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Stephen Di Genius Celebrates Grammy Win With Damian Marley & Shakira

Dancehall producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor is celebrating more Grammy certification

Di Genius has plenty to be happy about right now after adding more Grammy certificates to his collection. The Big Ship producer did work on both Damian Marley’s Stony Hill album and Shakira’s El Dorado won Best Reggae Album and Best Latin Pop respectively at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York on Sunday night. This is also his first Grammy win in the reggae category although he is traditionally a dancehall producer.

“Honored to be a part of these two Grammy winning albums today @damianmarley @shakira. Love to everyone else nominated, just to be considered is a win for all More music!! @supadups @chinomcgregor @chanelgenio @kevinadg and all of my other Grammy winning friends tonight, let’s do this again next year, shall we/” he wrote on IG.

Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor has been one of the most decorated and recognized producers in reggae/dancehall over the past decade. He started recording and producing music since his high school days growing up in a musical family. His father is none other than the legendary Freddie McGregor.

The reggae music industry is celebrating Damian Marley‘s Grammy win although some fans have mixed feelings about it. Nevertheless, Stony Hill is an impressive album worthy of a Grammy award.

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Damian Marley Deserves Grammy Reggae Industry Pundits Weighs In

Damian Marley is deserving of his Grammy win on Sunday night and almost all of the reggae/dancehall community agrees.

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley picked up his third Grammy award for Best Reggae Album at the 60th annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Gardens on Sunday night. Reggae fans have been reacting with mixed feelings but an overwhelming number agrees that his album Stony Hill is deserving of the trophy. Some folks believe that Chronixx is deserving of the award and Gong won solely because of the Marley name.

Reggae icon Freddie McGregor is one of those who weighed in on Damian Marley Grammy win and he applauded the artist for his work. “I really celebrate the win because Jr Gong did not win because his surname was Marley but because he had a really strong album,” McGregor said. “The Grammy is not just about the album but also the technical sides and Gong is a very seasoned artiste.”

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Chronixx also deserves some credit for releasing a strong album, Chronology, last year, but Marley’s Stony Hill is clearly a better project. McGregor sees this as a win for the “Likes” singer although he didn’t take home the Grammy. “It is truly a win for Chronixx as he did do a lot in such a little time,” he explains. “He is young and I am really looking forward to seeing him making a lot more great albums in the future but cheers to Jr Gong. No one can complain about him winning because he was a Marley.”

Chronixx made some eyebrow-raising comments on Sunday night when he criticized the Grammys for not televising the reggae category live. Some fans pushed back asking him why he did not congratulate his comrade Damian Marley but instead chooses to criticize the Recording Academy. Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas also weighed in on that issue saying that he doesn’t agree with the criticism Chronixx laid out against the awards ceremony.

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“There are many categories that do not come on live,” Mr. Vegas laments. “I did not know this until I met with a team from the committee. It is a four-hour show, and lots of awards to give. Give the Grammy credit. We have no reggae category in the other major award shows that happen yearly. The Grammys started in 1958, and added the reggae category in 1985. To date it is the only major music award in the USA that acknowledges reggae artistes.”

Mr. Vegas makes a strong point. There is currently no other major awards show in the United States that recognized reggae artists the way the Grammy does, but still yet we are criticizing the Grammy’s and not the other award shows.

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Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Wins 2018 Reggae Grammy “Best Reggae Album”

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley wins the 2015 Best Reggae Album Grammy for Stony Hill.

Gong picked up his third Grammy at the 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony at Madison Square Gardens in New York City on Sunday night. Damian Marley released the 18 track album on July 21st in 2017. The project was released under Republic Records and saw guest appearances from Stephen Marley and Major Myjah, with Stephen and Gong executive producing the project.

The Best Reggae Album category saw some strong contenders this year with Morgan Heritage, Chronixx, J Boog, and Lost In Paradise all getting nominations after putting out some well received albums. Chronixx’s Chronology LP was one of the hot favorites to win the award, but Damian Marley edged him out in the end. Chronixx lead the online polling leading up the the award ceremony with 29% of responding giving him the edge to win the Best Reggae Album Grammy.

Stony Hill peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart last year and spend a few weeks there. The album sold 18,000 copies in the United States alone up until the time of this publication.

Damian Marley previously won the Best Reggae Album Grammy award in 2002 for his Halfway Tree album. He won his second Grammy in 2006 for his landmark album Welcome To Jamrock.

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Damian Marley Travels To Ethiopia For “Speak Life” Video

“Speak Life” is one of those timeless songs from Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.

The single is featured on his Grammy-nominated album Stony Hill. The music video was directed Jerry Henry and shot in Ethiopia while Damian Marley was on the African continent for a tour last year. The video showcases clippings off ordinary citizens going about there daily lives while Jr. Gong walks through the streets. “Speak life, Live a humble and meek life / Ordinary day of the week life / Try to search and seek life / Way up keep your head up and stay up / Even when you sore and pain love / Never giving up till its game up / Keep your aim up,” Gong sings.

Damian Marley’s album Stony Hill was nominated for Best Reggae Album at this year’s 60th annual Grammy Awards. He is one of the hot favorites to take home the award with four other strong contenders, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage, Lost In Paradise, and J Boog. The reggae/dancehall legend already has three Grammys under his belt and is looking to add his fourth this year.

Watch Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley new video “Speak Life” below.

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Damian Marley Wins Best Reggae Act MOBO Award

Damian Marley picked up the 2017 MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act.

A day after getting a Grammy nomination for his new album Stony Hill for Best Reggae Album, Damian “Jr Gong” Marley picked up another prestigious award at Wednesday night’s awards show for Music of Black Origin in the UK. Gong beat out stiff competition from the likes of Chronixx, Popcaan, Alkaline, and Aidonia, who have all had a great year in reggae/dancehall.

Some fans on social media are saying that Chronixx deserves to win both the MOBO and the upcoming Grammy Awards for the reggae category. The roots reggae star released his critically-acclaimed debut album Chronology in July of this year. The project has been well received and even made Rolling Stone’s list of 50 Best Albums of 2017.

Damian Marley’s new album Stony Hill is also well received this year and rightfully earned him a Grammy nomination. Hardcore dancehall acts, Popcaan, Aidonia, and Alkaline have all had a great year despite not releasing albums this year. Those three acts are responsible for a large portion of the biggest dancehall songs this year.

This is Damian Marley’s second MOBO Award after winning another MOBO in 2005.

Jesse Royal’s “Lily Of Da Valley” Returns To No. 1 On Billboard

Jesse Royal scored his first No. 1 album with his debut album Lily Of Da Valley and this week the project returns to the top spot on Billboard.

The “Modern Day Judas” singer is widely regarding as one of the most promising voices in this generation of reggae music. Lily Of Da Valley is his first body of work. The project comes with 14 tracks and saw guest features from Mersa Marley, Natty Rico, and Patrice. The album also features previously recorded singles “Mordern Day Judas” and “Finally” which has been two of his biggest singles to date.

The album is currently in its second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Elsewhere on the chart, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley new album Stony Hill is currently at No. 2, Chronixx album Chronology is at No. 5 while Major Lazer holds the No. 9 spot with their Know No Better EP.

You can purchased Jesse Royal new album on iTunes here.