The truth about the missile attack on Kramatorsk railway station was revealed

Residents are not allowed to leave the city

Another tragedy in Donbass. In the morning, a rocket exploded near the Kramatorsk railway station. The railway junction, after the announcement of the evacuation, became a gathering place for people wishing to leave the city, which is approaching hostilities. For some reason, the promised evacuation trains could not depart from Kramatorsk yesterday. Today people tried to leave again. Needless to say, there were many victims: according to preliminary data, 30 dead, about 100 injured.

Photo: Frame from video

The first seconds after the arrival of the projectile on the video, posted by someone on the Web, look scary. The footage shows an area full of people running in different directions. There are screams and panic everywhere, someone is trying to help bloody comrades lying on the ground. A man in a wheelchair looks completely helpless in the crowd. “God, how many corpses” – they sob behind the scenes. The impact burned several cars parked near the station. The whole area is littered with packages, bags and sacks – in horror, people left their things with which they were waiting for the evacuation.

No sooner had the smoke cleared over the Kramatorsk train station than Alexei Arestovich, presidential adviser, posted on social networks that “Russian troops hit the railway with an Iskander-type missile. Kramatorsk railway station.

Here are just photos from the place where the ammunition fell prove that it was not an Iskander, but a Tochka-U, which is not in service either in the DPR or in Russia. But these missiles are still in abundance in the Ukrainian army. The tail of a downed rocket lying on the lawn proves that it is the same projectile that flew into Donetsk in early March, killing two dozen civilians.

Since photos of the “tail” quickly spread across social networks, President Zelensky, speaking of the tragedy, already spoke about the Tochka U missile, assuring, however, that it was still Russian. Eduard Basurin, a representative of the People's Militia of the DPR, called the incident a planned provocation. “In order. They first announce the evacuation. People begin to gather at the station. And then a rocket comes flying over it.” According to Basurin, “they thought that no one would be able to photograph the remains of the ammunition, the Tochka-U tactical missile. But the fact that this type of weapon was discovered in Kramatorsk suggests that Ukraine did it. Because there are no such weapons in the republics and the Russian army. It has long since been deregistered and destroyed.” Basurin warned all civilians in the territories controlled by Ukraine “Stop believing what the Ukrainian authorities say. In fact, they all want to kill you. Because we are trash for them. Especially the residents of Donbass.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense made its statement – that the Kyiv regime published a photo of “Point-U”, which in February participated in the Russian-Belarusian exercise “Allied Resolve”. But it was not about Russian missiles – they are in service with Belarus.

“Tochka-U tactical missiles, the fragments of which were found near the railway station of Kramatorsk, are used only by the Ukrainian armed forces,” the Ministry of Defense reports. According to the ministry, a missile battalion from the Dobropolye region, 45 kilometers southwest of the city, struck at the Kramatorsk railway station.

Earlier, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, warned that the militants who remained in the city could use them as a human shield, and objects infrastructure has already been mined by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But leaving the city is no longer easy. In the morning, a message went through local public pages that the carriers were refusing to take people out. At the Ukrainian checkpoints, they allegedly warned that no one would be released. “It is not so much impossible as dangerous,” they answer people who are looking for ways out of the city. But people are trying by all means to evacuate. “Kramatorsk, a couple of pensioners with a dog, I’m looking for someone who can capture them”, “Does anyone know people who are ready to take them out of Slavyansk?” – people throw a cry in Telegram channels. Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer carriers ready to take people out.

– “To the Dnieper, 3,000 hryvnia per person (6,000 rubles), one of the carriers tells the MK correspondent the price. – Departure tomorrow morning.

– If there is a free place, I will write.


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