The court gave the mayor of Tomsk Klein two years in prison

Tomsk Mayor Ivan Klein was sentenced to two years in prison on a case of abuse. He was accused of abuse of office and illegal business. The mayor was also fined and banned from holding certain positions for three years after his release

Ivan Klein (right)

The court in Tomsk sentenced the temporarily removed mayor of the city Ivan Klein to two years in prison in the case of illegal business and abuse of power, the press service of the Soviet District Court told RBC. He was also sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

Klein will serve his sentence in a general regime colony. He was also banned from working as a civil servant and holding positions in local government for three years after his release.


The prosecution requested five years in prison for Klein, the defense asked the court to acquit him, RIA Novosti reports. The defendant himself confirmed that he considers himself innocent.

Ivan Klein was detained on November 13, 2020, later the Kirovsky District Court of Tomsk arrested him. The mayor was also temporarily removed from office. In March, the measure of restraint was changed to house arrest.

He was charged on several counts. Thus, the investigation concluded that Klein, while at the post of mayor, ran the Tomskoe Pivo company, of which he is the main shareholder. He also patronized the company.

Another case against the mayor was initiated under the article on abuse of power. The investigation considered that in 2015 Klein illegally allocated a plot of land for his daughter without holding an auction, later she bought it from the city at a price below market.

In addition, the investigators concluded that Klein did not give the local businessman to build apartment buildings on the site located near the territory of Tomsk beer, as he entered data on the sanitary protection zone around the enterprise into the general plan of the city

The damage caused by Klein's actions was estimated at 11 million rubles.

Klein has been heading the Tomsk administration since 2013, before that he was in charge of the Tomsk Pivo plant. After being elected to the post of mayor, his wife took over as CEO of the company.

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