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In the United States, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, the traffic of RT and Sputnik websites increased

Microsoft has conducted a study, according to which in the United States, after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, there is an increase in traffic to RT and Sputnik websites.

The company has prepared a 40-page report on the alleged Russian disinformation, as well as cyber attacks, reports RT. The study indicates that traffic has increased significantly since January of this year. It peaked on February 24 (an increase of 82%).

The report says that despite measures aimed at reducing traffic to the RT and Sputnik websites, the figures are higher than before the special operation. In quantitative terms, they are comparable to the attendance of The Wall Street Journal.

Earlier, Russia Today Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan commented on the amendments to the Austrian media law. For quoting RT and Sputnik, under the new law, you can get a fine of 50 thousand euros.

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The Foreign Ministry hoped that the United States would not use nuclear weapons because of Ukraine

Washington has a limited nuclear war approach, while Moscow does not accept the use of this type of weapons, Ryabkov said. The US accuses Russia of “rhetorical play” on this issue, but this is fake, he claims

The use of nuclear weapons by the United States because of the crisis in Ukraine will become an irreversible event, Russia rejects the concept of a limited nuclear strike, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the Rossiya 1 television channel.

“I hope that, after all, the remnants of common sense will allow these politicians, these applicants for the role of world conductors, to refrain from making such decisions,” — emphasized the diplomat.

Ryabkov expressed confidence that the United States and “their military planners” the ideology of limited nuclear war is characteristic. Western countries, according to the Deputy Foreign Minister, “are trying to accuse us of allegedly playing some kind of rhetorical game.” on the use of nuclear weapons.

“This is completely untrue. These are useless arguments, but we are accustomed to the fact that the West has nothing left but distortion and fakes,— he claims (quote from Kommersant).

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine and NATO exercises near the Russian borders increase the risk of a direct clash between Russia and the alliance, and such a situation would threaten a “full-fledged nuclear war.” Commenting on his words, the Kremlin pointed to Moscow's readiness to give “the most decisive answer”; on attempts to intervene in a special operation in Ukraine. At the same time, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov assured that any outcome of the special operation would not be a reason for the use of nuclear weapons.

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The Pentagon emphasized that they would not discuss the possibility of using nuclear weapons because of the situation in Ukraine. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin explained: “Such rhetoric is dangerous and not useful. Nobody wants a nuclear war that nobody can win. Saber-rattling and dangerous talk obviously do no good. A similar position was taken in the White House, press secretary Jen Psaki said that the goal of the United States is to reduce the degree of rhetoric on the issue of the likely use of nuclear weapons.

American Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said that the rhetoric about the use of nuclear weapons by Moscow has escalated a lot lately. He called Lavrov's words about the risk of nuclear war “nuclear blackmail”.

At the end of April, Reuters, citing a source in the Pentagon, reported that Washington was monitoring the state of Russia's nuclear potential, “as far as possible”, no signs of a threat to US or NATO territory.

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Russia’s permanent representative to the EU refused to consider the United States “the ruler of the world”

The day before, the US Treasury Department said that the United States is discussing with its allies a limit on the purchase prices of Russian oil. Russia's permanent representative to the EU said that the world is not limited to the United States, and oil consumption is actively growing in other regions

Vladimir Chizhov

The world is much wider than the United States, and energy consumption is growing primarily in Asia, Africa, Latin America, where “Russian energy carriers will be glad to see.” So the Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU Vladimir Chizhov on the sidelines of the SPIEF commented on RIA Novosti Washington's plans to limit Moscow's oil revenues.

“Let's see, because the United States is not the ruler of the world,”— said the diplomat.

The day before, US Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo said that Russia, after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, probably increased its oil revenues, so Washington is discussing with its allies the possibility of introducing a ceiling on purchase prices for supplies from Russia.

Earlier, the head of the US Treasury, Janet Yellen, voiced this idea: on May 20, she said that Western countries could create a cartel of Russian oil buyers to control the increase in fuel prices, and within this cartel a price limit would be set that would reduce Russian budget revenues without causing ” “too much pressure on the global economy.” The minister warned that such a move could cause “stagflation-type shocks.”

In March, the United States banned oil and gas imports from Russia, and in April, Deputy National Security Adviser Dulip Singh said that Washington intends to deprive Moscow of all income from the export of these resources. In June, the European Union imposed sanctions against Russian oil, banning its shipments by sea.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ruled out budget losses in 2022 due to restrictions imposed by the EU. According to him, Russia, on the contrary, will increase its profits from energy exports: the country has alternative markets, where Moscow is already increasing supplies. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak previously reported that Russia has increased exports to the Asia-Pacific region.

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Lavrov saw a reasonable position of the United States on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

At the same time, according to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Kyiv “passes all the boundaries of decency” in requests for arms supplies. Also, according to Lavrov, NATO is strengthening its own security in violation of

Russia considers the position of the United States regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine to be reasonable, while at the same time Kyiv “passes all the limits of decency”; in requests for arms supplies. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference.

“We heard signs of reasonable assessments from Washington, we have repeatedly conveyed our position on this matter through the channels that exist between our countries— between Russia and key Western states,— they know her well, — said the minister.

At the same time, Lavrov accused Ukraine, asking for the supply of multiple launch rocket systems, of provoking the West to become involved in the conflict on Ukrainian territory. “Such risks exist. What the Kyiv regime demands so categorically, in a businesslike way, from its Western patrons, firstly, goes beyond all limits of decency and diplomatic communication, and secondly, it is a direct provocation aimed at drawing the West into hostilities. — Lavrov said.

He also said that NATO is strengthening its own security to the detriment of other countries and accused the alliance of violating OSCE commitments.

“We are not opposed to the way the West arranges its own affairs within the institutions it has created, such as NATO and the European Union, but we are opposed to the West destroying global commitments, including commitments that were made within the framework of the Security Organization and Cooperation in Europe”, — said Lavrov.

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According to him, these obligations state that no country “can strengthen its security at the expense of the security of others, and no organization has the right to claim dominance in the Euro-Atlantic region.” “And NATO is doing just that,” — added by the Foreign Minister.

On May 30, US President Joseph Biden said that Washington would not supply Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), with which it would be possible to strike at Russian territory. Later, on June 1, Biden specified that the United States would supply Kyiv with advanced missile systems and munitions that would allow it to “more accurately target key targets on the Ukrainian battlefield.” The new $700 million US military aid package will include, among other things, the M142 HIMARS MLRS. The Biden administration stressed that the Ukrainian military will not use them to strike targets in Russia.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly asked Western countries to increase the supply of heavy weapons and include the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS. Washington refused to transfer such installations to Kyiv, fearing that the Ukrainian military could use them to shell Russian territory.

In an interview with Newsmax on June 1, Zelensky reiterated his plea to the West for long-range weapons, but said the national military would only use them for defensive purposes, not to strike at Russian territory. “We are not interested in what is happening in Russia. We are only interested in our own territory, & mdash; Zelensky said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously said that the supply of weapons to Ukraine capable of reaching Russian territory would be “a major step towards an unacceptable escalation.” Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, in turn, demanded that the United States stop “pumping” Ukraine with weapons.

At the same time, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on Biden's statement that the United States will not supply Ukraine with systems that could be used to strike at Russia, called the words of the American president reasonable. “Otherwise, when attacking our cities, the Russian Armed Forces would have fulfilled their threat and struck at the centers for making these criminal decisions,” — wrote Medvedev in Telegram.

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NYT: the United States was afraid of the consequences of the confiscation of Russian assets

The NYT publication reports doubts in the Biden administration.

The New York Times, citing sources, reports that the US authorities fear that the proposed confiscation of the assets of the Russian Central Bank will undermine the US international reputation as a reliable investment partner for storing the latter.

A positive solution to the issue is only possible after the legal and reputational consequences are settled, according to a number of US financiers. According to the source of the publication, officials in the Biden administration announced the illegal status of this seizure.

In general, the country's financial sector took the idea with more caution than foreign countries in Europe, for example, who use Russian assets openly.

The NYT notes that the discussion in the Biden camp is still ongoing.

In particular, the confiscation of deposits in dollars and euros placed in local banks by the Russian authorities before the start of the NWO is being discussed.


“Most deposited in Europe, including with the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland”, – the newspaper writes.

Reputational risks may lead to the fact that banks in other countries, and not only Russia, will invest assets not in dollars, but in a different currency, administration officials say.

Recall that about $300 billion of Russian reserves were frozen in the United States.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Jersey authorities froze almost 50% of the assets of oligarch Roman Abramovich, in monetary terms – 7 billion dollars.

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The Foreign Ministry announced the continuation of dialogue with the United States on the resumption of START-3 inspections

Russia and the United States did not stop cooperation on the strategic offensive arms reduction treaty, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The agreement expires in 2026. Contract inspections were suspended due to the pandemic

View of the building of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow and Washington continue to discuss the implementation of the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3), the dialogue has not been terminated. This was stated by the director of the department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov in an interview with TASS.

“We would like to clarify that the interaction between Russia and the United States as parties to the current START Treaty, or as it is also called START-3, has not been interrupted. In the forms provided for this, the consideration of issues related to its implementation continues, the exchange of the necessary data and notifications is being conducted, — Yermakov said.

He also added that Russia expects to continue this work until the expiration of the Treaty— until February 2026. The diplomat recalled that START inspections were suspended by mutual agreement of the parties due to quarantine in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia and the United States signed START in 2010 for ten years. The agreement entered into force in February 2011. According to the treaty, each side must have no more than 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads. The number of deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​and strategic missile-carrying bombers should not exceed 700 units, and the number of deployed and non-deployed launchers of ICBMs and SLBMs and heavy bombers— 800 units.

On February 5, 2021, the agreement expired. The administration of former US President Donald Trump offered to connect China to it, but Russia refused. In January 2021, current US President Joe Biden submitted a proposal to extend START-3. UN Secretary General António Guterres urged Moscow and Washington to act quickly. At the end of the month, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill to the State Duma to extend the contract for five years.

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Zelensky explained the refusal to “dig trenches” before the hostilities on the advice of the United States

According to him, the United States proposed “to sound the alarm, dig trenches and evacuate people from the country” a year before the start of the Russian military operation, but if Kyiv went for it, there would be panic and the country's economy would no longer exist

The United States offered Ukraine to “sound the alarm, dig trenches and evacuate people from the country” a year before the outbreak of hostilities, but Kyiv did not go for it, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Nieuwsuur program on the NOS TV channel.

The head of state does not agree that such measures were necessary because they would cause panic in the country. “It affected our financial situation, budget and economy. Now we understand this very well, — Zelensky said, noting that now the budget deficit that arose in March is at least $5 billion.

If the Ukrainian authorities acted differently, the country's economy would no longer exist.

The Ukrainian leader also said that the allies repeatedly recommended that he immediately leave Ukraine with his family and warned that Russia could take control of the country in three days, and he himself risked death.

On May 21, Zelensky also spoke about the fact that some allies even before the start of the Russian military operation recommended Ukraine to “dig trenches”. According to him, he replied that it was impossible to defeat with a shovel, and asked for weapons.

Before the start of hostilities, the president repeatedly urged citizens not to panic, “not to buy buckwheat and matches.” and “don’t scream that everything is gone.” The situation in the east of the country is under control, he assured.

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Senator who froze aid to Ukraine spoke out against its success to the detriment of the United States

Republican Rand Paul said that it is irresponsible to allocate $40 billion to Kyiv against the backdrop of the economic situation in the United States. This is how the senator commented on his decision to send the aid package approved by the House of Representatives

Senator Rand Paul

The United States now cannot afford to provide Ukraine with $40 billion in aid, Republican Senator Rand said on WMAL DC Paul, who blocked the corresponding bill in the upper house of Congress. He stressed that he was “very sympathetic” Ukrainians and wants their success, but “not through the bankruptcy of the United States.”

“I think sending $40 billion to another country without checking and making sure no one steals the money,” a recipe for disaster,— he thinks. This does not mean that Kyiv should not be sympathized with, the senator stressed, but “we should not forget that Ukraine has been in the top ten [countries] in terms of corruption for the past ten years.”

Rand Paul said that he represents primarily the interests of the United States. The senator called it irresponsible to provide assistance to another country when the United States itself “does not have enough baby food.”

On May 10, the House of Representatives of Congress approved a bill to help Kyiv in the amount of $40 billion. The package of measures includes the supply of weapons and humanitarian aid. The initiative was supported by 368 congressmen, 57 opposed, after which it got into the Senate.

Paul demanded amendments to the text of the document, as a result of which the final vote in the upper house was postponed. The Republican explained that if the bill is passed, the total US assistance to Ukraine since last year will reach $60 billion, which is more than the State Department's budget for 2022. This amount of funds could accelerate inflation, the senator warned: “This is due to deficit spending.”

The Pentagon then warned that a delay in approving the aid package could lead to interruptions in the supply of weapons to Kyiv.

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NYT pointed to the risks for the United States in the boycott by countries of the summit of the Americas

The possible refusal of the President of Mexico to come to the summit of the Americas will interfere with the intention of the Biden administration to conclude an agreement on illegal migration. The United States is also concerned about the likely non-participation of the President of Brazil in the meeting. pointed out the risks for the United States in a boycott of the Summit of the Americas by countries” />

Joe Biden

A growing number of Latin American and Caribbean heads of state are considering withdrawing from the Summit of the Americas due in Los Angeles in June, writes The New York Times.

Including — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the newspaper reported, citing Brazilian officials. According to the newspaper, the Brazilian leader has a cool relationship with Washington, and the summit was supposed to be Bolsonaro's first meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may also miss the summit: he said he would not come to the meeting unless representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were invited to it. Juan González, senior director of Western Hemisphere affairs at the US National Security Council, had earlier suggested this possibility.

The Mexican president was supported by the leaders of Bolivia and Honduras. Countries— members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) also threatened to boycott the summit if Venezuela was represented at it not by President Nicolas Maduro, but by opposition leader Juan Guaido (the United States recognizes the latter as interim head of state).

As the newspaper notes, the boycott threats highlight the problems that the Biden administration is facing. Ahead of the mid-term elections to be held in the fall of 2022, the US administration is seeking an effective regional agreement on illegal migration, according to a New York Times source. The absence of the Mexican president from the summit will make his conclusion more difficult.

Bolsonaro's failure to attend the meeting jeopardizes the achievement of two other significant foreign policy goals of the Biden administration, which are related to the issue of climate change and the defense of democracy, the newspaper writes. The NYT notes that during the Biden presidency, Brazil moved closer to Russia, Bolsonaro expanded the deforestation of the Amazon and “questioned the integrity of elections in his own country.”

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At the meeting, the US and other countries could try to pressure Bolsonaro to “respect the democratic process”; and publicly supported his country's electoral system. However, according to the NYT source, the summit of the Americas is not on Bolsonaro's schedule. The fact that the Brazilian leader does not plan to participate in the meeting was also reported by Reuters.

Bolsonaro's administration told the newspaper that they had not received any information about the timing of the summit. Brazilian Vice President Amilton Mourán said Bolsonaro has not yet decided whether to attend the meeting.

The US authorities have not yet issued official invitations to the summit; The White House previously said they had not yet made a final decision on the guest list. A spokesman for the US National Security Council, who is helping organize the event, told the NYT that the upcoming summit— “the most important event for the Biden administration in our hemisphere,” and added that formal invitations would be sent out shortly. Both the NSC and the State Department declined to comment on boycott threats.

Summit of the Americas— organized under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting of the heads of state and government of America. Its goal is to form a common strategy in solving the problems facing the countries of the region. It was first held in 1994 in Miami. This year, the meeting is scheduled for June 6 & 10 in Los Angeles.

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Biden misspoke and named Kamala Harris President of the United States


American President Joe Biden during his speech at the US summit— ASEAN made a reservation and named its Vice President Kamala Harris head of state.

During his speech, he called the Indo-Pacific region free, open, stable and prosperous. “That's why I asked President Harris to go there last August,” said Biden.

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The Ministry of Defense announced the weapons from the United States destroyed by Iskanders in Ukraine

Ministry of Defense: Russian aviation shot down Ukrainian Su-24 and Su-27 off Zmeiny Island Accumulations of weapons from Western countries were destroyed in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions. Several planes, helicopters and drones were shot down near Zmeiny Island,

Rogozin doubted that the United States will be able to “cover up” intelligence assistance to Ukraine

Head of Roskosmos Rogozin: US involvement in the transfer of intelligence to Ukraine “cannot be glossed over” “It’s too late to drink Borjomi,” he addressed the head of the CIA

The United States is unlikely to be able to “smear” transfer of intelligence to Ukraine and “direct participation in the assassination” Russian military, said the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

So he commented on the words of the head of the CIA, William Burns, who called “irresponsible” and “dangerous” spreading reports that US intelligence provided intelligence to Ukraine.

“It's too late to drink Borjomi, Mr. Burns. <…> You are unlikely to be able to gloss over the direct participation of the United States in the killing of Russian military personnel and the transfer of intelligence, including space communications and surveillance services, which were carried out by the orbital groups of the United States, including Starlink, and the European Union,— he wrote on Telegram.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that the United States passed intelligence to Ukraine, including about the expected movements of the Russian armed forces, which it used to strike Russian military.< /p>

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby declined to elaborate on such reports, but confirmed that the United States is passing information to the Ukrainian side “that they can use to defend themselves.”

In early April, he admitted that Kyiv could use this data to “launch a counterattack.”

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< p>The NBC TV channel, citing a source on May 7, reported that US President Joe Biden, at a meeting with CIA Director William Burns and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanded an end to leaks of information about the exchange of data between US and Ukrainian intelligence.

According to him According to the words, such disclosure of information about the work of special services “distracts from our common goal.”

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The Foreign Ministry allowed a dialogue with the United States after the completion of the operation in Ukraine

The director of the Foreign Ministry's arms control department said that Washington “frozen” the dialogue on strategic stability and there are no prospects for discussion now: the United States, according to the diplomat, is going in the opposite direction

Ambassador Antonov announced the closure of accounts of Russian consulates in the United States

Ambassador Antonov accused the US authorities of blocking the work of the Russian embassy Bank of America closed the accounts of two Russian consulates general, the work of the embassy in Washington was blocked, and diplomats receive threats, said Anatoly Antonov

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, USA

The activities of the Russian embassy in the USA are “under blockade” from Washington, said on the air of the channel “Russia 1” head of the diplomatic mission Anatoly Antonov. “The accounts of our two consulates-general in Houston and New York have been closed by the Bank of America,” he said.

In addition, Antonov said, the embassy staff received threats, for some time they were blocked from leaving the diplomatic mission. “There were fairly numerous demonstrations, there were acts of vandalism, they poured paint over it,” — Ambassador added.

Last November, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that a total of six objects had been confiscated from Russia in the United States. In December 2016, the administration of President Barack Obama, as part of sanctions against Moscow, closed two country residences of Russian diplomats in New York and Maryland and expelled several dozen Russian diplomats. Under the next US President Donald Trump, the Russian consulates in San Francisco, Seattle and New York, as well as Russian trade missions, were closed.

As the Russian ministry pointed out, diplomats do not have access to these buildings and do not know the state of the utilities and the material values ​​​​left there, and the issue of blocked property in the United States remains a “sharp irritant”; for Moscow in relations with Washington.

Since April 2021, due to a new aggravation between the two countries, dozens of Russian diplomats have left the United States, in connection with which, according to Antonov, the Russian representation in the United States is facing a “serious personnel shortage.” Russia retaliated; in addition, President Vladimir Putin ordered to limit the admission of Russians or third-country nationals to work in the diplomatic missions of “unfriendly” Russia countries. The US State Department then stated that the embassy in Russia, due to a lack of staff, limited its work to the performance of technical functions: the staff of the embassy has been reduced from 1,200 to 120 people since 2017.

In January, Antonov said that the State Department had put the question of his departure from the country if Russia does not issue visas to the guards of the American ambassador in Moscow. A month later, according to the diplomat, the situation has not changed.

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A new “island” conflict flares up between China and the United States

Beijing's agreement with a small country in Oceania has caused Washington's displeasure

A new knot of geopolitical contradictions is being tied between the US and China. Their focus is not Taiwan or the disputed islands in East Asia, but the Solomon Islands, located in Oceania, which has concluded a security agreement with Beijing. This pact was of particular concern not only to neighboring Australia, but also to the United States.

Photo: Global Look Press

After Australia failed to convince the Solomon Islands to wreck a security deal with China, senior US officials planned to visit the island nation to try to revoke a security pact already signed, China's Global Times writes.

White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region Kurt Campbell and a senior State Department official for Asia will travel to the Solomon Islands, the White House said amid “concerns” that the Pacific island nation is striking a security pact with China, Reuters reported.


Observers noted that the “concern” expressed by the US and Australia about the security pact indicates that they are using the South Pacific region as an “arena” to compete with Beijing and try to contain the development of China. Analysts predict that the US and Australia may increase military cooperation and civilian investment in the Solomon Islands and other South Pacific countries to counter growing Chinese influence, but history shows that US promises are often difficult to keep and such cooperation rarely brings real value. to ordinary people, Global Times notes.

Campbell's visit comes after Washington repeatedly warned the Solomon Islands about a security pact with China, and Australia made several threats under the guise of “concern” and sent to the island nation high-ranking officials.

Yang Honglian, senior fellow at the Pacific Islands Research Center at Fiji-based Liaocheng University, told the Global Times that in the mentality of the US and its Cold War successors in Australia, the South Pacific countries are always seen as “backyard.” They believe that controlling the island nations through military deployment can keep their influence in the region, so they suggested that Beijing would take the same step even if China did not conduct any military activities in the region. П

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele officially signed a framework agreement on security cooperation between the two countries, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Tuesday.

The signing of the security agreement provoked a hysterical reaction Washington after witnessing Canberra's failure to change China-Solomon Islands cooperation, said Chen Hong, president of the Chinese Association of Australian Studies and director of the Center for Australian Studies at East China Normal University.

The United States and its “agent” in the Asia-Pacific region – Australia – have repeatedly put pressure on the Solomon Islands. “This is not only interference in the internal affairs of the Solomon Islands, but also a provocation against Chinese diplomacy,” Chen told the Global Times on Tuesday.

The expert noted that Washington sees the South Pacific as an important “foothold” against China as it sought to further push its Indo-Pacific strategy across the region and put pressure on Beijing over the South China Sea and Taiwan. “But we see that the Solomon Islands have defended their sovereignty, independence and the right to make their own decisions, demonstrating political wisdom and determination. That is why the US is now putting Australia on the sidelines and intervening more directly in the region,” Chen said.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogaware is defending the security pact his government signed with China on Tuesday. He told Parliament that an agreement with Beijing was needed to address the country's “internal security situation.”

The Pacific island nation has long struggled with political unrest, most recently in November 2021 when protesters targeted the Chinese capital Honiara and tried to storm the prime minister's residence.

The Australian Police contingent helped restore stability at the request of the government. Australia also took the lead in the 2003 multilateral mission following violence and a coup in the late 1990s.

Canberra raised alarm about the pact with China when the draft agreement was leaked online in March and tried to encourage Sogaware to replay the plans . The United States and New Zealand have also raised concerns amid concerns that it could lead to China establishing a military outpost in the Pacific.

Mark Harrison, senior lecturer in Chinese studies at the University of Tasmania, told Al Jazeera that the PRC-Solomon Islands deal was a “disaster” for Australia, whose relationship with Beijing has long been strained. “This is another challenging step for Australia to reassess its future in a China-dominated region,” Harrison said. “Australia completely misjudged the impact of China's rise in the early 2010s and the reassessment has been slow and ambiguous and still has a long way to go.”

The Solomon Islands, with a population of less than 700,000, are a chain of hundreds of islands that lie east of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. The capital, Honiara, is located on the island of Guadalcanal, the site of a fierce battle between American and Japanese forces during World War II.

The former British colony has been facing unrest since the late 1990s as ethnic tensions turned violent, and in 2000 Sogaware first came to power in a coup. With the country on the brink of political and economic collapse, Australia and New Zealand sent in troops, stability was restored, and a peace agreement was signed. The calm did not last long.

Sogaware was re-elected as prime minister in 2019, and a few months later decided to break off the Solomon Islands' longstanding diplomatic relationship with Taiwan in favor of Beijing. The move did not sit well with everyone in the Solomon Islands and Daniel Suidani, premier of Malaita province, rejected the move, saying he would seek independence for Malaita, the country's largest province.

A leaked draft deal between Beijing and Honiara said the pact would allow Chinese warships to stop in the Solomon Islands and Chinese police would be deployed at the request of the island nation to maintain “public order.” Neither side will be allowed to publicly disclose mission information without the written consent of the other side.

Premier Sogaware explained to Parliament on Wednesday, saying the pact was in line with international and domestic law.

Sogaware had previously said that the Solomon Islands had “no intention of… asking China to build a military base,” and stressed on Wednesday that the deal was “guided by our national interest.”

Australia, which has had a security deal with Honiara since 2017, has become the loudest critic of the deal, but other Pacific nations, including the US and New Zealand, have also raised concerns. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is in the midst of a general election campaign, said Wednesday that the signing of the pact indicates “intense pressure” from China on the Pacific island nations.

In a statement Wednesday , officials from Australia, the United States, New Zealand and Japan expressed “general concern about the security system and its serious risks to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

China is already a major export destination for the Solomon Islands, buying about 65 percent of Honiara's exports in 2019, and the PRC is the source of just under a quarter of the island country's imports, followed by Australia with 13 percent.

In announcing the security deal, Beijing called it “normal exchange and cooperation between two sovereign and independent countries.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the Western powers were “deliberately exaggerating reveal tensions” in connection with the pact.

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In the United States revealed a plan for the long-term isolation of Russia

WP: The West will build a “new world” without Russia

The administration of US President Joe Biden and their allies in Europe intend to build another world in which they, according to The Washington Post , will no longer try to coexist with Russia and cooperate with it. Moreover, they will actively seek to isolate and weaken it.

Photo: pixabay.com

According to the publication , the State Department, the Pentagon and ministries are developing plans that will change the West's policy towards Moscow in almost every aspect: from defense and finance to international diplomacy and trade.

At the same time, a senior politician in the European Union told WP that the West is not sets itself the task of changing the ruling regime in Russia.

The author of the article suggested that Washington will soon make changes to the “National Security Strategy” – this document is approved by the US government every few years.

< p>Last month, the Pentagon's draft National Defense Strategy, sent to Congress in March, prioritized the “Russian challenge in Europe” and the “threat from one hundred Against this background, The Hill reports that US senators intend to visit five countries to convince their authorities to join the isolation of Russia.

According to the publication, we are talking about Germany , Poland, India, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nepal.

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The political scientist explained how the United States is enriched by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

U.S. military stocks surged massively

The United States is the world's largest arms exporter, and its military-industrial complex has flourished even more under Joe Biden. Japanese political expert and analyst Jun Kitamura noted that the Americans are cashing in on the background of what is happening in Ukraine and can get even more benefits if the conflict flares up in Taiwan.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

The words of the political scientist are reported by the Japanese edition of JB Press. The expert notes that over the past few years, the United States has provided almost 40% of the world's arms exports. At the same time, according to Kitamura, since the beginning of the special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the shares of American military companies have jumped sharply. The expert noted that the leader was Lockheed Martin, whose shares rose by 30% from January to March, followed by Northrop Grumann and General Dynamics, which showed an increase of 20%, while Raytheon, in turn, rose by 10%. .

Kitamura explained that as of the beginning of the year, the shares of some of these companies had no growth, and some even went into the red. The expert noted that the interests of the capital that controls the United States are expressed by the current President Joe Biden. According to the political scientist, military aid worth $650 million was sent to Ukraine last year alone.

The expert asks whether the further enrichment of the American military-industrial complex is possible against the backdrop of a possible conflict in Taiwan. According to Kitamura, the prerequisites for this are observed in the fact that American politicians are “inflating hysteria” about China's actions, similar to how it was with accusations against Russia.

The political scientist noted that the United States has been exporting weapons to Taiwan for a long time, but the Americans lack a bloc similar to NATO to resolve the Taiwan issue. Therefore, according to Kitamura, the Americans are building a network to contain China, which involves Japan and their allies in the Asia-Pacific region, for example, Australia, South Korea, the Philippines and even India.

The expert predicts that the United States will to create and spread “pro-Taiwan and anti-Chinese” sentiments in the Indo-Pacific region, akin to what happened with Ukraine. At the same time, Kitamura emphasized that the main idea of ​​the United States in such conflicts is not to take personal part in them. The political scientist noted that in the event of an escalation in Taiwan, the US military would not enter into a direct confrontation, which is proved by the current US defense budget, where spending on the navy has been reduced in favor of other troops.

Kitamura noted that this shocked the US Navy , but demonstrated the strategy that the States have chosen. According to the political scientist, the course of the current administration is to avoid a direct military clash with China, no matter how the situation around Taiwan develops.

Read also:An expert said whether China will open “second front” because of Taiwan.

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In the United States called the condition for the start of a dialogue on the lifting of sanctions against Russia

Washington said they could lift part of the sanctions if Moscow and Kiev reach an agreement

Washington is ready to start discussing the possible lifting of part of the anti-Russian sanctions if Moscow and Kyiv reach agreements during negotiations. This condition was announced today at the White House, TASS reports.

Photo: pixabay.com

At the same time, Washington emphasized that the United States is not directly involved in the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine.

“We were not direct participants in any negotiations, because we believe that this is where the Ukrainians should be at the head, and we should support them,” said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan

He added that Washington is now “aggressively” taking practical steps to help European countries “get rid of” Russian energy, including due to the supply of American liquefied natural gas to Europe.

Sullivan also added that US President Joe Biden is not planning a new conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, the White House announced that the United States could announce measures against companies in Russia and other countries for circumventing Western sanctions in the next two weeks.

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The expert explained why Ukrainian refugees will be simplified entry into the United States

“Lucky with skin color”

The United States has officially received only 12 Ukrainian refugees so far instead of the promised 100,000. “Attraction of unheard of generosity” for fugitive Ukrainians was promised by President Joe Biden at the beginning of the Russian military special operation. However, the real scale of hospitality of the “world hegemon” turned out to be much more modest.

Photo: AP

“This is US policy in all situations — promise a lot and do nothing when it comes to really helping people. – the head of the International Action Center and the coordinator of the “Sanctions kill” campaign said on RT; Sarah Flounders.

She also recalled that the United States is no stranger to “feeding” refugees empty hopes. The White House followed the same pattern with refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. In other words, “in any country where the United States instigates a war and supports it on  over the years,” Flounders emphasized. 

Despite the fact that the lion's share of Ukrainians poured into the countries of the Eurozone and Russia, they have much more chances to end up in the United States than the Syrians or Afghans. As explained by “MK” expert on migration processes, head of the Good Neighbor Foundation; Yuri Moskovsky, there are two reasons for this. The first in the spirit of “stars and stripes” – benefit for their own economy and the ability to print a new batch of dollars. The second is more in the tradition of those who at one time escaped the Nuremberg Tribunal and took refuge in the territory of America: Ukrainians were lucky with their skin color.

– Every refugee — this is a reason to allocate money from the budget and a stimulus for the development of the economy. Americans will simply print more money, integrate these people into their economy, and profit as a result. Refugees — it's a huge resource. But most importantly, although the United States does not declare this anywhere, both they and Canada informally prefer to host “whites”. The racial issue is very acute there. This is also evidenced by the reduction in the black population in the United States in recent years, – Yuri Moskovsky explained. only 12 people received by the White House from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian special operation — according to the expert, they speak more about the bureaucratic difficulties of crossing the American border than about anything else.

– Now entry into the United States is possible only with a visa, so the official number of refugees is so small, – says Moskovsky, – Although in reality there may be more of these people. I believe that in the near future the Americans can establish purely technological processes and simplify entry. They benefit from refugees from Ukraine. Although people run first of all to where they have friends and where it is easier to get logistically. Therefore, the main flow goes to European countries and Russia.

According to the expert, there are now more than a million refugees from Ukraine in our country. Several tens of thousands of people are placed in temporary camps. The rest — this is about 95% – they traveled on their own.

– I have friends from Kyiv who traveled to Russia through the Baltic states. There was no other way to get — the borders are closed,” the expert said and stressed that many people who were forced to leave Ukraine for Russia due to hostilities are still in an illegal position.

Yuriy Moskovsky is sure that people who come from Ukraine should be given urgently the status of refugees and in a simplified, shortened procedure for two to three months to give Russian citizenship. Without refugee status, a person can only work on a patent, moreover, according to our laws, he can stay in the country for only 90 days within 180 days, otherwise – expulsion. Plus, for any two offenses, he will also be deported.

– If we give refugees a legal status, our economy will receive a huge boost. After the pandemic, she especially needs working hands. We are short of about 15 million workers, lamented a migration expert.

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WSJ learned about China’s buildup of nuclear forces to deter the United States

Beijing sees a nuclear buildup as a way to keep Washington from directly intervening in a possible conflict over Taiwan, the newspaper writes /5/05/756495778236055.jpg” alt=”WSJ learned of China's nuclear buildup to deter the US” />

China has accelerated its nuclear buildup to deter the US, The Wall Street Journal reports from reference to sources familiar with the position of the Chinese leadership.

Increasing US support for Taiwan, which Beijing sees as part of China, has led Chinese leaders to admit the possibility that the United States may want to use nuclear weapons in a conflict over the island, sources close to the leadership say. In this regard, Beijing sees a build-up of nuclear forces as a way to keep Washington from directly intervening in a possible conflict.

According to the WSJ, US military officials and security analysts are concerned that China's actions could mean a desire to launch a surprise nuclear attack. hit. Sources at the same time said that Beijing does not intend to use nuclear weapons first.

According to them, China plans to maintain its nuclear arsenal in such a state in which it is necessary to ensure the interests of China. A similar position of Beijing was outlined earlier by Fu Cong, Director of the Arms Control Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. At the same time, according to the interlocutors of the newspaper, the Chinese military believes that their nuclear weapons are “too outdated” to be an effective measure in countering the United States.

According to sources, Beijing did not make adjustments to the country's nuclear policy in connection with the events in Ukraine.

China's nuclear arsenal, according to the American side, is several hundred warheads (Russia and the US have about 4,000 warheads). The Pentagon expects China to increase the number of warheads to 1,000 by the end of this decade.

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At the end of February, after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin placed the nuclear deterrence forces on special alert because “the top officials of the leading NATO countries also allow aggressive statements against our country.” Later, the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said that the use of nuclear weapons by Moscow is possible only in the event of a threat to the existence of the country.

At the same time, the Pentagon spoke about the absence of grounds for changing the state of the US strategic deterrence forces due to actions Russia.

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“Khan may return”: experts assessed the role of the United States in the resignation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Analysts say the country is facing early elections or a military regime

The resignation of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has become a serious challenge to political stability in the 220 million nuclear-weapon country. The prime minister himself did not agree with the vote of no confidence, openly blaming the United States for acting against itself, which, in turn, rejected the fact of interference in Pakistani politics. At the same time, experts interviewed by MK believe that the American factor took place, but what is happening now does not mean Khan's final departure from the political arena. Especially given the fact that Washington's course does not meet with approval among the Pakistani population.

Photo: Global Look Press

As noted in a conversation with “MK” Associate Professor of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University Boris Volkhonsky, the anti-American statements of the dismissed Pakistani Prime Minister are not unfounded.

“The US has long been clearly unhappy with Pakistan's rapprochement with China, even before Imran Khan came to power. However, under him this course was continued, — emphasized by our interlocutor. — In addition, the fact that Khan came to visit Russia in February, the very next day after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, played a role. Washington persistently dissuaded him from such a step, and, probably, the prime minister's actions only increased the irritation of the American side. Although the visit itself is not at all evidence that Pakistan — pro-Russian state. The prime minister's actions are quite understandable by the simple need to maintain normal working conditions with the countries of the region — and not necessarily friendly, — relations. But, of course, from the point of view of the United States, this was a cause for discontent.  

According to the expert, one can, if not assert, then assume that the exit from the ruling Pakistani coalition of several small parties (which was enough to prevail in favor of Khan's opponents) was influenced by some behind-the-scenes deals between external players and party leaders: “This would not require large efforts. Behind the scenes, no doubt, was carried out, because the accusations from the Khan about foreign interference have a basis.

However, there are also domestic political reasons, Boris Volkhonsky recalled. «Imran Khan — a non-systemic politician, as well as, for example, former US President Donald Trump or the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He openly spoke out against the country's political establishment, represented by two traditional parties that have long been mired in corruption, and in this case, you don't even need to think of anything. Khan tried to correct the situation, which, of course, caused opposition from system politicians. 

At the same time, it should be taken into account that, despite the pro-American orientation of the established political elite of Pakistan, the country is one of the states with the highest level of anti-American sentiments among the population. “Therefore, any political force that plans to replace Khan, — and the only way out of the current conflict is early elections, — it won't be easy. And it is likely that as a result of the vote, Imran Khan will again win. But the prospects for such a scenario will become clearer closer to the elections,” — concluded the expert.

Scientist of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Sotnikov, in turn, also does not exclude the return of Khan to the post.

“Probably the US cannot forgive two things about Imran Khan's foreign policy as prime minister. First, he flatly refused to comply with Washington's request for the deployment of US military bases on Pakistani soil. Secondly, of course, we are talking about the February visit to Moscow, which many observers called historic. Then, in particular, several agreements were signed with Russia, both in the sphere of business and in the political field, », — reminded Sotnikov in a conversation with MK.

Inside Pakistan itself, the situation is now aggravated by the role of the military, the expert also noted: “They, apparently, decided to once again intervene in the resignation process. And, probably, a new military regime awaits the country, since there are no political parties capable of resisting this yet. In the event that top generals who do not hide their pro-American sympathies come to power, a situation may arise when Pakistan refuses multilateral cooperation with Russia and again follows the US regional policy.

According to the expert, the issue is how much the Pakistanis can support Khan. “Apparently, there will be protests — not only Khan's supporters, but also those who simply would not want a reorientation towards Washington. Pakistan since the days of “enlightened moderation” former President of the country Pervez Musharraf (he served in 2001-2008 «MK») used to live in relatively democratic conditions. And now, perhaps, no one wants the return of the military regime, except for the generals themselves, », — concluded Vladimir Sotnikov.

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Following the example of the United States and Libya: the UN Human Rights Council was left without Russia

Should I worry too much about membership in a “recommendatory” body

The UN General Assembly has suspended Russia's membership in the organization's Human Rights Council. This is not the first anti-Russian decision of the General Assembly, but, unlike previous declarations, this step is practical. There has only been one such case in history. Moscow, on the other hand, announced that it was itself leaving this body. We figured out how the Council functions, what role Russia played in it, and what consequences it is fraught with, albeit temporary, exclusion from there.

Photo: AP

Decisions taken at voting in the UN General Assembly are advisory in nature. Fundamental issues are decided by the UN Security Council, while the transfer of the problem to the jurisdiction of the Assembly only means that the permanent members could not agree on specific measures (usually due to the right of veto that the participating countries have).

The UN Human Rights Council is a direct subsidiary body of the General Assembly “responsible for promoting universal respect for and protection of all human rights throughout the world and for reviewing situations of human rights violations, as well as making appropriate recommendations.”

< p>More than 90 states voted for the temporary exclusion of Russia from the UNHRC, including the United States and EU countries, Canada, Serbia and others. 24 delegations voted against it — of course, from the Russian Federation, as well as from Belarus, Iran, China. Another 58 states chose to abstain (in particular, India and Saudi Arabia).

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba immediately thanked those who voted “for” countries for their position, although it is noteworthy that the initiative came from the United States.

Back in late March, in the US Senate (upper house of Congress), members of the Foreign Relations Committee called on President Joe Biden to submit a relevant resolution for consideration by the UN General Assembly. Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said that “this will not facilitate, stimulate, simplify what is happening in the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.” Nevertheless against the background of the accusations put forward by Kiev and the West against Russia in the death of civilians, the initiative gained momentum and was expectedly supported by the majority.

Moscow, however, on the same day announced its withdrawal from the Human Rights Council by its own decision. Earlier, the Russian side has repeatedly criticized the activities of the Council, pointing to the one-sided policy pursued by it. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the decision of the General Assembly, said that “the work of the UN unit and UN institutions is unthinkable without the participation of Russia.”

It is ironic in this context that it is the United States and Israel that are traditionally most skeptical of the Human Rights Council, which supported the decision on Russia. Back in 2018, during the presidency of Donald Trump, known for his critical views on international institutions, Washington announced its withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council. The Israeli side, after thanking the Americans for their adherence to principles, followed the same example. For the Jewish state, the activities of this body have always been problematic, since the members of the Council paid considerable attention to the situation in Gaza. Later, both countries, however, “returned.”

However, speaking about the unauthorized refusal to work with the HRC, it should be understood that the “exit” itself and the United States and Israel, in fact, was not.

The Council is formed by a vote in the UN General Assembly, which selects members from each of the blocks of countries united along geographical lines. The places between these groups are unevenly distributed: Asia and Africa each have 13 representatives, Eastern Europe (with Russia) — 6, Latin America — 8, Western Europe and others (including the US and Israel) — 7.

As a result, 47 seats of the Council are divided among the countries that received the largest number of votes in their group. At the time when the United States and Israel “left” from the HRC, they were not represented in it, so it was only that they would not put forward their candidacies in the next vote.

Elections of members of the Council are held annually, and the powers of representatives are given for a three-year term — in this way, the rotation allegedly necessary for the objective functioning of the structure is achieved. Why supposedly? The fact is that in practice, even the rotational method does not guarantee that each state will have the right to vote: many countries nominated for the HRC have not yet been included in it.

Russia was four times represented on the Council — in 2006-2009, 2010-2012 (and more than two “terms” in a row are not allowed), in 2014-2016, and finally from 2021. Thus, the mandate of the Russian Federation has now been suspended, which in any case expires in 2023. And depending on when the Russian membership is restored, she will be able or not to present her candidacy again in two years.

Until the current situation in the history of the UN HRC, only one case of suspension of the country's membership is known — such a measure was taken against Libya with the start of protests in the spring of 2011. But already in November of the same year, after the overthrow and death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan side regained the right to be nominated to the Council. And since then, even succeeded in this twice, having received a seat for the period until 2013 and for the period 2020-2022.

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Biden Names Michelle Obama Vice President of the United States

Photo: Global Look Press

During the launching ceremony of the Virginia-class nuclear submarine USS Delaware (SSN 791), the President SA Joseph Biden made another mistake. In his welcoming speech, he called the wife of the former US President Michelle Obama the vice president of the country.

The text of his speech with a crossed out clause was published on the White House website. In fact, Biden himself held the position in 2011. The head of state launched into a discussion about the achievements of his wife in the field of charity. Biden noted that his wife Jill began this work in 2011 with Michelle Obama, “when she was still vice president.”

More than 1,500 guests attended the ceremony.

< p>At the same ceremony, American journalists caught Biden at the moment when he dozed off during the solemn volleys during the launch of the submarine.

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Peskov said that the United States has no real data on what is happening in the Kremlin

The United States “does not understand the decision-making mechanism” in Russia, and this “leads to erroneous and reckless decisions,” Peskov said. Earlier, the White House said that, according to information it received, advisers “misinformed” Putin /756487229462048.jpg” alt=”Peskov said that the United States has no real data on what is happening in the Kremlin” />

With his statements about the “misled” President Vladimir Putin, the United States showed that they do not understand the mechanism of decision-making in Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Earlier, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said at a briefing that the United States had received information that advisers to the Russian president were “misinforming” him. and he himself feels “misled.”

“You know, to our regret, and, in fact, this probably even causes our concern. It turns out that neither the State Department nor the Pentagon have real information about what is happening in the Kremlin, — said Peskov.

According to him, in the USA “they don’t understand the decision-making mechanism, they don’t understand the style of our work,” and such a misunderstanding “leads to erroneous and reckless decisions.”

The fact that Putin could be “misled” his advisers, Bedingfield said at a briefing the day before, 30 March. “We have information that Putin felt misled by the Russian military, which led to constant tension between Putin and the military leadership. We believe Putin is misinformed by his advisers <…> because his senior advisors are too afraid to tell him the truth,— she said.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby agreed with Bedingfield. According to him, the President of Russia was not “fully informed”; military over the past month. “Another thing is that you don’t know how such a leader will react to receiving bad news,” — Kirby noted.

The Russian authorities, in turn, had previously accused the United States of seeking to “cause public discontent in our country.” In particular, as Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov noted, the State Department overestimated the losses of the Russian Armed Forces during the special operation in Ukraine. According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Washington is aimed at continuing to supply weapons to Kiev and wants to achieve “manual control of puppet regimes to destabilize the situation in Eurasia.”

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Lavrov said that the United States does not allow Ukraine to accept the demands of Russia

Foreign Minister Lavrov: US does not allow Ukraine to agree to Russian demands //s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/3/10/756476951173103.jpg” alt=”Lavrov said that the United States does not allow Ukraine to accept Russia's demands” />

Sergey Lavrov at the opening of the finale of the track &laquo “International” competition “Leaders of Russia”

The United States does not allow Ukraine to agree to Russia's demands during negotiations between the delegations of the two countries. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, RIA Novosti reports.

“It is constantly felt that the Ukrainian delegation is being held by the hand, most likely by the Americans, not allowing them to agree to those demands that, in my opinion, are absolutely minimal,” — Lavrov said.

According to him, despite this, negotiations between Russia and Ukraine continue. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the military operation would end with a comprehensive agreement on the neutral status of Ukraine with security guarantees for it.

In addition, in the direction of complete dependence on the United States and NATO “evolved” European Union, Lavrov stressed. He considered that the most striking example of this was the fate of Nord Stream 2, when even Germany, which up to the last defended its interest in this project, “was told” that it was against its interests.

Earlier on March 19, a member of the Ukrainian delegation and adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, admitted that the negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations could drag on for several weeks due to “mutually exclusive legal issues.”

He recalled that the main requirements Kyiv are “a ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops and a political settlement on the issue of disputed territories.”

The requirements of the Russian side include unconditional consideration of Russia's interests in the field of security, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine and ensuring its neutral and non-nuclear status. The Kremlin also demands the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea and the independence of the DPR and LPR.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine; and “denazification”.

Negotiations to resolve the situation in Ukraine began on February 27, the first three rounds were held on the territory of Belarus. Further negotiations are being held in video format.

Advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich said that under a successful scenario, the parties could conclude a peace agreement in one to two weeks, the deadline— until the end of May. He called the continuation of hostilities another option.

The head of the Russian delegation, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky noted that the parties had become as close as possible in discussing the neutral status of Ukraine and its non-entry into NATO. According to him, the nuances regarding security guarantees for Ukraine remain.

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Media: there will be no default in Russia in the near future due to the “apostasy” of the United States

The US Treasury announced the chance of the Russian Federation to pay off the debt by May 25.

Analysts say that a default in Russia should not be expected in the near future.

According to “MK” with reference to the opinion of experts, several decisions influenced the situation. On the one hand, the Russian government stated that it had no problems servicing the country's public debt, and the day before, a payment in the amount of $117 million on Eurobonds had already been made.

This development of events suggests that the US Treasury, which had previously announced sanctions in relation to Russia, nevertheless allowed the US bank to make the payment in its own currency. The coupon was paid in dollars.

The US department explained that despite the sanctions against the Central Bank, Moscow will be able to pay sovereign debt until May 25, 2022. Later, the Russian side will need a special license.

According to financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev, the move taken by the Central Bank looks witty. Russia showed the availability of the necessary funds in rubles, after which the funds were transferred to Citibank, acting as a paying agent.

After that, the American side was explained that it would be able to repay the debt in rubles and dollars, but the latter is possible when part of the previously frozen foreign exchange reserves is unlocked.

The second reason for optimism of analysts, according to the media, is that from non-payment interest on the debt will suffer ordinary Americans and local corporations that previously invested in Russian enterprises. the analyst believes.

The publication recalled that the next payment from Russia should arrive in the United States on April 4.

Recall that the Eurobonds that will have to be paid at that time are estimated at $2 billion.

The analyst is sure that there will be no problems with repayment, and the United States went back on their word, realizing the whole disadvantage of the situation for themselves, because. the consequences of the restrictions will not meet with the support of either investors or ordinary holders of securities.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the International Monetary Fund estimated the probability of a default in Russia.

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The State Department spoke about the participation of the United States in the work of biological laboratories in Ukraine

State Department spokesman Ned Price spoke about the US participation in the work of laboratories in Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, the participation of the American side in the work of Ukrainian biological laboratories did not go beyond a framework for occasional security assistance.

“The US government does not own or operate biological laboratories in Ukraine. Period,” Price said during a conversation with reporters.

A State Department spokesman also assured that Kyiv “fully complies” conventions on biological or chemical weapons.

Recall that earlier the Russian military revealed the facts of an emergency cleansing by the Kiev regime of traces of a military biological program funded by the US military department.

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov , in turn, expressed the opinion that the United States is afraid of being convicted of violating the convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons.

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Biden: record inflation in 40 years in the United States is associated with sanctions against Russia

Roskosmos reported how much the United States lost on anti-Russian sanctions.

U.S. President Joe Biden, assessing the country's economic situation, named the reason for the sharp rise in inflation.

Recall, as analysts say, its indicators are record-breaking over the past 40 years.

The President explained that the incomes of the country's citizens are falling amid rising prices.

According to him, “a great contribution” it was Russia that contributed to the rise in prices for gasoline and energy carriers. He noted that American budgets are being drained by higher prices.

“As markets reacted to Putin's aggressive moves,” Biden said in a statement.

He added that the Russian economy suffered even more from the sanctions.

The US Department of Labor estimated consumer price growth at 0.8% compared to January 2022. Annual figures are estimated as a record since 1982 and amount to 7.9%.

In turn, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that the United States, which had stopped supplying Russian-made rocket engines, had already lost about $4 billion.

In an interview with State Duma deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party, he explained that retaliatory sanctions “Roskosmos” is 12 billion dollars, which will lose the United States. As a result, the damage caused by anti-Russian sanctions is higher for their initiators, according to Interfax.

Recall that Russia has already canceled the launch of British OneWeb satellites, and earlier Rogozin himself claimed that the strike on international cooperation on the ISS may lead to the deorbit of the station.

Then he explained that the station does not fly over the territory of Russia, and the fall of the 500-kilogram ISS may fall on the territory of the United States..

As Topnews wrote earlier, on February 24, a Russian special operation in Ukraine was announced, which caused anti-Russian sanctions from the United States.

Biden announced them as “unprecedented”, assuring that he had nothing against ordinary Russians.

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Pentagon: the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine would threaten the United States with a war with Russia

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said that the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine would threaten the United States with a war with Russia, NBC reports.

In an interview with a television company, the head of the defense department explained that such a step would demand “contact with Russian aircraft”, which would threaten the United States with a war with the Russian Federation.

“US President Joe Biden made it clear that American troops would not fight Russia in Ukraine,” the minister said .

Recall that earlier the leader of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asked the head of the White House to assist in establishing a no-fly zone over some parts of Ukrainian territory.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military special operation on territory of Ukraine. According to the head of state, its goal is the demilitarization and denazification of the country. At the same time, he stressed that Moscow's plans do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territories.

Earlier it was reported that this week the United States delivered several hundred Stinger man-portable air defense systems to Ukraine.

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