The Ministry of Education reported that by 2024 a theater will appear in every school

All Russian schools will have their own theaters by 2024. This is reported by TASS with reference to the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

According to him, 12,000 school theaters are currently operating in 100,000 schools. At the same time, 7,000 of them take part in the School Classics project, Kravtsov explained.

this project is important,” he said.

As the minister noted, every year more and more students want to create school theaters. Kravtsov specified that by 2024 each school will have its own sports club and sports section.

“Today, 27,000 sports clubs have been established across the country,” the head of the department specified.

Earlier, Rostourism announced that a program of free travel for schoolchildren within the country had started in the Russian Federation. According to the agency, about 100 thousand students in grades 5-9 will go on a trip with a social certificate.

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