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Hasta la vista, baby! The first company from the “Terminators” appeared in Russia

The first in the & nbsp; Russian army, a full-time unit equipped with the Terminator tank support combat vehicles (BMPT), appeared in the & nbsp; Central Military District. & Nbsp; This was stated by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin.

In June next year, new equipment will be used in & nbsp; large-scale exercises, and there they will & nbsp; explore the possibilities of using the BMPT battalion. According to the & nbsp; opinion of the military, the equipment will not & nbsp; only perform combat missions as an effective means of fire support for tanks, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; will solve a wide range of tasks in & nbsp; mountains and & nbsp; settlements.

Earlier, the German edition of Stern called the BMPT an “ armored vehicle on & nbsp; steroids. '' The journalists were impressed that The Terminator received a chassis from & nbsp; T-90, the tower of which, having lost the “ classic main part of a battle tank & nbsp; & mdash; long-barreled cannon '', received “ a whole bunch of weapons ''. BMPTs are rapidly gaining popularity, including in the media. The armored vehicle got its name due to the fact that the tower resembles a robot from & nbsp; films, and & nbsp; it attracts attention. & Nbsp;

The path from & nbsp; development to & nbsp; adoption on & nbsp; armament has been quite a long one. Uralvagonzavod, which created the first version of the Terminator-1 tank support combat vehicle, offered this BMPT to the military department back in & nbsp; 2000 & nbsp; year. In & nbsp; 2006 UVZ created the BMPT Terminator-2, a contract for the & nbsp; delivery of which the RF Ministry of Defense & nbsp; signed only 11 & nbsp; years later.

Perhaps the military department would never & nbsp; never & nbsp; purchased BMPT, but & nbsp; in & nbsp; 2017, “ Terminators '' sent to & nbsp; tests in & nbsp; Syria, and & nbsp; there they showed themselves well. The Terminator is the best suited for operations in & nbsp; desert terrain, both against mobile formations operating on & nbsp; vehicles with & nbsp; light weapons, and & nbsp; against regular units with & nbsp; tanks, armored personnel carriers and & nbsp; infantry fighting vehicles, which are supported by aviation.

Indeed, BMPT Terminator & nbsp; & mdash; this is a completely new type of armored vehicle, before & nbsp; this such equipment was not & nbsp; was on & nbsp; armament of the Russian army. Due to the lack of a long-barreled gun, the turret rotation speed and & nbsp; rate of fire is much higher than that of traditional tanks. At the same time, instead of one cannon, the Terminator possesses a whole range of weapons.

Mass of Terminator 2 is 44 & nbsp; tons, body length & mdash; just over 7 & nbsp; meters, width & nbsp; two times less, height a little more than three meters. Terminator 2 develops a speed of up to & nbsp; 60 & nbsp; km/h. The machine can overcome both ground obstacles & nbsp; & mdash; ditches up to & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; meters and & nbsp; walls up to & nbsp; 85 & nbsp; centimeters, & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; water. In the & nbsp; second case, the BMPT in its usual configuration will travel through & nbsp; water with a depth of 1.2 meters, and & nbsp; after installing special equipment, it will overcome a water barrier with a depth of 5 & nbsp; meters. Manufacturer & nbsp; & mdash; & laquo; Uralvagonzavod & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; continues the development of the project, but & nbsp; already on the & nbsp; basis of the Armata platform. There are plans for a & nbsp; wheeled option, which will further increase the vehicle's maneuverability.

According to the & nbsp; plan of the developers, in the & nbsp; battle “ Terminators '' must follow & nbsp; tanks and & nbsp; destroy targets dangerous for them: grenade launchers, crews of anti-tank guided missiles, enemy armored vehicles. For this, the new technique has a large set of fire weapons. The vehicles are equipped with a 30-mm 2A42 automatic cannon, a machine gun and & nbsp; four high-speed guided missiles “ Attack-T '' with & nbsp; range of 6 & nbsp; kilometers. The Terminator can use missiles both in the & nbsp; anti-tank and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; high-explosive version. In the first case, the missiles are designed to penetrate the armor of the tank, in the second, the projectile must explode, causing damage to manpower or easily protected buildings. The & nbsp; present for The Terminators develop ammunition with & nbsp; programmable remote detonation on & nbsp; trajectories that can be effectively used against infantry in shelters and & nbsp; low-speed air targets.

Large angles of aiming automatic cannons are capable of hitting targets on the upper floors of buildings, fire at low-flying aerial targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters or even airplanes. The combination in & nbsp; one vehicle of powerful multi-channel weapons with & nbsp; large ammunition (in & nbsp; two times more than & nbsp; modern infantry fighting vehicles), perfect means of search and & nbsp; target detection and & nbsp; all-aspect protection provides BMPT significant superiority over the best examples of foreign armored vehicles such as BMP. In terms of & nbsp; its combat effectiveness, one BMPT can replace two infantry fighting vehicles and & nbsp; a motorized rifle platoon.

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Lavrov promised a response in case of “hellish sanctions” of the United States against Russia

Over the past few days, the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken, his deputy Victoria Nuland, the Secretary General of NATO, the European Union and Angela Merkel have made threats of new sanctions against Russia

NATO Secretary General warned of sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

The foreign ministers of NATO member states discussed in Riga political and economic actions against Russia because of the “military threat to Ukraine,” the alliance secretary general said. Moscow denies accusations

On the first day of the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers, the buildup of Russian military power on the border with Ukraine, the situation in Belarus, NATO's work on arms control were discussed, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference.

< p>The secretary general said that the foreign ministers also discussed possible economic sanctions and political measures against Russia in the event of an 'aggression in Ukraine'. The ministers made it clear that there should be no doubt that aggressive actions will not go unnoticed, he said. “ We discussed the situation on the eastern borders of Ukraine, Russia's intentions are unpredictable. We call on Russia to show transparency and stop escalation '', & mdash; Stoltenberg said.

Answering the question about what economic actions are possible, Stoltenberg recalled that NATO & mdash; it is a platform for consultation, the alliance itself does not have the ability to impose sanctions, but it is important in that it gives all members the opportunity to coordinate policies, discuss and determine actions that can then be taken by countries at the individual level. The alliance represents 50% of global GDP, he recalled: “Therefore, it is important that we are discussing economic sanctions against Russia.” The meeting participants also welcomed Ukraine's restrained reaction to Russian actions.

Latvia has not convinced the US to expand its military presence in the country

Russia became the central topic of the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Riga even before its official start. On the morning of November 30, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Reuters about the need for a permanent US military presence in the country to contain Russia. “ We need more international assistance. We would like to have a permanent (military) US presence in our country. And naval and air defense mainly boils down to systems such as Patriot & raquo;, & mdash; he said. The day before, Pabriks had accompanied NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his visit to the Canadian-led multinational combat group of the alliance in the Latvian camp of Adazi. Following this visit, Stoltenberg said the group's forces were helping to “ contain aggression and keep the peace. '' NATO Secretary General expressed similar words of support following a meeting with Latvian President Egils Levits. The alliance secretary general did not publicly comment on the possibility of expanding its presence through NATO.

At the same time, in the afternoon of November 30, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, after negotiations with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, rejected his colleague's appeal to Washington, saying that the country does not need additional security guarantees. “The United States has made a very strong commitment to our security, and frankly, we don’t need new commitments because what we have is already very strong,” & mdash; he said at a joint press conference with Blinken. Rinkevics recalled that US troops are already present in Latvia on a rotational basis, and a US-led NATO battalion is operating in Poland. Blinkenzhe announced the “ iron '' Washington's commitment to the security of the Baltic states.

“ Russian aggression '' & mdash; main cause for concern

Nevertheless, during the first day of the ministerial meeting, Latvia's fears faded into the background, giving way to concerns of the members of the alliance about Russia's increasing military presence on the border with Ukraine. The first to speak on the problem was the acting A. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, whom German journalists caught before the meeting. The diplomat expressed 'grave concern' military actions of Russia on the border with Ukraine and added that Moscow “ will have to pay a high price for any form of aggression. '' Rinkevichs agreed with his German counterpart in his fears, noting that NATO and the EU “ must give Russia a clear signal that if Ukraine is threatened, there will be a response. '' Blinkenzhe promised to continue consultations with his colleagues in the alliance, after which he will be able to talk in more detail about the movements of the Russian contingent near the Ukrainian borders. The US Secretary of State added that Moscow “ often combines this kind of action with efforts to internally destabilize the country. '' “ This is part of their tactic, and we are monitoring it very closely, '' & mdash; said Blinken. He also warned of “ serious consequences for Russia '' if it decides to commit aggression against Ukraine.

Stoltenberg, however, recalled that NATO provides a military presence only to protect the members of the alliance, and urged, when discussing the situation around Ukraine, to distinguish between the concepts of assistance to a member of the alliance and its partner. “ We need to understand the difference between NATO allies, such as Latvia, the other Baltic states, Romania, and close and valuable partners, such as Ukraine. We provide support to Ukraine, help with preparation, capacity building, equipment. For NATO members, we have security guarantees & mdash; fifth article & raquo;, & mdash; he said. The fifth article of the Washington Treaty states that an attack on any member of the alliance will be regarded as an attack on NATO. It was applied once & mdash; after the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Moscow denies the charges

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta denied Western accusations, stating that such rhetoric was unfounded, and Russia “ has never shown hostility towards any state, let alone Ukraine. '' “ There are no unreasonable movements of Russian troops and unscheduled exercises near the border with Ukraine, '' & mdash; he added. Patrushev recalled that Ukrainian officials, including NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov, denied information about Russia's pulling up its armed forces to the border. Patrushev explained the change in Kiev's position by “ receiving appropriate instructions. '' It is also beneficial for the United States to whip up such an information background to build up its military grouping and strengthen its intelligence activities, he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for his part, announced the pulling together of US and NATO forces and assets to the Russian borders, noting that the West is provoking Ukraine into anti-Russian actions. “ In Ukraine itself, on the line of contact in Donbass, more and more forces and resources are accumulating with the support of an increasing number of Western instructors. Heavy weapons, including drones, which are directly prohibited by the Minsk agreements, are being used against Donetsk and Lugansk. And we simply have no right to exclude the possibility that the Kiev regime will break into a military adventure '', & mdash; he said on Tuesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the VTB Capital investment forum “ Russia is calling! '' stated that the expansion of NATO's military infrastructure into Ukraine would become a red line for Russia, and added that then Moscow would be forced to respond to this.

New strategy against Russia and China

One of the main tasks of the summit, which will end on December 1, is to discuss a new strategic concept for the alliance. On Tuesday, Stoltenberg spoke about the main provisions of the document being prepared. The heads of NATO countries will have to accept him in the summer of 2022 at the summit in Madrid. The previous strategy was adopted in 2010, Stoltenberg recalled. Then, in particular, it was stated that “ peace reigns in the Euro-Atlantic region. '' But the situation has changed, the Secretary General stated: “Today we live in an era of systemic competition. Russia and China are undermining a rules-based international order. The balance of power is changing. Democracy and freedom are under intense pressure. ''

Five elements are critical: protecting the values ​​of the alliance, strengthening its military power, strengthening societies within the alliance, a vision of a global perspective, and developing NATO as an institutional link connecting Europe and North America. The values ​​that need to be protected include democracy, freedom and the rule of law. They are threatened not only from outside, but also from within countries, in support of this thesis, Stoltenberg cited the events of January 6 this year, when a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed the American Capitol in order, according to the Secretary General, to “ prevent the peaceful transfer of power. ''

< p> “ The Russian regime is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Its military build-up on the borders of Ukraine raises concern, '', & mdash; he repeated. The Chinese Communist Party is using its economic and military power to force other countries and control its own people, he described the threats from Beijing. China is also dangerous because it is expanding its global presence from Africa to the Arctic, in space and cyberspace. NATO can counter these threats by strengthening and modernizing its defense capabilities. More specific proposals will be considered by the foreign ministers, and then by the heads of countries.

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“Remember Stalingrad”: the British spoke about a possible war with Russia

Photo: Still from video

Readers of the British The Telegraph commented on an article about the possibility of war in Ukraine. The publication pointed to the words of Alexander Lukashenko that his Belarus will stand together with Russia if a war breaks out in Ukraine. The publication also recalls the earlier exercises of Russia and Belarus near the border with Poland and accuses Lukashenko of creating a migration crisis at the borders.

However, the point of view of most commentators did not coincide with the opinion of the editorial board. They noted that British citizens are not interested in Ukraine. “To everyone here who wants to start a war with Russia: get ready to sacrifice your sons. Great Britain has a professional army, but extremely weak, and for a conventional war, if it does not immediately turn into a nuclear one, they will take everyone, “the reader warned.

Some even called the NATO armed forces” slag “, which” will not hold out “against Russia for five minutes. Many even advise to release everything on the brakes, because the conflict can quickly turn into a nuclear one.

Some of the British remembered that the Russians fought well in the cold and reminded them of the battle for Stalingrad. Others stressed that talking about the “Russian threat” is more beneficial to Kiev. “The Ukrainian duck“ Russians are coming ”is just an excuse to violate the Minsk agreements,” said one commentator.

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Chubais openly admitted that he was guilty for “everything bad” in Russia

It also became known that Anatoly Borisovich does not like to fly with children

The former head of Rusnano, now & ndash; The special presidential envoy for relations with international organizations, Anatoly Chubais, said in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, which was published on her YouTube channel, that he was guilty for all the bad things that happened in Russia. “ Everything bad that happens to the country happens because of me. Not because I'm so great, but because that's how I perceive it, “he noted.

Photo: Frame from video

Chubais added that at one time something was “ misunderstood, incomplete ''. At the same time, all the good things that happen in Russia are also associated with the activities of the reformers. Chubais added that he had “ distorted '' perception.

The issue itself was dedicated to Avdotya Smirnova & ndash; Chubais's wife. She noted that Anatoly Borisovich & ndash; A 'reliable person' who always helps friends who need something: sometimes with advice, sometimes with money, and sometimes with doctors. Sobchak believes that Chubais wants to see justice in the world. “ He treats with calm patience the hatred and the slop that is poured over him, but some things even outrage him, '' she said.

At the same time, Chubais's wife admitted that her husband does not love children & ndash; because they always scream on the plane. And in general, when Chubais gets on a plane, there is always a small child next to him who starts screaming. “ Chubais attracts them. Apparently babies feel bad next to him, '' said Smirnova.

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“Festival of Lights” – Hanukkah is celebrated in Russia

Jews in Russia and around the world celebrate Hanukkah on Sunday evening – one of the most important religious holidays.

Hanukkah, the holiday of lights and lights, begins on the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev and lasts eight days. In hundreds of cities around the world, on the occasion of Hanukkah, ritual lamps – menorahs – are lit in squares, and when candles are lit at home, the lamp is traditionally installed at the entrance or on the windowsill so that the light can be seen by passers-by. In 2015, the Jews begin to celebrate Hanukkah on December 5 at sunset.

The name of the holiday comes from the expressions “Hanukkat ha-bait” (consecration of the Temple) or “Hanukkat beit Hashmonaim” (consecration of the Hasmonean house). Tradition links the celebration of Hanukkah with the Jewish uprising of 167 BC. against the Syrian king Antiochus IV, who banned Judaism. After the expulsion of the invaders from Israel and the capture of Jerusalem by the troops of Judas Hasmoneus, nicknamed Macabi (Hammer), the Jews rebuilt the desecrated and partially destroyed Temple. … But there was very little oil for the lamp (according to Jewish tradition, it takes eight days to make new oil). When the menorah was lit with it, the fire burned without interruption for all eight days, while the new oil was being prepared.

Hungarian Foreign Minister declared hypocrisy of European countries towards Russia

Peter Siyjarto emphasized that the statements of some Western European countries do not correspond to their deeds, since they verbally criticize Russia and at the same time conclude “major deals” with it

Peter Siyjarto

Western European countries show hypocrisy towards other countries, including Russia, because, while criticizing it, they do business with it, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto said in an interview with RT.

“ This is a huge hypocrisy because the following is happening: big countries & mdash; big and strong countries & mdash; can afford to speak differently than to act. Small countries cannot afford it '', & mdash; he said.

“What Western Europeans do: They say and act differently. They always criticize Russia, but at the same time they conclude the largest deals with it, '', & mdash; continued Siyjarto. The same is happening in relation to China, he said.

The minister stressed that this duality negatively affects the trade and economic relations of the EU, since China has significantly increased its share in the world market.

Siyarto also noted that Europeans adhere to a similar approach in relation to the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V ': in private conversations they speak very well of her, but in public they make different statements.

The fact that the statements of Western European politicians do not always correspond to their deeds, Siyarto said at the beginning of the year in an interview with RBC. “ Take a closer look and see: many of the countries that criticize Russia most harshly have the most profitable businesses here. I am against double standards in such matters. You need to understand that in some cases, cooperation with eastern neighbors, including Russia, is simply critically important, '', & mdash; he emphasized.

In March, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry noted that Hungary faced political pressure after its authorities approved the use of Sputnik V, without waiting for the approval of the European regulator (it became the first EU country to make such a decision) … Earlier, the EU stated that any vaccine purchased by EU countries must undergo a certification procedure in the EU market.

Despite protests from Brussels, Hungary purchased 2 million doses of Sputnik V from Russia. In early September, Budapest announced that the purchased vaccine had ended, but noted that the country as a whole has 8 million doses of drugs, so it does not need additional supplies.

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The expert named the problems on the way of introducing self-driving cars in Russia

Besides technological, there are moral and ethical issues

Unmanned technologies seem to be ready to seriously register on the roads. Almost every day brings new news about the success of car robots in the world. What about the self-driving car industry in Russia? What problems stand in the way? An expert in the field of intelligent transport systems spoke about this to MK.

Photo: AGN” Moscow “

Hyundai recently announced tests of a Level 4 autonomous vehicle in Seoul in the first half of 2022. As reported by Yonhap, test drives will take place on the streets in a designated area in the center of the South Korean capital. The 4th level means that the car works with minimal intervention or control from the human driver, reacts to unexpected situations. The goal of the developer company is to implement a robotic delivery service.

On the same day, the French company EasyMile announced that the EasyMile EZ10 unmanned bus developed by it had reached the 4th level. The company has obtained permission to use unmanned shuttles to transport people in general traffic. This is the first vehicle of the 4th autonomy level in the European Union, approved for use on public roads. In the fall of 2022, the EasyMile EZ10 mini-shuttle will start regular flights on the Oncopole medical campus in Toulouse, along a predetermined route.

There are already about 3 thousand unmanned vehicles in the world.

And what about Russia? As recently the Department of Transport and Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure of Moscow told reporters that readiness for testing unmanned vehicles in the city & ndash; high. The streets where unmanned taxis will travel as part of a pilot project were examined. It is alleged that Moscow will become the first capital in Europe where unmanned taxis will go. & Nbsp;

However, the introduction of unmanned vehicles in Russia is not so simple, says the head of the Mobility Group; Andrey Volgin. The company is part of Urbantech and is engaged in the creation of intelligent transport systems.

According to the specialist, unmanned vehicles have a powerful economic driver: it is more profitable, reduces personnel costs, and reduces the negative consequences of the human factor.

In addition, Andrei Volgin believes, the introduction of unmanned vehicles stimulates such large infrastructure projects as the creation of until 2024 of the cargo & nbsp; corridor along the Moscow highway & mdash; St. Petersburg. & Nbsp;

There are two options: either equipping the routes with a dedicated short-range connection based on WiFi (DSRC), or providing communication between the vehicle and any object based on 5G communication networks (C-V2X).

These systems allow positioning elements of road infrastructure and cars on the road and give everyone information about who and where is.

“ Trucks will eventually be able to drive in columns, '' said Andrey Volgin. – Cars will be warned if someone ahead brakes or is about to drive around a corner. ''

Among the problems on the way of introducing unmanned technologies, Andrei Volgin named the following: not all roads in Russia are provided with continuous 4G coverage, and 5G exists only in pilot zones; lack of up-to-date data on road transport infrastructure facilities.

“ It is necessary to create a digital twin of the transport system, and for this, Russian companies have all the necessary technologies, '' the expert believes.

Yes and other problems. “ In addition to technological barriers, which are already being solved by the forces of the IT business and state-owned companies, there is still the moral and ethical side of the issue, '' said Andrei Volgin. & ndash; Is it possible to teach a car to make the right decisions in all situations? For example, what choice will the drone make: crash into a crowd of pedestrians or self-destruct by ramming a concrete wall? What happens if an unmanned vehicle falls into the hands of terrorists? Therefore, it is important to regulate these issues by law before the launch of full-fledged unmanned driving in Russia. ''

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Pensions in Russia will be increased for three categories of citizens from December 1

The lawyer commented on the level of indexation of pension payments.

Three categories of citizens of the Russian Federation will increase their pensions from December 1.

Accrual will be carried out automatically.

According to MK, citizens who have worked until August of this year will receive a supplement to their pensions and those who quit, as well as everyone who applied for recalculation, and citizens who have turned 80 years old.

All of them will receive 6044 rubles as a one-time annual payment. Thus, this payment will double.

Commenting on the indexation of pension payments, lawyer Artem Zelenkov said that the indexation level for Russians of retirement age, taking into account the planned inflation of 8.1% and the current indicators of a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, could reach 9%.

Nevertheless, more detailed data can be seen only in December.

Such indicators are given in the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to which the head of state ordered the government to develop measures to indexation of payments to pensioners above the inflationary mark.

It also assumes that by 2022 the average annual pension will reach the level of 17 thousand rubles, by 2023 & # 8211; 18 thousand rubles, and by 2024 & # 8211; 18.7 thousand rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that a bill was submitted to the State Duma on the indexation of all pensions not lower than inflation.

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Kremlin called US decision to summit without Russia “privatization of democracy”

Representatives of the Pacific Islands and African countries were invited to the meeting organized by the Americans. Russia, China, Turkey remained without invitation

Kedmi revealed the true goals of the flights of US missile carriers near the borders of Russia

“This is not reconnaissance in force, but it is reconnaissance before battle”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on November 23, during negotiations with Chinese Minister of War Wei Fenghe, provided new data on strategic aviation flights United States at the borders of the Russian Federation. Yakov Kedmi, an Israeli political scientist and ex-head of the Nativ special service, spoke about the goals of the US Air Force.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to Russian air defense systems, over the past month, US strategic aircraft made up to 30 flights near the borders of Russia. This is 2.5 times more than in the same month a year ago. In 2020, 22 flights were performed over the waters of the Okhotsk Air Force. This is seven times more than in 2019. Ten US strategic missile carriers practiced launching a missile strike against targets in Russia simultaneously in the western and eastern directions. Some American planes approached our borders at a distance of up to 20 kilometers.

Why is all this being done?

“ All these maneuvers have two main goals, from a purely military point of view, '' Yakov Kedmi said on the YouTube channel Soloviev Live. – The first & ndash; to work out the actions of their troops, everything from satellite reconnaissance to ground-based communication and surveillance systems. And the second & ndash; check, & nbsp; calculate & nbsp; and understand how the system works against this, and how the enemy reacts to it, in this case Russia. ''

According to the political scientist, “ this is not reconnaissance in force, but it is intelligence before the battle '', when all the air and missile defense systems of Russia are monitored. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Kedmi explained that when a US Air Force strategic bomber flies as close to Russia's borders as possible, simultaneously “all intelligence systems are on.” They record “ how the Russian missile defense system reacts, where it reacts, what turns on, what orders are coming, what commands, what is moving. ''

Based on the data obtained, conclusions are drawn as to how the air defense and missile defense systems will work … “Yes, they do it on purpose. First of all, from a purely practical point of view. To calculate, look and work out tactics, '' said Yakov Kedmi.

This is how the United States evaluates, for example, air defense and missile defense systems in Crimea and southern Russia.

Speaking about the flights of American bombers over Ukraine, Kedmi said that their main goal is & ndash; not a demonstration of support for this country. The United States is only interested in one thing: to what extent the airspace of Ukraine can be used for flights of its strategic aircraft up to the line of launching missiles at targets on Russian territory. “It’s a matter of possibilities, based on what weapons Russia has against these planes,” Kedmi said. – & hellip; They check: if we fly to Kharkov and turn around over it and go to a combat position to launch air missiles & ndash; earth '' with strategic weapons, how the Russian system reacts. And by their reaction to determine whether it is possible to take such a step or not. If yes, then – under what conditions, by what maneuver, in accordance with what. This is routine training. ” “As far as possible” this is being verified, '' the expert explained.

At the same time, the airspace of Ukraine is considered by the Americans exclusively & nbsp; as a theater of military operations between the United States and Russia. “ The entire Ukrainian army '' taken together & nbsp; does not interest anyone in such a war, Kedmi said. – … No one is interested in what the entire Ukrainian army will do. It is absolutely clear to the Americans that in the event of such a war, the Ukrainian army will cease to exist altogether. They don't give a damn about that. ''

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In Ukraine, they explained why Russia will not attack it

Political scientist Karasev is sure that the Ukrainians will cope with the destruction of the country on their own

It makes no sense for Russia to attack Ukraine, since the country has been in an internecine war for a long time. Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev stated this on the air of the Ukrlive channel.

Photo: facebook.com/vadim.karasev.

“When there is an internal struggle between political elites, the authorities, the opposition or the oligarchs, then why an external war?” – the expert asked.

The political scientist also recalled that rumors about an allegedly impending Russian attack are heard against the background of the crisis in Ukraine in the energy and infrastructure.

Karasev also expressed the opinion that the presence of an external threats, as a rule, consolidates political forces within the country. At the same time, according to the political scientist, supporters of the version of the “invasion of Russia” should give more convincing arguments in their favor.

Earlier, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said that Moscow was allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine. which, according to him, should begin either at the end of January or at the beginning of February 2022.

In addition, Western media have repeatedly reported about the allegedly impending Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

The Kremlin, commenting on these publications, called them “stuffing”, the purpose of which is an attempt to present Russia as a party trying to disrupt the settlement process in Donbass.

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Zelensky’s interest in the war with Russia is called: the last chance

The Verkhovna Rada believes that the president dreams of the start of hostilities

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is interested in starting a war with Russia, since he drove the people of his country to despair and able to fix it. Ilya Kiva, a deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life (Opposition Platform – For Life) party, expressed this point of view on his Telegram channel.

Photo: president.gov.ua.

According to Kiva, the security forces will no longer obey the official authorities and protect the “comedian.” “From the cold.

Kiva also stressed that it makes no sense for Moscow to send troops to Ukraine, as the Russian authorities are patiently watching as Ukraine is moving towards its end.

Previously, a Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev said that it makes no sense for Russia to attack Ukraine, which has long been an internecine war. In his opinion, the political elite, the opposition and the oligarchs grappled with each other in the country.

Earlier, Western media reported on the allegedly impending Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. The Kremlin, commenting on these publications, called them “stuffing”.

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Coronavirus vaccine for adolescents registered in Russia

Sputnik-M vaccine from COVID-19 for adolescents received a registration certificate, RIA Novosti reports, citing a source in the center of Gamaleya. & nbsp; The drug is intended to immunize children 12-17 years old.

As stated during a press conference, the head of the RDIF Kirill Dmitriev, the vaccine will soon go to international markets.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova clarified that children will be vaccinated against coronavirus with the consent of the parents or the child himself if he is over 15 years old.

Earlier, AiF.ru & nbsp; wrote & nbsp; about what is known about the COVID-19 vaccine for children. Alexander Gunzburg commented on clinical trials of the drug on adolescents.

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Russia sent a ship with a new Prichal module to the ISS

Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle with the Progress M-UM cargo ship and a new module for the ISS 'Berth' successfully launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome, according to the Roscosmos website.

The flight to the International Space Station will take two days. Docking to the multipurpose laboratory module 'Science' scheduled for 18:25 Moscow time on November 26.

“ Berth '' will be the last module that Russia will add to its space station segment. & nbsp; It is equipped with five ports to receive manned and cargo ships, as well as other modules.

The cargo ship will deliver about 700 kg of various cargo to the ISS, including resource equipment, consumables, means for maintenance and repair.

Earlier it was reported that cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov & nbsp; will conduct training & nbsp; on manual docking of the nodal module “ Science '' on the ISS. & nbsp;

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Russia will strengthen control over the formation of prices for vital drugs

The government has approved the procedure for monitoring price premiums for vital and essential medicines, according to the website of the Cabinet.

At a meeting with his deputies, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin urged not to allow unreasonable overestimation of the cost such drugs.

“It is important to maintain a balance in the market so that the prices of essential drugs remain affordable for citizens”, & ndash; he said.

The press service of the government explained that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) will check the documents according to which regional health authorities calculate price premiums for vital drugs.

To be specified, that inspections can be both scheduled and unscheduled. To carry out the latter, a foundation is required. These can be applications from citizens and organizations, instructions from the President, the government, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or the Prosecutor of the region.

“ Information on the results of control measures and the measures taken to eliminate violations will be displayed in the unified register of inspections '', & ndash; says the message.

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On an Olympic scale. How the national project will teach children to travel safely

Plot National projects

Since November 1, within the framework of the national project “ Safe high-quality roads '' All-Russian online Olympiad “ Safe Roads '' is being held in our country. Taking into account the great popularity and high social significance of this undertaking, the term of the Olympiad was extended for another week. You can take part in an online competition and test your knowledge of road safety measures until November 28 on the Uchi.ru platform.

No one will be left without an award

“ Nearly 2.5 million students 1 & mdash; 9 classes have already taken part in the Olympiad & bdquo; Safe Roads & ldquo ;, & mdash; says Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin . & mdash; Every year the traffic intensity is growing, the road network of the country is expanding, therefore the formation of a culture of safe behavior on the roads among schoolchildren is becoming a major task, which is also embedded in the achievement of the national goal. '' & Nbsp;

All-Russian Online Olympiad 'Safe Roads' held for the second year in a row. It was first held in November 2020. The organizers are several federal departments & mdash; Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Ministry of Education and ANO “ National Priorities ''. The Olympiad is free for everyone. To take part in it, you just need to register on the Uchi.ru online platform and from your personal account go to the Olympiad page. & Nbsp;

Before starting the competition, you can practice. To complete the Olympiad, you will need a computer or tablet with a modern browser and Internet access. You can complete tasks at home, if necessary, parents can help children. Each participant, depending on the result, will receive an award: a winner's diploma, a certificate of commendation or a certificate.

Prevention & mdash; from kindergarten

Decrease in accidents and mortality (3.5 times by 2030) & mdash; the most important tasks within the framework of the national project “ Safe high-quality roads ''. Consistent work aimed at preventing accidents and promoting law-abiding behavior of road users is called upon to help solve them. & Nbsp;

For example, in the Tambov region, authorities at all levels are involved in this work. There are 42 resource centers for the prevention of child road traffic injuries, 398 teams of young traffic inspectors are working here. On October 26, active and caring guys took part in a regional online lesson on road safety. Acting Head of Administration of the Tambov Region Maxim Egorov spoke to them about the rules of behavior on the road.

Tambov region. Photo: nationalprojects.rf

The lesson was held at the Skolkovo-Tambov school, all schools in the region joined in the broadcast. In addition to the regional leader, took part in the lessonand about. Head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tambov Region, Police Colonel Sergei Penyasov . “ Prevention of road safety should be conducted from kindergarten, & mdash; recalled Maxim Egorov. & mdash; It is good that large-scale educational work on this topic is being carried out in the Tambov Region. '' At the safety lesson, the guys shared their ideas for improving the situation on the roads. For example, student 9 “ Z '' class of the Skolkovo-Tambov school Konstantin Shaludin proposed to hold the action “ Day with a traffic police inspector ''. And a team of young traffic inspectors from the Sosnovsky District put forward an idea to conduct on the basis of the sports and recreation camp “ Tambov Artek '' specialized shifts dedicated to road safety.

The regional online lesson became a kind of preparation for the All-Russian Online Olympiad on the knowledge of the basics of safe behavior on the road. More than 17 thousand schoolchildren of the region have already taken part in it and tested their knowledge of traffic rules. “ The tasks of the Olympiad are structured in such a way that they are of interest to schoolchildren of all ages. Pupils solve situational problems for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle passengers '', & mdash; says senior inspector for the promotion of road safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russia for the Tambov Region Irina Mochalova . & nbsp;

According to Olga Istomina, a teacher-organizer of life safety at Tatanovskaya secondary school , the students of her school take part in the competition “ Safe Road '' with great pleasure; children '': “ It gives the children the opportunity to realize their creative potential, to develop their own communication skills. It is very important that it is aimed at drawing attention to the problem of the safe behavior of children on the roads '', & mdash; notes the teacher.

“ I '' creative person. For me, participation in this competition & mdash; this is the world of competition and communication with interesting people, the world of finds and happy moments, & mdash; says a member of the school squad & bdquo; YUID & ldquo; Sergey Baranov . & mdash; I am a member of the school squad & bdquo; YUID & ldquo; and I enjoy doing activities to prevent child road traffic injuries. ''

Knowledge will save lives and health

Schoolchildren of the Kemerovo region also learned about the rules of conduct on the roadway during safety lessons. Classes were held within the framework of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project. The first lesson & mdash; for fifth graders & mdash; passed in the Kemerovo gymnasium number 1. It was conducted by Deputy Chairman of the Kuzbass Government for Education and Science Elena Pakhomova … “ Safety Lessons & mdash; preparatory stage for the All-Russian Olympiad & bdquo; Safe Roads & ldquo;. The main goal is & mdash; to raise the awareness of schoolchildren and their parents on road safety issues, which will help save their lives and health, and reduce the injury rate of children on the roads '', & mdash; she noted.

Kemerovo region. Photo: national projects.rf

In the classroom, schoolchildren were shown videos on how to properly cross the road in various situations, how to accompany a pedestrian with impaired vision or hearing, how to transport children in a car, and much more. Also, the guys performed interactive tasks of the “ Safe Roads '' Olympiad. last year. This allowed them to test their knowledge of traffic rules as pedestrians, passengers or bicycle (scooter) riders. Educational tasks before the Olympiad and explanations to them in case of mistakes helped the children to better understand and remember the rules.

According to the traffic police department in the Lipetsk region, for 9 months of 2021 the total number of road accidents in the region decreased by 19% compared to the same period in 2020, and the number of deaths & mdash; by 4.8%. According to Head of the Department of Roads and Transport of the Lipetsk Region Ivan Mychelkin , the most effective way to deal with recurring accidents in certain places & mdash; installation of photo and video recording complexes: “We are increasing the number of cameras: now about 130 complexes are working on the roads, another 14 will be launched by the end of the year.” At the same time, prevention of road traffic injuries among children is considered to be the most important area of ​​work to reduce road traffic accidents. Schoolchildren in the Lipetsk Region are also happy to participate in the Safe Roads online Olympiad. And on the eve of its start, a lesson on traffic rules took place at school number 34 in Lipetsk. & Nbsp;

Lipetsk region. Photo: national projects.rf

“ Since 2019, the Lipetsk region has been participating in the national project 'Safe high-quality roads'. Thanks to the national project, about 300 thousand km are being repaired. roadbed per year. But one of the most important goals of the national project & mdash; still save people's lives. It is in your power to help us in this work, I want you to learn the safety rules, observe them and remind those who are around '', & mdash; admonished future participants of the Olympiad head of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov .

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We made Russia cleaner. What actions did eco-volunteers carry out in 2021

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The largest movement of Russian environmental volunteers, Do it! summed up the preliminary results of 2021. Its activists organized more than a thousand environmental events for schoolchildren and students, conducted more than 4.5 thousand environmental lessons and almost 1,300 environmental relay races in 85 regions of the country. More than 300 thousand trees were planted and 420 thousand kg of garbage collected, of which 145 thousand kg were sent for recycling. Do it! Movement operates in 57 regions and intends to open branches throughout Russia next year. It coordinates its initiatives with the national project Ecology.

One of the most massive actions of the movement is Save the Forest. In 2021, it was attended by 1 million people who planted 70 million trees. As part of the action “ Water of Russia '' more than 14.5 thousand subbotniks took place on the banks of reservoirs, from where 15 thousand trucks of garbage were removed. And from 5 to 20 December, for the second time, a large-scale waste paper collection campaign # bubatl2021 will take place.

Within the framework of the national project “ Ecology '' movement “ Do it! '' pays special attention to environmental education. This is an online Olympiad, during which schoolchildren in grades 1 and 9 perform tasks that allow them to consolidate their knowledge of how to plant trees or sort garbage. This is also a completely new educational format – the ecological relay race #ecoGPO. This is the name of an offline quest, the participants of which get the main ecological habits in a playful way. 5.5 thousand people have already passed the #EkoGTO standards. And on the social network VKontakte you can win prizes by completing thematic tasks. This competition now involves 10 thousand children registered in the Eco-Generation application, also developed thanks to the national project.

November is marked as a climatic month in the calendar of environmental volunteers. In the days when the world was discussing a common strategy to combat global warming in Glasgow, Scotland, the Climate and Carbon Footprint lessons started in Russia. They introduce schoolchildren and students to climate change issues.

Do it! Movement unites people of different ages. In 2021, they worked in 8 nature reserves and national parks, helping to ring birds, conduct excursions, sort waste and create art objects. In three regions of Russia, thanks to the efforts of local volunteers, workshops were created for sorting waste and processing it into new useful things.

& laquo; Eco-volunteering & ndash; it is a response to the population's demand for the preservation and enhancement of the nature of their native land. This can be associated with an increase in the level of environmental awareness of society, with the active development of the non-state sector and an increase in federal activities implemented by the national project “ Ecology '', & ndash; notes the chairman of the Do it! Andrey Rudnev . – Eco-volunteering is a trend today: stars, artists, popular bloggers talk about the importance of eco-themes, large brands are launching joint “ green '' projects. All this pushes people not to stand aside. ''

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Young people are at the helm of science. New laboratories are being created in Russia

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In the Year of Science and Technology, a new youth laboratory was opened in Krasnodar on the basis of the Federal Scientific Center for Biological Plant Protection, which is part of the World-class Interregional Scientific and Educational Center (REC) of the South of Russia. Among her priority projects & ndash; gentle technologies in agriculture.

Krasnodar Territory

The laboratory of bio-rational means and technologies of plant protection will become a new research center for young agricultural scientists of the Krasnodar Territory. It now employs 14 researchers, most of them under 27.

Among the projects of the laboratory & ndash; search and development of new ways to protect fruit crops from various viruses, diseases and pests. The fight against phytoparasitic nematodes & ndash; round worms that infect plant fruits. Another insect causing serious harm to apple orchards in the south of Russia is the codling moth. It is a butterfly whose larvae attack the fruits of apple, plum, pear and peach. Scientists plan to create a biological product for pest control that will be safe for plants and people.

Researchers are also working to protect the tomato. The head of the laboratory is Svetlana Nekoval, student of Academician Alexander Zhuchenko, one of the founders of ecological genetics of cultivated plants and agroecology. In 2021, she managed to attract more than 6 million rubles of extra-budgetary funds for research in the field of protecting fruit crops. Over the past five years, the team led by Svetlana Nekoval has received five grants, made a number of publications in top-rated scientific journals, including foreign ones, won many first places and gold medals, as well as the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Forum-Exhibition RosBioTech-2016 ;. The laboratory works closely with agricultural enterprises in the region, offering them scientific solutions for the protection of fruit crops.

REC of the world level of the South of Russia & ndash; it is a consortium of 13 universities, 9 scientific organizations, 5 development institutions and more than 18 enterprises of the Rostov and Volgograd regions, as well as the Krasnodar Territory. It was created thanks to the national project Science and Universities. in the Year of Science and Technology, and its task is & ndash; the introduction of innovative practices in agricultural enterprises in southern Russia and the creation of environmentally friendly innovative solutions for the global food market. Profile research is carried out in the field of the agro-industrial complex, resource-saving energy, industrial and medical biotechnology, as well as the development of aquaculture. And promising areas are the digitalization of monitoring of agricultural land, methods of soil fertility management using the Internet of Things technologies. and the creation of forage crops for animal husbandry.

Crimea and Sevastopol

Six more youth laboratories in the Year of Science and Technology were opened on the basis of universities participating in the Crimean Scientific and Educational Center of the world level “ SeaAgroBioTech '' … About 270 million rubles will be allocated for their activities within three years.

The laboratory “ Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems '' was opened at Sevastopol State University. Engineers create advanced information and control systems for underwater robots with manipulators. This will increase the functionality of such machines and expand the areas of their application, and in the future will change the market for marine technologies and research in the field of the study and development of the World Ocean.

In the recently opened laboratory of molecular genetics and biotechnology of the Crimean Federal University (KFU) named after V.I. Vernadsky will develop four scientific directions. All of them are relevant not only from a research point of view, but also have a predictable economic perspective. Due to the pandemic, investor interest in antiviral vaccines has skyrocketed. An oligonucleotide anti-coronavirus vaccine developed at the KFU named after IN AND. Vernadsky, has already passed several stages of preclinical tests and has shown its immunogenicity in a number of independent organizations. The center is currently working on a DNA drug project for the treatment of melanoma, rheumatoid arthritis, gastritis and other diseases.

The laboratory, created on the basis of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is engaged in projects related to the ecological immunology of aquatic organisms. Among its main directions & ndash; fundamental research in the field of immunity of commercial species, first of all, bivalve molluscs cultivated in the Black and Azov seas. The work involves an assessment of risks due to climate change. In addition, scientists are striving to find out how marine organisms acquire resistance to the effects of infectious agents of various natures, as well as to develop lines of mollusks that are resistant to adverse environmental factors.

And in the laboratory of cell biology and anatomy, opened in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, organs, tissues and cells of plants grown in vitro (in vitro) on nutrient media with different concentrations of growth regulators are studied. In addition, scientists will conduct a genetic assessment of plant material using molecular markers. This will significantly improve the quality of crops grown.

Chelyabinsk Region

Six youth laboratories will soon appear in the Chelyabinsk Region. A laboratory has already opened at South Ural State University (SUSU), whose employees, together with enterprises of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions, will create propulsion systems for a large-scale space project. Yuri Kapelyushin, a young candidate of technical sciences, became the head of the research department. He and his colleagues will look for ways to improve the missiles to make them cheaper than their foreign counterparts.

SUSU & ndash; is a university of digital transformation, where innovative research is carried out in most of the priority areas of science and technology. In the Year of Science and Technology, he became one of the participants in the Priority & ndash; 2030 University Development Program.

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US Senate proposes sanctions for Russia’s future invasion of Ukraine

Democrat Menendez proposed to introduce restrictions on Nord Stream 2, state-owned companies, banks, and sovereign debt

Robert Menendez

The head of the US Senate Foreign Policy Committee Robert (Bob) Menendez has already proposed now to include in the defense budget a clause providing for the imposition of sanctions against Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. Document text provided by Axios portal.

In accordance with the amendment, immediately after the start of hostilities by Russia, President Joe Biden will have to approve a whole list of restrictions. In particular, sanctions and visa restrictions will be introduced against the Russian military, who will be involved in the preparation of an operation against Ukraine.

The main sanctions will affect Russian banks, state-owned companies, oil and gas enterprises, and sovereign debt. For example, restrictions will apply to any companies or individuals associated with the planning and implementation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Earlier, with a proposal now to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and to bring them into the defense budget were representatives of the Republican Party. However, according to Axios, it was not put to the vote due to the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer, who cited some technical issues.

Since the end of October, the media began to report that Russia was building up its military forces on the border with Ukraine. In particular, The Washington Post wrote about this. And the newspaper Politico, in turn, published satellite images. They, presumably, capture the accumulation of Russian army tanks near the city of Yelnya in the Smolensk region, about 250 km from the border with Ukraine.

In Ukraine, it was initially said that they did not see the activity of Russian military at the border. But later, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Western partners had informed him of the situation.

A source in the Kremlin for Bloomberg noted that Russia “ does not intend to start a war with Ukraine, but wants to show that it is ready to use force in the event necessity. ''

Officially, the Kremlin said that such publications “ groundlessly escalate tensions. '' According to President Vladimir Putin, such “ alarm data '' appear against the backdrop of unplanned military exercises by the United States and its NATO allies in the Black Sea, which pose a serious challenge to Russia. Subscribe to YouTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel

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The network discussed the “plans” of Russia to seize Ukraine and other countries

“The Poles will have to remember the long-forgotten Russian language”

US intelligence warned European countries that Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment. The American newspaper New York Times wrote about this assumption. Netizens actively discussed this disturbing information.

A New York Times article cites the opinion of US Army veteran Dim Townsend: “There is hardly anything that can stop Putin. I think he likes to play with us like chess pieces. As long as we all keep a close eye on Belarus, at that time he will take over Ukraine and pretend that it has always been part of Russia. This is why we need to be strong. You don’t need to drop bombs on anyone to protect the world, but we must show that we have the power to protect our allies. ”

Many foreign social media users have a different point of view. For example, the Swede Andreas Adolfson wrote on Twitter: “Are we not provoking Russia with this statement? Why should we once again push her to the idea of ​​a war with Ukraine? By the way, if we stand up for Taiwan in the same way as for Ukraine, then a possible war between the United States and NATO with China will cease to be just hypothetical … ”.

American Richard Arnold remarked: “These are all empty words. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so we simply cannot rely on the fifth article (the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty enshrines the principle of collective defense of NATO countries. – “MK”). Even so, will NATO countries agree to start a full-scale war with Russia just to defend Ukraine? Because otherwise all these warnings are worth absolutely nothing. ”

Former Polish Ambassador Jean Pieklo is sure:“ Putin will not make any concessions. He is interested in winning because he believes he can win. Russia is ready for war. China too. But not us. Do not indulge yourself – we need to unite, or we will simply be crushed. ”

An American user with the nickname“ jhh ”joked:“ I have a feeling for a long time that all political events since 2016 are suspicious remind of 1939 … Well, first Belarus will take the oath to Russia, then Ukraine will submit to it, and there it is not far from the Baltic countries. I think that after a while the citizens of Poland will have to remember the long-forgotten Russian language. ”

True,“ jhh ”does not write why Russia needs to include all these Russophobic countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that preparations for a war with Ukraine are mere rumors or deliberate disinformation.

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NYT learned of the US warning about the “imminent invasion” of Russia in Ukraine

US intelligence is taking the threat of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine seriously, the WSJ learned. In this regard, Washington is pushing European partners to cooperate in developing a package of measures to contain Moscow

US intelligence warned European allies that 'there is little time left'; in order to prevent Russia from starting hostilities in Ukraine, The New York Times reported citing sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Russia has not yet decided what it will do with the troops, “ which it has gathered at the border of Ukraine. '' However, U.S. intelligence takes the 'invasion' threat seriously. and do not believe that this is a bluff, sources noted.

In this regard, the United States is “ pushing '' European countries to cooperate in developing a package of economic and military measures to contain Moscow, writes NYT. In particular, the head of the US National Intelligence Avril Haynes visited Brussels this week, and Washington also shared intelligence with Ukraine.

US officials told their allies that the Russian authorities are “ disappointed with the peace process, '' which France and Germany launched in 2014 after the entry of Crimea into Russia and the outbreak of an armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to a number of former American officials, Moscow may intend to provide a safe land corridor between the unrecognized republics of Donbass and Crimea.


Since the end of October, reports have begun to appear in the media that Russia is building up its military forces on the border with Ukraine. In particular, The Washington Post wrote about this. And the Politico newspaper published satellite images. They presumably capture the accumulation of tanks of the Russian armed forces near the city of Yelnya in the Smolensk region, about 250 km from the border with Ukraine.

In Ukraine, it was initially said that they did not see the activity of the Russian military at the border. But later, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his Western partners had informed him of the situation.

Russian authorities have information about a possible “ invasion '' Ukraine was called empty injection. Speaking about the current situation, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov recalled the unplanned exercises of the United States and its NATO allies in the Black Sea, in connection with which Russia, he said, must insure itself and “ be on the alert. ''

< p> President Vladimir Putin also noted that Ukraine violated the Minsk agreements by using the Bayraktar combat drone in the Donbas. “ It seems that we are simply, we are not allowed to relax. Well, let them know that we are not relaxing '', & mdash; he said.

At the same time, the Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that Russia did not threaten anyone and does not pose a threat to anyone. The movement of troops across the country & mdash; this is an exclusively internal matter, Peskov said.

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Patriarch Kirill called Russia “the leader of the free world”

In Russia, there are no acute topics around which “deep contradictions” would unfold, otherwise the existing “normal dissent” does not destroy “the foundations of human life and state existence,” said Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill

Russia & mdash; a free country, and now there are no “ hot topics '' around which public interests would clash, said Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in an interview with the general director of the Spas TV channel; Boris Korchevnikov. Its transcript is published on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

& laquo; Russia Today & mdash; truly the leader of the free world. We are free from the most powerful outside influences, we develop in our own way, and God forbid that this path be successful '', & mdash; said the patriarch.

According to him, Russia can serve as an example for others. Although there are many problems in the country, they are solvable, and there are no “ hot topics '' around which “ public interests would clash and deep, irreconcilable contradictions '' unfold, Patriarch Kirill said.

“ I believe that this is the grace of God. And the existing differences of opinion & mdash; normal dissent, not destroying the foundations of human life, state life, spiritual life, & mdash; creates the basis for a creative clash of opinions, as a result of which new ideas and new projects may appear, aimed at the further development of our Fatherland '', & mdash; said Patriarch Kirill.

In his pre-Easter message this year, Patriarch Kirill warned “ all bosses '' from transition to tyranny, clarifying what 'everyone' means '' ecclesiastical and secular authorities, clergy and laity, “ big and small leaders. '' “ The performance of commanding functions, which sometimes require the restriction of the freedom of others, cannot be accompanied by personal pride and exaltation, then power becomes tyranny, '' & mdash; he said.

Patriarch Kirill also noted that the church should avoid participating in political struggle, which becomes a factor dividing the people.

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Surkov said about the threat of destabilization of the political situation in Russia

In his opinion, the beginning of the XXI century, when the Russian system of power “stopped the avalanche of social chaos, pulled the traumatized country out of the rubble of perestroika” and achieved stability, will be remembered as the golden age

Vladislav Surkov

The threat of 'irreversible destabilization' is growing in Russia political situation, warned the former first head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov in his article for the site “ Actual comments. ''

He recalled that, according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy (a measure of the chaotic component of a system) in a closed system increases. According to him, social physics and political dynamics have their own tools for maintaining world order & mdash; a powerful state that is able to restrain social entropy.

Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian political system stopped the emerging social chaos, “ pulled the traumatized country out of the rubble of perestroika '' and has been stable for twenty years, Surkov writes. Vertical, order and braces guaranteed. These years will someday be remembered as the golden age '', & mdash; added a politician.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, the state will still wear out and die in the fight against the “ many rebellious desires '' citizens, since social entropy cannot disappear.

If earlier the place of concentration of chaos was the Internet, now you can see how the Network is becoming more and more controlled by the state, and liberties '' are beginning to take on the features of a “ digital concentration camp, '' Surkov notes.

He writes that now chaos is flowing into the blind zones of public life and stimulates a massive dyspoliticization of citizens: people are less and less willing to intersect with the system without extreme need, they are more and more silent, and more and more lacunae appear in the structure of society, which are filled with no one knows what.

However, Surkov warned the Russian state against opening up the political system and letting off steam.

“ Depressurization of the system, this 'social reactor' which is working well today, is fraught with uncontrolled emissions of civil irritation and can lead to irreversible destabilization, '' & mdash; he explained, citing the 80s and 90s of the last century as an example.

Earlier, Surkov said in an interview with the Financial Times that an overdose of freedom is fatal for the state. In his opinion, the diversity that appeared in Russia in the 90s ruined the country even faster than the monotony that led to the collapse of the USSR.

The politician emphasized that diversity must be controlled, as this will create “ good compromise between chaos and order '' in the political system, since in this case “ everyone will be happy, and at the same time the unity of society will be preserved. ''

Vladislav Surkov was the head of the presidential administration in 1999 and 2008, and then , until 2011, as the first deputy head of the AP. In 2011 – 2013, Surkov served as Deputy Prime Minister. Later, from 2013, he was an assistant to the Russian president. In February 2020, Putin dismissed Surkov from his post.

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London announced the choice of the EU between the hydrocarbons of Russia and assistance to Kiev

The British prime minister is convinced that soon the European Union will have to choose whether to increase its dependence on hydrocarbons from Russia or stand up for Ukraine. He assured that Great Britain does not want to be an “enemy of Russia”

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed the opinion that soon the European Union will have a choice whether to increase its dependence on Russian hydrocarbon supplies or to speak in support of Ukraine, reports Bloomberg.

“We hope that our friends will realize that there will soon be a choice, whether they are hooked even more on Russian hydrocarbons that go through giant new pipelines, or stand up for Ukraine and stand up for the cause of peace and stability, if you will allow me to put it that way.” & mdash; said the head of government.

Johnson stressed that Great Britain does not want to be an “ enemy of Russia '' because of Ukraine, but expresses a “ commitment to democracy and freedom '' like its allies on the European continent.

The prime minister also noted that London “ reacted quickly '' when Poland asked for help in dealing with the “ contrived crisis '' on its border with Belarus, where the regime of Alexander Lukashenko provoked thousands of migrants to cross the EU borders in order to undermine the security of European states.

On November 14, The Mirror newspaper, citing sources, reported that British authorities can send 600 people from the SAS special forces unit to Ukraine. According to one of the interlocutors, this may happen in the near future. The reason for the transfer is the conviction of British intelligence MI6 and Boris Johnson in the imminent invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

In late October, The Washington Post wrote about the pulling together of the Russian military to the border with Ukraine. American and European officials told the publication that they see “ unusual movements of equipment and military on the western flank of Russia '', which began immediately after the completion of the Russian-Belarusian exercises West-2021, which took place from 10 to 15 September. The article also noted that the movement of troops is taking place against the background of a toughening of Russia's position in relation to Ukraine, and the conflict in Donbass is “ entering a new stage. ''

In early November, the US Department of Defense announced “ unusual activity '' Russian military near the border with Ukraine. The Pentagon called on Russia to clarify its intentions and warned that any aggression or escalation would be “ seriously worried. '' USA.

Later, the S & uuml; ddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, citing diplomatic sources, reported that the US had approached the UK, France and Germany on this issue. & laquo; Reason [appeal] & mdash; the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and the associated high potential for escalation '', & mdash; wrote the edition.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the movement of Russian military equipment and army units across the country is exclusively a matter of Russia, and the latest publications about their appearance near the border with Ukraine are “ not even worth commenting on ''; .

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US pledged Russia’s response to anti-satellite missile tests

The head of the State Department accused Moscow of testing anti-satellite weapons. According to the US, Russia launched a rocket at one of its satellites. Presumably, the target of the attack was the Soviet satellite Kosmos-1408

Anthony Blinken

The United States, together with its allies, will respond to Russia for anti-satellite missile tests, which endangered everyone who tries to explore or develop space for peaceful purposes. This was stated by the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken.

On November 15, the secretary said, Russia “recklessly conducted destructive tests of a direct launch anti-satellite missile against one of its satellites.” As a result of these actions, he noted, more than 1,500 fragments appeared in outer space, which “ can be tracked. ''

According to Blinken, there are likely to be 'hundreds of thousands of smaller orbiting debris' as well. He stressed that this space debris “ will now threaten satellites and other spacecraft vital to the security, economy and scientific interests of all countries for decades. ''

will increase the risk for astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and for other activities associated with manned space travel '', & mdash; Blinken noted, adding that these tests had irresponsibly jeopardized the work of peaceful space explorers.

In the evening, CNN, citing two American officials, reported that Russia had conducted large-scale tests of anti-satellite weapons over the weekend. According to one of the interlocutors, this could create a “ potentially dangerous field of debris '' in space. He also stated that Russia launched a ground-based missile at a target in orbit.

According to LeoLabs, a private space tracking company, “ multiple objects '' were recorded near the alleged location of the Kosmos-1408 satellite. NASA noted that this Soviet signal reconnaissance satellite was launched in 1982 and RBK sent a request to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

US Space Command has confirmed that a rare and potentially hazardous 'debris event' has occurred, but did not provide details or mention Russia. “ We are working with inter-agency organizations, including the Department of State and NASA, on this data and will provide updates in the near future, '' & mdash; reported in the command. They noted that now experts are trying to establish the identity and properties of these debris so that all space powers have the information necessary to maneuver satellites in a possible collision.

On the morning of November 15, the ISS successfully missed space debris twice. The station and the crew did not suffer: cosmonauts and astronauts took refuge in the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft for safety reasons. and Crew Dragon. NASA said the risk of collision with space debris was “ very small. '' “ The orbit of the object, due to which the crew was forced today, according to standard procedures, to transfer to spaceships, has moved away from the ISS orbit, the station is in the green zone, '' & mdash; spoke at Roscosmos.

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The target is hit. What kind of weapon is Russia testing against satellites?

But everything started so well yesterday! The international crew of the ISS safely escaped a collision with a cloud of space debris of Chinese origin. But in the morning this blissful picture was greatly spoiled by voices from the United States: the trash was Russian.

Who is to blame?

Worse, it was fresh. & Nbsp; State Department Spokesman Ned Price accused Russia of testing anti-satellite weapons, which led to the formation of one and a half thousand large objects of space debris. Small ones could not be counted. Its boss, Anthony Blinken , called the trials “ reckless and irresponsible. '' Presumably, the tests of American anti-satellite weapons in 2008 were, on the contrary, reasonable and responsible.

Before that, the Chinese had been shooting at satellites in 2007: it was from these wreckages, according to the Russian version, that the cosmonauts were hiding in the corners yesterday. And in 2019, India did the same. For which she is grateful, so it is for using as a target an object specially launched into low orbit: the debris burned out long ago in the atmosphere. By the way, firing at satellites is not prohibited by international documents. One consideration keeps all countries from deploying such systems on a massive scale.

Anti-satellite weapons are double-edged. One has only to start clicking other people's satellites, and you yourself will be left alive without your space reconnaissance, navigation, global positioning communications and the Internet! & Nbsp;

Sighting orbit

Apparently, the old Soviet electronic reconnaissance satellite Kosmos-1408, launched in 1982 and long past its service life, became a victim of the tests. Strictly speaking, it also belonged to the category of space debris, but it was one piece, not a cut.

For the first time, the United States and the USSR thought about anti-satellite weapons soon after the appearance of satellites as such. For example, we were working on the project “ Outfit-V ''. The system was supposed to be a conventional silo-based ballistic missile UR-100N, or rather, its Rokot modification. The missiles were supposed to be supplied with special “ space '' warheads stuffed not with multiple warheads with nuclear devices, but with attack satellites. The latter, from the moment they were put into orbit, had to arrange a hunt for alien satellites. The project was ordered to live long soon after the collapse of the USSR.

In Russian times, priority was given to less costly but more effective anti-satellite systems. One of the developments of this kind is the Burevestnik aviation missile system. Please do not confuse it with a promising nuclear-powered cruise missile, which received the same name following a popular vote a few years ago. & Nbsp;

'Petrel' and others

Not much is known about the space Petrel. In 2018, a MiG-31 fighter in the configuration of a flying laboratory with an unknown rocket under the fuselage was first seen at the Ramenskoye airfield. Quite quickly, this product was associated with the project of an anti-satellite complex with the code “ Petrel '' and index 14K168. It is a two-stage rocket with a length of approximately 9 m.

An interesting feature of the 'Petrel' project its combat load is considered. It seems that for intercepting enemy spacecraft, not a conventional warhead will be used, but a special maneuvering satellite of a small size. The principle of hitting the target is unknown. Foreign sources mention the possibility of kinetic interception, as well as the presence of a high-explosive or even nuclear warhead.

“ Most likely, in this case we are talking about testing an anti-satellite system operating on the principle of kinetic interception. That is, the interceptor crashes into its target, literally rams it, and does not destroy it by detonating its head part '', & mdash; said on the air of Echo of Moscow Senior Fellow, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research in Geneva Pavel Podvig.

Burevestnik working so: weapon carrier & mdash; MiG-31 & mdash; delivers a rocket to the border with near space, makes a “ slide '' and leaves for the base. Taking advantage of the dynamic acceleration, the rocket flies upward by inertia, then the first stage engine is turned on, then & mdash; second & hellip; & nbsp;

We have no direct evidence that the Burevestnik complex was used to intercept the old Soviet satellite yesterday. But, according to some reports, its tests were scheduled precisely for 2021

Another potential killer of satellites in orbit & mdash; it is the A-235 Nudol territorial missile defense system. In fact, it covers the Moscow industrial region from ICBM warheads. But as an 'elective' capable, according to the terms of reference, shoot down maneuverable & nbsp; manned and unmanned spacecraft. Of course, every launch of Nudoli by a single satellite & mdash; it's like a sparrow from a cannon. The cost of the rocket is many times higher than the price of the most sophisticated satellite. But if it was about proving that the level of domestic science and technology allows kinetic interception, then why not? & Nbsp;

By the way

After the creation of the material, the Russian military department circulated an official statement, which, in particular, said: “ The Russian Ministry of Defense considers hypocritical statements by representatives of the State Department and the Pentagon, who tried to accuse the Russian Federation of creating 'risks'. for astronauts of the International Space Station & hellip; November 15 p. The Russian Defense Ministry successfully carried out a test, as a result of which the inoperative Russian spacecraft & bdquo; Celina-D & ldquo;, which had been in orbit since 1982, was hit. the orbits did not represent and will not pose a threat to orbital stations, spacecraft and space activities.

Fragments are included in the main catalog of the domestic space control system and immediately taken for tracking until they cease to exist. ''

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We and they. A project dedicated to the life of foreigners in Russia has been released on YouTube

On YouTube, with the support of IRI, the author's project Maria Shakhova “ We and They '' was released. Its main goal was to try to understand how Russia has changed over the past three decades.

The main characters of the video project cycle are foreigners living in Russia and Russians who have lived in other countries for a long time.

The first season will include ten episodes in which the heroes will share real life stories. They will also answer the question why they choose to live and work in Russia. They will talk about cultural, social, economic and typical living conditions in different countries. & Nbsp;

“ We have such a national trait & ndash; scold everything, not noticing anything good around. By the way, this is not accepted in the West. There, if you saw “ dirt '', take it and take it away, do something for the country, and then speak. It's the other way around here, '' emphasizes the author and host of the project, Maria Shakhova.

We and They launches a dialogue in the context of the widespread opinion among our compatriots that life outside Russia is more promising and comfortable. But what does a person moving to another country actually feel, what difficulties and limitations await him, what opportunities for self-realization are presented here and in other parts of the world.

According to Maria Shakhova, each country has its own PR. “ The United States promotes itself as the freest country, but if something happens, then you will be crossed over and not only on social networks. Germany & ndash; the most economically developed, but most people live on loans, paying huge taxes. Japan & ndash; the most technologically advanced, but try somewhere to pay with your phone or watch. With the collapse of the Union, Russia has completely lost its image. We stayed somewhere in the 90s and still think that our country is unhappy and catching up. This is at best, and at worst – hopelessly lagging behind … Having traveled half the world, I know for sure that this is far from the case. And through the eyes of other people, I want to show how everything really happens, '' she says.

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Where and how to get a loan: with bad credit history without income certificates – assistance in obtaining without refusal

Author Yakovleva Galina 49 min to read Published 2021-11-16 Updated 2021-11-16 Good afternoon, dear readers of “RichPro.ru” magazine! Today we will tell you where you can get a loan without refusal, how to get it with a bad credit history and open delays without income certificates and guarantors.

1 & nbsp; min.
80,000 rubles
RUB 1,500
5-126 days


4 & nbsp; min.
30,000 rubles.
2,000 rubles.
7-30 days


70,000 rubles.
4,000 rubles.
24-140 days


3 & nbsp; min.
70,000 rubles
2,000 rubles.
10-168 days


5 & nbsp; min.
15,000 rubles
2,000 rubles.
5-30 days

Now let's get back to the topic of our article and continue.

From the article you will learn:

  • For what purposes you can take a loan from a bank;
  • Options for obtaining a loan without certificates and guarantors;
  • Where and how you can get a loan without refusal in case of a damaged credit history;
  • Which banks give loans with bad credit history and delays;
  • Do you need professional help in obtaining a loan.

Also at the end of the article there are answers to frequently asked questions.

The publication will be interesting and useful both to those who are trying to get a loan or loan, and to those who are simply interested in finance. So don't waste your time! Start reading right now.

About where and how to get a loan with bad credit history and delays without refusal, what banks give loans without income certificates and guarantors, who provide assistance in obtaining a loan – read about this and much more below

1. What is important to know about loans and borrowings

In the life of modern people, situations often arise when money is urgently needed. For various reasons, it is not always possible to borrow. That is why credit is one of the few options that allows you to quickly and easily get the amount you need .

Most important, what should not be forgotten when applying for a loan is the need to make monthly payments on time.

Failure to make payments on time can lead to a number of problems. The smallest are penalties and fines , the most serious are problems with the judiciary , as well as bad credit history .

There are quite a few ways to get the necessary funds. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages .

all possible options – registration through a bank , MFOs (microfinance organizations) , pawnshop . The main thing is to approach this issue with all seriousness.

Experts recommend answering the following important questions before applying for a loan:

  • Important decide whether you really need a loan.
  • If you want to take a loan for the purchase of any property, you should once again ask yourself how necessary it is.
  • When deciding on a mortgage, you should understand that this loan is issued for a very long period of time. At the same time, you should understand whether the opportunity to pay for it is realistic.
  • It is important to analyze your own willingness to increase costs. It is necessary to assess how burdensome the monthly payment will be for the family budget.
  • Having decided on the purpose of the loan, it is necessary to analyze the proposals of banks. Some lending institutions offer more favorable conditions for targeted loans.
  • You should take seriously the choice of the bank in which the loan will be issued. First of all, it is worth contacting the credit organization in which the borrower receives wages or keeps savings on deposit. It is these banks that usually offer lower interest rates and also require a minimum of paperwork.
  • It is important to get the minimum rate from the bank. To do this, prepare the maximum possible documents.
  • The loan amount should be calculated as carefully as possible. Do not take a large amount, as this will lead to an increase in payment and overpayment.
  • Do not rush to sign a loan agreement. First, you should carefully read the terms of the loan. It will not be superfluous to clarify what methods you can use to make a payment. Often, due to the inconvenient work schedule of the department, delays occur. The ideal option is the ability to make a payment through an ATM.
  • During consultation with a loan officer, you will often notice that he is evasive answers the questions. This may indicate an attempt to hide the various disadvantages of the loan.

    In this case, before agreeing to a loan, you need to carefully study the agreement for the content of pitfalls in it.

    < h2> 2. Possible goals of a bank loan

    Today, you can buy almost everything on credit. You can get a loan for the purchase of household appliances , real estate , car . In addition, you can travel on credit and get an education . In other words, it is not so difficult to solve any financial problem today.

    There are a huge number of purposes for which credit organizations can provide loans.

    Among them are:

    • Trade Credit can be obtained directly in the store. In most large shopping centers, where you can buy furniture, appliances and other high-value goods, you can find bank counters … Credit organizations provide loans for purchases on sufficiently loyal conditions . It is enough to be a citizen of the Russian Federation, to have a permanent residence permit, as well as a stable job. At the same time, the age can range from from 18 to 75 years . An application for a trade loan is usually answered very quickly – within half an hour.
    • Travel loan. Not everyone can afford to pay for a vacation trip. Thanks to banks, this problem can be solved with ease. It is enough to have 20% of the cost of the trip to get a travel loan. The average rate on such loans is 17 % per annum. Almost everyone can afford a decent vacation on such conditions.
    • Car Loan is a loan for the purchase of a car. At the same time, you can buy both a no run car, or a used car … In this case, the bank most often puts forward a condition for the purchase of a car through a certain car dealership. There are a small number of credit institutions that do not have this requirement. However, they will subsequently have to provide TCP as confirmation of the targeted spending of funds. It should be understood that when applying for a car loan for a used car, its maximum term is set. Usually it is about 5 years. Moreover, the interest rate on such loans is usually higher. (By the way, in this case, you can use the car leasing service for individuals.)
    • Loan to pay for education. The peculiarity of this loan option is that even very young people can get it people. The minimum borrower age is 14 years old. In addition, legal representatives of these persons can apply for such a loan. The money received in this way is used to pay for education.

    This is far not a complete list of goals , for which a bank loan can be issued. Loans are also issued for the purchase of real estate , business development . In addition, there are non-targeted loan options.

    In any case, the huge number of existing credit institutions leads to the fact that potential borrowers should definitely check and compare conditions in different banks for all programs. This is the only way to choose the best loan for any purpose.

    The best ways where you can quickly and profitably take a loan without certificates and guarantors without refusals < h2> 3. Where to get a loan without income certificates and guarantors without refusal urgently – TOP-8 real options

    Faced with a problem that requires unbearable spending, anyone starts looking for options where you can get funds on credit.

    8 ways of borrowing that allow you to get the required amount quickly and without additional documents (certificates) and guarantors.

    Option 1. Loan from a loved one

    The first thing that comes to mind is that you can try money borrow from relatives , friends or acquaintances . For peace of mind on both sides of the transaction, such borrowings can be formalized by notarizing it.

    Very rarely, money in such situations is issued at interest. In cases where the lender does not require additional remuneration, it will be useful to thank him with a serious gift.

    Option 2. Pawnshop

    Another option for quickly obtaining a loan without the need to submit various documents is pawnshop .

    Here loans are issued secured by various values ​​- jewelry , equipment , antiques . It is important to take into account that the resulting amount will be much less than the actual value of the item.

    If the borrower does not redeem the pledged property within the allotted time, it becomes the property of the lender. From that moment on, the pawnshop has the right to use the property at its own discretion.

    Often, unredeemed pledges are sold immediately. Therefore, when deciding to pledge things that are dear to you, try to redeem them in time.

    When deciding to take out loans at a pawnshop, you should pay attention to some of the requirements of such organizations:

    • passport and valid registration required;
    • to return the property, you must pay the full amount of the debt with interest;
    • most pawnshops allow repayment of the loan in installments;
    • when paying interest for a month, you can extend the term of the pledge;
    • the pawnshop works only with persons who have reached the age of majority.

    Option 3. Borrowing from individuals with a receipt

    Unfortunately, close people do not always have the required amount, and the property accepted by pawnshops is absent. If money needs to be received urgently , without collecting additional documents, checking credit history and other similar delays, you can contact individuals .

    You can protect yourself from unpleasant consequences when applying for private loans, by duly filling out the relevant documentation. Traditionally, a receipt serves as a document guaranteeing the return of such a loan. An important condition is its certification by a notary … To learn how to borrow money against a receipt from a private person through a notary, read one of the articles of our magazine.

    It should be borne in mind that the receipt must be competently compiled by . This is usually not a problem, since there are a huge number of useful samples on the Internet today.

    You can download a sample receipt of money from the link below:

    Receipt for receiving money (sample) (.doc, 29 Kb)

    In fact, the lender has a much higher risk in the case of private lending than the borrower. Such risks are necessarily included in the interest rate . Therefore, the rate in this case is at least twice as high than the average for bank lending.

    Another important drawback is that if the loan is not repaid on time the amount of the loan, the investor, without hesitation, sells the debt to collectors. As you know, it can be very difficult to find a common language with them.

    Despite the significant number of disadvantages, crediting against receipt has a number of advantages.

    Among the advantages are the following:

    • A minimum of documents is required.
    • The loan is issued in an extremely simple form – receipt .
    • Speed ​​of processing.
    • Accessibility – today you can find a huge number of offers in newspapers and on the Internet.

    not to waste time and money when deciding to issue a private loan against a receipt, you need to be extremely careful.

    Important! You shouldn't pay the so-called commission , after which they promise to give money. This scheme is usually used by fraudsters.

    If you are offered to issue a loan with an agreement, you should read it as carefully as possible so that in the future none of its clauses will come as a surprise to you.

    Option 4. Microloan

    Not so long ago a new type of services appeared on the financial market – microloans … In fact, they are an intermediate link between private and bank lending.

    The so-called microfinance organizations or MFI for short > are more loyal than banks to potential borrowers. But at the same time, their percentage is much higher. Moreover, the amount that can be obtained from an MFI is usually small. Here is a list of verified MFIs in Russia that provide mini loans via the Internet:

    • MoneyMan;
    • Kredito24;
    • Lime-Zaim.

    It should be borne in mind that the optimal repayment period for a microloan is a period not exceeding a month. That is why such loans are often called payday loans .

    To obtain a microloan, it is enough to apply to the company's office with a passport. No more documents are required. It is MFIs that can be the ideal option for the unemployed and those with bad credit. We talked about where and how to take microloans online on a card without refusal and without verification instantly in the last article.

    Among the advantages of microloans are the following:

    < ul>

  • instant processing – often money can be received as early as 15 minutes after contacting;
  • the possibility of early repayment of the loan;
  • there is no need to look for a guarantor, collect additional information;
  • many MFIs offer to arrange a loan without leaving home.
  • Many believe that microloans are the best option for those who are denied banks for various reasons. It is MFIs that issue quick loans online without unnecessary delays.

    Pay attention! When deciding to lend through microloans, it is important to calculate the loan amount carefully . At sufficiently high interest rates, each additional 1,000 rubles will have a significant overpayment.

    Moreover, you can speed up and facilitate the process of receiving money by using the registration via the Internet . Today, most MFOs offer such a service.

    It is enough to register on the company's website, fill out a questionnaire, wait for an SMS with a decision on the application. An analogue of a signature, confirmation of agreement with the terms of lending is the code sent by SMS.

    When applying for a loan online, you can get money in several ways:

    • through the cashier of an MFO branch;
    • through transfer systems;
    • to a bank card (we wrote about the features of online loans to a card in a separate article);
    • to an electronic wallet .

    In the last two cases, you will not have to leave the house at all. At the same time, funds are credited almost instantly .

    Under such lending conditions, it will be possible to receive a small amount of money for the first time. Subsequently, upon timely repayment of the loan the amount will increase each time, and the interest rate will fall .

    By the way, many MFIs offer people with unfavorable credit history try to fix it. To do this, several loans should be issued and repaid on time.

    Thus, the most significant disadvantage of microloans can be considered high interest rate. It should be borne in mind that overpayments will be simply huge if such a loan is not repaid on time.

    It turns out that a microloan is a good option to borrow money for a short time in a emergency situation . The main thing is to extinguish it as soon as possible. In this case, the overpayment will not seem perceptible.

    Option 5. Loan with collateral

    Registration of loans is associated with the need to collect certificates, often it is required to confirm the official income. To avoid such difficulties, you can take the opportunity to apply for a secured loan .

    In this case, it will be much easier to get the required amount, because if it is impossible to pay the debt, the bank will be able to seize the subject of the pledge. For the same reason, the loan amount in this case is higher than in the absence of collateral.

    The following property is suitable for collateral:

    • car (about loans on the security of a car read in a separate article);
    • country or land plot;
    • apartment;
    • commercial real estate;
    • securities.

    In some cases, other expensive property is also offered as collateral. It all depends on the terms of lending in a particular bank.

    For example, you can familiarize yourself with the terms of granting a loan secured by an apartment in one of our articles.

    When deciding to issue a loan under the deposit should be considered:

    • if the property is in shared ownership, will be requiredconsent of each owner ;
    • until the loan is repaid, it is impossible to dispose of the property , that is, it cannot be sold or donated;
    • if a residential property is provided as collateral the premise, it must be in livable condition .

    Do not forget that the maximum loan amount is usually within 70 % of the market value of the property. This allows banks to protect themselves.

    Option 6. Credit Card

    Credit Card is a plastic card that can be used to borrow funds within the limits set by the issuer.

    When registering it, the bank assesses the solvency of a potential borrower. Based on this, the maximum amount that can be used with the card is calculated.

    A credit card can be a good alternative to a consumer loan. It can also be used as a kind of financial reserve.

    Among the advantages of this lending option are:

    • the ability to spend funds for any purpose;
    • renewal of the credit limit immediately after partial or full repayment of the debt;
    • the presence of a grace period (today most credit cards have) , that is, the bank determines the number of days for which it is possible to replenish the card to the original amount without charging interest.

    < p> You can apply for and receive a credit card in one of the following banks:

    • Alfa Bank;
    • Sovcombank – Halva credit card;
    • VTB Bank of Moscow.

    How to correctly issue a credit card online with an instant decision without income certificates and practically without refusal, we talked in detail in one of our materials.

    Option 7. Credit with electronic money (Internet loans)

    In the modern world, electronic money is a full-fledged analogue of paper money. They can be used to pay for any goods in online stores , mobile services , housing and communal services , fines , taxes and much more … The absence of the need to enter bank card details allows you to significantly secure your personal finances.

    The turnover of electronic money is growing daily. It is not surprising that in such conditions, various payment systems issue loans. You can get them quickly and without any problems.

    There are several types of electronic currencies , which are equated to the monetary units of different countries. The presence of demand for them leads to the fact that payment systems are forced to organize various services for their clients.

    First of all, it is electronic currency exchange , which , of course, is carried out for a fee. However, such services do not bring tangible income to payment systems.

    That is why these companies began to issue loans in electronic currencies . Without a doubt, this brings a much higher income.

    There is an opinion that having obtained a loan from the payment system, you can refuse to pay it with a clear conscience. In fact, this reasoning is wrong. In payment services, the security system is set up quite well. It is not so easy to get a loan here.

    For a positive result, you will need not only to register on the site, but also to prove your identity.

    To do this, you will need to go through a procedure that includes the following steps:

  • First, you must enter personal data in the form.
  • The information must be confirmed by a scan of an identity document.
  • The payment system often requires a personal photo to be uploaded.
  • The final step may be to confirm the registration address.
  • A similar identity verification system plays into the hands of the lender, since if the loan is not paid, the borrower will be harassed in real life. But many do not suspect that such an attitude to personal identification is useful for the owner of an electronic wallet. Even if the account is hacked, fraudsters will not be able to take out a loan.

    You should not rashly apply for electronic loans. As with applying for any loan, in this case, you should also conduct a thorough analysis of your own financial capabilities.

    You will have to repay the loan anyway, otherwise there may be problems with the law.

    Option 8. Services of credit brokers

    Credit brokers offer intermediary services in the lending market . They interact with banks and potential borrowers.

    The main functions of credit brokers are:

    • choosing the most appropriate loan registration scheme for a particular situation;
    • interaction, if necessary, with appraisers and insurers;
    • full support of his client's credit transaction.

    As a reward for his work, the credit broker receives a commission . It is calculated as a percentage of the amount of the accompanying loan.

    Usually brokers have agreements with certain banks. Therefore, in addition to consulting services, they can offer clients more favorable terms on loans than they would have received by contacting the bank directly.

    Turning to credit brokers, you can count on the simultaneous sending of loan applications to several banks . This significantly increases the chances of a positive decision.

    In addition, the client does not have to spend time and effort studying loan conditions , filling out questionnaires , preparation of a package of documents .

    The table will help us to compare the presented loan options:

    Loan processing option
    Processing time

    Borrow from a friend
    By agreement
    Usually no

    Immediately upon request
    About 10% per month

    Loan from a private person against receipt
    1-2 days
    At least 50% per annum

    Up to half an hour

    < td width = "213"> 15-50% per month

    Bank loan
    1-4 days + time for preparing a package of documents
    10-28% per annum

    For cards about 40% per annum

    Online loans (online)
    Maximum 1-2 days
    About 0.5% per day

    Credit brokers
    From 1 day
    According to the terms of the bank + payment for broker services

    When comparing the options for obtaining a loan, the time for its registration and the possible overpayment.

    We also advise you to read our article on where it is more profitable to take out a loan in cash without certificates and guarantors on the passport on the day of application. And also watch this video:

    Real options for obtaining a loan with bad credit history in cash/non-cash money

    4. Where and how to get a loan with a bad credit history – TOP-7 proven ways to get a loan (loan)

    It is not difficult to spoil your credit history. It is enough to skip the deadline for making a payment, admit a significant delay, or completely refuse to pay the loan. The reasons for this may be different: some borrowers lost their jobs, others initially overestimated their financial capabilities. Someone just decides to cheat the bank.

    There are many more reasons that can lead to loss of reputation. The result of this situation is likely to be the same – refusal to issue a loan in most banks in the future .

    It is often possible to observe a situation when borrowers with damaged credit history looking for suitable ways to borrow. After several unsuccessful attempts, most of them become desperate, they begin to believe that they will never be able to get a loan.

    The main ways how you can take a loan with a bad credit history

    However, this is not the case , there are ways that allow loans even to people with unfavorable credit history.

    Method 1. Convince the bank of financial solvency

    Large and popular lending institutions provide loans on the most attractive terms … However, they are take the screening of potential borrowers very seriously . All this leads to the fact that only borrowers with minor problems in their credit history can get a loan here.

    In this case, a lot of effort will have to be made. First of all, you need to convince the bank that the solvency has improved and that the borrower is not unreliable … You can try to confirm the problems with the payment of previous loans by temporary difficulties.

    You can convince the bank of the stability of the financial position by providing maximum documents indicating the presence of a stable large income … This can be certificate of employment , from the pension fund , bank statements , where money from rent of property is regularly received, alimony and other payments.

    Method 2. Providing information on the availability of property

    The presence of property at the borrower – Another way to improve the reliability in the eyes of the bank. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare apartment ownership certificates , other real estate objects , as well as land plots . In addition, it is possible to submit a vehicle title to the bank. We wrote earlier about how to take out a loan secured by PTS.

    Such property can be used as collateral … In this case, credit organizations are much more loyal to problems with credit history, because if the loan is not paid, they have the right to recover the debt by selling the collateral.

    However, even in cases where the property will not be registered as collateral , it will serve as confirmation of welfare .

    Method 3. Try to get a loan for a large amount

    If you have problems with your credit history, remember that different small and express loans are drawn up using the borrower's assessment programs, the so-called scoring systems .

    In this case, the calculation of reliability and the possibility of obtaining a loan is carried out on the basis of grades and points, which are calculated using facts from the client's file. It is quite natural that this leads to a high probability of refusal in case of problems with payment of loans earlier.

    At the same time, when applying for a large loan, the decision is made by bank specialists. They consider all aspects of the client's financial solvency , and can also take into account all sorts of facts of his biography.

    Moreover, in the process of communication, there is a chance to influence the opinion of people, mathematical models are a psychological portrait in do not take attention.

    Method 4. Contact a not very popular bank

    Young, as well as banks with a low level of popularity, in an attempt to attract borrowers, check them more loyal .

    They often close on problems with the borrower's reputation and do not require you to submit a huge amount of documents.

    Method 5. Contact intermediaries

    Those who are not sure of their own opportunities, it is advisable to seek help from intermediaries (credit brokers). There are a large number of organizations on the market that provide assistance in obtaining loans .

    Often, intermediaries have such knowledge and connections that allow them to issue a loan even with open delays.

    Naturally, intermediaries charge a commission for such services, which can reach 40 % from the amount of the loan being issued.

    The main thing is that the commission is not required to be paid yet BEFORE the loan is issued. Such schemes are often used by scammers . They take the commission and disappear without any help.

    Method 6. Loan from individuals

    If you can't get a loan through official credit organizations, you can apply for a loan from an private person . We already wrote about how to take a private loan against a receipt in the last article.

    On the Internet, you can find a fairly large number of offers from individuals. But they should be used only in extreme cases, since the interest rate on such loans is very high .

    Method 7. Correcting credit history

    If you plan to get a loan in the future and you know for sure that there are problems with your credit history, you should start fixing your reputation as early as possible.

    Contrary to the information spread on the Internet, there is no legal way to delete credit history , but there is an opportunity to fix it.

    This will require a loan for short term (one or two years) and repay it without delays … At the same time, you should not rush and repay the loan ahead of schedule, since many credit organizations do not welcome this. For more details about this method, we wrote in the article on correcting credit history.

    If the terms of the agreement are met in good faith, a record of this fact will appear in the credit history. In the future, when trying to get a loan, it will help convince the lender of the borrower's solvency.

    Of course, a bad credit history leads to problems getting a loan. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible, you just have to put in a little more effort than usual.

    In more detail about a loan with a bad credit history: where and how to get with delays and without refusal, see the video below:

    5. Which banks give loans with bad credit history and open delinquencies without refusal – 6 banks with loyal verification

    Often, when trying to get a loan from any bank, the result is refusal . The reason is usually not named, but it can be bad credit , as well as delinquencies in other credit institutions. Therefore, it will be useful to know which banks are quite loyal to borrowers.

    Among them are the following banks, which are listed below.

    1) Sovcombank

    Sovcombank is most loyal to people of respectable age. Pensioners, as well as those who have turned 35 years old, have the maximum chance of approval.

    At the same time, the bank offers one of the minimum rates in the country, which is 12%. The maximum loan amount is 750 thousand here.

    2) Home Credit Bank

    Bank Home Credit is an excellent option for those with poor credit history. Here you can get a cash loan, a credit card and a car loan.

    The size of the loan in this case reaches seven hundred thousand, and the rate is 20%. The application is considered within five minutes, after which a decision is made.

    3) Renaissance Credit

    Bank Renaissance Credit is one of the hundred largest credit institutions in the country. He has been engaged in lending to the population since 2003. The huge branch network allowed expanding the client base to five million people.

    Here you can get a loan of up to five hundred thousand rubles at 19% per annum. In this case, registration takes place in just 15 minutes, and only 2 documents are required.

    4) Raiffeisen Bank

    Raiffeisen Bank is among the 15 best credit institutions in Russia. Here you can get a loan of up to one million dollars. At the same time, the rate is at an acceptable level – 18%, and the term is from 6 to 60 months.

    Obtaining a loan from a bank begins with the submission of an online application on the website. When a positive decision comes, the card is taken from the office of the company.

    Popular credit cards are: “Cash card”, “All at once”, “Gold card”, it is possible to execute the card in an individual version. They have different conditions for granting a loan and bonus offers.

    5) Russian Standard

    This bank gives loans to everyone. The exception is those who have not previously repaid a loan from them, since the credit institution maintains its own database of credit histories.

    Here you can get up to 300 thousand rubles in cash or on a card.

    6) Tinkoff Bank

    < em> Tinkoff Bank is a large online bank. There is no need to look for a representative office or office, all operations are carried out in real mode through the site. So you can “visit” your bank from work or from home. To do this, you need to register on the website and open a personal account.

    The bank provides credit services for any purpose. To do this, it is enough to submit an application in your personal account and wait for the decision of the credit institution. The money is transferred to the card instantly. The credit card will be delivered to the place of demand free of charge.

    Thus, it is possible to become a borrower even with a damaged credit history. By the way, you can increase the chance of approval by simultaneously leaving an application in the maximum number of banks.

    6. Which bank is better to take out a loan at a low interest rate – TOP-7 lending institutions with favorable lending conditions

    When trying to get a loan, it is important to carefully study and compare the offers of various banks. One of the defining criteria is the interest rate .

    To calculate the loan, we suggest using an online loan calculator, where you can quickly calculate the monthly payment and interest on the loan:

    Loan amount: Down payment Term loan months years Interest rate % per year% per month Repayment scheme

  • annuity
  • classic
  • One-time commission% ₽ Monthly commission% ₽ Annual commission% ₽ Monthly payment ₽ Monthly commission ₽ Overpayment in monetary terms including Loan interest ₽ Monthly interest payments ₽ One-time commission ₽ Monthly commission ₽ Annual payments ₽ < b> Overpayment in percentage % Total amount to be refunded

    Independent calculation and analysis of loan offers is a rather troublesome business, it is much easier to use the rating compiled by specialists. One of them is given below.

    It includes banks where a loan can be obtained quickly and at a good interest rate. Moreover, these companies are quite loyal to their clients.

    So, here are these creditor companies:

  • Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development issues loans in just in 15 minutes . You can apply online with only your passport.
  • Sovcombank believes that people of mature age and retirees are the most financially responsible. em>. Therefore, it is for them that it is easiest to get a loan here.
  • Alfa-Bank offers to issue a credit card with a grace period of up to 60 days. The advantage of this credit institution is a wide network of branches, as well as the ability to pay for loans through ATMs.
  • VTB Bank of Moscow is a strong and reliable financial structure. Provides a wide range of different loans. Consumer loans to individuals are provided for an amount of up to 3 million rubles. To receive amounts up to 350 thousand rubles. it is possible to provide a credit to the card. An application for it is made on the bank's website, the decision comes within one day (at the first contact).
  • Renaissance Credit issues loans on the day of circulation, only on two documents. At the same time, you can make a preliminary application directly on the bank's website.
  • Raiffeisen Bank issues loans very quickly. In this case, you can order a loan officer's visit to your home or office.
  • These banks do not have branches in all cities of Russia. Therefore, some borrowers will still need to conduct a self-analysis … In this case, we advise you to take your time and study all the offers on the market of the city of residence.

    We also recommend reading our article on how to choose a cheap mortgage loan and in which bank it is more profitable to take a mortgage.

    7. Professional assistance in obtaining a loan with a bad credit history without certificates and guarantors

    Not everyone can find the best loan option in affordable banks. It is important to select suitable offers, analyze and compare them.

    This requires not only a lot of time, but at least minimal knowledge in the field of finance. Difficulties increase manifold when the borrower has problems with credit history .

    In such situations, contacting credit brokers . Of course, such services are not free . However, credit brokers can help you find the best solution to your financial problem for a given situation.

    Often, such companies can vouch for the borrower before the bank, which means that it will be much easier to get a loan even with a bad credit history.

    There are many organizations operating in the financial market of Moscow and the Moscow region offering intermediary services between banks and borrowers. The following are the leaders in this area:

    1. Credit laboratory

    The presented credit broker has vast experience in the lending market. Therefore, he can easily help solve financial problems even in the presence of complex and very confusing circumstances.

    The broker will prepare the client for all possible, even very specific requests from credit institutions.

    2. LK-credit

    This broker has been operating on the market not so long ago. Nevertheless, he managed to win the trust of his clients.

    The advantage of the company lies in the absence of prepayment. The client pays the commission for assistance in obtaining a loan only upon the fact of receiving money.

    3. Royal Finance

    The employees of this company have many years of experience in various credit institutions. That is why they know all their work from the inside, which means they understand possible problems and subtleties in lending.

    Such knowledge undoubtedly helps to solve almost any problem.

    8. How to take out a bank loan profitably – TOP-10 tips for borrowers

    When deciding to apply for a loan, everyone tries to minimize their costs. Experts give advice on how to do this without prejudice to yourself and get a loan with maximum profit .

    Tip 1. Do not rush

    Even in cases where a bank branch is conveniently located or a preliminary decision on approval has been received, you should not immediately rush to apply for a loan to this particular bank. It is necessary to compare and analyze all available offers.

    In addition, it would be useful to study the reviews of the bank's clients , in which you plan to arrange a loan.

    Tip 2. Prepare as many documents as possible

    When applying for a loan, you should remember that options with a minimum package of documents usually have a rather high rate . That is why, in order to get a loan on the most favorable terms, you should collect as much evidence of your identity and solvency as possible.

    You should bring a copy of your work book, income statement, driver's number, TIN, SNILS certificate, pension certificate, military ID to the bank.

    You can also submit documents confirming the presence of any property to the loan officer. All this will increase the chances of a positive decision on the best offers.

    Tip 3. Determine the purpose of the loan

    When buying a car or real estate, it is often more profitable to issue a target loan . In this case, the rate will be lower than for a regular cash loan.

    If you are planning to purchase any product, it is not advisable to receive credit for it right in the store . Often, the interest on a commodity loan is higher than when applying for a loan at a bank branch.

    Tip 4. Determine the loan amount clearly

    For many, the temptation is great to get a loan with a margin. Don't fall for it.

    It should be understood that even a slight increase in the loan amount can lead to a significant increase in overpayment. Therefore, before submitting an application, it is important to carefully calculate the sufficient amount of the loan.

    Tip 5. First, consider the proposals of those banks with which you have already cooperated

    In most cases, the most favorable conditions banks can receive their clients:

    • those who receive wages through this credit institution;
    • those who previously received loans from this bank;
    • those who opened a deposit or have other accounts here.

    In these cases, the likelihood of not only more favorable conditions increases, but also a positive decision on the application.

    Advice 6. Estimate not the interest rate, but the overpayment

    Often the bank's offers with favorable interest rates have a number of hidden commissions . This significantly increases the overpayment.

    Therefore, when considering proposals from several banks, it is more optimal to compare the overpayment rate .

    Tip 7. Pay attention to the possibility of early repayment

    Do not exclude the possibility of a free amount of money. Therefore, before deciding on the choice of a bank, it is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule .

    Some credit organizations allow their clients to make early repayment, as in the full amount , and partially. Others set a commission for such transactions.

    In any case, early repayment can have a significant impact on the amount of overpayment.

    Tip 8. Check the availability of commissions

    It can be difficult to get a loan on good terms without paying additional commissions. At the same time, many bank employees do not specifically inform potential clients about their availability, since profits and, as a result, the bonuses of loan specialists depend on their payment. However, such payments affect the growth of overpayment.

    It should be understood that additional commissions for payment of insurance services , Internet banking connections or SMS notifications are voluntary . Therefore, it makes sense to clarify their availability and refuse them at the stage of application.

    Tip 9. Be as honest as possible

    When submitting data about yourself to the bank, you should as much honest . If you keep silent about past delays or other problems, rejection is almost guaranteed.

    In addition, you should not think that the bank will transfer data to the tax authorities about the presence of additional income in the form of part-time work in your free time or unofficial leasing of real estate. At the same time, such information can increase the chances of getting approval.

    Tip 10. Be sure to read the loan agreement

    If the bank's application has been approved, the next step is the transaction becomes signing of the loan agreement . It is important to carefully study all of its provisions, ask additional questions to the loan officer. This will help in advance learn about the nuances of making monthly payments, for example, some payment methods lead to a commission.

    It is also important to carefully study in advance how fines are calculated when you miss a payment.

    Thus, it is worth approaching a loan with the utmost responsibility. This will help not only avoid various problems in the future, but also significantly reduce overpayment.

    8. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on lending

    Often, when trying to get a loan, a huge number of questions appear. We make life easier for our readers, so we provide answers to the most popular of them so that you don't have to additionally search the Internet.

    Question 1. Where can I get a cash loan only with a passport (without income certificates and guarantors) on the day of application?

    On the Internet, you can come across a huge number of credit organizations claiming that they can easily issue loans if they have only a passport on the day of application. In practice, such promises often remain just advertising promises that are designed to lure customers.

    The following credit organizations actually issue loans under consideration:

    1) Sovcombank

    Sovcombank has the program “Express Credit” , which allows you to issue a loan only with a passport. Decision making after application is made within twenty four hours.

    The maximum amount that can be obtained here is forty thousand rubles.

    2) UBRD

    By contacting the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development and presenting only a passport, you can apply for a loan in the amount of five up to two hundred thousand. The borrower must be at least 21 years of age. Another requirement is to have a stable income of at least six thousand rubles.

    In fifteen minutes you can become a borrower. In this case, the loan must be repaid within four years.

    3) Orient Express

    By presenting only your passport, you can apply here for a loan of up to two hundred thousand. The maximum term is 36 months. The borrower must be at least 26 years old. By submitting an application through the website, you can find out the decision within five minutes.

    The banks presented above are the most popular of those that issue a loan one document at a time. Their branches can be found in almost all regions of Russia.

    4) Vokbank

    Volgo-Oka Bank issues loans to residents of Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola, Cheboksary and Nizhny Novgorod. If you only have a passport, they provide an opportunity to borrow up to one hundred thousand for a maximum of two years. The result of the application becomes known almost instantly.

    5) Primsotsbank

    Here, a quick loan based on one document can be obtained by those who live in two capitals, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Primorye, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    The maximum loan amount in this case is one hundred thousand rubles, you can get them for up to 60 months. The bank employees promise to consider the submitted application in sixty minutes.

    6) Rubank

    This credit institution issues loans under one document in Moscow, Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Novorossiysk.

    You can count on a maximum of 75 thousand rubles, which will have to be returned no later than three years later. The decision on the application is made within 15 minutes.

    Thus, it is quite possible to get a loan on the basis of only one passport . Some banks are represented only in a few regions of the country. Nevertheless, any citizen will be able to find the best conditions for him.

    Question 2. What is the best way to get a loan – in cash or on a card?

    When deciding which method of obtaining a loan to choose, you should take into account for what purpose and for how long a loan is issued.

    There are three main options for issuing a loan:

  • in cash;
  • by transfer to an account, including a plastic card;
  • receiving a credit card .
  • Each option has its own pros and cons . Let's dwell on them in more detail.

    1) Getting a loan in cash at the bank's cash desk is almost always the best solution for a borrower. It is legally established that in this case commissions from the client for the issuance of a loan are not charged . But when receiving cash, there is always a risk of falling prey to robbers. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful not to tell unfamiliar people about obtaining a loan.

    2) Receiving funds by transferring to a bank account is more secure. In this case, you will not need to count the money, transport it and worry about your own safety. It should be borne in mind that this option may be associated with additional costs, for example in the form of a commission for maintaining an account.

    There is another possible drawback – when issuing a large amount to a bank a card with a withdrawal limit will not be able to cash out in one go. This limitation can be circumvented by withdrawing money from the card through the cashier. However, commission may apply in this case.

    3) If the purpose of obtaining a loan is to purchase goods and services, and it is planned to repay the loan as soon as possible, a credit card may be the best solution.

    First , it allows you to easily pay for almost any product or service. Second , most credit cards today offer refunds within a certain number of days, called a grace period . In this case, interest will not be accrued, which means that you will be able to avoid overpayment on the loan.

    Credit cards have one more advantage – it is much easier to issue it than many other loans. Credit card applications are generally much less likely to be rejected than other loans.

    no more than 40 % of income . In this case, you can take into account not only wages, but also other regular receipts, which can be documented. This can be pensions, alimony, payments from rental property .

    Traditionally, loans for urgent needs do not require collateral. However, if there is a desire to receive an amount of more than half a million, you will need to provide property as collateral or surety. Also, the bank may require the borrower to take out insurance .

    Important! Filling out loan application form, you should clarify whether it is not an automatic consent to loan conditions. In such cases, affixing a signature to an application may result in a obligation to receive a loan or pay a range of fees. Some credit organizations still include in the agreement a clause on the possibility of refusing to receive money within a certain period.

    The decision on the application sent to the bank is made within a maximum of several days. If a credit institution agrees to issue a loan, money can be received in cash or by transferring to an account or plastic card . If the borrower is notified of a negative decision by phone, it makes sense to write down the details of the specialist who made the call.

    The online possibility of doing this, which is provided by most banks, makes it easier to apply. Also, in this way, you can submit several applications at once to different banks.

    Question 6. Where can I get a loan with a damaged credit history if they refuse everywhere?

    It is quite easy to spoil the credit history, because it reflects all the facts of violation of obligations under the loan agreement. These can be late payments , and loan refusals .

    Take note! Besides In addition, information on early repayment of loans is entered in the borrower's dossier. Some banks refuse those who deposit a loan ahead of time, because in this case they lose possible interest.

    Credit history is kept for fifteen years. Therefore, you need to treat the payment of loans as carefully as possible. It is almost impossible to remove information from the borrower's file. Moreover, most banks practically do not give loans to those who have a crystal clear reputation.

    It is much better not to delete the credit file, but to try to fix your own reputation.

    There are several possible options for this. :

  • Prove to the lender that bad reputation is associated with compelling circumstances. For example, you can provide a certificate stating that the borrower was laid off at work.
  • Use a refinancing program that will allow you to get a new loan to repay the old one.
  • Prove that you are financial the situation improved by presenting documents confirming the level of income.
  • Another option that will help to obtain a profitable loan in the future is correcting credit history in the present … For this, there are special programs in banks and microfinance organizations, when you have to issue several small loans and repay them on time.

    The main thing is that the lender must submit information to the credit bureaus. stories . Then a new line will appear in the borrower's dossier, indicating his correction. Some banks, seeing it, may well issue a new loan to a citizen.

    If none of the proposed measures helps, or there is no time to correct your credit history, you can try to get a loan from a MFI .

    Such organizations are very loyal to borrowers and often turn a blind eye to the presence of problems with credit history. However, you should use their services only as a last resort, because their percentage is prohibitively high.

    It is important to ensure that the microloan is issued for a minimum amount and repaid as soon as possible.

    There is a separate article on our website, which tells in detail where to get money if all banks and microloans refuse (we gave real ways and good advice in it).

    Question 7. How to quickly get a loan from a passport?

    When deciding to get a loan quickly, having only your passport, you should be prepared for high interest rates . Similar lending options can be found today both in credit and microfinance organizations .

    In the course of filling out the questionnaire, no documents other than a passport are required from the borrower, and all information is recorded according to the client's words. However, you should not deceive a bank employee, because during the consideration of the application, the data provided will be checked. For this, calls, requests to the tax and bailiffs , as well as other similar events are used.

    An attempt to provide inaccurate data is fraught with rejection. At the same time, it will be possible to re-apply to this bank only after a few months.

    When filling out the questionnaire, do not overestimate wages. Many people do this in the hope that a much larger amount can be obtained on credit. At the same time, they forget that it is important not only to take out a loan, but also to serve it efficiently . If you don't have enough income to pay your monthly payments, you can ruin your credit history.

    If it is important for a client not only to get a loan for one document, but also to do it as soon as possible, the application should be completed online on the bank's website . To do this, just go to the bank's website, enter personal data in the questionnaire.

    In addition, you also need to specify the desired parameters of the loan: term and amount . After that, it is enough to press one button to send the application for consideration.

    When the bank employees make a decision, the applicant will receive a call or SMS from the bank. After that, at the appointed time, you can visit the bank and pick up money or a card with funds credited to it.

    Question 8. How to get a loan without official employment?

    Today, most of the able-bodied population works either informally or with official minimum wages . In fact, this category of borrowers is quite attractive for banks, since it is solvent and has a stable income.

    Banks provide loans without confirmation of solvency, but , when it is impossible , microfinance companies, private investors, credit brokers and so on will help to obtain a loan .

    1) Contacting an MFO

    To obtain a loan from an MFO, you do not need to collect documents, certificates from work. Loans are provided according to the passport on the day of application, and you can get it, even without visiting the company's office by filling out an online loan application. In 10-15 minutes the loan will be on the card.

    Convenient, fast, simple, but this service costs several tens of times higher than bank loans. Interest for using it is charged daily and reaches 730% per annum .

    Also, loans are small and short term.

    Loans in MFOs can be profitable when there is not enough money before the paycheck, and the borrower knows for sure that on a certain day, funds will come to his card and he will repay the loan on time.

    Today, loans from microfinance organizations occupy the second position after banks in terms of lending to individuals.

    2) Loans from private investors

    An option to borrow money is a private investor . This is an individual who makes money by providing his own funds at interest. You can read about where and how to find an investor in a separate article on the Richpro.ru website.

    Absolutely any person can act as a lender, there are no specific conditions for loans. Private investors absolutely do not care what source of income the borrower has and how he will repay the loan.

    Loan amounts are not limited by anything, all conditions for terms, interest, collateral are determined < strong> by agreement between the parties .

    Such loans can be beneficial in cases where the borrower is personally acquainted with the investor, otherwise there is a high probability of falling into the hands of scammers.

    3) Loans with the help of credit donors

    Credit donor is an individual who takes out a loan for a third party for a certain fee.

    These people must have flawless credit history and high solvency . Finding such a person is not easy; in most cases, advertisements on the Internet are provided by ordinary scammers who make money on gullible customers.

    4) Loans through credit brokers

    If you need a large enough amount of money, and there is no time to find a lender, it is possible to contact a credit broker . They will not only help you choose a lender, but also draw up documents, accompany the transaction.

    Their services cost about 10-15% of the loan amount . Among the brokerage companies there are also many fraudulent firms that engage in “money scamming.”

    Important! There are so-called “ black brokers ” on the market, which for a certain fee are engaged in forging documents for obtaining a loan.

    These actions are also prosecuted and are not an option for obtaining a loan.

    5) Contacting pawnshops

    An option for getting money on loan is to go to a pawnshop. If the borrower has an expensive property, he simply pledges it and receives money for it. If it is impossible to repay the debt at a certain time, the thing is sold, and the borrower owes nothing.

    Question 9. Is it profitable to take out a loan secured by property?

    Many consider loans secured by property more profitable, since they are distinguished by a much more lower interest rate . Let's try to figure out whether this opinion is true.

    A loan secured by real estate (apartment, house) or a car – is there any benefit?

    Do not forget that when analyzing and comparing different borrowing programs, you should pay attention not to the size of the interest rate, but to the overpayment amount . In addition to interest, it includes various commissions .

    When applying for a loan secured by collateral, you will have to pay for the following services:

    • notary work;
    • insurance of property pledged (required throughout the entire loan repayment period);
    • property appraisal;
    • entering information about transactions with a property in the Unified Register.

    In some cases, commissions for these services are at a fairly high level. As a result, they “eat up” the savings from the lower interest rate. Read about how to take out a loan secured by real estate in a separate article.

    It turns out that before signing a loan agreement, you should carefully calculate all costs. For an unsecured loan , it is enough to estimate the amount of overpayment in the form of interest using a loan calculator. If is being formatteda secured loan , all the commissions should be added to such an overpayment.

    By comparing the values ​​obtained, you can independently find out which loan will ultimately turn out to be more profitable.

    Question 10 What is the procedure for obtaining a loan (loan) online?

    To obtain a loan today, it is not at all necessary to visit the branch of the chosen bank. Internet access is often enough. Most modern credit and microfinance organizations provide the opportunity to apply for a loan directly on their website .

    This will require going through several stages:

  • choose a bank to apply for a loan;
  • study all lending conditions, choose the optimal program;
  • enter all the necessary data into the questionnaire on the bank's website ;
  • send an application for consideration to a credit institution;
  • wait for the bank's decision, which is usually reported by phone.
  • If, based on the results of consideration of the application, the credit institution makes a positive decision, it remains to contact the bank's office to sign the agreement and collect the money.

    In some In some cases, it is suggested to use courier services who will deliver the contract to your home or office, as well as the card with the credit amount credited to it.

    Moreover, when obtaining a loan in most MFIs, it will be possible to obtain a loan without leaving the computer. In this case, the money will be credited to the specified requisites .

    We also advise you to read our article on how to apply for a car loan online and where it is better to apply.

    Question 11. When and where can I get a loan to repay other loans?

    Many, when they have difficulties with repaying existing loans, decide to refinancing . This procedure is understood as obtaining a new loan in order to repay the existing ones.

    Before concluding a loan agreement, you should realistically assess your financial capabilities. This will help you understand whether the current financial situation allows you to pay off the new loan, and whether the loan being issued will lead to a further deterioration in the financial situation.

    Ideally, the refinancing agreement should lead to one of the following circumstances:

    • decrease in the monthly payment;
    • decrease in the interest rate;
    • deferral of the current loan payment.

    You can loan refinancing at any bank that offers such a service. In this case usually requires a clean credit history.

    Those with a tarnished reputation can contact credit brokers to help solve all kinds of loan problems. However, it should be understood that in this case, you will have to pay a fairly large commission .

    Read about how to properly refinance a mortgage (mortgage loan) in one of our articles.

    9. Conclusion + related video

    Today we tried to talk about what options for solving financial problems exist. We hope that our article will help you choose the best loan option. Especially for those who have problems with credit history, we tried to explain how to proceed in this case.

    The main thing to remember when applying for a loan is that this process should be approached with maximum responsibility. If this rule is not followed, you can get bogged down in a sea of ​​intractable problems.

    In conclusion, we recommend watching the video how to apply for and where to get a loan:

    That's it.

    We wish the readers of the online magazine “RichPro.ru” financial stability and easy resolution of temporary difficulties!

    We will also be very grateful if you leave your comments on the article below, share your personal opinion and experience on the topic of publication.

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    British military leader warns of the risk of an accidental war between Russia and the West

    A senior general talks about the dangers of a multipolar world

    A senior British military leader says the UK and US are at greater risk of an accidental war with Russia than ever since the end of the Cold War. General Nick Carter warned that a “multipolar” world increases the risk of tensions. According to him, the “belligerent” nature of the policy is fraught with escalation as tensions between the West and Russia grow due to the crisis in Eastern Europe.

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    Britain and its allies are at greater risk of being involved in a war with Russia than ever since the Cold War, Britain's most senior military leader warned, writes the Daily Mail.

    General Nick Carter, Chief of Defense Staff, said the new era of a “multipolar world”, where governments compete over different goals and agendas, poses a greater risk of tension.

    His comments came at a time when the West and Russia are building up troops along the borders of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, while increasing the show of force amid the ongoing migrant crisis in Eastern Europe.

    General Carter told Times Radio: “I I think we must be careful that people do not allow the belligerent nature of some of our policies to end up in a position where the escalation of the conflict leads to miscalculations. ”

    Tensions have escalated in Eastern Europe in recent weeks after the European Union accused Minsk of Belarus rallying thousands of migrants to provoke a humanitarian crisis on its border with Poland, an EU member, a dispute that threatens to involve Russia and NATO.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that the unscheduled NATO exercises in the Black Sea are a serious problem for Moscow and that Russia has nothing to do with the crisis on the border of Belarus, which is its closest ally.

    In an interview with the Daily Mail, General Nick Carter said that “authoritarian rivals” are willing to use whatever tools they have at their disposal, such as migrants, rising gas prices, proxy forces or cyberattacks. “The nature of the war has changed,” he says.

    In the Cold War that ended in 1991, the world was organized on the principle of bipolarity, with the United States and the Soviet Union fighting for global hegemony, opposing capitalism to communism. It was followed by a unipolar era throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, when the United States dominated the international arena. But in the current world order, in which several global superpowers, including the United States, Russia and China, are fighting for dominance, diplomats face a more complex scenario. General Carter warned that the “traditional diplomatic tools and mechanisms” of the Cold War are no longer available. “Without these tools and mechanisms, there is a greater risk that this or that escalation could lead to miscalculations,” he said. “So I think this is a real problem that we can face.”

    On Friday, the UK said a small group of British troops were sent to study “engineering aid” Poland on its border with Belarus. British Typhoon fighters on Friday also escorted two Russian warplanes out of his zone of interest, working with NATO partners to keep track of the planes as they crossed international airspace, the Daily Mail writes.

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