United Russia continues its humanitarian mission: orphans from the LDNR will be taken in by Russian families

At the initiative of the party, a headquarters has been formed to deal with the problems of children in Donbass who have lost their parents

Humanitarian mission of “United Russia” in LDNR will be expanded. Secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak announced the creation of a headquarters whose main task will be to synchronize the legislation of the LDNR and the Russian Federation. He made his statement during a trip to the Donbass and a meeting with the heads of Donetsk and Luhansk Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik. Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, will head the work of the headquarters. One of the main tasks of the headquarters will be the placement of orphans of the republics in Russian families.

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“In the work on the topic of guardianship, adoption, helping children, we include both senators and State Duma deputies. Hundreds of families are ready for this adoption. In this case, “United Russia” acts as a shoulder of support in resolving this issue”, Andrey Turchak explained.

“United Russia” organized comprehensive work to organize humanitarian assistance in the DPR and LPR with the start of the military operation – and is actively continuing it today. At the same time, the direct distribution of food is combined with long-term, “deep” formats: systemic medical care, baking bread. Undoubtedly, this became possible thanks to the continuous activity in the DPR and LPR of Andrey Turchak, Dmitry Khubezov and other figures of United Russia, commented Dmitry Orlov, Director General of APEC.

In the month and a half since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, the party has established regular supplies of humanitarian aid. In total, during this time, the regional branches of the party from all over the country have collected more than 3,500 tons of food, water, essentials, household chemicals, clothes, shoes and building materials, as well as medicines.

“As soon as applications are prepared, we through humanitarian centers that are deployed not only in Donetsk, but also on the territory of the republic – in Volodarsky, in Mariupol – we are working on them, commented Turchak.

In addition, an assistance center was opened in Mariupol, which is designed to compensate for the long absence of humanitarian supplies. About 6,000 people come here every day. The center has a medical aid station, a field kitchen, you can charge your phone and get a SIM card.

“We have reached the point where some products do not need to be imported. For example, bread. They found a bakery in Mariupol, brought flour, salt, and yeast. And we are already baking bread there,” said the Secretary of the General Council.

Several hundred volunteers of the center are distributing humanitarian aid. For 13 days, more than 52,000 food packages, 142,000 loaves of bread and almost 300,000 liters of water were handed over to residents.

“Our machines are working on the left bank, which was previously impossible. They deliver humanitarian aid to residential areas. As we pass through the territories, we will bring them closer to the contact lines so that assistance is provided as quickly as possible,” said Turchak.

According to experts, such assistance undoubtedly improves the situation in the republics, but at the same time warns against risks that may occur.

“Today, prices for most goods in the republics are increasing, and control over this is minimal. There are frequent cases when price tags change daily. Therefore, there are all chances of corruption in the field of humanitarian aid speculation. Control is very important, and preferably at a higher level than the regional level,” commented economist and human rights activist Eleonora Abele.

Activists of the “Young Guard” actively help refugees and evacuees. and “Volunteer Company”. They set up two field camps – in the village of Volodarskoye and the village of Bezymennoe. They already have 50 volunteers and the same number will arrive. These are doctors, psychologists and specialists with extensive experience. The site poisk-mariupol.ru is working to search for missing relatives. In a few days, almost 4,000 applications were received for it.

For more than a month, doctors have been working in Donbass hospitals under the leadership of the chairman of the health committee, Dmitry Khubezov. The day before, after a week-long break, he returned to Lugansk with another team of doctors, which included surgeons and traumatologists, an intensive care specialist and a dentist. Another 10 doctors arrived to work in the DPR – these are surgeons, nurses, paramedics and anesthesiologists. More than 50 doctors from Russia help the medical institutions of the people's republics.

“Now the most important thing is to help people. In heat, in water, in light, in food. We need to launch food markets, food chains, open stores. And here is all the help that is needed from our side,  it turns out», concluded Andrey Turchak.

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