What are the most popular vehicles developed on the basis of the Tiger armored car?

Special armored vehicles 'Tiger' became the basis of the car park of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard of other law enforcement agencies, and & nbsp; are also supplied for & nbsp; export. For & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; years was collected in & nbsp; a total of about three thousand “ Tigers ''. There are more than 20 & nbsp; modifications of this car, including & nbsp; with combat modules and & nbsp; anti-tank systems. Since according to the & nbsp; Chinese calendar, the next will be the year of the tiger, AIF. ru & nbsp; recalls the most beloved by security officials options for this armored car. & nbsp;

Which of & nbsp; is the Tiger armored car?

& laquo; Tiger & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; multipurpose off-road vehicle, armored car, army off-road vehicle. It is & nbsp; designed to transport people (up to & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; people) and & nbsp; various goods on & nbsp; roads and & nbsp; off-road. Independent torsion bar suspension of all wheels and & nbsp; powerful engine provide the car with exceptional cross-country ability on & nbsp; off-road and & nbsp; speed up to & nbsp; 140 & nbsp; km/h on & nbsp; highway & nbsp; & mdash; almost the maximum speed of the Zhiguli. “ Tiger '', like a large cat, knows how to swim & nbsp; & mdash; it is & nbsp; able to force water barriers up to & nbsp; 1.2 & nbsp; m.

The car is equipped with a power steering, which makes it easier to control. In the & nbsp; side walls of the Tiger there are loopholes, in the & nbsp; roof & nbsp; & mdash; two hatches, in the & nbsp; salon, in addition to accommodating the crew, there are places for installing a radio station and & nbsp; blocker of radio-controlled explosive devices.

On & nbsp; & laquo; Tiger & raquo; additionally can be installed: air conditioning, audio system, power windows, additional heater, anti-lock braking system. However, all variants of “ Tiger '' made so that more “ special stages '' could be installed on & nbsp ;.

The Raid version features a modified front end with modern LED headlights. Shooters firing from the roof received collapsible armor protection. A lattice rack is also installed for the transport of special property. There were special search lights and & nbsp; infrared searchlights. Improves visibility and & nbsp; system of circular video review with & nbsp; saving information on the hard disk.

B & nbsp; what is the difference between the Tiger-M?

B & nbsp; the design of the Tiger-M car; many improvements have been made aimed at & nbsp; increasing their & nbsp; operational properties, reliability, ergonomics, bulletproof and & nbsp; mine protection.

The body armor of multipurpose and & nbsp; special purpose vehicles protects the crew, main components and & nbsp; units during circular fire from an AKM submachine gun bullet & nbsp; PS caliber 7.62 & nbsp; mm and & nbsp; from & nbsp; AK-74 submachine gun bullet & nbsp; PS caliber 5.4 mm , which corresponds, approximately, to level 1 & nbsp; ballistic protection according to & nbsp; STANAG 4569.

In & nbsp; as standard equipment, a centralized tire inflation system is installed on the car, which allows the driver to change the tire pressure on the & nbsp; course in & nbsp; depending on & nbsp; road conditions, an electric winch with & nbsp; traction force of 4000 kg and a ventilation installation & nbsp;

Large internal reserved volume of the Tiger-M car in & nbsp; combined with & nbsp; high carrying capacity, security and & nbsp; maneuverability allow you to use this machine in & nbsp; as a base for mounting the widest range of weapon systems, reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare and & nbsp; other equipment.

Special design solutions ensure the protection of personnel (with & nbsp; maintaining high survivability and & nbsp; mobility) when detonating 0.6 & nbsp; kg of explosive under the wheel and/or under the bottom of the armored vehicle.

'Tiger' for special forces

Special purpose vehicle 'Tigr-M SPN' developed on the & nbsp; basis of Tiger-M in the & nbsp; interests of the special forces of power structures.

The first thing I would like & nbsp; to note & nbsp; & mdash; in the & nbsp; headquarters configuration in the & nbsp; car there is an air conditioner & nbsp; & mdash; security officials need comfortable conditions.

“ Tiger-M SPN '' used in reconnaissance, escorting and & nbsp; convoy protection, patrolling, fire support of units in the course of combined arms combat, during special and & nbsp; anti-terrorist operations. Externally, the armored car is not & nbsp; different from & nbsp; other cars of the family & nbsp; & mdash; apparently, so that no one & nbsp; would guess about & nbsp; belonging to special forces.

The main improvements were made inside the armored car, where the outboard weapons, ammunition for & nbsp; it, special equipment and & nbsp; communication facilities are located.

The use by the crew of the standard armament of motorized rifle units allows it to be used both from the & nbsp; vehicle and & nbsp; autonomously. For firing from the & nbsp; armored car, a rotary platform with & nbsp; mounts for installing weapons and & nbsp; a double-leaf hatch is mounted on the roof of the hull. The single-volume three-door welded armored body of the vehicle provides ballistic protection of the occupants of the & nbsp; third class.

What are the features of the Tiger “ SBM ''?

Special armored vehicle (SBM) “ Tiger '' is intended for the transportation of personnel, escorting and & nbsp; convoy protection, patrolling, fire support of units (by airborne troops from the & nbsp; machine) when performing search and rescue and & nbsp; special operations.

SBM 'Tiger' combines the qualities of an all-terrain vehicle and a high-speed maneuverable vehicle. It has an independent torsion bar suspension, which allows it to reach the highest possible speeds when driving over rough terrain, while maintaining a high level of comfort for the crew and the transported troops. It is allowed to operate the machine on & nbsp; all types of roads and & nbsp; terrain with & nbsp; a trailer with a gross weight of up to & nbsp; 2500 & nbsp; kg.

The machine can be additionally installed on & nbsp; a device for shooting non-lethal special equipment; video monitoring tools; communications and & nbsp; navigation; a device for blocking radio-controlled explosive devices and & nbsp; other equipment providing the performance of special tasks.

Armor of the SBM “ Tiger '' hull; holds a hit of 7.62 & nbsp; mm bullets with & nbsp; TUS (heat-strengthened core) fired from an & nbsp; AKM machine gun with & nbsp; a distance of 10 & nbsp; meters.

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