U.S. supplied Ukraine with drones “Ghost of the Phoenix”

How effective is Russian air defense against drones

The United States has announced another package of American military assistance to Ukraine. Among the promised weapons are 121 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones. Russian military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Alexei Leonkov believes that our military air defense has shown high efficiency in the fight against drones during the special military operation.

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Photo: U.S. Army AMRDEC Public Affairs.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, Phoenix Ghost — this is a kind of loitering ammunition or a disposable kamikaze drone. Its analogue — Switchblade (“Folding Knife”). The United States supplied more than 700 hundreds of such devices to the Ukrainian army. Phoenix Ghost has some technical characteristics and is considered more modern.

Loitering ammunition, especially in capable hands — the thing is unpleasant and dangerous for the enemy. The Azerbaijani army intensively used Israeli kamikaze drones against Armenian troops in the Karabakh war in the fall of 2020 and achieved a lot. The question is whether the armed forces of Ukraine will be able to quickly organize the training of their operators. After all, this is not a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Besides, it will still be necessary to somehow deliver the American gun to the front line, and with the logistics, thanks to our missile strikes, everything is more difficult in Ukraine.

Well and, finally, there is a military air defense, one of the tasks of which — just the fight against low-altitude tactical drones.

As Alexey Leonkov wrote in his Telegram channel, our military air defense, operating along the entire line of contact, has already destroyed 520 drones during a special military operation.

According to Leonkov, before the start of a special military operation near the armed forces of Ukraine (APU) had about 300 reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles & nbsp; Ukrainian production – A1-SM Fury and Leleka-100, as well as 36 Turkish Bayraktar reconnaissance and strike drones.

Leonkov categorically disagrees with the assessments of Western military experts, who believe that Russia “performed poorly compared to Ukraine in the war with drones.”

“Are we performing poorly? Here are those on! – surprised Leonkov. – They destroyed the entire fleet of drones and even what they brought after the start of a special military operation. And we will shoot down further».

Assessing the information that the United States may send heavier drones to Ukraine – MQ-9 Reaper (“Reaper”) and RQ-20 Puma (analogous to our “Orlan-10”), Leonkov gave the following forecast: “The statistics of downed unmanned aerial vehicles will only grow.”

As “MK” said an expert in the field of unmanned aerial systems Denis Fedutinov, Phoenix Ghost is “some new, previously unexposed model of loitering ammunition.” said Denis Fedutinov.

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