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Vic Sadot – No Nuke Blues (Fukushima Update) lyrics

They’re talkin’ ’bout a meltdown up the river from my home
(Three Mile Island, 1979)
The Susquehanna’s beautiful! But it might be time to roam!
Evacuate the area for miles around, or stay?
I wonder what this crazy world is comin’ to today!

Sing along on the Chorus as a call and response:
No Nuke Blues! (No Nuke Blues!)
No Nuke News! (No Nuke Blues!)
No Nuke Blues! (No Nuke Blues!)
No Nuke News! (No Nuke Blues!)
It’s time to choose! Refuse to lose!

The situation’s “stable” now… That’s what the “experts” say…
They say a meltdown’s “possible”, but it’s “safe enough to stay”…
Well, this kind of “stability” ain’t safe enough for me!
I’m gonna pack up all I can, and move my family

Chorus – instrumental verse – chorus

They’re talkin’ ’bout a meltown in the ussr!
(Chernobyl, 1986)
The way that radiation spreads… That really ain’t so far!
Chernobly’s an example of berserk technology!
Let’s go for solar power now and safer energy!


They say earthquakes and tidal waves messed up the best of plans!
(Fukushima, 2011)
There are deadly radiation leaks from Fukushima in Japan!
Contamination’s spreading through the land, the air, and sea!
It’s time to put an end to this insane nuke industry! [Chorus]

They say contamination levels “might not” be so bad…
The way they play with people’s lives just makes me boilin’ mad!
There shall be a “reaction” and the chain of links will grow
People must have power, but those nukes have got to go!

(chorus 2X)