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Musicals – Chess – What A Scene! What A Joy! lyrics

What a scene,
What a joy,
What a lovely sight
When my game is
The big sensation!
Has the mob’s sporting taste
Altered overnight?
Have they found
New sophistication?

Not yet!
They just want to see
If the nice guy
Beats the bum.
If it’s East-West,
And the money’s sky high–

Florence & Frederick:
They all come.

You can raise all you want,
If you raise the roof
Scream and shout,
And the gate increases.
Break the rules,
Break the bank,
I’m the living proof
They don’t care
How I move my pieces.
Well, I know I’m the best there is,
But all they want is a show.
Well, that’s all right,
I’ll be glad to oblige–

Florence & Frederick:

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