents (taking into account the analysis of the consequences of such a withdrawal for the economy and social sphere) '', – says in the document.

The head of state also ordered to suspend the work of coal mines for refusing to reduce the concentration of hazardous gases, and at mines that can not be closed yet, improve working conditions and increase the classification of workers in the coal industry.

The instructions were given following a meeting on the situation in the coal industry of Kuzbass, which the president held on December 2. The full list of instructions is published on the Kremlin website.

What measures & nbsp; will be taken to organize & nbsp; mine operations?

Following the meeting, & nbsp; Putin instructed by February 1, 2022:

  • exclude from the wages of miners payments that directly or indirectly depend on the output (the amount of coal mined);
  • to provide access to mines for trade union workers in order to monitor employers' compliance with labor laws and other regulatory legal acts, as well as establish responsibility for obstructing trade union control.

Until May 1, 2022 introduce the following measures:

  • completely prohibit the issuance of new permits for the mine method of coal mining;
  • Gradually close all coal mines with a high risk of accidents, while assessing the economic and social consequences;
  • develop and implement coal mining methods that eliminate the possibility of 'group accidents'. Including prohibiting miners from working at depths where it is impossible to ensure the safety of life and health;
  • improve the quality of training (including in the field of labor protection) for workers of mining enterprises directly involved in mining operations;
  • include in labor agreements provisions providing for additional liability of employers to compensate family members of miners who died as a result of an accident at work or in connection with an occupational disease;
  • increase the amount of compensation at the expense of the operating organization or the owner of a hazardous production facility payments in case of harm to life or health of citizens as a result of an accident.

In addition, by August 1 & nbsp; 2022, the President instructed the government to ensure the & nbsp; creation of financial mechanisms to guarantee the completion of work on the elimination, conservation of mine workings, boreholes and other structures related to the use of subsoil.

The Head of State also instructed to fulfill the following orders by January 1, 2023: & nbsp;

  • suspend the operation of mines for non-compliance with the requirements for degassing during the extraction of coal (oil shale);
  • to strengthen the responsibility of employers for violation of obligations in terms of labor protection of workers employed in work with harmful and (or) hazardous working conditions, including underground work;
  • specify the composition of administrative offenses related to non-compliance with industrial safety requirements ;
  • establish responsibility of officials (in the form of disqualification) for failure to issue or untimely issuance of an order to eliminate violations, as well as for failure to conduct or untimely conduct of inspections;
  • create an audit system for organizations operating hazardous production facilities;
  • bring the management of mines to administrative responsibility in the event of accidents or incidents resulting in death or injury to two or more persons (a fine in the amount of a multiple of the proceeds from coal mining ).

In addition, Putin instructed the government and authorities of Kuzbass to create a training center for miners and mine rescuers in Novokuznetsk by 2024. & nbsp;

How many dangerous mines are there in Russia? & nbsp ;

At the end of December 2021, in an interview with RBC, Deputy Prime Minister & nbsp; Alexander Novak & nbsp; said that & nbsp; the number of highly hazardous mines in Russia had decreased from 52 to 23. At the same time the share of safer open-pit coal mines increased. & nbsp; & nbsp;



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