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Alkaline Trolls Tony Matterhorn For Imposing Ban On His Music

Alkaline is trolling Tony Matterhorn amidst a one-year ban on his music.

After weeks of being silent, Matterhorn snapped last weekend at a party where he declared that a ban on Alkaline music for the rest of the year is in order. The veteran sound system selector hurled some expletives at the Vendetta deejay and his fans in an act of defiance amidst criticism. “Me say me a give Alkaline one year bom***** ban, who no like it s*** your mother,” he told the crowd before dropping Vybz Kartel single “InfraRed.”

Moments after the clip went viral, Alkaline posted a video of a young fan wilding-out to his 2016 smash hit “Champion Boy.” If this is not a clear sign that the beef between these two is nowhere near over, then perhaps it’s one big publicity stunt. It’s not the later, we’re told Tony Matterhorn is really angry and feels disrespected the way Alkaline dealt with the situation in Florida last month. This is just his way of venting his anger rather than getting into a physical confrontation which could end badly for all parties.

“He is just being the bigger man and he is the bigger man so this is just his way of sending a message rather than taking up a gun and behave badly,” a rep for the disc jockey said.

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Tony Matterhorn Trolls Alkaline Plans To Pay Only Vybz Kartel Music At New Year’s Day Show

Tony Matterhorn is trolling Alkaline the ultimate way by playing only Vybz Kartel Music.

I doubt Alkaline will care too much about this but at the end of the day artists need disc jockeys to be playing their music. Tony Matterhorn is booked for the upcoming Bad Behaviour Beach Party on New Year’s Day at Sugarman’s Beach in Portmore and he says he will only be playing Vybz Kartel music at the event. This means that if you’re a Vendetta fan then this is the wrong party for you.

Di Unit Portmore Champion Sound and Renaissance Disco will also be providing music for the event, so its unclear if they will be playing any of Alkaline’s music, but Matterhorn certainly will not. Sources told us that the veteran sound system selector has also planned to not play Alkaline music in the new year as a stance against the young deejay’s disrespect earlier this month at his birthday bash in Florida where he called TM a “pu**y” in front his face.

Seems there will be no peace between Tony Matterhorn and Alkaline anytime soon and Vybz Kartel is the unwitting beneficiary of their beef.

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Vybz Kartel Shows Off His Christmas Clarks Collection and His Daughter

Vybz Kartel shows off his Christmas gifts which includes a couple pairs of Desert Clarks and a visit from his daughter.

One of Kartel’s biggest singles of his career is his 2009 mega hit “Clarks” and his love for the iconic show brand has not changed despite seeing him rocking Jordans in prison recently. The Worl’Boss posted photos of some of his unique Desert boots on Instagram last week which arrived at GP just in time for Christmas.

Vybz Kartel laced up his new kicks on Monday for a holiday family visit. His eldest daughter and other members of his family came and visited him at GP. “Adi’Anna n Mommy me choose.. Love my Prinny #1MoreTime,” Kartel wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo of himself and his daughter. The dancehall star wore all-white for the occasion while rocking a beard. Some of his fans made fun of his struggling afro which stirred up rumors that he is going rasta.

Kartel had a lot of time on his hands yesterday and used it to respond to Alkaline and Tony Matterhorn beef where he trolled the Vendetta deejay for dissing the veteran selector for playing Kartel music at his birthday party in Florida last weekend.

Tony Matterhorn Explains Why He Didn’t Retaliate Against Alkaline After Getting Diss

Tony Matterhorn is making it clear that he is not a coward.

The veteran sound system selector was grossly disrespected by young dancehall gunner Alkaline last week Friday at the Vendetta deejay’s birthday bash at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Alka got upset when Matterhorn, who was the designated deejay, started playing Vybz Kartel songs at the party. “Yo a pu**y for that wa yo just do,” he told the disc jockey in front of his face on stage.

Tony Matterhorn fans have been going off on social media with some calling him a coward for letting the “Champion Boy” deejay disrespected him like that on stage in front his face. But in defense of the disc jockey, Alkaline had his goons right there with him and one of them look like he was ready to pop things off right there and then. Matterhorn has since gone on Instagram live to explain why he never retaliate at the time and fortunately he didn’t because things could have ended badly for both sides.

“When you reach my age you try tone down certain things,” TM said. “You understand because remember say unnu know say me is a sick blood**** individual, and you know Alkaline and him friends them can’t diss Matterhorn… It’s all about the music and the music is bigger than any one of us. So me do the better thing and be the bigger man.”

The long and the short of it, Tony Matterhorn is saying he made a conscious decision to de-escalate the situation because if he had retaliated then the headlines would have been much different and fans would’ve looked at him in a bad light for beating up the young dancehall deejay.

“Alkaline just make himself look bad, me no look bad, you make yourself look like you have a problem with Vybz Kartel,” Matterhorn added. He also said that he wasn’t the one who played the Vybz Kartel song and named Dutty Dex as the disc jockey behind the stunt.

Vybz Kartel Trolls Alkaline For Dissing Tony Matterhorn

Vybz Kartel is trolling Alkaline on Instagram for dissing Tony Matterhorn last weekend.

In case you have been living in a cake for the past few days, Alkaline stepped to Tony Matterhorn on stage last Friday night during his birthday party at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The veteran sound system selector was the main disc jockey at the birthday bash which saw thousands of Vendetta fans turned out for the event. Matterhorn was playing mostly Alkaline and his allies music all night, but then music start coming from Tommy Lee Sparta, Popcaan, and then a Vybz Kartel song was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The “Champion Boy” deejay was furious and made his way onto the stage with his goons to confront TM and told him to his face that he is a pu**y for pulling off the stunt. Vybz Kartel seems to be having a field day with the development and has since sound off on Instagram about it. “WHAT’S A PARTY WITHOUT VYBZKARTEL MUSIC?? DWBCL,” Kartel wrote in his IG bio before adding, “How does it feel being labelled a photo copy artiste? Guess i’ll never know, dwfl.”

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Last year, Alkaline received some backlash from some dancehall fans for allegedly copying Vybz Kartel image and style. The Vendetta deejay never responded to those accusations, but Kartel and his fans are not letting up on the claims. “So boring at the top yawn,” Kartel added on IG.

Alkaline Disses Tony Matterhorn To His Face For Playing Vybz Kartel Music

Alkaline and his goons almost put paws on Tony Matterhorn for playing Vybz Kartel music.

Matterhorn was the designated disc jockey at Alkaline’s birthday bash at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday night. The venue was jam packed to maximum capacity with Vendetta fans pouring in to see the young dancehall deejay. Sources told us that the veteran sound system selector was playing music from several different dancehall acts including some who has beef with “Suave” deejay like Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan.

Our source say things took a turn for the worst when Matterhorn played a Vybz Kartel song and that’s when Alkaline and a few of his goons made their way on stage and took the microphone. “Matterhorn know wa yo a bombocl*** do inno a Vendetta place yo deh don’t gwaan like yo waan come style the thing because we can style the thing to,” Alka told the DJ in front of his face. “But hear what for the love of my fans we naan go do that, but yo a pu**y for that wa yo just do. Me and yo a friends but no try do them style deh, but hear wa a gwaan differently… For my fans mi just waan say big up everybody wa forward for the show.”

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The video clip below gives you a preview of the showdown and you can see one of Alkaline goons standing next to Tony Matterhorn looking like he was ready to brawl with the veteran selector. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and things didn’t ended badly. Perhaps if this show was in Jamaica then it would likely ended differently. The show was a huge success for Alkaline and his team and now sources inside his circle are telling us that it will likely be an annual event going forward.

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Beenie Man Denies Copying Bounty Killer “I Am Not A Pirate”

Beenie Man has denied Bounty Killer claims that the dancehall king copied his style back in the 1990s.

Killer recently did an interview where he criticized Beenie Man for bootlegging his style on the 1990s classic “Bad Man Wicked Man.” Speaking with Anthony Miller on ER last weekend, Beenie Man shy away from speaking too much on the issue but revealed that he got inspirations for the song from Terror Fabolous and Jigsy King.

“I don’t know what he is talking about,” Beenie said while referring to Bounty Killer. “First of all I am not a pirate.” The self-proclaimed king of the dancehall went on to outlined where he got inspirations for the classic dancehall banger.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have been longtime rivals in dancehall in a feud that spanned the greater part of the 90s decade. The two have been peace over the years, but now they have a dysfunctional family type of relationship where they support each other, but often criticize each other. In the same interview on ER, The Doc called out Bounty for his “petty” feud with Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn.

Beenie Man Upset With Bounty Killer For Feud With Foota Hype & Matterhorn

Beenie Man says he is upset with Bounty Killer for entertaining a feud with Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn.

Social media is the battlefield these days for a lot of the feud in dancehall. Artists throwing words against other artists and sound system selectors cursing out artists as in the case of Bounty and the two veteran disc jockeys. During an interview with Anthony Miller on ER, Beenie Man weights in on the feud while expressing his disappointment with his longtime rival Bounty Killer.

“I feel like competition is what keep you on your toes, keep you on the edge, it make you sharp and build faster lyrics,” Beenie said. “But when it gets to a point when it becomes disrespectful, I feel you should just squash it and you know just don’t deal with it. I am really upset with Bounty Killer to follow up with Foota Hype and Matterhorn with every picture you comment and retweet and send it. You’re a big man, you’re the warlard, the general of dancehall, so you don’t need to follow up no little man my lord.”

Beenie Man also spoke about how Bounty Killer helped both Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn becomes the big names in the disc jockey business that they are today.

Tony Matterhorn Says Bounty Killer Hiding His Gay Son

Tony Matterhorn is going in on Bounty Killer once again and this time he is alleging that Bounty Killer is hiding one of his sons who is gay.

The veteran selector and the dancehall legend have been beefing for quite some time now but in recent months the feud has reached an all-time high. Now Tony Matterhorn is saying that Bounty Killer crossed the line when he brought his kids into their feud. The disc jockey went a step further to insinuate that the Warlord has a gay son and a feud between himself and that son is what lead to the death of his mother Ms Ivy.

These claims will surely infuriate Bounty Killer who deeply loves his late mother. “Killer has a son name Qua who is gay,’ Matterhorn said. “And a that same son deh… Killer a you and that same son kill off Ms. Ivy, the war thats going on between you and that son don’t forget that and that lady was a lovely lady and it’s you and that son end that lady’s life and that is why you’re suppressing your demons.”

Tony Matterhorn even went after Bounty Killer son Major Mijah who is an aspiring artist claiming that he is “fruity.” He even told his fans on Instagram Live that Killer has herpes among a number of other things. Watch the video below.