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Will Smith – Icon (Reggaeton Remix) lyrics

(feat. Jaden Smith & Nicky Jam)

[Verse 1: Jaden Smith & *Nicky Jam*]
I am not a Mayan, I’m a menace (menace)
It’s wild, you can lie like a professor
I don’t got the time to put you on the stretcher (stretcher)
I am here and I’m still flexing (flexing)
*Y yo sé que muchos no lo entienden* (woo!)
*Porque Nicky tiene lo que tiene* (woo!)
*Cuáles son los duros, dime quiénes* (woo!)
*Tú te haces el loco, te conviene*

[Hook: Jaden Smith & *Will Smith*]
I am just an icon living, living
I-I-Icon living (woo)
I am just an icon living, living
I am just an i- (uh uh uh)

[Verse 2: Will Smith}
Boy, you know why you was an icon living? (woo)
You was born from an icon living (woo)
Messed around and married me an icon living
Tequila, then we made some icon children (woo)
You was raised in an icon village
Worked hard and raised the icon ceiling
One day I’ma hand you all the icon billing
And bounce, I’ma be an icon chilling
Por eso, [?]
No quiero que me hables de fracaso
Tu pon lo que me quieres que yo arrasó