Tokayev called constitutional amendments an opportunity to prevent protests

The January protests will not be repeated in Kazakhstan thanks to a referendum on amendments to the Constitution, Tokayev believes. He suggested moving from a super-presidential form of government to a republic with a strong parliament u003d”Tokayev called constitutional amendments an opportunity to prevent protests” />

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Voting on amendments to the Kazakh Constitution will ensure that the protests that took place in January will not be repeated, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said, submitted by Tengrinews.

“As I said, we are confident that there will be no repetition of the relapse of the tragic January in our country. And the guarantee of this, by the way, is today's referendum. We have learned the relevant lessons, — he said.

The President of Kazakhstan also expressed confidence that the amendments are changing “the paradigm of relations between the state and society, human rights are coming to the fore. This is extremely important.

According to the Kazakh CEC, at 7:00 Moscow time turnout was 28.59%, in Alma-Ata— 13.91%, in Nur-Sultan— 24.18%.

Commenting on his words about the participation of “20,000 militants” in the protests, Tokayev indicated that it was about the whole country, such data were provided by former heads of law enforcement agencies. According to him, “bandit attacks against the authorities” took place in 13 cities of Kazakhstan. To this day, because of the protests in January, 5.5 thousand criminal cases have been opened, 500 of them have been sent to court, and 23 people have been involved in real terms. The President of Kazakhstan claims that this speaks of “a thorough approach to the investigation of this tragic case.”

At the same time, the Kazakhstani authorities see no reason for the participation of international experts in the investigation of the January protests, since everything is taking place “openly, transparently, at a high professional level,” Tokayev said. “The scale of destruction caused by bandits and terrorists cannot but be terrifying, because 1,600 office commercial buildings were damaged, about 1,000 vehicles were burned, 3,000 weapons were stolen and, of course, many dead»,— he said.

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The referendum on amendments to the Kazakh constitution will be held from 7:00 to 22:00 local time (04:00 to 19:00 Moscow time), Tokayev proposed to hold a vote in April, calling for political changes after the protests. Then he expressed confidence that among the population of the country there is discontent due to the unfair structure of the state apparatus, pointing out that it is necessary to move from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. 33 amendments have been put to the vote; in total, they affect a third of the text of the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

In particular, the amendments introduce new restrictions for the head of Kazakhstan: one person cannot be elected to the presidency more than twice in a row, and during his term he will be obliged to leave the party, his relatives will not be able to hold leadership positions in state and quasi-state structures. Thus, the amendment introduced to the Constitution under former President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the right to be re-elected an unlimited number of times ceases to be valid, the name of the first president will also cease to be mentioned in the text of the Basic Law.

Nazarbayev assured that he supports the amendments, since the Constitution must reflect changes in society. At the same time, Tokayev stressed that he had no plans to “zero out” terms of office due to amendments to the Basic Law. He said: “I am asked at home and abroad whether the incumbent head of state is going to extend his term of office through a referendum, so to speak, to nullify the presidential term. I answer: there were no such intentions and will not be.

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