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Brisbane man jailed for life for murdering pregnant teenager


A 65-year-old man has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering pregnant teenager Tiffany Taylor.

Key points:

  • Tiffany Taylor’s body has never been found
  • Killer Rodney Williams was previously convicted of an elderly woman’s murder in 1978
  • The jury heard Ms Taylor’s blood was found in Williams’ car

Rodney Williams had pleaded not guilty to the murder of the 16-year-old, who went missing after meeting him at Waterford West, south of Brisbane, on July 12, 2015.

Ms Taylor’s body has never been found.

Williams will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years in jail.

During his sentencing, the Supreme Court in Brisbane heard Williams had previously been convicted of the murder of an elderly woman in Tasmania in 1978. He was sentenced to life in prison for that crime.

The court heard he had punched his elderly neighbour, then stabbed her in the back during a robbery.

Williams was also convicted for the indecent assault of a girl in 1994.

‘You preyed on her’

In sentencing him for Ms Taylor’s murder, Justice Ann Lyons said the teenager was “clearly defenceless”.

“Ms Taylor’s life had value,” Justice Lyons said.

“She was excited about her pregnancy, she was close to her sister, and her diary reveals her plans for the future.

“As her family said, she was underneath it all a naive young girl.

“There can be no doubt you preyed on her.

“Only you will know what transpired that afternoon but the conclusion is she died at your hands.

“You showed her no respect after she died. You simply discarded her and then you continued your life as normal.”

The Supreme Court jury in Brisbane deliberated for about eight hours before finding him guilty.

Killer created ‘false digital trail’

During the trial, crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy QC told the court Williams murdered Ms Taylor after meeting her for a paid “sexual liaison” on the day she went missing.

The jury was shown a chain of message exchanges between the pair, in which Williams said he had $500 to pay.

The court heard that before she went missing Ms Taylor was regularly using a website to meet men for paid sex, and she had threatened several men who refused to pay her.

In his closing address, Mr McCarthy told the court Williams repeatedly lied to police.


Rodney Williams pleaded not guilty to the murder of the 16-year-old. (Supplied: Queensland Police Service)

He said Williams sent Ms Taylor a message hours after meeting her on July 12, 2015, which read: “Sorry I didn’t turn up. Decided I wasn’t going to pay for it.”

“The first thing he’s done is to create a false digital footprint, a false digital trail denying any physical contact with that girl,” Mr McCarthy told the court.

“A pretence to the world that he’d never met her. A pretence to the world that he thinks she’s still alive.

“It is a false story.

“Indeed, as we learned, his story simply got worse and worse and was full of logical inconsistency in which he was, demonstrably, an unconvincing liar.”

During the trial, the court heard Williams told police he met Ms Taylor but had not had sex with her, instead saying he drove her to Redbank Plains where she got out of the car at traffic lights.

In a later police interview, Williams changed his story, telling officers he dropped the teenager at a truck station on the Warrego Highway where two men were standing, the court heard.

The prosecution alleged Williams tried to flee interstate after being contacted by police to arrange a second interview in August.

“He [Williams] goes down to Roma Street station, he had packed up all his worldly belongings and that wasn’t done in haste,” Mr McCarthy told the court.

Teenager’s blood found in car

The prosecution argued Williams drove Ms Taylor to an industrial estate at Larapinta for about 20 minutes, when he had “plenty of opportunity” to kill her.

The jury heard Ms Taylor’s blood was found in Williams’ car.


Tiffany Taylor was last seen on July 12, 2015 leaving a hotel at Waterford West. (Supplied: Queensland Police Service.)

Williams told police he noticed Ms Taylor had a nosebleed when she entered his car.

In his closing argument, Williams’ defence lawyer Eoin Mac Giolla Ri said there was evidence Ms Taylor’s older partner, Gregory Hill, was violent.

During the trial, the court heard Ms Taylor moved out of home when she was 12 to live with Mr Hill, who was 38 at the time.

“The ultimate lie is from Greg Hill, ‘I don’t remember where I was on the 12th of July,'” Mr Mac Giolla Ri told the court.

“There’s only one possible reason for telling that lie, and that is because telling the truth about it would show him to be a murderer.”

Crown prosecutor Mr McCarthy said there was evidence that Ms Taylor intended to return to the hotel room she shared with Mr Hill, and that Mr Hill was very upset when she went missing.

“No matter what he did, she loved him. It seems to be the resounding thing here,” Mr McCarthy told the court.

The defence argued the police investigation was inadequate, and that officers had not had an open mind to other suspects.

Mr Mac Giolla Ri argued that what Williams said in his police statement and interview, as well as the supposed false trail, could all be explained if he in fact had sex with Ms Taylor and was concerned she might have been under age.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

‘Please pray for us’: Potentially deadly brown snake bites Darling Downs man several times

Vale View 4358

A Darling Downs man is in a critical condition in a Brisbane hospital after he was bitten by a venomous brown snake on a property at Vale View, south-west of Toowoomba.

Key points:

  • Roger Taylor was working on his property when he was bitten
  • He has undergone surgery to relieve pressure on his brain
  • Carol Taylor has urged people to be on the lookout for snakes as weather conditions change

Roger Taylor, whose wife Carol Taylor is the Toowoomba Regional Council’s Deputy Mayor, was bitten by the potentially deadly snake while moving bird netting on Friday night.

Ms Taylor, who was not home at the time, said her husband first thought he had been scratched.


Carol Taylor said the snake she later found was more than a metre long.

“He’s gotten cranky with it [the netting] and picked it up to throw it out of the way, not realising that there was a snake entwined in it and it’s bitten him I think four times,” she said.

The 76-year-old then drove 30 minutes to Toowoomba to attend a friend’s birthday dinner where he collapsed and hit his head.

Ms Taylor said she found a snake more than one metre in length tangled in the netting the next morning.

Mr Taylor was treated at the Toowoomba Base Hospital but had to be airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane when his condition deteriorated.

Ms Taylor said “the good news” is the venom has left her husband’s body, but he remains unconscious due to the head trauma.

He has undergone surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

“How he wakes up, if he wakes up, those sorts of things, we ask people please to pray for us. It could be weeks; it could even be months,” she said.

The couple’s son has travelled from Italy to be by his father’s side.

Ms Taylor praised the professionalism of hospital staff and the LifeFlight rescue crew and thanked the Toowoomba community for its support.


A brown snake bit Mr Taylor. (ABC)

She also urged people to be on the lookout for snakes as the dry weather forces more of them to seek out food and water and escape the hot conditions.

In a Facebook post, Ms Taylor’s colleague, councillor Bill Cahill, said the Deputy Mayor had been “overwhelmed” by the kindness shown already.

“Carol asked us to thank everyone for [their] prayers and said it has helped [so] much, the family are very appreciative,” he said.

“After the operation last night they now [have to] wait until doctors review [the case] and make decisions about [the] next steps.”

External Link:

Facebook post by bill cahill: Our thoughts and prayers are with Roger Taylor today.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

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