The Kremlin called the idea to limit the exit of programmers from Russia a “duck”

In addition to the Kremlin, the initiative of Prigozhin's company was criticized by the Ministry of Digital Development and the profile committee of the State Duma. “Concord” proposed to oblige IT specialists to obtain an exit permit from the FSB if they want to work in unfriendly countries

;another “duck”, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“There are no such bills and cannot be,” — he told RIA Novosti, adding that “this is out of the question.”

As Peskov explained, the restrictions would be a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, whether they are employees of the IT industry or not. He recalled that a number of legislative initiatives have recently been adopted to support specialists in this field.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Development spoke out against restrictions on the movement of IT industry specialists. “The Ministry of Digital Development does not support any legislative restrictions related to the movement of IT personnel and their employment. Such measures can lead to an increase in the outflow of specialists and have a destructive effect on the industry as a whole, — indicated in the department.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Technologies Alexander Khinshtein in his Telegram channel said that the committee would not support such an initiative, since the bans would lead to “reverse consequences”.

Committee Deputy Chairman Anton Gorelkin also said that the State Duma would not consider such bills. “I consider some bans on the movement and relocation of IT specialists to be an excess and an overly emotional reaction to panic insinuations about their alleged mass exodus,” — he wrote in Telegram. According to him, programmers used to prefer to work from warm countries because they “could afford it” due to the specifics of the profession.

Previously, the press service of the company «Concord» businesswoman Yevgenia Prigozhina said she had developed a bill that proposed to oblige IT specialists to notify about their departure and employment in unfriendly countries, and also provides for punishment for failure to comply with these requirements. A post describing the bill is currently unavailable.

The bill “On measures for additional control over the movement and employment of IT specialists” it was proposed to oblige one month before leaving for an unfriendly country to send a notification to the FSB Border Guard Service. When leaving, he will have to show a document confirming that the notification was sent.

If an IT specialist is sent abroad for the purpose of employment, he must present an exit permit, the bill says. According to the initiative, this permit will be issued by the FSB at the request of the person leaving and “after checking the potential employer— a foreign person of an unfriendly state for signs of his involvement in extremist activities or terrorism. For violation of these requirements, it was proposed to introduce a fine of 100 thousand rubles. and travel restrictions.

According to the explanatory note to the project, now that the hackers have declared “cyberwar” Russia, “mass exodus of IT specialists may negatively affect the cybersecurity of government systems”, which leads to the need to “take urgent measures”.

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