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Blinken announced the creation of China House in the State Department

We are talking about a team in the Foreign Ministry, which will coordinate policy on China-related issues. Biden during the Asian tour said that the United States is ready to respond with force in the event of an attempt to seize Taiwan 756535734828904.jpg” alt=”Blinken announced the creation of China House at the State Department” />

Anthony Blinken

The US State Department will create a new China House structure to coordinate and implement policy towards China. This, according to The Hill, is stated in a speech on Washington's policy towards Beijing, which will be delivered by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“I am determined to provide our ministry and our diplomats with the tools necessary to resolve this task as part of my modernization program, & mdash; Blinken said. According to him, this program includes the creation of China House— a State Department-wide team that will coordinate and implement the administration's policy on all issues and regions in China.

As The Washington Post notes, Blinken was scheduled to give his speech at George Washington University before President Joe Biden's trip to Asia on May 20-24, but postponed due to his positive test for coronavirus.

At a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as part of the tour, Biden said that the United States was ready for a military response to a possible China's use of force against Taiwan. He also added that Washington has a “one-China policy,” but that does not give Beijing the right to use force. The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with Washington's statement and urged to observe the “one China” principle.

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The Foreign Ministry announced the assistance of the State Department in the problem with the accounts of Russian consulates

Zakharova believes that the willingness of the United States to facilitate the opening of accounts in the new bank is connected with the desire to avoid trouble for the American diplomatic mission in Moscow. Bank of America blocked accounts of consulates in New York and Houston u003d”The Foreign Ministry announced the assistance of the State Department in the problem with the accounts of the Russian consulates” />

After the Bank of America closed the accounts of the Russian consulates general in the United States, the State Department promised to help open new ones in another bank, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing .

“The American Foreign Office, in order to avoid trouble for the US diplomatic mission in Moscow, promises to assist in opening new accounts of the consulates general in another bank,” — Zakharova said.

Zakharova expressed hope that the situation would be resolved and that Moscow “would not have to act on the principle of a mirror reaction.” At the same time, in her opinion, the blocking of accounts did not occur without a “direct order from the US State Department.”

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said that Bank of America had closed the accounts of the Russian Consulates General in New York and Houston. According to him, the diplomatic mission is under “blockade by US government agencies.” In addition, embassy employees receive threats, for some time they were blocked from leaving the diplomatic mission.

Antonov also said that the Americans maintain contact with Russian diplomats only at the working level. It is difficult for the Russian side to fulfill any instructions from Moscow, even when it is necessary to convey some kind of message.

The Ambassador noted that he could call Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, but not the fact that she would want to answer.

Read on RBC Pro Pro What Russian AI developers are capable of without Western technologies Forecasts Pro Why Russia finds it difficult to sell more in China puts developing countries on the “debt needle” Antonov noted that the United States headed for “bleeding” Russian diplomatic missions abroad.

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The Ministry of Defense called the statements of the State Department on Mariupol aiding terrorists

Igor Konashenkov. Photo: Video frame of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, commented on the statement by the US State Department that representatives of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions continue to maintain control over Mariupol, calling it lies and fake.

Konashenkov stressed that the Azov fighters “(the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) ignore the proposal of the Russian side to provide exit from the Azovstal plant to women and children, if they are there. According to him, the fact that Azov members and foreign mercenaries are holding civilian hostages, if there are any, proves that “they are not “defenders”, but complete terrorists.”

“In this strained attempts by the speaker of the US State Department to habitually lie about allegedly maintaining control over Mariupol by the Nazi rabble – a fake and direct aiding terrorists,” Konashenkov said.

The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense added that the US foreign department “habitually misinforms its own citizens , and everyone else”.

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State Department reported on progress on visas with Russia

The United States and Russia have made progress on the issue of diplomatic visas, writes TASS, citing a State Department official.

“ These are current issues that we continue to deal with. In recent days, we have made progress on bilateral issues and look forward to continuing to move in that direction, '', & mdash; said the interlocutor of the agency. He stressed that a functioning embassy “ is of decisive importance for diplomacy. ''

Earlier, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yevgeny Ivanov, said that consultations on the issuance of visas between Moscow and Washington are not easy, but “ some solutions are being found. '' and some progress has been made.

In April of this year, the United States expelled ten Russian diplomats from Washington. The Russian side responded by banning the American embassy from hiring employees from Russia or other countries. Because of this ban, Washington has laid off more than 180 employees in diplomatic missions in Moscow, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg. After the mutual reductions of personnel, 100 American diplomats remained in Russia, in the USA & mdash; 300 Russian, American senators wrote in a letter to Joe Biden. They called on the president to increase the number of staff at the embassy in Moscow.

In October, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the United States had demanded 55 Russian diplomats and diplomatic staff to leave the country in the coming months. According to Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, accreditation is revoked from spouses of diplomats, and children are not issued visas. Antonov warned that such an outflow of employees could lead to “ staff shortages. '' The deputy head of the press service of the US State Department, Jalina Porter, stressed that such a measure was introduced to “ ensure parity between the diplomatic missions of the United States and Russia.

Zakharova, in turn, said that Moscow regards Washington's actions as expulsion. By January 31 of next year, US embassy officials who have worked in the country for more than three years will leave Russia. After July 1, another group of diplomats will leave Moscow if the United States does not compromise.

In early August, the US Embassy in Russia announced the termination of consular services for Russians, inviting them to contact embassies in other countries. to get nonimmigrant visas. In November, Sergei Koshelev, Minister Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Washington, said that there is a chance to agree on the resumption of the issuance of US visas in Russia.

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Diabolic – Order & Chaos Lyrics (feat. Ill Bill)

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]

He was the middle son of three children, lived in my building
He went to Tildon, quiet cat, always kept to himself
He never chilled with anybody but his girlfriend, drove an ‘82 Whirlwind
Homie’s grades in school was perfect
Honour student with a talent for mathematics
Used to design computer graphics in class instead of doodling
I would write rhymes, smoke blunts on the bench at night time
While he was doing his homework and watching Nightline
Looking over MIT brochures, invitations to the Pentagon from headhunters of course
I heard that NASA was inquiring about his status
He was about to be a rookie in the NBA of mathematics
A rock star, most astronauts first round draft pick
Amongst physicists and cancer doctors
Then the CIA recruited him to be a shooter
I set him up so that Diabolic could shoot him
We planned assassination plots, lasers attached to gats that pop
Finely glued to the top of the barrel, the average shot
Could take two people’s heads off simultaneously
Aiming at cranium spraying them in the coffin displaying them
This that shoot you in the face movement
Bill and Diabolic is like Schwarzenegger and Stallone in the same movie
I’m like Bronson in the Violent City
Freedom fighter like Mumia, kill cops in Philly listen

[Interlude: The Dark Knight]

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

[Verse 2: Diabolic]

It was a quarter past eight o’clock, Bill called me and he named the spot
This vacant lot around the way from the bagel shop
He schooled me exactly to how the CIA would plot
To make hip hop’s value nothing more than a Jacob watch
Ill is ? built with ancient blocks
And the all-seeing eye through Jay’s hand that portrays the Roc
Not to worry, I had engineered, pay the cops
So they would not respond to the calls about a fatal shot
I later topped this roof viewing through a sniper scope
What I like to call a future murder scene with righteous hope
About to light a smoke when two headlights approached
Rifle smoke strikes when they touch ground like lightning bolts
Twice the volts in the same spot amazingly
It’s two birds, one stone, met his partner from the agency
Was ex-KGB, defected through the State Department
Wanted by authorities for treason, he’s been made a target
Took my position with this loaded rifle, aimed and sparked it
A single shot killed them both, blood stained their garments
Guess all the CIA and NASA training it ain’t mattered
When his brains splattered on the pavement as his face shattered
The day after is used to cover tracks and lock the fortress
Shot up sources and disposed of all their rotting corpses
I know it’s stunning, we ain’t running like some track stars
We chill with bodies buried in Uncle Howie’s backyard



Trump administration slaps new rules on ‘draconian’ Chinese media operating in US

United States

The Trump administration says it will begin treating five major Chinese state-run media entities with US operations the same as foreign embassies, requiring them to register their employees and US properties with the State Department.

Key points:

  • US officials say the move comes after China intensified use of media to spread pro-Beijing propaganda overseas
  • President Xi Jinping sees media as a way to promote Chinese soft power abroad
  • Western media outlets operating in China already face harsh restrictions

Two senior State Department officials said the decision was made because China had been tightening state control over its media, and President Xi Jinping had made more aggressive use of them to spread pro-Beijing propaganda.

The control over both the content and editorial control have only strengthened over the course of Xi Jinping’s term in power, said one official.

“These guys are in fact arms of the CCP’s [Chinese Community Party’s] propaganda apparatus.”

China’s ‘Xi Jinping thought’ app
China’s new hottest app on the block is a propaganda resource that teaches “Xi Jinping thought” and requires the Communist Party’s 90 million members to read it daily.

Beijing was not informed in advance of the decision and would be notified on Tuesday afternoon, one official said.

Beijing’s control of China’s state-owned media has become “more and more draconian,” the second official said. Both officials spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity.

Tensions between the two superpowers have escalated since President Donald Trump came to office three years ago, with disputes ranging from trade tariffs to accusations of Chinese spying in the United States and to US support for Taiwan.


Media freedom in China is among the worst in the world, according to Reporters Without Borders. (Reuters: Thomas Peter)

Global ambitions for expanded influence

Tuesday’s decision, the officials said, is not linked to any recent developments in Sino-US relations and has been under consideration for some time.

The new determination is being applied to the Xinhua News Agency, China Global Television Network (CGTN), China Radio International, China Daily and Hai Tian Development USA, the officials said.

When the international arm of China Central Television (CCTV) news rebranded and became CGTN in 2016, Mr Xi urged the media organisation in a congratulatory letter to “tell China stories well” and spread China’s voice.

The message was seen as part of Beijing’s ambition to build a new global narrative around China while also challenging liberal democracy as the ideal developmental and political framework.

The ABC’s Chinese service
The ABC Chinese Service provides trusted news, analysis, and features to keep you up-to-date with the stories that matter.

In late 2018, CGTN billboards began springing up across Australia, as the network became available on Foxtel and Fetch TV.

China Daily is an English-language newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party. Hai Tian Development USA distributes the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the party’s Central Committee.

Fairfax media — now taken over by Nine News — raised eyebrows when it included the China Watch lift-out in its newspapers on a monthly basis as part of a paid deal with China Daily, although it is understood to have ceased in November 2018.

Republican Florida senator Rick Scott applauded the State Department’s decision, tweeting he had “been saying for months now outlets like China Daily should clearly be marked as the Chinese propaganda that they are”.


China Watch was a monthly supplement published by China Daily that used to be distributed in papers including the Sydney Morning Herald. (Supplied)

US a ‘far more liberal environment’

The five entities’ US operations will have to disclose their personnel rosters and hiring and firing decisions and register properties in the United States that they rent or own with the State Department, the officials said.

They also will have to seek advanced approval before they lease or purchase new US properties, they said.

Asked if there were concerns that Beijing would retaliate against Western media based in China, one official noted that foreign news outlets there already worked under strict rules and that the new disclosure rules imposed no restrictions on the five state-owned Chinese entities’ US operations.

“These guys operate in a far more liberal environment here in the United States than any foreign press enjoy in the People’s Republic of China,” the official said.


Chinese President Xi Jinping urges CGTN to “tell China’s stories well”. (Reuters: Ludovic Marin)

Media freedom in China is among the worst in the world — ranking 176 out of 180 countries on Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index.

A leaked 2013 government edict openly attacked Western media saying: “the West’s idea of journalism undermines our country’s principle that the media should be infused with the spirit of the party.”


Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

The one question every female sport presenter has been asked


Fifty sport journalists walk into a bar.

They all happen to be women.

They all have one question they are asked more than any other.

“Do you even like sport?”

Previously, I thought I was the only one. That it was just me, constantly quizzed and queried about the latest news across every code and league — international and domestic — as though one small stumble or error was proof I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Apparently, it’s far more universal.

Recently, I travelled to the US on a fellowship with the State Department to meet other women in this crazy whirlwind of an industry.


I met sports journalists from all around the world. (ABC News: Georgie Tunny)

While I never thought Australia was excessively progressive — especially its media landscape — in comparison to some of the stories I’d heard from my colleagues, we’re the Usain Bolt of equality.

Front runners.

Slapped. Ignored. Cut off

By comparison most of the women I was travelling with were “the first” or “the only” women in their respective newsrooms and commentary boxes.

In Australia, the likes of Debbie Spillane, Kelli Underwood and Mel Jones broke the ground I now glide across.


Kelli Underwood was the first woman to call AFL on television and radio. (ABC News)

But most of my new friends have had to fight incessantly to be heard and taken seriously.

And while I can relate, I’ve never had my microphone turned off mid-broadcast because “women don’t commentate”, like the delegate from Bangladesh.

Unlike the woman from Nigeria, no national coach has ever turned down an interview with me because he “doesn’t talk to women”.

I’ve also never had to enclose a bikini-clad photograph of myself with my application for a World Cup posting, as my new friend from El Salvador did.

Nor have I been slapped across the face by a footballer playing for the Algerian national team because he had an issue with my publication.

A new era? Sort of
It’s never been a better time to be a woman in sport, if you don’t mind the sexism, writes Kate O’Halloran.

In the #MeToo era, rally cries for women’s empowerment and equality are loud. And yes, they’ve been echoing in the sports media for years.

But perhaps they should be louder. More targeted. More concentrated. More veracious.

Because I met 47 women, from 47 different countries, whose voices have grown hoarse.

They are sick of being judged for the way they look.

They are beyond frustrated at having to work harder and longer than some of their male counterparts, just to be considered “credible”.

They are impatient for the presence of women in power positions.

But they are ever hopeful things can change.

How many female coaches can you name?

I have been fortunate in my career to have had both men and women lift me up and tear me down.

I have not had special treatment and I would never expect it.

We’re constantly told in Australia, “You can’t be it, if you don’t see it”. And off the back of this, we’ve seen the deserved rise and recognition of our female athletes, including most recently the FFA’s historic equal pay scheme for the Matildas and Cricket Australia’s new maternity leave policy.


The Matildas have consistently out-performed the Socceroos on the world stage. (Supplied: Paul Smith)

But how many female coaches can you name?

Now, how many of those coaches oversee traditional “men’s sports”?

It’s not only the sport journalism arena where a woman’s perceived use has a structured limit. It’s backstage, too.

There are hundreds of men and women working tirelessly behind the scenes of the biggest clubs and the largest news organisations at a national and international level.

My point is you’re likely to only know the male names.

And that’s as heartbreaking as it is frustrating. Because it’s the fans who miss out when you don’t have a diverse group of voices championing and speaking for our wide sport offering.

Remember the delegate from Malaysia

My time in America has taught me that while there is always strength in numbers, progress is slow.

There’s no easy fix.

In fact, the most rational — and infuriating — solution is time itself.

Any kind of substantive, lasting change for the women I met is reliant upon wider cultural shifts.

For instance, my friend from Sri Lanka’s latest conundrum was how to convince her boss to send her on assignments when it would cost more than her male colleagues.

Not because she needed extra time or extra resources. But because a separate security team must travel with her to ensure her personal safety. At all times.

And don’t get me started on the additional budget and time required to get women in broadcast jobs up to a “presentable” standard.

The yearning for recognition and change is nothing new — from both a professional and personal perspective. But it was bloody nice to see each woman I met had survived similar battles. We’re a resilient bunch.


The trip to the US was eye-opening for many reasons. (ABC News: Georgie Tunny)

So, on the bad days, no matter what gender you may be or industry you work in, remember the delegate from Malaysia.

On her first day working as a sport journalist for her newspaper, her male colleagues took bets on how long she would last.

The longest was a meagre 12 months.

I’m proud to say she’s been a thorn in their sides for 22 years. And plans on digging deeper for another 22 yet.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

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