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The Lonely Island – Saturday Night Lyrics

Hey, what’s up, man?
You’ll never guess what happened! Check it, last Saturday my main chicken was like, “You need to take me out for a bubble bath, oil massage and candle light dinner.”
Oh, oh, hell not!
That’s what I was saying! I had to tell her like this:

Saturday night is not for romance
You got a whole week to get into girl’s pants
Got ladies in the UK and ladies in France
But Saturday night? I’m in my b-boy stance

[Verse 1]
Ahh, Saturday night is the night after Friday
I’m thinking ’bout fly-ass girls out on the highway
I push my celerator and beep my horn
It’s not a night for dancing, a night for porn
It’s jerking in the bathroom [?] with my fellas
I’m talking these broads like rain to umbrellas
Saturday night ain’t time for the chick
It’s time for thе fellas to watch porno flicks
I’m poking through a hole, no one can tеll
I’m going to bathroom, ring my own bell
Ring the alarm but I’m not the douche naked
It’s Saturday night and I’m darting these chickens
Wake up on Sunday, taste food in my mouth
Monday back come, the chicks in the house
Tuesday now, I’m back with my girl
Never let her know about my Saturday war

Saturday night is not for romance
You got a whole week to get into girls’ pants
Got ladies in the UK and ladies in France
But Saturday night? I’m in my b-boy stance

[Verse 2]
Chilling with the girls can be pretty cool
But kicking it with the fellas is a different world
A girl can never understand what it’s like to be me
I stand up all day, sit to go pee
Well, it’s guys’ night out and I’m feeling real horny
Roll to the store for a case of forties
[?] out the window
Let’s explore our bodies and smoke some indo
I’d rather watch TV and drink my Jack
I spent my whole Saturday on hitting from the back
Sure, it’s all good to get you [?] arm
But I’m a dude for all dudes and my word is bomb
Yeah, his words is bomb like the powder for your testies
I’m slithering my boys like [?]
I’m there for my dudes and it’s more than male bonding
I think it’s in the ass and men are responding

Saturday night is not for romance
You got a whole week to get into girls’ pants
Got ladies in the UK and ladies in France
But Saturday night? I’m in my b-boy stance

[Verse 3]
Even though guys are better to bang
Girls stay nice like Michael Chang
Michael Chang no in a lot of Grand Slams
But his attitude is good so he’s the man
When we ram about tennis you know we’ll always be drunk
My man, Michael Chang’s got legs like a tree trunk
Michael Chang, he’s down with us
We’ve never hung out but we like him a lot
Even though he looks young on the tour he’s a veteran
A genuine role model Asian-American
C to the H to the A-N-G
Everyone looks tall from his POV
He may not know the feeling of victory
But he’s got a lot of H-E-A-R-T
We’ve never met Chang and that’s alright
He can still sleep over on a Saturday night

Saturday night is not for romance
It’s a day for us to get into dudes’ pants
Whether it’d be Kurt, Michael Chang or Lance
Saturday night I’m in my b-boy stance

Popcaan & The FaNatix Samples Tanya Stephens Classic On “These Streets (Don’t Luv U)”

Popcaan links with The Fanatix and M1llionz on a new track.

The Fanatix returned with a hot new single that twins dancehall with UK drill. The new track, titled “These Streets (Don’t Luv U)”, features dancehall star Popcaan and upcoming UK drill rapper M1llionz. The song’s lyrics feature quite a bit of the Jamaican vernacular, even in sections performed by the UK rapper. This is understandable as M1llionz, who sports a Reggae Boyz jersey throughout the music video, does have Jamaican heritage.

The song samples reggae veteran Tanya Stephens‘ 2006 hit single “These Streets.” Tanya’s vocals are pitched to the tune of Alvin from the Chipmunk, which allows it to be properly layered over the bouncy elements that make up the drill beat. Fanatix paid homage to Stephens in a recent Instagram post. “Big up the legendary @iamtanyastephens for allowing us to sample her classic song “these streets”. This would not be possible without you guys,” they wrote in the caption.

The video for “These Streets”, which has amassed 481,000 views on YouTube in 5 days, was filmed in sections of Kingston and Miami. Unlike Stephens’ version that speaks of a man who is unappreciative of his woman, M1llionz and Popcaan showcase the gritty elements of Jamaica’s streets. Gambling, drugs, wholesales, and corner shops, and gun-toting gangsters are on full display. While it is an aspect of the country that many would rather remain hidden, the video clearly captures the realness of life in the “trenches” and how hard it is for a large percentage of the Jamaican population.

Fans of Popcaan and M1llionz have welcomed the collaboration with Fanatix and are predicting that the track will be a “banger.” One YouTube subscriber commented on the video, saying, “Whoever made the beat big up ur self, the Tanya Stephens sample mawdd,” while another said, “Popcan and millionz this gonna be a vibe.”

“These Streets” is the first single from The Fanatix’s upcoming album. Fans are anxiously awaiting the project, which will be the first for the group.

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Stylo G’s “Dumpling Remix” Hit 50m Views Proving Spice & Sean Paul Pulling Power

The “Dumpling” remix has surpassed 50 million views on YouTube, and UK-based dancehall star Stylo G is ecstatic with the success of the track. He updated fans about the progress of the track and its success on Instagram.

Alongside a clip of the video for the remix, he posted: “50 million dumplings share out, world hit, just over a year we drop this”. There’s no doubt that the track was given a huge boost as two dancehall mega-stars, Spice and Sean Paul, jumped on it. Fans have definitely taken to the remix and can’t seem to get enough of it.

It was released in 2019 and is Stylo G’s most-viewed song on YouTube to date. The artist, who hails from Spanish Town, already found success with the original “Dumpling” track, but it got just close to nine million views since its release and pales in comparison to the number of views that the remix has gotten.

Spice was one of the first to congratulate the artists, saying: “A pure problem when this drop a mi show dem,” a fan added, “It’s been a long lockdown, ya’ll been on repeat,” and this one stated, “This could never get old!” Most of the fans simply commented with fire emojis when the post was made on May 11. So far, it has gotten over 25,000 likes.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Stylo G??W??A??R??N??G (@officialstylog)

It seems Spice and Sean Paul have the Midas touch recently as the two also helped out each other on one of Spice’s recent tracks called “Go Down Deh”, which was released on YouTube on May 1 and has already brought in close to five million views. Veteran Shaggy is also featured on that track. The track is on course to dominate as it debuted at #1 on US and Israeli iTunes Reggae, #2 in the UK, Italy, and Canada, and Top 10 on Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer. Streaming of the track was recorded globally in countries like Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Stylo G is now known for his hit collaborations, including “Touch Down,” which he recorded with Nicki Minaj and Vybz Kartel and has reached about 19 million views since its release.

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Kash Doll – Thumbin Lyrics

(The CoalCash collection)
(Ayy-ayy, ayy, Knox This That Wave)
(Ayo Cash [?])

I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (All day)
I got paper cuts from thumbin’ through this money all day (All day)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (I’m thumbin’)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)

[Verse 1]
Look, I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day
Talkin’ twenty-four hours, don’t forget the four-tre (Four-tre)
One thing Kash gotta say, when it come to gettin’ this paper, nigga, I don’t play (Ooh)
Broke nigga, always talkin’ broke shit (Broke shit)
Broke nigga always got a broke bitch (Broke bitch)
So cute, look at that, what they done did? (Hahaha, ooh)
Broke nigga, broke bitch had a broke kid (Well, well, well)
I’m just tryna get them bands (Bands)
I got a fetish, these niggas don’t understand (Don’t understand)
Countin’ this money is really hurtin’ my hand
If I’m in this, I withdraw one hunnid grand
And I gotta have the bag with the two C’s
I got this green thumb from countin’ this blue cheese

I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (All day)
I got paper cuts from thumbin’ through this money all day (All day)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (I’m thumbin’)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (Cha-ching)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)

[Verse 2]
Money bag, nigga, gotta have that money bag (Money bag)
Fuck all that talkin’, nigga, show me where that money at
And if I ever gave your ass one dollar, when I see you, nigga, run it back (Run me my money)
Nigga said them bands make ’em dance
See I’m countin’ up these hunnids and it’s cuttin’ up my hands (Fuck)
I just want them M’s, nigga, plural
I’m in the UK fuckin’ up them euros (Ooh)
I make a rich nigga go down South (Down South)
Put this million-dollar pussy in your mouth
Nigga ask what’s my sign, I say, “Dollar”
If you ain’t got none, nigga, then holla (Haha)
This, this that rich shit
20/20 vision, lookin’ at a rich bitch thumbin’, nigga

I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (All day)
I got paper cuts from thumbin’ through this money all day (All day)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (I’m thumbin’)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (That’s right)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)
Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’
I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (Ooh)

Dancehall Legend Baby Cham Calls Jamaican Gov’t Bias For Easing UK Travel Ban

Baby Cham speak on the Jamaican government lifting UK travel ban while ignoring the entertainment sector.

Most sectors of the Jamaican economy, like many other countries around the world, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The entertainment sector has staggered and tried as best as possible to keep up with the restrictions put in place to safeguard the country. With restrictions looking to be relaxed soon for UK tourism, veteran dancehall artist Baby Cham is making his feelings on the way the government handled the pandemic known. He posted a clip of his recent track called “Lockdown” on Usain Bolt’s Clockwork Riddim. He made sure to include his more explicit lyrics in expressing his feelings on Instagram.

He also made his feelings known with the caption attached to the short video clip. He was obviously upset as he also made the caption in all caps.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Baby Cham (@thecham)

The “Ghetto Story” deejay is lashing out at Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, who recently announced that the travel ban on the United Kingdom, which was supposed to end last Friday, April 30, would not be renewed. The ban was part of Jamaica’s Disaster Risk Management Act to help mitigate the spread of the UK variant of the virus.

“On Saturday May 1, Jamaica will reopen its borders to international visitors from the United Kingdom. This will enable the critical gateways of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, to have transit for passengers coming through and who are fully compliant with health and safety protocols required for international travel,” Bartlett said.

He added that the decision was taken to try and help boost the island’s economy.

“Jamaica’s position at this time is critical in relation to the opening up of the summer tourist season and in fact, the importance of enabling the diaspora, particularly the strong British clientele that have always come to the island,” he said.

Jamaica’s borders have been open since June 2020, and they’ve already welcomed about 1.5 million visitors. All visitors welcomed had a quarantine period and had to follow other health protocols. Cham’s take on the matter is that the hoteliers and others in the sector cried out for help and have been given it while the poor and disenfranchised have been left to fend for themselves. The part of the song he chose lamented all of these issues. For the most part, it seemed that his fans agreed with his stance.

“Unfair bad and it is not even funny. The government is not for the people who risk their life during election and put dem on power…. Set of dictators,” this fan said, another added, “@cham….pure double standard!!!! Do the jamaican govt realize sey a di people, di food, di place and definitely di music why most tourists come a yaad? The citizens, athletes and mostly of the artists promote the country and are the quintessential vessel in putting out Jamaica to the world. Tek care a u people dem govt of JA. U can’t have certain people a benefit in di country and the ones who put unu in postion a get constant raw deals.. get it under control quick,” and this fan chimed in, “Such everyone should boycott travelling there until its open for all. Most of the owners prob not even citizens. Although yes they employ them but still. That country is what it is because of what the leaders have done or more importantly not done to help the country as a whole and that goes for anyone who has a voice. Soooo many voices and I hear like 3. Why. Crickets and ants everywhere just like that Disney movie. Watch that. Same sht.”

Do you agree with Baby Cham’s take on UK tourists being allowed into Jamaica?

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Spice New Collab With Shaggy & Sean Paul Tops US iTunes Charts

Spice new collaboration “Go Down Deh” debuts at the top of the US iTunes chart.

Spice, Shaggy, and Sean Paul, aka SSS, have been turning heads and waists with their new single “Go Down Deh,” and their US-based fans are making their love felt visa iTunes. Just two days after its release, the single already topped the USA Reggae iTunes chart and is currently at number 2 in Canada and the UK.

The track for “Go Down Deh” was released on Friday, and the video on The Queen of Dancehall’s YouTube page, BET Jams, and BET Soul a day later, this after days of promotion. Her recent success has not gone unnoticed by Spice, who thanked her fans in her own special way. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star mounted herself atop the kitchen counter in her new home, where she performed a number of sultry maneuvers as she danced in celebration of her recent iTunes success.

“Go Down Deh is #1 on USA Reggae iTunes chart. Canada and UK get it to #1 if you want to see this full video, I seriously went on my head top for you,” she wrote in the caption.

Go down deh is #1 on USA ?? Reggae ITunes chart . Canada ?? and UK ?? get it to #1 if you want to see this full video, I seriously went on my head top for you ? Call your grandma and teach her to buy it on iTunes ??we currently #2 In Canada ?? and Uk ?? https://t.co/69i6RbjNK3 pic.twitter.com/nJQtryhEPz

— Spice (@spiceofficial) May 1, 2021

The song was produced by Grammy Award nominee Costi Ionita and Shaggy and released via VP records. The entire production, from sound to visuals, celebrates the raw exotic culture of dancehall. The video, which was directed by Jay Will, was filmed in Kingston, Jamaica, featuring cameo appearances by other Jamaican Dancehall representatives, including Kemar Highcon, Walshy Fire, and Naomi Cowan. Director credits are also given to Kanye West, Major Lazer, Lee Scratch Perry, Shaggy, and M.I.A.

The collaboration with Sean Paul and Shaggy is what Spice, who has been through her fair share of ups and downs in the Dancehall, describes as “the biggest milestone” of her career.

“They are both International giants in our genre. I’m honored to have created such a historic moment by being one of the first artists to have them collaborate on a track together,” she said.

Spice is set to release a highly anticipated debut album on July 30, titled “TEN.” The details surrounding this album have not yet been announced.

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Quebonafide – Matcha Latte Lyrics (feat. Masza & Mick Jenkins)

Zimna matcha latte, robię yogę leci gangsta raper
Miałem całe lato skakać w trasie
No a siedzę w chacie, robię kasę na herbacie
Kubek za odwołane show
Kumple mają gorzej bo chcą money, ale skąd?
Moje miasto zawirusowane, ale co?
W głowie chyba już poukładane panie Floyd
Spokojnie robię, co kocham
Za oknem modern holocaust
Na poczcie pozew od Jopa, ale…
Tata Maty to mój adwokat
Także się nie przejmuję wcale
Podlewam rośliny, oglądam anime na Netflixie
W moim teesie XXL, czekam aż słoneczko wyjdzie, bo

Trochę wiało, ale stoję cało
Trochę wiało, ale stoję cało

Zimna matcha latte, rok zamykam klapą jak Alcatel
Legia przejebała z Karabachem, a akurat dałem na nią na Betfanie pakę
Dobrze, że tylko to sto i dobrze, że odkułem się na Roland Garros
Polska radość tu się kończy, mam dość
Bo nawet mefedron ma lepszy skład niż nasz rząd
Spokojnie robię co kocham, za oknem modern holocaust

Na poczcie pozew od Jopa, ale…
Tata Maty to mój adwokat
Jeszcze wyhodowałem chwasty
Typ z mojej wytwórni tłukł kobiety jak ćwiartki
Palę się ze wstydu jak kalifornijskie laski
Dziś mu nie poświęcę nawet milimetra kartki

Trochę wiało, ale stoję cało
Trochę wiało, ale stoję cało

Cold matcha latte, caramel apple spice on my side
We vibin’ out the Sade, know I’m off the blasé
So we on karate, blessed, I can treat a Monday like a Friday
I’ve been looking at the world sideways
Tryna get this money five ways
Just to go on back and forth on highways
Came up hoopin in the gang ways, no driveway
Back on that path no mans, then is no abley
I ain’t made them put their hands up like a robbery
In a minute, I make shawty swing my pray
Only ever stressing ’bout her love and Yahweh
Cold matcha latte, wishin’ we can fly away

Talkshow Boy – Testosterone Lyrics

Thank you all for coming to my shows, you’re sexy
Thanks for queuing my MP3, and representing
At the witching hour, this is what my lover said
She said “come here boy and join me in the army of the dead”
I said thanks to the interstate looks these bands, and help each other with these hands
Thanks to all the record labels whom I came to understand
To all my friends, and the people who I always see
Shit, I love you guys, this one’s for being here, and seeing me

Testosterone, estrogen
Estrogen, testosterone
Testosterone, estrogen
Estrogen, testosterone
Testoste-ro-o-one, the earth, oh
Talkshow boy is back on top

(Representing all the women
Representing all the ladies
Whats the deal, y’all?) x2

Check it out, yeah
Rock solid, rock solid

Top quality, baby
Tip top x2

And everybody shouts
“Come on! Come on!”
(come on! come on!
Come on! come on!)
Let’s grab participation, baby
Might as well enjoy this
And have some f*ckin’ fun
As I slowly climb the echelon
To the UK no. 1

Have we heard from (Talkshow boy)
Some dumb track by (Talkshow boy)
Teenage girls around the world
Get wet all over (Talkshow boy)
Pull yourself close if you wanna swap swe-ea-eat

Testosterone, estrogen
Estrogen, testosterone
Testosterone, estrogen
Estrogen, testosterone
Testoste-ro-o-one, the earth, oh
Talkshow boy is back on top

Check it out, yeah
Rock solid, rock solid
Top quality, baby
Tip top x4

(god damnit)

The Goodies co-stars remember ‘great friend’ Tim Brooke-Taylor after death from coronavirus

United Kingdom

British performer Tim Brooke-Taylor, a member of comedy trio The Goodies, has died after contracting coronavirus. He was 79.

Key points:

  • Brooke-Taylor’s agent said the comedian died from COVID-19
  • His fellow Goodies members remembered him as a funny man and a great friend
  • Their television show was a hit in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the 1970s

Brooke-Taylor’s agent said he died on Sunday morning (local time) “from COVID-19”.

Fellow Goodies star Graeme Garden said Brooke-Taylor was “a funny, sociable, generous man who was a delight to work with”.

“Audiences found him not only hilarious but also adorable,” Garden said.

“His loss at this dreadful time is particularly hard to bear.”


The Goodies in 2003, from left: Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor. (PA via AP: Yui Mok)

Bill Oddie, the third member of the trio, remembered Brooke-Taylor as a “true visual comic and a great friend”.

External Link:

Bill Oddie on Twitter: Fifty years and he only got cross with me once… well maybe twice… no quite a lot actually! No one could wear silly costumes or do dangerous stunts like Tim. I know it hurt cos he used to cry a lot.

Announcing the death, his agent said he was “an exceptional client” who had “many fans whom he always treated cheerfully, even after long and exhausting rehearsals and recordings”.

Comedians David Walliams, Ross Noble and Stephen Fry were among some of the British entertainers who paid tribute to Brooke-Taylor on Twitter.

External Link:

David Walliams on Twitter: I was obsessed with ‘The Goodies’ as a child, the first comedy show I really loved. I queued up to get the Goodies’ autographs as a grown-up, and got to meet Tim Brooke-Taylor more recently at a party

“He was so kind and generous. It is so sad he is gone,” Walliams said.

External Link:

Stephen Fry on Twitter: Just heard the devastating news of the death of Tim Brooke-Taylor. A hero for as long as I can remember, and –on a few golden occasions – a colleague and collaborator on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

External Link:

Ross Noble on Twitter: So sorry to hear that Tim Brooke Taylor has passed away. He was such a lovely funny man. I watched him as a kid and it was always a thrill to work with him.

External Link:

Rob Brydon on Twitter: So sad to hear that the great Tim Brooke Taylor has died. A wonderful man, so many happy times sat next to him on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

London-based Australian comedian Adam Hills wrote that Brooke-Taylor was “a lovely, wonderful, talented, generous, friendly human being”.

External Link:

Adam Hills on Twitter: No. Just no. Such a lovely, wonderful, talented, generous, friendly human being. Absolutely devastated. Our heroes are dying from this thing. Please stay inside. Please stay safe.

Brooke-Taylor was part of Cambridge University’s Footlights revue, the breeding ground of several generations of British comedic talent.

He broke into radio and television comedy in the 1960s alongside future Monty Python members John Cleese and Graham Chapman.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreak

Brooke-Taylor then went on to form The Goodies with Garden and Oddie. The trio specialised in slightly surreal sketches incorporating visual inventiveness, slapstick and songs.

Their song Funky Gibbon even became a UK top 10 chart hit in 1975.

External Link:

The Goodies perform their song Funky Gibbon, which was a hit in the UK.

Their TV show, which ran throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, was a hit in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

For more than 40 years, Brooke-Taylor was also a panellist on BBC radio’s much-loved comic quiz show I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.


Brooke-Taylor is being remembered as a generous and friendly person. (Wikimedia Commons)

Brooke-Taylor is survived by his wife, Christine, and two sons.

His death comes just months after Monty Python star Terry Jones passed away.

What you need to know about coronavirus:

Video: Dr Norman Swan looks at some of the drugs that could treat COVID-19 and their drawbacks



Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Wages plan gives us a fighting chance — but it has pockets of perverse incentives


We’ve heard a lot in the past few weeks about building a bridge for households and business to reach the “other side” of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Federal Government’s new Australian-style $130 billion wage subsidy will give us a fighting chance of doing so.

Like many notable Australians, key elements of the scheme were born in New Zealand.

But our Government deserves credit for picking up the job subsidy element from our Kiwi cousins. Keeping as many people as possible in jobs and as many firms in business is the best way to cushion both from the economic and social costs of this crisis.

Video: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg details JobKeeper scheme of $1,500 per fortnight for businesses to pay employees

(ABC News)

Affected workers will get bigger payments

The wage subsidy plan gives affected businesses $1,500 per fortnight to help pay the wages of an estimated 6.7 million Australians for six months.

At around $39,000 a year, the new payment is close to 70 per cent of the typical (median) wage in Australia of $58,000, or about half of the median full-time wage. By contrast, the previously announced increase in the Jobseeker allowance offers sacked workers close to $29,000 a year, or half of median earnings.

The wage subsidy scheme will be available for any employee — including part-time workers and eligible casuals — on the books as of March 1, so it captures people retrenched or stood down in recent weeks provided firms now bring them back onto the books.

For low and middle-income households, these higher payments give them a good chance of covering the rent and bills. And high-income earners can still dip into their super if they need further cash.

The scheme is a job subsidy

The real advantage of this scheme, unlike those adopted by the UK and across Europe, is that affected businesses receive the payment for all employees, including those still working.

This is in effect a $1,500 per fortnight contribution to the salaries of each staff member.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast podcast.

Many of the more than 25 per cent of workers earning below that today will get a pay rise.

Stringent social distancing measures could leave as many as one-third of workers without jobs, based on recent overseas estimates.

But the full effect of this crisis on employment could be much larger, as flow-on impacts on suppliers and uncertainty over the duration of lockdowns deter discretionary spending by consumers and businesses.

Many of even the most resilient businesses would struggle with six months of little or no revenue: the wage subsidy insulates them against risk of an extended shutdown.

And substantially reducing the cost to the business of employed workers will be help them retain marginal workers who might otherwise have lost their job.


If childcare centres close, some parents would have to look after their kids when they would have been working. (ABC News: Emily Bryan)

There will be implementation challenges

Under the Australian scheme, participating employers, rather than Centrelink, will be responsible for delivering the assistance to stood-down employees.

This should be a relief for workers. The frustration and uncertainty of dealing with Centrelink was on full display last week, and preventing others from having to go through something similar can only be a good thing.

But the scheme will generate some enforcement challenges and pockets of perverse incentives.

Firms will have to apply to participate.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreak

Those with turnover below $1 billion will be eligible for the subsidy should turnover fall by 30 per cent compared to comparable period a year ago, or 50 per cent for firms with turnover above $1 billion.

So the accountants will be kept busy delaying the timing of sales to make sure their businesses qualify. And we should also expect firms to move some of their higher-wage workers on part-time hours in the coming months to align with the Government’s flat-rate subsidy.


Some office workers are able to work from home, but not everyone can. (Pixabay: rawpixel)

A broad wage subsidy will also make it harder to shift workers from idle sectors (where their pay is subsidised) to expanding ones (where it won’t be). No doubt more wrinkles will be found, and exploited, in time.

But given the imperatives of speed and scale for these economic rescue packages, these imperfections are tolerable.

Like many schemes abroad, the first payments to firms in Australia won’t be made until May, but will be backdated to March 1.

Many firms will need to cover the shortfall from their own cash reserves, or via short-term loans. Here the Government’s previously announced plans to boost cashflow for small and medium-sized businesses and offering to guarantee 50 per cent of the value of unsecured loans of up to $250,000 for firms with turnover of less than $50 million will help. As will a new lending facility announced last week to allow banks to access discounted credit when they lend to small and medium enterprises.

The “Aussie style” package gets marks for both scale and substance.

It’s not perfect. But it should give Australia a fighting chance of weathering the worst of the economic fallout.

And that’s something we can all get behind in these difficult times.

Danielle Wood is Budget Policy Program Director and Brendan Coates is Household Finances Program Director at the Grattan Institute.

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

New York Stock Exchange will temporarily close trading floor, move to electronic trading

United States

The New York Stock Exchange says it will temporarily close its trading floor and move to electronic trading because of the coronavirus pandemic. All electronic trading will start on Monday.  

Overnight, US stocks deepened their sell-off and the Dow Jones index erased the last of its gains since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, as the coronavirus threatens to plunge the world into a global recession.

Key points:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 5 per cent in morning trade
  • The Trump administration is planning to send US$1,000 cheques to Americans
  • The US Senate vowed to pass even stronger stimulus measures

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,338 points, or 6.3 per cent to 19,899, the S&P 500 lost 131 points, or 5.2 per cent to 2,398 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 345 points, or 4.7 per cent to 6,990.

Massive government and central bank stimulus failed to stem the panic.

Mr Trump’s request for Congress to approve $US500 billion in cash payments to taxpayers, along with $US50 billion in loans for airlines, did little to stem the rout.

Trading in the S&P 500 was halted for 15 minutes at the open after it dropped more than 7 per cent.

The S&P 500 has lost more than 30 per cent since its record closing high last month.

The Dow Jones index fell more than 10 per cent earlier in the session but ended off its lows.

Shares in airline maker Boeing fell after it called for a $US60 billion lifeline.


The market has seemingly shrugged new measures to stem the coronavirus collapse. (AP: Richard Drew)

The price of oil plunged by nearly one quarter to its lowest level in 18 years.

US crude oil fell 24 per cent or $US6.58 to $US20.37 a barrel.

Spot gold was also caught up in the selling, falling $US30 to $US1,498 an ounce.

European share markets were also hard hit.

The FTSE 100 in London lost 4 per cent or 214 points to 5,081.

The pound plunged 5 per cent to its lowest level against the greenback in more than three decades.

The Australian dollar fell 3.6 per cent to 57.79 US cents as the greenback surged on promises of more US stimulus.

In futures trade, the ASX SPI 200 has come off its lows to 4,834, down 80 points or 1.6 per cent.

Later today, the Reserve Bank is expected to cut interest rates to a new record low and commence a government bond buying program to help the economy cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus.

UK, France stimulus measures

In addition to measures in the US, Britain launched a 330-billion-pound ($666 billion) rescue package for businesses threatened with collapse.

France, which went into lockdown on Tuesday, is to pump 45 billion euros ($74.4 billion) into its economy to help companies and workers.

Still, forecasters at banks are projecting a steep economic contraction in at least the second quarter.

Governments are taking draconian measures to combat the virus, restricting movements, adding to market concerns.

US Senate digs in to formulate ‘bolder’ relief

Meanwhile, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expected the chamber on Wednesday to pass an economic relief bill already approved by the House of Representatives.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast.

He also said the Senate would then work on legislation aimed at aiding small businesses, giving Americans money directly and helping some industries during the coronavirus crisis.

“So while I will support the House bill in order to secure emergency relief for some workers, I will not adjourn the Senate until we have passed a far bolder package that must include significant relief for small businesses all across our country,” he said.

“Everybody understands we aren’t leaving until we deliver it.”

Senator McConnell said the bill that senators were drafting would provide an “historic injection of liquidity and access to credit” for small businesses, while loosening the bureaucracy for lenders working with the federal government.

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:

The senators are also looking at the “best pathway to put money directly in the hands of the American people … as quickly as possible” and “targeted relief for key industries that are shouldering an outsized burden from the public health directives,” Senator McConnell said.

He said the bill will include measures to get “more tools in the hands of healthcare providers, removing barriers to treatment, and helping researchers develop therapeutics and vaccines”.

To prevent the spread of the virus amongst themselves, he urged senators to enter the chamber later on Wednesday, vote on the House bill, and then leave so “we don’t have gaggles of conversation here on the floor.”

Video: Dr Norman Swan explains coronavirus terminology

(ABC News)


Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Chart shows how many people have recovered from coronavirus in Australia


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia has surpassed 700 after Queensland health authorities reported a record 50 new cases in a single day — three times the state’s previous daily record of 16.

In NSW, on the other hand, the daily number of new cases has fallen for the first time in eight days.

It is unclear whether the figures for new cases are related to higher rates of testing or other factors that may influence the number of new confirmed cases. This is because state health authorities do not consistently report the number of people tested each day.

(Tap/hover on any chart for more information.)

The figures come from a national database of confirmed COVID-19 cases, compiled by ABC News.

The database tracks confirmed cases by gender, age, location, source of infection and other information published in case reports from state and federal health authorities.

It is supplemented with additional reporting by ABC News and updated daily to show the spread of the disease across Australia’s states and territories.

The latest update was just before 7pm AEDT on Thursday, March 19.

The figures include the details of every confirmed case since January 25, when NSW and Victoria reported the country’s first four cases.

To date, state and territory health authorities have reported 709 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia.

This includes 142 new cases in the past 24 hours, with Queensland, WA and Victoria recording their highest daily count of new cases so far.

Nationally, six people have died and 46 have recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19. More than 650 confirmed cases are current across the nation.

The NT is the only state/territory without any confirmed cases.

(A previous version of this story said every state and territory had recorded at least one confirmed case. However, the only confirmed case in the NT was a resident of NSW, so this is now recorded in the data for NSW.)

NSW has the highest number of cases, making up 43 per cent of the total number of infections, followed by Victoria, then Queensland.

However, the picture shifts when population size is taken into account. Adjusting the figures for the number of residents shows NSW has the highest rate of infection per 100,000 residents, followed by Queensland, then SA.

The ACT has the lowest rate of infection, followed by Tasmania, then WA.

The database provides insight not only into how and where people are catching the disease but also who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Most confirmed cases are people in their 50s, followed by those in their 30s. In Australia, three times as many people in their 50s have been diagnosed with the virus, compared to people in their 70s.

However, this gap narrows when the numbers are adjusted for the size of each age group, with people in their 50s roughly twice as likely to be among the confirmed cases as those in their 70s.

Age-specific figures show people in their 50s have the highest infection rates, followed by people in their 60s.

Across the country, more men than women have tested positive for coronavirus, but the figures vary significantly between the states and territories.

When a case is confirmed, health authorities undertake detailed tracing to identify the source of transmission.

However, authorities have provided information about the potential source of transmission in less than half of confirmed cases.

Of these, most were acquired overseas, with overseas contact accounting for three times as many cases as transmission via local contact with a confirmed case.

However, these figures also reflect Australia’s testing criteria, which has focused testing efforts on patients who have recently returned from overseas and those who have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

In a minority of cases, authorities have named the countries visited by people who have tested positive for the virus. Among these cases, the United States was the most common country visited, followed by Italy, China, Iran and the UK.

Your questions on coronavirus answered:

Video: Dr Norman Swan explains coronavirus terminology

(ABC News)

Notes about this story

  • Population figures sourced from ABS Australian Demographic Statistics, Jun 2019
  • Dates refer to the date the case was reported by authorities, except in these instances:

    – The 5th, 6th and 7th confirmed cases in Victoria have been assigned to the date they were first cited in official press releases. These cases were first announced on March 1, as having recovered from the virus.

    – Dates for the 7th and 8th confirmed cases in Queensland (Diamond Princess cruise ship evacuees) are based on ABC News reports. The 9th confirmed Queensland case, another Diamond Princess evacuee, was first announced in a press release on March 3.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Umpire abuse: Why do we do it?

Darwin 0800

Perhaps we’ve been shouted at by the boss. Perhaps it’s a healthy disrespect for authority. There are many reasons why we shout at the umpire.

Key points:

  • An NT soccer club has teams rejected from the 2020 league after poor behaviour by some players, officials, and spectators
  • It follows similar problems at Aussie Rules and basketball fixtures in Darwin
  • Academics applaud the teams’ rejection, but say abuse of officials is increasing

A Darwin soccer team has been rejected from the local league because of the behaviour of its players and spectators toward referees and opposition teams.

It follows NT AFL umpires calling on match managers to eject unruly spectators, and the cancellation of the entire round 9 of Darwin’s basketball fixtures in 2019.

Darwin Olympic Sporting Club’s men’s premier league and division one teams were refused entry to the 2020 competitions in the Northern Territory.

Football NT president Stuart Kenny blamed “a catalogue of demonstrable breaches of the code of conduct by officials, some players, and some spectators”.

There have been media reports of young female referees leaving the pitch in tears, umpires refusing to attend Olympic’s games, and the club’s spectators costing the club points for abusing referees.


Arguments on the football pitch have been known to get particularly heated. (AAP: Rob Prezioso)

“There has been a consistent pattern of poor behaviour, which included threats and offensive language directed toward match officials,” Mr Kenny said.

“After much deliberation we believe it is time to protect the young children and adults who play and officiate in our game.”

The club’s new president has since had a “mutually beneficial” meeting with Football NT.

Stressed-out society

Luxembourg’s Lunex University Sport and Exercise Psychology senior lecturer Dr Fraser Carson said umpire and referee abuse was increasing.

“Some people believe umpires are there just for them to shout at and take their anger out on,” he said.

Dr Carson said accurate TV replay technology was putting more pressure on umpires and eroding respect.

“Because we can play back things in 15 frames per second to try to analyse a decision, as opposed to what the umpire is actually seeing in real time, that becomes a problem for them,” he said.


Daly Cherry-Evans remonstrates with referee Gerard Sutton after another player was sent to the sin bin. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts)

That, coupled with an angry, stressed, and frustrated society was a perfect storm for umpire abuse.

“People are looking for ways to remove that stress or even take some control back over what they do,” Dr Carson said.

“Potentially, they’ve just been shouted at by their boss.

“So they want some way to release that stress.”

Everyone makes mistakes

Charles Sturt University Associate Professor Peter Simmons is a lifelong soccer player and fan, qualified soccer referee, and now plays for Panorama Football Club in Bathurst, NSW.

After one of his son’s games, Dr Simmons saw the opposition coach enter the referees’ changing rooms.

“He was just so angry, he seemed to be on the point of violence. His face was red. He was shouting. It was just the most bizarre thing,” he said.

And he once saw a referee get physically assaulted by a goalkeeper in a game in which he was playing.

“He threw the ball so hard at the back of the referee’s head his head nearly bounced off,” Dr Simmons said.


Charles Sturt University School of Communication and Creative Industries Associate Professor Peter Simmons. (Supplied: Charles Sturt University)

“There are a lot of referees, I think, who would be pleased to see this move by Football NT.

“The biggest problem is when it’s away from televised games.

“It might be just a rope or even nothing between you and the angry mob.”

Dr Simmons said interactive sports such as football, rugby, and basketball caused the biggest issues for umpires.

“The referee’s actions have a real consequence for the flow of the play,” he said.

He has some advice for umpires.

“Mistakes will be made by anybody at every level,” he said.

“Be competent, dependable, and respectful, and you’ll improve the chances that your decisions will be perceived to be fair.”


Associate Professor Robert Gill (to the right of screen, wearing black) says jovial Australians like to butt heads with authority. (Supplied: Robert Gill)

Colonial attitude

While an angry mob and an unprepared referee will always be a match made in hell, dislike of authority may be in our DNA.

Swinburne University of Technology Associate Professor Robert Gill has played, coached, and umpired AFL and rugby union semi-professionally in Australia and in the UK.

“There’s the syndrome of being a colony that has a paternal father figure, like the UK that settled Australia, and the authority figure that the jovial Australian likes to butt heads against and be a little bit rebellious,” he said.

He pointed to rugby union as having a high standard of respect for officials.

“The way that a rugby union official conducts themselves on the field, it’s very much: ‘I’m in charge. I’m in control here. And my word is the decision. And if you want to jack up against that decision, then your team may be penalised’,” Dr Gill said.

“And that seems to work.”

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Activist abused by Tyler, The Creator fans wants Splendour headliner to address his past

Byron Bay 2481

For some, the return to Australia of US rapper and singer Tyler, The Creator, as part of the Splendour In The Grass line-up, will be exciting news.

The 28-year-old, real name Tyler Okonma, is an alternative hip-hop star whose widely praised 2019 album IGOR won a Grammy last month for best rap album and went to number three on the ARIA album chart.

But for Coralie Alison, the announcement just represents an opportunity for the musician to right past wrongs.

“I still receive abuse from his fans four-and-a-half years on,” Ms Alison, director of the women’s rights group Collective Shout, told the ABC.

In 2015, the singer told his millions of Twitter followers that he had been “banned” from Australia following a campaign by Collective Shout.

They had argued he should be refused a visa on character grounds because of lyrics on his early records depicting the rape and murder of women.

The Federal Government did not actually ban him — his tour was cancelled — but Okonma’s tweet tagged Ms Alison.

External Link:

Tweet from Tyler, The Creator in 2015

She said she was subsequently inundated with “hundreds” of rape and death threats from the rapper’s fans, something the singer never acknowledged or condemned.

“I had to go to the police about it and there were fans trying to track down where I lived, threatening my relatives and family members,” she said.

In 2013, during a performance as part of his first Australian tour, the singer called another member of Collective Shout, Talitha Stone, a “f***ing whore” during an on-stage rant.

Tyler shouts out former UK PM over ban

Ms Alison would like to see Okonma, who is one of the headliners of July’s festival at the North Byron Parklands, address that abuse and his past lyrical content when he takes the stage for his only Australian show.

She wants him to use his platform to express a positive message to his fans in Australia “where violence against women is at epidemic rates”.

“If Tyler, The Creator is still profiting off the harmful misogyny he released in the early days then he is complicit in advocating the messages those songs portray,” she said.

The festival’s organisers have been contacted for comment.

External Link:

Tyler, The Creator – Earfquake

Critics have noted Okonma’s last few records have drifted away from what was dubbed “horror-core”, exploring more personal themes, and he has spoken of how he was still a teenager when his first album, Bastard, was released in 2009.

When asked about his lyrics in 2012, he told the BBC: “My lyrics aren’t offensive … Some people find everything offensive.”

Overnight, the musician called out former UK prime minister Theresa May, who — according to the rapper’s manager — banned Okonma from the UK in 2015 when she was home secretary based on lyrics that “encourage violence and intolerance of homosexuality”.

“Shout out to all the UK boys that keep this place fun for me at night,” the musician said during an acceptance speech at the BRIT Awards, where he won Best International Male Solo Artist.

“And I want to give a shout to someone who holds a special place in my heart, who made it so I couldn’t come to this country five years ago.

“I know she’s at home pissed off. Thank you to Theresa May.”

Men feature heavily at the top of the bill

While the full line-up is not yet out — there is often more than one announce — Splendour faced some criticism online on Wednesday for the number of all-male acts at the top of the bill.

There is only one woman, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among the permanent members of the first five acts listed in promotional material for the festival. The headliners of each of the three nights — Tyler, The Creator, Flume and The Strokes — are all male.

The issue of a lack of gender representation in headline acts has dogged many Australian festivals in the past, including Splendour, and it has become a major point of discussion in the music business in the past few years.

External Link:

Tweet from Nic Kelly about Splendour

External Link:

Tweet from Paddy Braden about Splendour In The Grass

Vicki Gordon, founding executive director of the Australian Women in Music Awards, said the Splendour line-up was another example of the industry’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.

“We have heard the excuse that women just don’t pull the numbers,” she told the ABC.

“The industry has always had extraordinary women that deserve a lot more than what the industry or the culture has enabled.

“I know what many of the programmers and producers are juggling, and I know it is not easy … but without that leap [of putting female acts in headline slots], we are just not going to see cultural change.”

This month, the singer of British band The 1975, Matt Healy, said his band would only perform at festivals with a gender-balanced line-up.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Aussie dollar sinks as volatile Wall Street rebounds despite coronavirus fears


Australian shares are trading higher as investors shrugged off the coronavirus’ potential economic impact — despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the outbreak a global health emergency.

Market snapshot at 8:05am (AEDT):

  • ASX SPI futures +0.5pc at 6,976, ASX 200 (Thursday’s close) -0.3pc at 7,008
  • AUD: 67.2 US cents, 51.32 British pence, 60.9 Euro cents, 73.2 Japanese yen, $NZ1.035
  • US: Dow Jones +0.4pc at 28,859, S&P 500 +0.3pc at 3,284, Nasdaq +0.3pc at 9,299
  • Europe: FTSE 100 -1.4pc at 7,382, DAX -1.4pc at 13,157, CAC -1.4pc at 5,872, Euro Stoxx 50 -1.2pc at 3,691
  • Commodities: Brent crude -1.4pc at $US58.99/barrel, spot gold -0.2pc at $US1,573.91/ounce

By 12:25pm (AEDT), the ASX 200 index had lifted by 0.5 per cent to 7,044 points, with every sector trading higher.

Healthcare and information technology were the best-performing sectors, boosted by Avita Medical (+6.6pc), Resmed (+4.6pc) and investment services provider Link Administration Holdings (+9.7pc).

Link’s share price surged after the company revealed it would take over a European non-bank lender, Pepper Group, for up to 200 million euro ($322m).

On the flipside, the weakest performers were gold stocks, including Gold Road Resources, Silver Lake Resources and Newcrest Mining, which were down between 2.2 and 4.5 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Australian dollar briefly sank below 67 US cents overnight, its lowest value since early October.

The local currency has since lifted back to 67.2 US cents.

It had also dropped sharply against the UK’s sterling (-1.1pc), euro (-0.8pc) and Japanese yen (-0.9pc) at its worst.

The British pound jumped after the Bank of England left interest rates unchanged at 0.75 per cent — in the final policy meeting chaired by BoE governor Mark Carney before he steps down.

There was a 50-50 chance that the central bank would cut rates, according to market pricing.

It also happens to be the day on which Brexit is finally happening, as the UK nears its final hours as a member of the European Union.

Last minute comeback

The local market is following a positive, but volatile, lead from Wall Street.

US markets spent most of their day in the red, but erased all their losses in the last few minutes of trade — after WHO declared the global health emergency.

‘Global health emergency’
The WHO has declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency — here’s what that means.

The Dow Jones closed 125 points higher (+0.4pc) — a significant recovery considering the industrial-skewed index had fallen by as much as 244 points earlier in the session.

The benchmark S&P 500 and Nasdaq gained 0.3 per cent each, also rebounding from the worst of their losses.

This was despite the release of official figures showing that the US economy missed the Trump administration’s goal of 3 per cent growth for the second year in a row.

It was also America’s slowest annual growth in three years (in 2019) as the slump in business investment deepened amid its damaging trade wars — particularly with China.

Gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.3 per cent last year, according to the US Commerce Department.

It suggests the White House and Republicans’ massive $US1.5 trillion corporate tax cuts only provided the US economy with a temporary boost.

European markets ended their session lower with the benchmark indices of London, Frankfurt and Paris down 1.4 per cent each.

Brent crude dropped 1.7 per cent to $US58.78 per barrel on concerns that the coronavirus will lead to slower demand for oil from China.

Facebook plummeted by 6.1 per cent to $US209.53 per share after the social media company warned of slowing growth as its business matured, in addition to reporting a surge in quarterly expenses.

Meanwhile, spot gold lifted by 0.1 per cent to $US1,578 an ounce as virus fears lingered on the minds of investors seeking safe haven assets.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

UK defies US warning on Huawei, allowing role in 5G network


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has granted China’s Huawei a limited role in Britain’s 5G mobile network, resisting US pressure to exclude the company from next generation communications on fears China could use it to steal secrets.

Key point:

  • Huawei will be excluded from sensitive “core” parts and banned from nuclear sites
  • US says it fears the Chinese network giant could steal secrets
  • Huawei says UK’s “evidence-based decision” will ensure a competitive market

In the biggest test of his post-Brexit foreign policy to date, Mr Johnson on Tuesday ruled that “high-risk vendors” would be allowed into the “non-sensitive” parts of 5G networks, but their involvement would be capped at 35 per cent.

They would be excluded from the sensitive core of networks, where data is processed, and banned from all critical networks and sensitive locations such as nuclear sites and military bases, the government said.

Why is Huawei so controversial?
The dramatic arrest in Canada of Huawei’s chief financial officer for possible extradition to the US shocked many. But what exactly is Huawei and why does it seem like it’s continually being targeted by foreign governments?

The decision will dismay President Donald Trump’s administration, which fears China could use Huawei to steal secrets and has warned that if London gives Huawei a role then it could scale back intelligence cooperation.

“This is a UK-specific solution for UK-specific reasons and the decision deals with the challenges we face right now,” Communications Secretary Nicky Morgan said following a meeting of the National Security Council chaired by Mr Johnson.

Huawei was not mentioned by name in the British government’s statement, but British cyber security officials said they had always treated the company as a “high risk” vendor.

The White House and US state department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Huawei applauds ‘evidence-based decision’

Huawei, though, was happy.

“Huawei is reassured by the UK government’s confirmation that we can continue working with our customers to keep the 5G roll-out on track,” said Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang.

“This evidence-based decision will result in a more advanced, more secure and more cost-effective telecoms infrastructure that is fit for the future.

“It gives the UK access to world-leading technology and ensures a competitive market.”

What’s behind Huawei anxiety?
Political editor Andrew Probyn takes a deep dive into Huawei’s history to unpick the anxiety within the Australian intelligence community.

Sources told Reuters last week senior British officials had proposed granting Huawei a limited role in the 5G network — a “calculated compromise” that could be presented to Washington as a tough restriction but also accepted by British operators already using the company’s equipment.

Huawei, the world’s biggest producer of telecoms equipment, says the United States wants it blocked from Britain’s 5G network because no US company can offer the same range of technology at a competitive price.

The US has argued that as 5G technology evolves, the distinction between the “edge” and “core” will blur as data is processed throughout the network, making it difficult to contain any security risks.


Huawei chief executive Ren Zhengfei (right), pictured with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The company’s alleged Government ties have been a point of contention. (Reuters: Matthew Lloyd)

Huawei’s equipment is already used by Britain’s biggest telecoms companies such as BT and Vodafone, but it has been largely deployed at the “edge” of the network and excluded in the “core” where data is processed.

Huawei blacklisted by US

The world’s biggest maker of telecom network equipment and the second-largest smartphone maker was all but banned by Washington in 2019 from doing business with US companies.

The US Government alleges Huawei equipment poses national security risks because it could be used by the Chinese Government to spy on users. Huawei has repeatedly denied its products are a security threat.

Why Australia banned Huawei
While Australia was quick to exclude Huawei equipment from its 5G network, several major allies including the UK are not convinced that a ban is warranted.

The US has urged other countries not to buy the company’s 5G mobile network equipment.

Australia is the only country to have categorically ruled out Huawei’s participation in the construction of its 5G network.

In the US, Huawei is only banned from participating in government contracts, while New Zealand’s spy agency banned mobile company Spark from using Huawei equipment in its planned 5G upgrade.

In December 2019, the Chinese telecoms giant said “survival” will be its priority in 2020 after announcing lower than expected annual sales revenue, largely as the result of a US trade blacklisting.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Prince Harry touches down in Canada to join Meghan and Archie after weeks of Royal split talks

United Kingdom

The Duke of Sussex has arrived in Canada to begin a new life with his wife Meghan and son Archie after sparking a crisis in the Royal family by unexpectedly announcing that they would be stepping back from their duties.

Key points:

  • Prince Harry’s arrival in Canada comes after it was revealed he and Meghan would no longer be working Royals this month
  • Meghan returned to the country earlier in January to be with the couple’s son
  • In their announcement, the pair said they would split their time between North America and the UK

Prince Harry was shown arriving on Vancouver Island by Sky News, accompanied by security guards as he entered a car that had been waiting for him on the tarmac.

Before leaving London, the Prince admitted he was taking a “leap of faith” in an attempt to build a more peaceful life, free from Royal constraints.

His arrival in Canada came days after striking a deal with Queen Elizabeth II and senior Royals that will see him and his wife Meghan exit official roles to seek an independent future.

Buckingham Palace and the Queen said on Saturday that Prince Harry and Meghan would no longer be working members of the monarchy.

They can also no longer use their “Royal Highness” titles and now have to pay their own way in life, freeing them to forge new careers in Canada and the US.

Prince Harry and Meghan have struck a deal with the Queen. Here’s how it works
Buckingham Palace says Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, will no longer use the titles “royal highness” or receive public funds under a deal struck for them to step aside as senior Royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they are formally known, spent six weeks in Canada at the end of last year before returning to the UK.

Their first official engagement of 2020 was to visit Canada House to thank consular staff for what they said had been an “unbelievable” welcome.

Meghan returned to Canada to be with her son Archie on January 10.

Prince Harry had remained in the UK to host the 2021 Rugby League World Cup draws at Buckingham Palace last week.

In a speech to the Sentebale charity on Sunday, a clearly upset Prince Harry said the final outcome of the Royal crisis talks pained him.

“I want you to hear the truth from me, as much as I can share not as a prince, or a duke, but as Harry, the same person that many of you have watched grow up over the last 35 years, but with a clearer perspective,” he said.

Video: Prince Harry delivers speech saying he and Meghan were left with no other option

(ABC News)

“The UK is my home and a place that I love. That will never change. It brings me great sadness that it has come to this. The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back, is not one I made lightly.

“It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges.

“And I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option.”


Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

$76 million funding package aimed at tackling Australian tourism’s ‘biggest challenge in living memory’


The Federal Government has announced a $76 million recovery package in response to this summer’s bushfires, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying Australian tourism is facing “its biggest challenge in living memory”.

Key points:

  • The recovery package includes funding to attract domestic and international visitors
  • While money has also been allocated for grants for “new attractions” in bushfire affected regions
  • The Australian Tourism Industry Council estimates the bushfires have cost the country “hundreds of millions” of dollars

Mr Morrison described the funding — drawn from the Government’s national bushfire recovery fund — as an “urgent injection” of funds for businesses impacted by the bushfire crisis.

The Australian Tourism Industry Council has estimated the bushfire crisis has cost the national industry “hundreds of millions” of dollars and damaged Australia’s brand internationally, with a perception “the whole country’s on fire”.

The crisis has led to the highly publicised ‘Matesong’ tourism campaign being paused in the UK as well as the United States upgrading its travel advisory for Australia to “level two” — warning Americans to “exercise increased caution”.

This week, the Australian Tourism Export Council told the Australian Financial Review cancellations by tourists from large markets such as the US, UK and China was hurting the industry and could cost the country at least $4.5 billion by the end of the year.

The Government’s package includes $20 million for marketing to domestic travellers and $25 million for a global tourism campaign to advise international visitors that Australia is “safe and open for business”, as well as $10 million towards creating new attractions in bushfire affected regions of the country.

Video: The Tourism Australia ad 'Matesong' was pulled from UK screens

(ABC News)

“Australian tourism is facing its biggest challenge in living memory,” Mr Morrison said in a statement announcing the funding package.

“One in 13 Australian jobs rely on tourism and hospitality, so our $76 million investment is an urgent injection to help all those hotels, restaurants and cafes and tour operators get back on their feet.

“This is make or break for many businesses and tourist hot spots and not just in those areas directly hit by the bushfires.

As Australia burns, is our reputation at risk?
Could the international call to arms and subsequent influx of foreign aid and donations damage our national reputation?

“This is about getting more visitors to help keep local businesses alive and protect local jobs right across the country and especially in those areas so directly devastated such as Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills, the Blue Mountains and right along the NSW Coast and East Gippsland in Victoria. “

The funding will provide grants of up to $1.5 million per project for events such as concerts and festivals — as well as permanent attractions such as art installations and tourist walks — in fire-affected regions, with the worst-impacted areas to be prioritised.

The package also includes funding to encourage international publicity for Australia’s tourism industry and spread the message that Australia’s educational and export sectors are still open for business, as well as drive attendance to the Australian Tourism Exchange.

Industry welcomes funding but warns of tough times ahead

The tourism industry broadly welcomed the Government’s announcement, but warned there was a long road ahead for businesses doing it tough.

“People are believing everything they see on social media — the country’s on fire, top to bottom, coast to coast, don’t go to Uluru because it’s on fire, Sydney airport’s on fire — crazy stuff,” Margy Osmond from the Tourism and Transport Forum said.

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The Canberra, Come Back video was made by Batemans Bay businesses.

“We have an enormous international problem, in terms of how people are now viewing us.

“We’re going to have to do another big piece of brand work, but I think that’s a bit further down the track.”

Early figures from Tourism Australia showed international bookings were down by between 20 and 30 per cent for the first fortnight of 2020, with visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and China among those choosing to stay away.

As with most of the money being announced for fire recovery, the response across the political spectrum has been welcoming.

‘This is a marathon, not a sprint’
Charities on the front line of the bushfire recovery effort are pleading with corporate Australia not to go too hard out of the blocks with big cash donations while ignoring long-term commitments.

However, the Greens argued damage to the tourism sector was another example of the Coalition’s mismanagement of the bushfire crisis.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said the Coalition had repeatedly ignored warning signs about the threat of fires, and the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals was just one consequence.

“We’ve got a huge social and health crisis on our hands, with the impact of poor air quality, which won’t be known for years to come,” Senator Di Natale said.

“What we’ve seen is a catastrophe — it is unprecedented, but unprecedented doesn’t mean unforeseen.”

The threat posed by the bushfires to the country’s tourism industry has inspired Australians to launch their own community-driven campaigns to encourage people to go back to impacted areas, such as a video by Batemans Bay businesses urging Canberra residents to return to the South Coast of NSW.

The community campaigns come on top of hundreds of millions of dollars donated to charities by the public, celebrities and philanthropists.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Skepta – Gangsta Lyrics

Play this song

[Intro: Skepta]
Practice hours
Go on then
What you mean, what you mean?

[Chorus: Skepta]
Yeah, we did young and stupid
Now I do grown and sexy
I don’t know who you’re tryna impress, G
Man, can see that your man-bag’s empty
No need to pretend
I don’t wanna hear you talk greazy again
Never shot food, never shot no skeng
Talk about gangster, I was like, “When?”
Brudda, you love lie
Tryna been gangsta, you ain’t never been on one ride
Tough guy
Tryna be gangsta, your cartel are not up to the time
You man are washed up, say you got big P, say you got cats on the line
You’re just lyin’ to yourself, fam, you better pattern up, better get back on the grind

[Verse 1: Shorty]
These guys tell lies
Say that they bust guns, they ain’t got nines
Say that they shot drugs, they ain’t got pies
Do it for the ‘Gram, man, I ain’t got time
Everybody knows that I’m five foot five
But don’t come around here when your likkle man talk, I’ll punch man down to my size, yeah
I make a man think twice, I make a man go look for advice
You don’t wanna come around here with your chest all high
‘Cause the mandem’ll switch off your lights
Bare tings in your head like lice
Eediat, now you can’t sleep at night
You see this road ting comes at a price

[Verse 2: Frisco]
Most came cool with a serious face
That’s ’cause I came from a serious place
To be able to pull off this outfit
With the trainers, you gotta have serious pace (Yeah)
Got money on my brain, it’s a serious chase
Co-D on remand, that’s a serious case (Mad)
So when man wanna act like Tyson
I’m like what, fam? Am I supposed to be frightened? (Dead)
Say you bust gun, we don’t believe you
You don’t pray, TBH, you need to
Say that he’s a badboy, I was like me too
Shoot from up ‘cross the road when I see you (Sky)
Fuck your war story, I’ve been there when the beef get gory (Facts)
I’m from the UK just like Devlin, but I’m a yardman like Cory

[Interlude: Skepta]
Tryna be gangster
Tryna be gangster, your cartel are not up to the time
Tryna be gangster
Tryna be gangster, pattern up, better get back on the grind

[Verse 3: Jammer]
It’s all an act and movie (Yeah)
See through them, but they can’t see through me (Nope)
Man wanna act like gangsters, when I see man
Manna move like groupies
These man are happy inside
But when I see man, they start moving booky (Booky)
Friday night, when I smoke like booky (brucky)
Don’t get nicked by the feds on duty
Might pop corn cah my team’s unruly
Bare badmana move Shy like Snoochie (Snoochie)
Them man there better follow my orders
Run a man down like Sloth in Goonies (Hey, you guys)
I send a man hot shots just like shoot it, shoot it
Them man are sleeping, snoozing, snoozing
Us man are winning, not losing

[Verse 4: Jme]
Somebody tell these ediats with two hundred pound belts and shiny trainers (Please)
Stop tryna imitate guys on road, you cannot buy G status (Trust)
Give a shit what garms you cop (No), don’t give a shit what crap you drop (What?)
Waste of money and time, please stop (Trust)
You cannot buy gangster from shop
Bare logos, bare designers
You lot are looking like F1 drivers (Trust)
Even tryna chat like man
Hate when I hear pricks misuse slang
Man are tryna get out the hood but, you were never there so you’re tryna get in (What?)
Backwards ting (What?), cool
Make sure your hood’s up when it starts raining (Serious)

[Chorus: Skepta]
Yeah, we did young and stupid
Now I do grown and sexy
I don’t know who you’re tryna impress, G
Man, can see that your man-bag’s empty
No need to pretend
I don’t wanna hear you talk greazy again
Never shot food, never shot no skeng
Talk about gangster, I was like, “When?”
Brudda, you love lie
Tryna been gangsta, you ain’t never been on one ride
Tough guy
Tryna be gangsta, your cartel are not up to the time
You man are washed up, say you got big P, say you got cats on the line
You’re just lyin’ to yourself, fam, you better pattern up, better get back on the grind

Ace Hood – Practice Lyrics

Living in glory, living notorious
Eat a little fish, a little chicken, go gym, nigga living like warrior
Feeling like Morpheus, I gotta make a nigga forfeit his
That’s, very unfortunate, I take a beat and make a feast of it
I’m unleashed and shit, reminiscing while the reefer lit
You see what happen when you recommit?
Nigga, picture this, mind, body, and the soul divine, got everything that you need inside you
Gotta ease your pride, got keys, I can lead the blind
You won’t believe how I beat the odds, do you believe in God?
Bang, bang, niggas thieving lives
I had a dream we would all combine, you gotta cross the line
Be free from the fear inside, set bounds when you cut off sides, that niggas out his mind
He done jumped in the gym though, boy cut like Freddy Krue’, slice like Kimbo
I’m a lamp in the Benzo, fish tanks on the window, fuck nigga, Frito
I’ma get ’em cause I know I got ’em, I’m in the Jeep with the two-eight bottoms, I’m getting UK dollars
Riding ’round with some spiritual shottas and we’ll lift somebody spirit up out it, ain’t really worried about it
Working more and saying less, easy as the alphabet
I’m like, aye, Ace is amazing, save me a spot at the top with the greatest
Actually active with accurate aiming, I’m happy, elated, I’m blessed and I’m favored, be all you can be
Before the beast, gotta unleash, never retreat
Gotta believe, fly to Belize, me and the Queen, privacy please
You gotta see, see for the ceiling, [?] look way more appealing
Pushing my limits, in love with the feeling, count up a million and slice a percentage, I’m paying myself
E for the effort, fuck with me never, I’m way too clever
Foot on the pedal, feel like Mandela, clean as Consuela, smooth as vanilla
F is feather, flourish together, nourish the weather, people get jealous, keep up, repel it, fuck what you selling, shit is pathetic, we gon’ address it, G as in goat
We are on go, hop in the Ghost, I’m with my woe, we rockin’ Presi’s like we bout to vote
This was a dream we envisioned before, used to be broke
H is for healing, I as in illest, J as in jealous, K as kinetic
Killing them, baby, L is for Legend, live in the present
Learn all the lessons, lean on your leverage
M as in money, march with them blessings
N is for nigga, we [?], we super special, we like a legend
O is for olo, pull up to Soho, sometimes you just gotta stunt a on doh doh
P is for practice, who’s up for some static?
Q as in quality, that’s automatic
R is for realer, S is for shivers, losing my nigga, man I remember
T as in triumph, U as in unit, V as in viewing, fuck is we doing?
I got that W, all of my pieces exceptional, you wonder why I’m ahead of you, Z is for zilla, knew you would feel it
This is the Purge, knew I would kill it


Trio Mandili – Apareka lyrics

Zetsas shakheneo ap’arek’av,
Mtvare datvisjvrisk’en it’oleba,
Kalav shav tvalt raad map’arebav,
Anamts ch’erkhoshi rad miqolebav?!
Dghes me shen sts’orperi viknebio,
Ghame gavit’anat saubarit.
Kalav, nu amiri pikrebio,
Mamshord gaigone naubari!
Mamshord gaigone naubari!
Zetsa uk’etsia varsk’vlavt pardas,
Mtvarets gats’eula datvisjvrisk’en,
Vazhav, sad ts’akhvedi, aghar schankhar,
Net’av, shen sts’orpersamts damitsdide.
Ghame ut’ekhia mat saubars,
Dila gatenebul namiani,
Rizhrazhs arqiani botla uqvars,
Botla nach’relian-sasmliani,
Botla nach’relian-sasmliani.
Sts’orperm mout’ana botlit araq,
Dilam shuadghisk’en gaits’ia,
K’atsma qants’it sasmel gadatsala,
Mere eshmak’urad chaitsina.
Kalma luk’ma mistsa tav dakhara,
K’idev erti stkvio khevsurisa,
Sasmelm k’atsis goni gadapara,
Tanats is sts’orperi gverds uzis da,
Tanats is sts’orperi gverds uzis da.

“Raebs vazrob ghmertma mariskhas da…”
Shertskhva, gadaek’ra sakhadis per,
Nela gadavida datvisjvars da,
Bilik’s gadauqva khakhmat’isk’en.

Chevy Woods – On Me


I got more than your rent on me
Ayy, I got your bitch on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
Bitch I’m fly, you ain’t got shit on me

[Verse 1]
You keep rapping bout the trap house but we know you faking
Bitch keep talking like she single but she knows she’s taken
If you ain’t fucking, keep it moving, I can’t do no waiting
If you could snatch her man she’s yours, I don’t do no hating

Ayy, ayy, I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me

[Verse 2]
All these hundreds I be dumbing ooh
Girl don’t run away from it ooh
That pussy splashing, it feel like a pool
All these diamonds on me icy cool
Wow, she from the UK, baby girl a model
Ayy, said she a drinker, help me kill the bottle
Woah, we out in Aspen, I got Gucci goggles
[?] top me in the cabin, told her not a problem

Ayy, ayy, I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me
I got your bitch on me
I got your rent on me
Tom Ford, that’s the scent on me

Shaggy and Sting Working On Joint Album

Shaggy and Sting has a joint album on the way.

The dancehall legend and the British music legend are joining forces for an upcoming project. Sting will be performing in Jamaica next month for the annual charity concert “Shaggy and Friends” at King’s House in St. Andrew. But that’s not all that the two are working on. The legendary singer has been associated with reggae music for decades after forming the band The Police in the mid-1970s.

“We have something working on, but I can’t say anything right now,” Shaggy said. “We recently did a song that I had written. His manager heard the song and he played it. Afterwards Sting walked in and began to sing the hook.” Sources close to the dancehall icon told Dancehall HipHop that they already started the recording process and are looking to release the album sometime next year.

“There are some recordings currently being done in Jamaica at Shaggy studio and some being done in the UK,” sources said.

“Shaggy and Friends” will be held on January 6, 2018 at King’s House and will feature international stars Fetty Wap, Wyclef Jean and Sting. A host of local acts will also be taking the stage. The profits from the show will go towards The Bustamante Hospital For Children. Over the last six years, the concert has raised over US$1.5

Is Shenseea Plotting A Career Switch To Hip Hop?

Shenseea might have a career in hip hop if she chooses to make the switch.

The Romeich Entertainment first lady released a video of herself freestyling on Instagram and let’s just say, she got bars. Earlier this year, she dropped another freestyle spitting both dancehall and rap during a cypher session on Tim Westwood in the UK with Dexta Daps. Seems Shenseea is taking this rapping thing more serious now with some encouragement from her fans and folks inside her circle like her manager Romeich Major.

“It’s a move that she is seriously considering making and there is a lot happening behind the scenes, she may just release her debut rap single, you never know,” sources told us. While Shenseea herself has not explicitly indicated that she is making a switch to rap, her freestyle videos sure raised the question. “I haven’t had a good rest in how many days lmao Long time me nuh drop ntn enjoy y’all Sunday #teamshenseea,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Dancehall is big, but right now hip hop is on a different scale,” sources close to the “Loodi” deejay said. “She is getting a lot of support from the fans and her team so let’s see what will happen.”

I haven’t had a good rest in how many days ? lmao Long time me nuh drop ntn ? enjoy y’all Sunday #teamshenseea @romeichentertainment team strong! @dingdongravers @bishopescobar_876 @romeichwear #bissshh

A post shared by RomeichEntertainment's Artiste (@shenseea) on Dec 3, 2017 at 9:15am PST

Rita Ora Shot Down Conor McGregor Dating Reports

Rita Ora is shooting down reports that she is dating Conor McGregor.

The R&B singer ignited a Twitter firestorm yesterday when she posted a photo of herself and the UFC champ with the caption, “Date night.” The pair were seated side by side at the British Fashion Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday night. That post didn’t go down so well with some fans on Twitter particularly because Conor McGregor builds his image on being a family man.

McGregor has been dating longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin for years, even before his rise to fame in UFC. The couple welcomed their first child together earlier this year and all signs are pointing towards getting married sometime soon. Rita Ora hinting that she is currently dating the athlete on a public platform like Twitter rubbed some fans the wrong way. Turns out that she was only joking and has since posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend Andrew Watt, who is also a musician. “Last night,” she wrote on IG.

??last night ??

A post shared by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on Dec 5, 2017 at 1:36pm PST

According to the Daily Mail, Rita Ora and Andrew Watt have been dating for around a year now and were first spotted together on vacation in Rome in October of last year. “Rita has kept her relationship with him very private and out of the spotlight… This is the first time she has posted anything about him,” the UK tabloid wrote.

Sources are now saying that Rota Ora and Conor McGregor are just friends and have been friends for a while. “They have been friends with each other for a while so this is all just playful, folks on social media take things a bit too serious, no one has a sense of humor anymore,” sources said. Check out some of the tweets fired off yesterday below.

Date night @TheNotoriousMMA pic.twitter.com/G4gR5KJ11Y

— Rita Ora (@RitaOra) December 5, 2017

Conor McGregor's missus at home looking after his baby, and Rita Ora has the audacity to tweet this. "Date night" with a spoken for man, new low for her?? pic.twitter.com/y4SbqUK7IZ

— Molly Shepherd-Boden (@MollyShep) December 5, 2017

I won't lie, I'm really bothered about Rita Ora posting that with Conor McGregor. The DISRESPECT

— Bex (@Bex_Handy) December 5, 2017

Never care about celeb drama but Rita Ora posting pictures with Conor McGregor captioned “date night” actually makes me raging

— Sarah (@sarahfxrrester) December 5, 2017

Popcaan & Gorillaz Song “Saturnz Barz” Makes Rolling Stone Best Songs Of 2017 List

Popcaan may have missed out on the MOBO Award this year but he picked up another accolade.

The “Stray Dog” deejay’s song with Gorillaz, “Saturnz Barz (Spirited House),” gets featured on Rolling Stone’s list of 50 Best Songs of 2017. The song, which is featured on the group’s album Humanz, is ranked 38 on the list. The song is one of Popcaan’s biggest cross-over hits to date and features the Unruly Boss dropping dancehall bars about his early struggles to finding mainstream success through music. He also gave dancehall legend Bounty Killer a shout-out.

The “Saturnz Barz” music video created YouTube history in April when it became the first 360 degrees interactive video to clock in over three million views in 48 hours. The song was a huge hit among the massive dancehall fan base in Gorillaz home turf in the UK. The song also reached the top ten of the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart in March of this year.

Popcaan had a phenomenal year in dancehall after scoring a number of hits this year, but his inability to secure a United States visa has significantly hurt his reach in the biggest music market in the world.

Cardi B Performs “Bodak Yellow” At MOBO Awards [Watch]

Cardi B light up the stage at Wednesday Night’s MOBO Awards in the UK with a sizzling performance of her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow.”

The song gave Cardi B a mega year in hip hop giving her a taste of mainstream success after dropping a few mixtapes. This summer she became the first female rapper to have a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as a solo artist since Lauryn Hill did it in the 90s.

Last night she took the stage at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England to perform her chart topping single “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” and through her performance she had the crowd on its feet. Cardi B picked up two Grammy nominations after the single received nods for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

She is currently working on her debut album and has been teasing song of the singles on Instagram over the past few weeks. Check out the full video of Cardi B’s performance at the 2017 Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards below.

Popcaan Responds To Luciano After Getting Blasted By The Rastafarian

Popcaan has finally responded to Luciano after getting blasted by the Rastafarian.

A host of reggae and dancehall artists performed on the recently held Jamrock Reggae Cruise including Popcaan. The show was well received, but not without a little controversy. During a concert back in August in the UK, Luciano burn out Popcaan for singing about being high and never sober. The roots reggae veteran blast artists like Popcaan and Alkaline while accusing them of fueling crime in Jamaica.

Popcaan wasn’t too happy about what Luciano did using his platform and last week during his Jamrock Reggae Cruise performance, he used his platform to respond to his elder without being disrespectful. “Da song yah weh me a go sing, it name Never Sober. Guess wah? While me a watch the stage show, me see one elder artiste weh me look up to a bun me out, and da elder artiste deh a father Luciano,” the Unruly Boss said.

“Me wah seh nuff love and respect to father Luci,” Popcaan continues. “But guess wah, father Luci, yuh see as a elder, yuh see if me seh sup’m inna mi song weh yuh nuh like, me woulda like if yuh approach me and seh ‘Popcaan, you seh sup’m weh mi nuh like and mi disappointed.’ Mi nuh want yuh go pan stage go bun me out as a elder cause mi nuh feel good bout it.”

Luciano responded saying that because Popcaan did the song openly he had to rebuked him openly also.


“How” Vybz Kartel Roast Popcaan In New Song: Listen

Vybz Kartel quietly disses Popcaan on his new song “How” and barely anyone noticed.

This is the second song that Kartel released this week after dropping a new joint dedicated to his mother on Monday. Recently, the Gazanation deejay has been quietly taking shots his former protege Popcaan who he previously ousted as being a disloyal member of the Gaza over his alignment with Drake. In one of his recent songs, Kartel accused the Unruly Boss of stealing some of his styles and now on this new Dunwell Productions-produced single, he calls him bad mind.

“Judas by time you say a who that / Back fly go Cuba, wat time now Muller / Time fi you stop watch man give thanks for what you have / Red eye will blind yo or make man wine yo / How yo fi badmind yo friend wa the bloodclat do them… / Cut them off like Gillette / How yo fi badmind yo friend unni fi move and go weh / Give them a spinners with six shots Russian Roulette / Bout yo rate me yo no rate me talk yo a talk / But mi naan hear nutten just blah blah blah,” Vybz Kartel deejay over a dancehall beat.

In the lyrics, Kartel is saying that Popcaan badmind (envy) him for the things he achieved and then always talk about how much he rates (respect) Vybz Kartel, but now him Kartel stop listening to all of that and sees him for what he really is, badmind and disloyal.

During an interview back in July in the UK, Popcaan opened up about the hate that he has been getting from Vybz Kartel and the rest of the Gazanation fan base which makes up more than half the dancehall fans population in his opinion. Poppy also said that he learned from the hate that he has been experiencing and that is helping him stay on top.

“Since I’ve been around Vybz Kartel like a lot of people use to hate Vybz Kartel but he stayed on top and I learn that from him,” Popcaan explains. “That is why if Vybz Kartel hate Popcaan today I will forever be on top because I learn that from him.”

Listen Popcaan New Conscious Single “Family”

Popcaan drop a conscious new single titled “Family,” produced by Delly Ranx & PMGJA.

The track is featured on the new Cotton Swab Riddim and features Popcaan calling out some fake people around him. “Mi nuh know if heaven is real / But mi know fi a fact a no every man real / Some boi heart dutty not clean / Dem nuh want see a next yout livin’ in the hills / To every evil demon / Dem can’t stop mi nor Dre Island,” Popcaan deejay over the Cotton Swab dancehall beat.

Popcaan has a chance to create history this month by winning a third straight MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act in the UK. The Unruly Boss deejay won the award for the past two years, but this year he has stiff competition from the likes of Alkaline, Aidonia, Damian Marley, and Chronixx.

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