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Ashford & Simpson – Destiny Lyrics

I love you and that’s simply all there is to it
Nothing I can do about it
When the spirit comes and you know it’s real
Go on and express how you feel

Who’s to say? Who’s the wisest of us all?
Are you the one to say
You’re gonna be short or tall

What you got to say about destiny
Just let it happen and see

Like it or not, I must live by what is deep inside
Ain’t talking about pride now
If loving you turns out a mistake
Guess that’s just a chance I’ll have to take

Repeat Chorus

Ol’ Skool – Come With Me Lyrics

Keep on coming girl

Keep it coming girl

(repeat 4Xs)

Come with me baby tonight

Cause we can get kinky

Anyway that ya like girl

Come with me baby tonight

Cause I’m gonna sex ya

Baby all through the night girl

Said it’s three o’clock in the morning

And I’m in a freaky mood

Slide your body to me

Baby let me make my move

See I know what ya like

Satisfaction guaranteed

See you just leave it up to me

Chorus 1X

We’ll be making love tonight

Baby, and we’ll do it by candlelight

If it’s alright, if it’s alright with ya baby

Baby, ya know I’m callin’ for ya lovin’

Anything that ya want from me

Then I will do it

Repeat Chorus 2Xs

Keep on coming girl

Keep it coming girl

(repeat 4Xs)

Chorus 1X

Mr. Lil One – Sicko Lyrics (feat. G-Lo)

Children Chorus:
Who's that man that's got that song
That's bumpin' on the radio
You know
You know
And Sicko is his name-o

[Mr. Lil' One]
(Verse 1)
I been waitin' for this moment, and finally, it's here
The monster of the dawn, Lil' Uno reappear
Come on over here, bring along all your peers
Holla at a player, put "Flava In Ya Ear"
Party all night til the morn' time
Right before I leave, I do this one more time
So so fine, little mama's on mine
So fresh, so clean, never small time
And where the players at, holla at ya boy, One
Little bodies in the back, come and get some
I'm a lay back, cheer for the old school
See, I do what I do, cause I'm 'posed to
Hook: Mr. Lil' One
Who's, that
Pumpin' in the back
Who's, that
Pumpin' in the front
Who's, that
Who doin' so classic
All around the world, man, everybody askin'

Repeat Children Chorus

(Verse 2)
Soon as I walk in the club, everybody like "Damn!"
Everybody and they mom wanna grab me by the hand
Ain't nothin' special, I'm just one of the greats
And your time will come soon, you just patiently wait
I'm the first and the last, all day
I came here to do this, here, my way
I'm a legend like Chente, classic like 'Pac

Can't take what I got, see, it's naturally top
And my love for the street's so grimey
Come from the heart, baby boy, don't try me
I put a smile on your face, little sunshine
A little love, every one, but they're on time
Repeat Hook

Repeat Children Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Lil' Uno] Ain't no need to be dramatic, we're on top of the line
I put that chill in your spine, while he still on his prime
And that's fine
Yeah, you just speak it how you want, though
Triple O.G., I been doin' it for so long
And I'm just so difficult to deal with
Ain't too many left I can keep it real with
So I kick it like this cause I had to
[Samoan] Somebody gotta bring it back
[Lil' Uno] Well, I'd be glad to
Excelente, screamin' for an encore
I can't stop, man, the whole world want more
So loud, crowd boogie to the beat, now
It's the Boogieman, 'bout to bring the heat now

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

Break: Mr. Lil' One
Now everybody say, "Hey"
Now everybody say, "What"
And all the ladies say, "Hey"
And all the fellas say, "Hey"
Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Lil' One]
Sicko Records, baby
We ain't going nowhere
I see you, Fingazz
Ha ha ha

"Fi-fi-fi-Fingazz on the track…"

Petra – I Love You, Lord lyrics

I love you, Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
Oh, my soul rejoice!
Take joy my King
In what You hear
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear

Repeat Chorus

We exhalt you 3x
Oh oh Lord

Aidonia – Hot Tool Lyrics

One, enuh
Yo, ZJ Liquid

Bang bang boom
Bang bang boom
Hot tool (Hot!)
Hot tool (Hot!)
Hot tool (Hot!)
Alright, move!

[Verse 1]
Loud up the place with the bang bang boom
Go fi the rifle weh longer than broom
Weh we come from? Gang Bang School
Some pussy just a sing badman chune
Jag One crew, madman group
Chatty mouth bwoy, you a madman, fool
Send you home inna tomb, one mad move
On black room
Govana with the ting, send one and move

Hot tool
Hot, hot, hot, hot tool
Catch the pussy
With him face down inna a box food
Hot, hot, hot, hot tool
Mi say hot tool, anuh dutchie pot, fool
Hot tool pon your belly, act cool
Him a runner so give him a track shoes

[Verse 2]
Killing a sin, anuh sittin fi pickney try
Pull back the hammer, inna face me swing the
Squeeze up the trigger, hammer fly, the pin divide
Size 10 deh deh and say, “Wha’ that up in the sky?”
The thing kick you inna your face, your chin divide
People swallow you, fly and gingy fly

Repeat Chorus

Omar Cruz – Gangsta Music Lyrics

Gangsta Music Lyrics

Welcome to the west coast, motherf**ker
Bomb trees and bomb bitches, ha ha
You have no f**king idea, man

(Verse 1)
Come f**k with a rider
The west coast messiah named O. Cruz
Ridin’ with them chrome tools, bald-headed all fools
A Latin kid bringin’ L.A. back
Bringin’ gully back
Homie, the streets is back (Yeah)
And I’m a take a little pressure off Game
If he’s the face, I’m the voice of L.A
Cause ever since
I came, the whole west side ain’t been the same
Even Snoop Dogg sayin’ my name
Let me spell it out
O, M, A, R
Cruz, muh’f**ker, I’m a shootin’ star
Cause I shoot these bars like I’m shootin’ cars
On the 405 freeway
Cut me off
I came from the land of the pull up and spray
Where they pull up and say
“Where you from, ESE!?”
Only the sickest of my vocals get laid
And if it ain’t the good doctor/+Dr.+, must be Cool & +Dre+

[The Game] Give me a 6-4 and some hydro, watch the low low
Jump around
[Omar Cruz] Homie, what’s that sound
[The Game] It ain’t nothin’ but that gangsta music
[Omar Cruz] Uh huh
[The Game] It ain’t nothin’ but that gangsta music
[Omar Cruz] Yeah
[The Game] Let the top down, homie, pop the trunk
Let the speakers go
[Omar Cruz] BOOM
[The Game] The whole world know that sound
Cause it ain’t nothin’ but that gangsta music
[Omar Cruz] Uh huh
[The Game] It ain’t nothin’ but that gangsta music
[Omar Cruz] Yeah

(Verse 2)
I spit for everyday hustlers, 9-to-5’ers jugglin’
Green and white, just to make them things right
Customers fiend tonight
The ghetto bird flies above us
Heard a couple shots, just another day, on my L.A. block
Police harass me cause my Cadillacs blastin’ up
And in my stash, have the .44, hidden in the back
They couldn’t find a damn thing, nothin’ on me
It’s why it always been, and still is, “MOTHERf**k THE POLICE!”
That’s how we livin’, I done spit on how I see it
For every Blood, they killin’, another Crip
Another homie is seein’ consecutive life sentences
Even if they breathin’, ain’t no sunshine, believe it
See, I keep it hood cause I gots to
Whole style is mobster
He’s a (???), I destroy your whole Rockstar
Try and stop us
These Latin kings on the rise
Any questions, ask my smif-n-wesson, it’s B.Y.I

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
It’s like a new change of armor, the God is up for the slaughter
We riders, ride in the storm, when it’s flooded, walkin’ on water
You wildin’, homie, we wildin’ you, wallin’ up on the side of you
Never knew he was there, homie, surprise on you
Cause on the west side, we ain’t got a test drive
6-4, went to shop
Roll the 6-45
Or the Double-R
All suede, head lock
Don’t f**k with dimes no more
Shoot for twenty fives
That’s under twenty five
We roll on 25
Inch chrome rims, hollow tips in my 25
Baby wanna ride, one day, twenty times
She and a friend sayin’ “Omar, you a nasty guy”
I know this, ma, just another day in the life
Bullets, broads, beats and plenty dollar signs
Cause if it don’t make sense, then it’s a waste of time
O. Cruz, cut the check, bitch
This is B.Y.I

Repeat Chorus

[The Game]
Got two words for the coast..
For the world..
Omar Cruz..
Black and brown pride equals..
The Game and O.C…
We don’t need you..
Cause we got us..
West coast..
For life

Bramma & King Vegas – Jazmine Lyrics

Hello mama, how are you doing?
Hey yow, Jasmine I wanna be your Aladdin
Am the magic carpet, how are you doing?

Hello, Jasmine waan be your Aladdin

(Verse 1)
Bumper big suh
Batty rider
She’s a whiner, clothes a designer
Shape like Amber Rose, Black China
You vagina nuh big like Sabina
Mi seh you like Kardashian out
Wa dem chatting about?

Mrs Hollywood
Life of the rice and the famous
Store mi number, put mi name first

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
?? Straight to the point
Am trying to roll with you
Ain’t talking bout rolling joints
Trying to get you to understand
I wanna be your man
You got me wishing for your body like am rubbing lamps
Hey yow Bramma, I swear she’s the baddest
The way her body moving got me thinking it was magic
Body is able, Amazing, her face is fantastic
As soon as I see her eyes just know I have to have it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Vanessa Bling – Best Friend Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
Go best friend
That’s my best friend
Go best friend
You a my best friend

You a mi sister
Mi best friend
Mi G and mi chargy
And me naw go sell you out fi nobody

Go best friend
That’s my best friend
Go best friend
You a my best friend

(Verse 1)
Shine the video light right here
Take a look paw wi
Every man a gi wi ticky like Nikey
Somebody write a book paw wi
Caw mi in a Gucci, shi in a Fendi
Mi look so cute! Bi***he’s a envy
Do the humble, go listen Kengy
Come best friend meck wi take a selfie

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You never diss mi in a December
You always deh-deh fi mi, mi member
Suh when batter ears gyal come a encer
Mi know, mi know, mi know dem a pretender
A true wi stay good and dem ugly
Wi a princess and dem a monkey
Dem broke like, nuh have no money
Come best friend meck wi go a country

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Beenie Man – Astronaut Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Step out clean and fresh in a mi white Gucci slippers
White shorts and mi jersey a clippers
Snap back cap, rasta cyaa wear fittas
Gyal in a mi pool and rush mi like crittas
Then Poppy come check mi wid the powers
Some high grade ganja weh broad like a flowers
Drink some rum and Campari mi need the bitters
Joke start run in a the hours

Dem think seh mi nuh have no teeth because mi naw laugh
Seh dem cut out mi tongue because mi naw talk
But mi a tell you seh mi head top blast off

Man fell like a astronaut
Am feeling high, high, high, high

Am feeling high, high
Man feel like a astronaut

A suh the party go hard
Drink up

A suh the party go hard
Smoke up

A suh the party go hard
Mi feel like a astronaut

A suh the party go hard
Drink up

A suh the party go hard
Smoke up

A suh the party go hard
Man feel like a astronaut

(Verse 2)
Music a play and a dozen gyal a whine up
A dozen more over deh suh waan join up
Application send in and gyal a line up
Yeah, and two dozen more a sign up
After that we and the whole a dem go link up
High grade a burn and wi a drink up
Gyal a pore more liquor in a the king cup
And a ask how mi suh serious

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Love Unlimited – Is It Really True, Boy – Is It Really Me? lyrics

Different girls often ask me
How much does he care
And, oh, I smile and simply tell them
His love is mine
And they all know it’s true
By the way I look at you
When you’re standing close to me
In love with you I’m falling
And my poor heart keeps calling out to you

Is it really true, boy?
Is it really me?
I can’t believe it’s happened
I’m in love finally
Is it really true, boy?
Is it really me?

You ask me, “Do I love you?”
Oh, my honey, my honey, my honey
I do and I need you forever
My only life is you

And heavenly only knows
How much I miss you so
If you’d ever, ever leave
In love with you I’ll be
Until death sets me free
I beg of you to love me forever
And leaving me never

Repeat Chorus

Is it really me?
Is it really me?
Is it really me?
Is it really me?
Is it really me?
Is it really me?

Aldwin Rondina – Battlefield lyrics

Verse 1:

Love is a battlefield,
You’ll never know when you’re gonna get hit,
You’ll never know when you’re gonna get hurt,
And you’ll never know when you’re gonna get healed

Pre-Chorus 1:
So just take cover..

And I will brave bullets and use my defenses for you,
I promise you I will never ever hurt or break your heart in two,
Well at least, you know
That is all the best I can do
Coz love is..

Verse 2:
Love isn’t always bliss,
It’s sad when you know that you’re just second best,
It’s sadder to know that I’m now used to this,
Bittersweet love is the saddest, I guess

Pre-Chorus 2:
But I’ll recover,
And I’ll be stronger..

Repeat Chorus

Chorus 1:
And I will brave bullets and use my defenses for you,
I promise you I will never ever hurt or break your heart in two..

Chorus 2:
(Yes, I will) I will brave bullets and use my defenses for you,
I promise you I will never ever hurt or break your heart in two,
Well at least, you know
That is all the best I can do
Coz love is a battlefield..

Queen Ifrica – Nah Lie Lyrics

Yow mi naw lie
Da dance yah hot Jah know mi naw lie
Buy anything it real wi naw try
Wi table full a everything
Anything a anything
Yes a suh wi do wi thing
Suh mi love the modeling
Selector lets start more juggling

(Verse 1)
Marvin…..send message seh him waan fi touch the queen
Mi tell mi chargy dem nuh let him in
A nuh really seh mi mean, but if mi let him in
Him a go lift mi up and left a wip in a mi jeans
Push mi down pon mi hands meck mi dutty up mi knees
Let go mi ears nuh damn ni**a please

Prefer the snow man, a yesterday mi melt one
Him seh mi a the hardest thing fi please

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rickey drunk and a wait out a door pon a ambulance
Letiesha a try catch the ass balance
A dread hold him catty and go pie, pie, pie, pon the batty
Place shake like Turbullence
Watch how the feel good riddim have the place a dance
Miss Kitty hotter than Tyra Barns
Tek the middle and a wuk up the middle
And a wuk up the middle and a wuk up the middle
The party plug in like charger, (876 code)
The place full up wid high roller
More than a ship load
The sound tun up fi get louder
Somebody split the big crowd
One bag a things a gwaan in yah
Tell him fi put the lights out

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Agent Sasco – Don’t Care Lyrics

Until that day what people say cant buy my grocery
We just don’t care what people say, now way!

And wi nuh care what you talking bout
If you naw get wi bills dem sorted out
We don’t care what people say
No way!

(Verse 1)
Caw nuff a dem a throw shade
Wi nuh care weh some guy a chat
Cause dem opinion cyaa carry a shop
Dem just a talk and a lose air like when tire flat
Bag a long talk, long statement
That cyaa affect our bank statement
And the bag a long argument cyaa pay rent
So a better dem keep silent

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause dem seh talk is cheap
Yeah you must understand
Million word nuh worth a grand
When nuff a dem come all a left comment pon you gram
Nuh meck that bother you
Don’t worth a damn
Nuff a dema bad bout and a wish bad
Badman sick bad
Dem talking cyaa buy gas and it caa buy tire
Nor change a pier a dis-pad

Suh wi nuh care if you waan criticize man
That naw keep the lights on
That naw put no lyrics in a m song

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Demarco – Nuh Ease Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You girl, I beg you come yah now
Batty up in a the air a weh the ground a go
Bounce it left to right I beg you turn yah suh
Tek f**k gyal a weh you a run a go?
Bleach out gyal seh a weh the sun a go
Gyal you nuh si seh every gyal a follow you
Tell mi gyal tell mi weh da ten grand yah do?
Gyal do you thing from you nuh green like no callaloo

Nuh ease up gyal, don’t ease up
Nuh ease up gyal, don’t ease up
Gyal you si da split deh weh don’t heal up
Classic whine gyal, go Rebook
Bubble, go down, kotch it, show dem
Beg you do nuh stop it
Middle a the road block traffic
Whine till you get asthmatic

(Verse 2)
Gyal if you ready fi you money shout oh yeah
If you ready fi you money shout oh yeah
Tell a selector bwoy him fi know seh
A gyal alone meck the money can throw weh
Mi wi watch a gyal whine up slowly
Then mi send c**key up ina yuh hole yeah
Buss a whine my girl you nuh moley
A you buy it buss a sweat in a you clothes yeah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

Vershon – Wul It Out Lyrics

Man still a hold it out, hold it out yeah
Although the street it rugged out deh

Man still a hold it out, hold it out
Nothing mi naw worry bout

(Verse 1)
Every ghetto youth
DO the right, stay pon the right track
When struggles fight you fight back
When a youth a rise evil nuh like that
Suh fi go through life you haffi dodge bullet and side trap
Nough a dem a wicked all you si dem a chat
When the youth dem a lead dem waan fi si dem a back
The queffer dem a touch the street ever strap
Suh win nuh too listen when the Eden a chat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a talk bout human being
Some f**k up creature
Dem nuh like fi hear mi voice a buss up speaker
Mi get a buss and buy a house and two Benz
Now the wicked dem a spread rumor seh mi a drugs dealer
But certain things mi never get caught up in a
Suh mi a tell the dutty f**ker dem fi low mi hi nuh
Cause mi a chad from a endz full a bare gunman
Dawg and mi never bring no gun in yah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

I-Octane – Easy Ting Lyrics

Hot foot, hot foot, hot foot
Bwoy gyal get tek weh left flat foot
Whole heap a gyal wi open like macbook
Cyaa get a gyal how that look

Hot foot, hot foot, hot foot
Bwoy gyal get tek weh left flat foot
Whole heap a gyal wi open like macbook
From you cyaa get a gyal how that look

When the shella dem out wi come out
All now one word nuh come out a mi mouth
Gyal a sweat
Gyal a easy thing fi get
Naw talk bout car wi nuh boast pon house yea
Gyal a easy thing fi get
Wa mi seh? Gyal a easy thing fi get
Gyal a easy thing fi get

(Verse 1)
Whole heap a gyal a nuh chatting, nuh chatting’s
Have gyal nough before mi fame drop in
Gyal from Ackee Walk, Pappine
Fling it up paw mi
Bend dem back thick out suh dem jack een
Hook to mi body like coffin
Girls gone wild when dem si mi and Assassin
What a way wi shot eeh
Gyal a rotate some a spin like machine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Everyday mi rise up mi meet new one
Gyal thing easy like 321
Mi nuh need new van fi get no gyal
Plus mi nuh preach too long
Some bwoy only get gyal pon Friday
And by Saturday a she that deh beside mi
Pull up her clothes if it untidy
Weh you call that patton and styley

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Roy Woods – Love You Lyrics

Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you

I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you
Love you
I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you

(Verse 1)
Miss days of her laughter
But I’ve turned another chapter
In the 6 with my Raptors
Went ghost, now you calling me Caspar
Could it be, that it’s not serious to me
I stay with these
Cause I heard
Cutting ties after hot sex in the bathroom
Now that we’re over I won’t look at you
Feelings in my stomach like it’s high school
I know there are other ni**as looking at you
But you can’t diss me on my set
You….me by my text
Said it received, not read
20 minutes later a paragraph or two

I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you
Love you
I was only trying to love you
I was only trying to love you

(Verse 2)
Does he…when you’re naked?
Do you never let him taste it?
Does he f**k you like he loves you?
Treat you good like a mansion
Does he bathe in the shower for you?
Does he do the things that I do?
Does he tell you that I want you?
I know how much I really love you
I can’t-s put no one above you
I’m a lover man for you
You the don-girl for me
Rolling blunts on your roof
Let my ex know about you
She can’t do things you do
Inside and on the room
You’re the only one that knew that

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

The Spinners – The Rubberband Man lyrics

Hand me down my walkin’ cane
Hand me down my hat
Hurry now and don’t be late
‘Cause we ain’t got time to chat
You and me we’re goin’ out
To catch the latest sound
Guaranteed to blow your mind
So high you won’t come down

Hey ya’ll prepare yourself for the rubberband man
You’ve never heard a sound
Like the rubberband man
You’re bound to lose control
When the rubberband starts to jam

Oh, this dude is outta sight!
Everything he does seems to come out right

Once I went to hear them play
At a club outside of town
I was so suprised
I was hypnotized
By the sound this cat put down
When I saw this short fat guy
Stretch a band between his toes
Hey I laughed so hard
Cause the man got down
When he finally reached his goal

Repeat Chorus

Got that rubber band
Up on his toes
And then he wriggled it up
All around his nose

Guaranteed to blow your mind
Playin all that music, yet keepin time
Where in the world did he learn that, oh Lord
Lord, help him get away

Repeat Chorus

Rubberband man
Rubberband man
How much of this stuff do he think we can stand?
So much rhythym, grace, and debonair for one man, Lord
And then he had the nerve to wiggle his left toe
To his knee got the feelin’ in his head, y’all, ah, come on, baby

Repeat Chorus

Rubberband man starts to jam
Moving up and down cross the land
Got the people all in his wake
Everything probably seems outta place

Just move it, just move it
Just move move move it
Rubberband Man
Just move it, just move it
Just move move move it
Rubberband man
Get down, get down low

Sean Paul – Crick Neck ft. Chi Ching Ching Lyrics

September 30, 2016


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Yow Sean Paul
Yow Chi Ching
Da one yah a fi the girls dem
Yow Chimney

(Verse 1)
Come and a talk bout you fitness, fitness, fitness, fitness
Man a pull up a you yard like a Jehovah Witness, witness, witness, witness
Inna you likkle tight shorts and a show off you thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness
Every man weh a pass seh you have dem a crickneck, crickneck, crickneck, crickneck
Crick neck

My girl just whine up you body
how off you self
Fulljoy the vibes
And get reckless
Get bruk vibe, shake up you chest
Inevitable that you a go enjoy yourself

Girls bubbling ma champagne
Bubbling ma boss
This pretty girl put a bubble in ma heart

Get burk vibes, shake up you chest
Inevitable that you a go enjoy yourself
Crickneck, crickneck, crickneck

(Verse 2)
The way how shi a whine husband a left wife
A gyal buss a slick mi seh Jesus Christ
Mi get a new gyal tonight a fi mi choice
Mi hear gyal a sell mi seh whats the price

Wait deh think a the kyrapractor
Mi neck feel like she mi need a doctor
The gyal just pass and is like it fracture
Body strong like a tractor

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

GoldLink Featuring April George – Rough Soul Lyrics

September 30, 2016


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Uh, uhm, uhm

(Verse 1 – Goldlink)
Had to go to LA for the winter
Had to vibe out, Just caught a tour to the
Real ni**a talk slick to ya
Told ya bring your girlfriend, tell her take her friends too
Telling Hollywood kinda weird
You don’t really like it but you gotta play the
Yeah met ya last June
By next June we will…and f**k now
Fell in love at the wrong time
Spent a night at my high rise
Or hit me late on my hotline
Telling me you miss my homies and your mama cry
Late night you’re my boo thing, yeah
You’re my…with the blue thing, yeah
All praise to the most high leader
Dipped off in the heels

(Chorus – April George)
Girl you’re gone now
And oh baby
Don’t call me, don’t call me no more
Girl you’re gone now
And oh baby
Don’t call me, don’t call me no more

(Verse 2 – Goldlink)
Went back to the homeland
Had to tell the ni**as what I did in your hometown
Everybody know we probably woulda made it last
But there you go, started tripping never hit me back
Real ni**a went back to the pimping
Started getting groovy with the women I was hitting
Got a gold chain and a nose ring
And a new watch, no tick but I always been a thug
Black boy with a black fade, yeah
Got that when you did things
You was f**king and you did dirt too
We was talking but you never hit my phone booth
Moved up and I feel good s**t
Roll palm trees and I made a hand for ya
Billboards around the city with your face on it
But they ain’t never really know what you been through
Stay dancing where the hoes at, huh?
Why your homies gotta go down, huh?
I ain’t trip when I see you…dance at a show back in Feb
You trip but we don’t talk much
Girl you got me f**ked up
Real ni**a gotta get it when he f**ked up
Fake ni**as like a new man
Just a little side joint
Always been a side joint
Alright joint

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Sonia – Now I’m Without You letras

September 30, 2016


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Now I’m without you
Or why did I doubt you
You’re the one for me

In my mind I thought I saw it
You cheating on me
Oh, I was suspicious and I felt the pain
My jealousy rising
I pushed you away

Wait for me
I’ll never know why you said goodbye
Wait and see
Don’t you know things could be better
If only we’d try

Now I’m without you
Oh, why did I doubt you
You’re the one for me
Forever and ever
Now I’m without you
There’s something about you
That’s a part of me
You’re all that I need

Like a fool I didn’t see it
Your love was for me
Don’t make me come begging
I’m out in the cold
I miss you so badly
I need you to hold

Wait for me
I let you go now I paid the price
Wait and see
‘Cos you know things will be better
It won’t happen twice

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Oh, we used to be so close
And it’s the nights that hurt the most
Now I gotta say that those were the days
Why can’t we be back there again

Repeat Chorus to fade

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