Snoop Dogg Commends Trump For Pardoning His Pal Harry O Founder Of Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg is commending the Trump administration for pardoning Harry O.

While President Trump is on his way out of office, he is getting praises from veteran rapper Snoop Dogg for one of his last acts as POTUS. According to reports, the White House granted clemency to former Death Row executive Michael “Harry O” Harris, who has been serving a prison sentence for cocaine trafficking, murder, and more since the late ’80s. Snoop has reportedly been quietly lobbying the White House to grant the pardon on behalf of his friend for some time, and his efforts were not futile as Trump evidently made it happen before he took his leave.

During a discussion with other prison reform advocates on Zoom, Snoop spoke briefly about “the great work” the president and his team did in aiding Harry O’s release. Advocates Alice Johnson and Weldon Angelos, who were previously granted clemency in their cases as well joined Snoop for the chat. Johnson relayed that she received a call from the White House confirming that Harry O was granted the pardon. “God is good!” Snoop rejoiced.

The rapper went on to salute the outgoing president’s efforts saying, “That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out.” He continued, “They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what they did.” Though a previous critic of Trump and his administration, Snoop believes that God was working through the soon-to-be-former president in this case. “It is amazing what the work of God can actually bring to life to make people understand that there is a God,” the rapper added.

Michael “Harry O” Harris is a co-founder of Death Row Records who invested a large sum in the outfit soon after Suge Knight formed it with Dr. Dre and D.O.C. With his $1.5 million investment, Harry O became a silent partner of Death Row. He was arrested in 1988 and was convicted of murder, attempted kidnapping, and cocaine trafficking. Harris was originally slated to be released from prison in 2028. This pardon means his conviction will be overturned, and he will be released seven years sooner than initially ordered.

50 Cent Says Trump Offered Him $1 Million For Endorsement, Says Lil Wayne Was Paid

50 Cent says Lil Wayne was paid to support Trump.

Just before the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump threw a hail mary at black celebrities in an attempt to win over black voters and it looks like Lil Wayne caught it. The rapper was photographed in the White House with the president after a sit-down meeting where they reportedly discussed Trump’s agenda and the “Platinum Plan” which Wayne endorsed on social media along with the Trump campaign itself.

While many were surprised to see Tunechi supporting POTUS, 50 Cent apparently believes he knows all too well what it took to get the Young Money rapper there based on his own personal experience. Fifty has gone from trolling Lil Wayne over the viral photo of him and Trump, to straight-up accusing him of accepting money for it. During a new virtual interview on the Breakfast Club, Fifty says that Wayne was “definitely” paid for the visit.

According to Fifty, he was once offered half a million dollars to appear at Trump’s poorly attended inauguration. While he took it under advisement, the offer was increased to $1 million. Fif says he eventually turned it down on the basis of having no idea how he would recover from a move like that. When he was asked about Lil Wayne’s recent visit and endorsement of the Trump administration, Fifty said it was no different from when they tried to get him in 2017.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Easily, he got paid,” said Fifty about Wayne collecting that check. “He had the sweater and the picture,” the rapper added about the photo of Trump and Lil Wayne. Mind you, Fifty already let his thoughts on that photo be known when it first came out right before the election. “oh no WAYNE,” he wrote on Twitter. “I WOULD HAVE NEVER TOOK THIS PICTURE.”

I guess now we know what he meant by “never,” like not even for a million dollars never.

Statik Selektah – Put Jewels On It (feat. Run The Jewels)

[Intro: El-P]
Hey, Statik
Give me a [?], like 2—woo—
Like 2AM

[Verse 1: El-P]
I came up on some brain-blown-full-of-smoke, living-in-a-Terrordome, that-kid-born-to-kill-a-king-with-my-hand shit
Put ’em up, runners run amok, gonna gun ’em up
Sun ’em up, what a run of luck, I’m a ton of fun
Fuckers wanna run it up, stunna runner up
I’m a number 1, wake up with the sun, thinkin’ make a buck
What a clutch, every buck he touch getting crumpled up
Suck it up, fold the fuckers guts ’til he double up
Double down, dummies get a crown when I’m in the dust
Dead and done so that he delayed baby, wait baby
This is not a drill, baby, Jamie is a thrill
$100,000 bill, y’all, all laws get the deal
What are [?]
I don’t bow to Zod or no man, what
Roll me like you POTUS in an ocean made of klan nut
And Mikey, most of these soldiers are simply so-called
The holster they holding is empty
The toaster that they imagine they venting
And putting holes in their enemies simply doesn’t exist
We buffalo run ’em off cliff

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Look at Mikey flow, look at Mikey go
Look at Mikey, Jamie making milli like nobody know
Mikey he went maniac like Wayne when he went Wayne-iac
And did a milli but I been this silly, really
And you motherfuckers really know that you’ve been really feel me
But you hid emotions, so I know you fuckers really fear me, fear me
Fuck your coulda shoulda woulda stooda stutter
I’m a mother-fucker, ask your baby mother, mother fucker music, boy
Talking jheri curl greasy, boy
Nigga with an attitude, Westside Atlanta, young Eazy, boy
I [beat] your girl, flapjack flat flapback black flow flipper flap flap
Take that, I don’t argue, oh nigga
Get nervous in my old age [?] nobody
Make your self [?] take a shot [?]
I only trust Jamie, I don’t trust nobody
And if you fuck with him, bullet holes in yo’ body

[Sample: “Lie, Cheat, & Steal”]
Who really run this?
Banging on my adversaries
Like who really run this?
The bright lights of fuckery stuck in me, automatic
Who really run this?
Violence might be necessary
Who really run this?
The bright lights of fuckery stuck in me, Statik

Who want it? Put jewels on it
Who want it?
Who want it?
Who want it? Put jewels on it
Who want it?
Who want it?
Put jewels on it
Put jewels on it