The State Duma approved the recognition of materials of foreign agents as harmful to children

Dissemination among minors of information harmful to their health or development is prohibited by law. Such information now includes justification of violence, LGBT propaganda and calls for suicide

The State Duma in the first reading approved a bill equating the information products of foreign agents to information that is harmful to the health or development of children. The dissemination of such information is prohibited by law. The plenary session was broadcast on the website of the lower house.

On June 9, the bill was introduced by a group of legislators: senators Andrey Klimov, Vladimir Dzhabarov and Elena Afanasyeva and deputies Vasily Piskarev, Ernest Valeev, Rakhim Azimov, Anatoly Vyborny, Andrey Alshevsky, Mikhail Delyagin, Andrey Lugovoi, Roza Chemeris and Maria Butina. They proposed to supplement the law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” with an appropriate article.

The explanatory note to the document states that it “is part of a package of federal laws aimed at improving the regulation of the status of a foreign agent.”

Now information that can harm children includes materials:

  • that incite children to harm their own or others' health or commit suicide, to use drugs and alcohol, engage in prostitution or begging;
  • justify violence against people or animals, illegal behavior;
  • denying family values, “promoting non-traditional sexual relations” and forming disrespect for parents;
  • containing an image or description of sexual violence, “information of a pornographic nature”, obscene language.

In addition, you cannot distribute personal data to children minors affected “as a result of unlawful acts.”

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On June 29, the State Duma adopted the law “On Control over the Activities of Persons Under Foreign Influence”, which includes, in particular, a ban on the educational and teaching work of foreign agents with children in state and municipal institutions. The law also prohibits foreign agents from producing information products for children.

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