TOKYO’S REVENGE – Backyardigans (Freestyle)** lyrics


Backyardigans (Freestyle)** lyrics

TOKYO'S REVENGE – Backyardigans (Freestyle)** lyrics

Lyrics from snippet
Choppa hug me like a fu*king cardigan
KKK, hang a ni**a like an ornament
At your house, Backyardigans
Old Town Road, horses in this b*tch and we fu*king drunken
Big budget, shotgun looking just like a musket
That b*tch love it
ni**as chicken like a McNugget
I’m (?)
Hard dick and she gonna su*k it
She cums on a (?), b*tch ni**a you gon’ (?)
Say my name three times and I’ll be at your crib
That (?) told you he be pulling at my wrist

That b*tch got black and white parents, the pussy two tone drip
Just like a finish line, she told my ni**as to run through
AK kicking like Bruce Lee, it’s doing Kung Fu
If a ni**a wan’ be a star, then it’s (?)
Shorty top just like (?)
I’m a serial killer, I keep a K and it’s special
Call my new choppa Tony, hole in your chest from the metal
He said we wanted the green, I shot him now he’s a vegetable

TOKYO’S REVENGE – Backyardigans (Freestyle)** lyrics

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