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Gold Coast after-school care worker tests positive to coronavirus after working while sick

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A worker at an after-school care program on the Gold Coast has tested positive for coronavirus, forcing all students to self-isolate for a fortnight.

Helensvale State Primary School has written a letter to parents saying the employee of YMCA Helensvale returned the positive result on Friday and was at work on Wednesday.

“It is understood that they had some sign of illness in the days prior,” the letter, obtained by the ABC, said.

All students and staff must now be quarantined, and the centre is expected to be closed for the rest of the term.


Helensvale State Primary School, where the YMCA runs the after-school program. (ABC News: Kate McKenna)

Qld COVID-19 snapshot

  • Confirmed cases so far: 221
  • Deaths: 1
  • Patients tested: 29,867

Latest information from Queensland Health.

The school will remain open, on advice of Queensland’s chief health officer, the letter said.

“I wanted to make this information available to all families as soon as possible so that you can be alerted to your own child’s health over the coming days,” the letter said.

Federal and state authorities maintain there is no need to close schools at this stage, although more than 100 other countries have.


The school was being washed-down after one staffer at the YMCA Helensvale tested positive to COVID-19. (ABC News: Kate McKenna)

Health Minister Steven Miles said the Helensvale case was one of 37 people diagnosed in the past 24 hours.

There are now 221 positive results in Queensland, which is the third highest tally in the nation.

Mr Miles said the staff member had been working for some days.

“It underlines the message, we all have a responsibility to one another, if you’re unwell and in contact with a lot people, you should seek medical advice,” he said.


Helensvale State School will remain open, despite the case at its after school program. (ABC News)

Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young said the increase of 37 cases overnight was a similar level as the past two days.

She said all the country’s chief health officers are considering escalating travel restrictions, including domestic travel bans should the situation deteriorate.

“We are keeping it under control,” she said. “We are keeping it in hand.”

Brisbane, Logan libraries close, Gold Coast open

Brisbane City Council will close all 33 of its libraries from Monday until further notice.

For those who already have books out, loan periods will be extended to June 30 and book return chutes and bins will still be operating.


The Annerley library is one of the Brisbane libraries which will close. (ABC News: Kate McKenna)

If people wanted to loan books out on Saturday, they were able to get out 60 per person, instead of 20.

All nine Logan City Council libraries will also be closed by noon Monday, but on the Gold Coast libraries will remain open and people will be able to get out 40 items. Loan periods have also been extended.

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:

Parents stuck on cruise ship

The daughter of a Brisbane couple stuck on a cruise ship in the South Pacific is pleading with the Federal Government to bring her parents home.

Marcia Kretschmer said her parents, both in their 70s, left Sydney on the Norwegian Jewel more than three weeks ago.


The Norwegian Jewel cruise ship docked in Sydney on Valentine’s Day. (AAP: James Gourley)

The ship was supposed to disembark in Tahiti but it has been denied entry to several ports which have closed in response to coronavirus.

“If there is no other country that will accept this boat then I think it’s Australia’s responsibility to return them where they actually embarked on the journey,” she said.

The Foreign Affairs Department and the cruise line have been contacted for comment.

‘Stay home this weekend’

Residents are being told to stay indoors this weekend.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast.

It is now a requirement that all indoor venues have spacing of four square metres per person, which equates to 25 people per 100 square metres.

Mr Miles said there were some reports last night that some pubs and clubs were not following the guidelines.

“If we work together, stick together, we will be able to keep more people out of hospital and more people alive,” he said.

Coffee vendor Sebestian Velasquez said unclear messaging from the government could be the reason people were still crowding together.


Unlike crowded scenes at Bondi Beach, people practiced social distancing at South Bank in Brisbane on Saturday. (ABC News: Julie Hornsy)

He worked on Saturday morning at the West End Markets in Brisbane.

“I think the information is a little scattered, people aren’t sure what they should or shouldn’t be doing,” he said.

Until stricter messaging is released, he does not think people will stay home.

“It’s human nature to not think that those rules [don’t] apply to you, or make exceptions when they don’t suit, so maybe until there is a clear line that is set out, stuff like this is going to keep happening.”


West End market on Saturday morning. (ABC News: Jessica Rendall)

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Thousands of home welfare checks after coronavirus cases are sent home


Health authorities have allowed some coronavirus patients, including Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, to return home for treatment instead of keeping them isolated in hospital.

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles said home treatment would become more common as more people were infected in a bid to free up hospital beds for critical cases.

“I am aware that a small number of the currently confirmed patients have been allowed to isolate themselves at home,” Mr Miles said.

Coronavirus update: Follow all the latest news in our daily wrap

“As we transition to seeing more cases, we would see more people receive their treatment at home.”

Mr Miles said health systems would be gradually moving towards home treatment for the virus.

“Most people, 80 per cent of people, would have very mild symptoms, something like a common cold,” he said.

“It’s entirely reasonable, it’s better for them, it’s better for our hospitals too, if we can treat them in their homes.”

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast.

The Australian Red Cross has already made more than 8,861 welfare calls to 3,406 people who have been self-isolating.

Mr Miles said most of Queensland’s infections had been mild.

“All of these cases are relatively mild,” he said.

“None are in intensive care at this stage.

“We’ve treated the early cases in hospital because we could, because we had that capacity.

“But also because it gave us an opportunity to observe the virus and observe how people responded to it.”

Doctors conduct home checks


Debbie Kilroy says she is being well looked after by doctors. (Supplied: Debbie Kilroy)

On Monday, prisoner advocate Debbie Kilroy and activist Boneta-Marie Mabo revealed they had tested positive for COVID-19 after being on the same plane as Mr Dutton.

Mr Dutton returned a positive result for the virus on Friday and was admitted to hospital in Brisbane.

He told Sky News on Monday that he had since been able to return home and is self-isolating after his family moved to a friend’s house.

Ms Kilroy and Ms Mabo are also among the coronavirus patients being treated outside hospital.

“We are not being hospitalised as there’s limited beds,” Mr Kilroy said.

“We are the first ones being quarantined in community.”


Boneta-Marie Mabo says its been difficult being away from family while in home-quarantine. (Supplied: Debbie Kilroy)

On social media, Ms Kilroy shared images of her home-quarantine treatment, which included checks from doctors wearing protective equipment.

“Day three in quarantine in our community … being well looked after,” she said.

“I feel quite unwell with flu-like symptoms.

What happens when a pandemic is declared
Coronavirus is now hitting Europe and the Middle East. Experts say we all need to start preparing for things to get worse.

“Don’t risk your health cause (sic) the virus is vicious.

“Self-quarantine and take care everyone.”

Ms Mabo said the hardest part of being in home quarantine was having to stay away from her daughter.

“It’s quite distressing, it’s been hard,” she said.

“There is no treatment for this, so we’ve just been keeping our fluids up, eating healthy, doing what we can to stay healthy in the situation.”

Actor Tom Hanks, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week, was discharged from the Gold Coast University hospital in the last day.

His wife Rita Wilson remains in the isolation ward.

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