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Lil Baby Recruits Megan Thee Stallion For “On Me (Remix)” But Fans Wanted Omeretta

Lil Baby taps Megan Thee Stallion for a remix of his December 2020 single “On Me.” This, however, is to the displeasure of many fans who were requesting that the remix be done with other female artists, including Lakeyah, Mulatto, Omeretta, or Nicki Minaj. Some fans expressed that while they love the “Body” rapper, they are tired of seeing her on features.

“I’m getting tired of Meg the stallion on features pick someone else. Smh,” one critic wrote meanwhile another added, “I love Meg but she doesn’t need to be on everything. There’s so many other female rappers that would’ve snapped on this.”

The 26-year-old rapper has been featured on several songs, including Cardi B’s “WAP,” Maroon 5’s “Beautiful Mistakes,” “Yo Gotti’s “Pose,” among others.

Lil Baby’s “On Me” was released in December along with another single, “Errbody,” to commemorate his 26th birthday. The music video captures the rapper and his friends on expensive rides, jet-skiing, on a private jet and yacht, and basically living their best life. The latest release features a more colorful and expressive take on the topic.

The director of the video, Mike Ho, has been receiving his fair share of commendations for the contrast in scenery, ice, and fire, both beautiful in their own way. The music video features Lil Baby performing his verse before a beautiful icy fortress with Megan lip-syncing beside him and Megan performing her verse atop a roaring volcano, and at intervals, in a tundra setting.

Despite the negative comments, the song and video have been gaining traction from the public, as the two are still well-loved by their respective fans.

Both Megan Thee Stallion, whose real name is Megan Pete, and Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, performed at the 63rd Grammy Awards earlier this year. Lil Baby’s unforgettable performance of “The Bigger Picture,” during which he channeled the Black Lives Matter rallies, and Megan’s spicy stripper-themed performance of WAP with Cardi B received a large number of views and comments (still both negative and positive). In addition, that night, Megan won three Grammys for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Song for her “Savage” remix with Beyonce. This, therefore, means that, amid the negative comments, Meg is still doing something right.

It appears that some fans wanted Omeretta on the remix but Lil Baby opted to get Thee Stallion who has a resume of creating big hits with other rappers.

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Erica Banks Says There’s No Beef With Megan Thee Stallion

Erica Banks says she and Megan Thee Stallion has no issues, in spite of earlier saying that she has not spoken to Megan since she left 1501 Certified Entertainment before blowing up as the hottest new female rapper on the scene.

On an interview on HotNewHipHop‘s “Rise and Grind” show, Banks answered “no” to the questions that she had not reached out to her former label mate to squash thing, and she said “no” when she was asked if she was open to that.

The snippet of the interview went viral immediately as Megan Thee Stallion fans dragged the newcomer for being in a one-sided beef while Megan could care less.

However, Banks later backtracked and said her answers were misconstrued and accused the hosts of baiting her on her Instagram.

“I knew this was bait during the interview, hence me saying ‘No’ to both questions,” she said. “There is no beef, and me speaking about anything in regards to those questions was ‘No’ to refrain from my words being misconstrued like interviewers do. They can’t misconstrue a one word response. Be blessed y’all.”

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In January, Banks speaking with the Shade Room hinted at some possible strife with Megan Thee Stallion. When asked, she said she would collaborate with Megan Thee Stallion because, in the end, “it’s all about business, it’s nothing personal.”

If there is beef, it could be Banks choosing to side with the Carl Crawford-owned record label 1501 Certified Entertainment. Megan Thee Stallion sued over a contract she says was “entirely unconscionable” as the vast majority of the income she earned went to the label. The label took an unjustified 60/ 40 % of her income and even went into her future streaming income. She was also blocked from releasing music which led to a court granting her an injunction barring the label from acting as Megan released several mega-hit songs, including “WAP” with Cardi B as the case went on.

Megan is now signed to Roc Nation and has seen her career shoot to the top since leaving 1501 Certified Entertainment. It’s quite obvious that if any bad blood was to exist, it would flow from Banks’ connection to Megan’s former label. However, it doesn’t seem like Banks is on Megan’s radar as she is busy with her boyfriend and gearing up for summer. Megan has not responded to any of the statements made by Banks.

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Cardi B Reacts To “Bodak Yellow” Certifying Diamond, A First For A Female Rapper

Cardi B is the first female rapper in history to have a song going diamond.

Cardi B can seem to do no wrong, musically at least. Today her debut breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” was announced as officially gaining Diamond status in the United States. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) it earned the certification on March 3, 2021. Diamond status is equivalent to 10x platinum and signifies at least ten million in US units sold. A unit is equivalent to 1 paid download or 150 streams. So this is beyond an incredible feat for the Bronx rapper.

This has resulted in Cardi officially being given the honor of the first female rapper in history to attain this feat. Since the release of the track back in 2018, which was off her “Invasion Of Privacy Album” the response has been overwhelming. The track’s success was also responsible for landing her in the coveted top ten list and she is the only other rapper apart from Nicki Minaj to achieve this. It was even at one point one of the longest-running tracks by a female rapper on the Billboard charts steadily holding the number one position for weeks on end.

According to reports, Cardi was surprised by Executives at Atlantic Records at a dinner after rehearsals for the upcoming 63rd Grammy’s Awards. Her husband Offset displayed the plague via his Instagram Story. Apart from the Diamond status attained by “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B also had her single “WAP” featuring Meghan Thee Stallion certified 5x Platinum.

Cardi B expressed her thanks to all her fans that supported her. “I just want to say thank you guys so much because without you guys this wouldn’t have happened. This really made my day and really uplifted me for this crazy performance.” Already her friends in the music industry have started reaching out with congratulatory messages.

“How it started, How’s its going,” she wrote on IG. “Thank you every1 that send me beautiful congrats on Bodak going Diamond. A couple of years ago I didn’t even understand what going diamond means or meant I just wanted to win and break in.This record changed my life.Thank you everyone who showed Bodak so much support and support and buy till THIS DAYY !! That’s why it went diamond cause of the support YOU still give. Wap is a spicy one shorty 5X platinum in 7 months makes me really happy cause I put this song out when I was doubting myself then most. With hardly any radio play cause of how nasty it was but babyeeee it was a shocker!”

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It was just this past February that another rapper Lauryn Hill also made history when she became the first female rapper to earn a Diamond certification for her album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” released back in 1998. Cardi B is set to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony slated for March 14, 2021.

We know there are many more great things to come for the groundbreaking rapper.