The head of the international “Memorial” promised to continue human rights work

The head of the international “Memorial” Yan Rachinsky: “Nobody plans to surrender” The human rights center reported that they plan to continue working despite the court's decision to liquidate. “Nobody plans to give up,” the head of the international “Memorial” Yan Rachinsky assured

Yan Rachinsky

Chairman of the Board of the International Organization “ Memorial '' (recognized as a foreign agent) Yan Rachinsky said in an interview with Reuters that he and his colleagues intend to find a way to continue their work in Russia, despite the court's decision to close it.

“ It's not so easy to defeat the memory of grandfathers and great-grandfathers, '' & mdash; he remarked. Rachinsky explained that the organization will try to continue documenting crimes against humanity during the Soviet regime. He stressed that they concern millions of our contemporaries and are a problem for the entire post-Soviet space. “ One way or another, people will do this job '', & mdash; noted Rachinsky.

He expressed the opinion that modern Russia repeats past mistakes, trying to solve social problems by violence and restriction of freedom of speech.

Head of the International Memorial recalled that the organization can continue to work until the decisions on its appeals are known. “ There are people who find it difficult to come to terms with such a [court] decision & lt; … & gt; because they give their lives for something that they consider important, for which in many countries they were thanked and even awarded medals. Here we see something opposite, & raquo;, & mdash; Rachinsky said.

“But no one plans to give up, & mdash; he promised. & mdash; Some may have to look for other jobs if things go badly because they have to feed their families. We intend to keep working. This is not only our job, society needs it. ''

The decision to liquidate the international “ Memorial '' The Supreme Court accepted on December 28. A representative of the Prosecutor General's Office stated that the organization “ speculates on the topic of political repression and distorts historical memory, and also creates a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state. ''

Formally, the prosecutor's office substantiated the demand to liquidate the international organization Memorial. repeated violations of the legislation on foreign NGOs.

The next day, the Moscow City Court decided to liquidate the Memorial Human Rights Center (recognized as a foreign agent).

Lawyer Mikhail Biryukov said that the human rights organization will continue its work in Russia after the liquidation.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the case on the liquidation of two human rights centers must be suspended pending consideration of the complaint filed by Russian NGOs against the law on foreign agents in 2013.

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