The Kremlin named the purpose of the conversation between Putin and Biden

The presidential talks will be held on December 30 at 23.30 Moscow time. The initiator was Putin

Joe Biden (left)

Telephone talks between Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and the United States, Joe Biden, are needed to reach a compromise` `taking into account principled positions, '' said Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

< p> On the eve of the White House announced that the initiator of new telephone conversations was the Russian President, they will take place late in the evening on December 30.

“ Any negotiations are conducted with a single purpose & mdash; to reach a compromise taking into account the principled positions & raquo;, & mdash; Peskov said.

According to him, significant changes have taken place since the previous conversation between the two leaders.


“ These are very complex substances, the issues that are on the agenda. Since the moment of the last conversation, the Russian side has formulated its position “, '' mdash; the Kremlin spokesman clarified.

When asked if it could happen that the consultations scheduled for January after the presidents' conversation did not take place, Peskov replied: “ It cannot. ''

< p>Peskov commented on the White House’s statements that Russia’s no attempts to reduce the tension were commented on by the words that Russia was never the primary source of tension.

“It [Russia] will take those steps and measures, which are necessary to ensure safety & raquo;, & mdash; said Putin's press secretary.

Peskov also said that the late time of telephone conversations with Biden, which are scheduled for 23:30 Moscow time, is not Putin's problem. '' The time is quite normal, given the time difference. There are no problems here. You know that late time has never been a problem for the Russian president '', & mdash; said the spokesman. According to him, the presidents intend to continue discussing the issues that were on the agenda during the online talks between Putin and Biden on December 7. He confirmed that Putin had offered to hold the talks.

The day before, the press secretary of the US National Security Council Emily Horn said that Biden is going to hold a telephone conversation with Putin on Thursday, December 30. According to her, the heads of state will also discuss the upcoming negotiations on security guarantees. Horn noted that Putin and Biden proposed to hold the conversation. embraced the idea because “ he believes that when it comes to Russia, nothing can replace direct dialogue between leaders. '' Putin is interested in this. '' The parties intend to discuss the security guarantees that Moscow offered Washington in mid-December. Among them was the demand not to admit the countries of the former USSR to NATO.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, commenting on Russia's proposals on security guarantees on December 22, said that among them there are both clearly unacceptable and those that can be discussed.

Vladimir Putin warned that Russia's military-technical response to the refusal of the United States and NATO to consider proposals on security guarantees could be “very different.”

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