The European Commission clarified its position on transit to Kaliningrad

The European Commission prohibits the delivery by road of sanctioned goods through its territory from Russia to Kaliningrad, but this regime does not apply to rail transportation, as stated in the document

Views of Kaliningrad

The European Commission published clarifications on transit to Kaliningrad on its website.

As noted in the document, motor transport enterprises opened in Russia are prohibited from transporting goods by road across the EU, including in transit. “However, this prohibition does not apply to the transportation of goods in transit through the territory of the EU between the Kaliningrad region and Russia, provided that the transportation of such goods is not prohibited in accordance with the regulation. The transit of sanctioned goods by road is therefore not allowed,— says the document.

At the same time, the clarification emphasizes that “this special regime does not apply to rail transport on the same route, while Member States retain the right to exercise effective control.”

At the same time, the European Commission indicated that the transit of military or dual-use goods and technologies under sanctions is prohibited, regardless of the method of transportation.

EU member states should prevent all possible forms of sanctions circumvention and continue to monitor flows between Russia and its region. In particular, they must ensure that transit volumes remain at the average level over the past three years and make sure that there are no unusual flows of goods.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said that the agency will study the EC clarifications and provide detailed information, reports TASS. The press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region also told the agency that it would study the wording of the European Commission document before drawing conclusions.

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On July 1, Spiegel wrote that Germany had asked for an exception in the sanctions for the Kaliningrad region in order to avoid an escalation. According to him, the German government was outraged by the actions of Lithuania. Vilnius, as indicated by the publication, reacted negatively to this.

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