Ukraine bans Russians from owning inland navigation vessels

The ships that belong to the Russians will not be able to enter the inland waterways of Ukraine, it follows from the law that came into force. Kiev came up with the idea of ​​such a ban in 2018, explaining it by “terrorist threats”

Dnieper River in Kiev

Ships and vessels owned by Russians or flying the Russian flag will not be able to enter Ukraine's inland waterways. Relevant Law on Inland Waterway Transport entered into force in Ukraine on January 1.

It states that the inland waterways cannot be used by ships sailing “ under the flag of the aggressor state. '' The ban also applies to ships owned by citizens of a state that Ukraine has recognized as the 'aggressor'. Ukraine recognized Russia as an aggressor state in 2015.

The law applies to ships and ships that use inland waterways & mdash; that is, large rivers, reservoirs located inland. Among them & mdash; the Dnieper and Dniester rivers, as well as reservoirs & mdash; Kievskoe, Kremenchugskoe. According to the law, movement on these inland waterways is possible only after registration in the State Ship Register of Ukraine. Such vessels receive the right to sail under the state flag of Ukraine.

According to the law, such a right will be received by ships that belong to Ukrainians, companies and organizations registered on the territory of Ukraine. Also, the right to use inland waterways will receive ships that Ukrainians or companies from Ukraine chartered on the basis of a bareboat charter (without a crew). In some cases, foreign ships are allowed to enter inland waterways, but for this you need to provide documents and permission of the owner for temporary registration in Ukraine.

If a ship under a foreign flag needs to enter international ports for unloading, disembarking passengers, this, as indicated in the law, is regulated by international treaties.

The Ministry of Infrastructure came up with the idea of ​​banning Russian ships from entering the internal waters of Ukraine back in 2018. The department was going to address a similar question to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The department associated the idea of ​​the ban with a “ high level of terrorist threats. ''

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