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Lil Yachty Explains Why He Wear A ‘F**k Joe Budden’ Shirt On Stage

Lil Yachty and Joe Budden will not be making peace anytime soon.

The “Teenage Emotions” rapper and the Everyday Struggle co-host have been beefing for a couple months now thanks to an interview Yachty did on the talk show. Budden famously bashed the young rapper for having an overly positive demeanor, something he calls irritating and BS. Lil Yachty never forgave him for attacking him unnecessary and now he is trolling the Slaughter House rapper in a very direct way.

Lil Yachty was performing in Toronto recently when a fan threw a hoodie on stage and when he saw what was written on it he put it on. “Lol a fan through on stage from the crowd and I put it on, cuz what a hater gotta say that’s why, all dese broke ni**as lucky it’s free to make a comment on someone’s post,” Yachty explains. “Cus if u had to pay to make a statement.. it would be a lot less talk.”

During his performance he egged on the audience to shout “f**k Joe Budden.” We will surely get a response from the talk show host tomorrow morning on his show Everyday Struggle. He also told the audience that these old heads like Budden need to stop “f**king with these young n****s.” This is a clear message to the rap veteran and any other hater that no matter what Lil Yachty will live his life the way he sees fit. These two rappers could easily address this beef in the studio but the only problem is that Joe is now longer an active rapper and is more like a hip hop critic these days. So the only thing left to do is for them to troll each other on social media or use their respective platforms to take shot at each other.

Lil Boat trolling Joe Budden in Toronto. #lilyachty #joebudden

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Crooked I – Truth (Why U Mad) (feat. Royce 5’9″)

You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
Oh you mad ’cause I’m stylin’ on you

"I gave you niggas the truth, huh? Huh?"
"And what’d you do with it?"
You ignored it and bought a bunch of fairy tales, huh? (uh, uh)
You niggas losing it
I coulda’ did it for the mainstream (uh, uh)
Nah, I wasn’t cool with it
Truthfully, I never thought I’d rap like Common Sense
But I woke up my people, been rapping like Common since
The hood is moving different than you envisioned
Consumerism’s the new religion
There’s fewer Christians and fewer Bishops reading them Jewish scriptures
A slew of bitches with shoe addictions and niggas who truly risking it all for the coupe if the roof is missing
On a foolish mission
What if I told you I knew the system wanted the future spending their youth in prison
"Who would listen?"
No time to listen to dudes who spittin’, while music’s missing
But you was trippin’, because your jewels have nothing to do with wisdom
You stupid, ludicrous, nigga
You’s a victim (Amen)
We lost souls, put that on the bible
Sell us some Jordan’s
We’ll be ignoring distorting on what’s important
Even though there’s been a war on the poor
Before they was recording, Jordan scoring titles
Me and your survival was more than vital
They say my people are like Jelly Beans
Because nobody like the black ones
Unless it’s our culture, then they like everything
"I tell the truth, I get attacked, huh?"

You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
You gon’ get a lotta’ people mad, you speakin’ lotta’ truth
Oh you mad ’cause I’m stylin’ on you

[Verse 2: Royce Da 5’9"]
Tell the truth, "nigga, who the best in this industry?"
If it ain’t Crooked, Kendrick and Cole, bitch, then it’s me
You only acting tough ’cause you sniffing coke and sippin’ Hennessy
I click triggers re-lentlessly
I kill rich niggas instantly
While I’m here I’m fucking all your little bitches
All I said to that little thot, was "hello" back
Marshall called me the best out, I called him the "kettle black"
I’m like Nas, I’m about the check
My cars is parked in an underground garage like Das EFX
I’m about the deposits like I’m in debt, ‘cept I’m not in debt
I move in silence and I don’t move inside it, unless I’m protected like contracepts
I’m a Contra-vet
Thought you got me my [?] was wet
God just wept
I’m the flyest yet
I’m disguised as Ness
Your brides is [?], but your [?]
I left my deposit slip on the Gaza strip, while I was checking my connect
I confess
I don’t rap for checks
I rap to kill rappers and for my respect
I shall let this nine go pyrotech’
Lies gon’ catch up and guys get lied to rest
I confess, shit don’t go right, then I go left
We not friends, do not flinch like Tourette’s
I’m on yo’ head!
Like berets
I’ma show up where you did your show last
That’s gon’ be yo’ ass
I don’t get you there, I come to yo’ ave
I don’t get you there, I come to yo’ lab
Show up frontin’ like I’m drunk with the MO-AB
I’m a seasoned Slaughter House general, ya’ll the beginners bro
If I’m starving you know I target your dinner bowl
I’m a part of an augmented envision in God’s image
Part of a team that brings all the women
When I’m stepping wherever, they got to check the weather
When I’m summoning, summer bring autumn winters
I’m too up to understand what under means
Anytime I’m coming it’s humbling to all contenders
Male or female, we can bet your budget
I got asked in a interview, "where did I think I would be if I wasn’t in this bitch being the best who does it?"
That’s easy, I be somewhere else, being the best who does it