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SA Liberal MP apologises over inappropriate behaviour at Christmas party

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Liberal MP Sam Duluk has apologised for inappropriate behaviour following a sexual harassment complaint by a female crossbench MP.

Key points:

  • SA Best MLC Connie Bonaros yesterday revealed she had made a sexual harassment complaint against another MP
  • Liberal MP Sam Duluk has apologised and stepped down as a committee chair
  • Labor says the penalty is not enough

Mr Duluk will resign his position as presiding member of the Economic and Finance Committee.

SA Best MLC Connie Bonaros revealed yesterday she had made a complaint following an alleged “slapping” incident at a Christmas party at Parliament House.

Mr Duluk apologised via Twitter.

“I wish to publicly apologise to Ms Bonaros and anyone else who was offended by my actions at a Parliament House Christmas party,” the Member for Waite said.

“I’m deeply sorry for any actions that have caused offence.

“I have apologised to Ms Bonaros.

“I have spoken to the Premier and have advised him that out of respect for the Parliament, its staff and my colleagues, I will be tendering my resignation as presiding member of the Economic and Finance Committee.”

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Committee chairs receive extra pay above an MP’s base salary.

‘Very significant penalty’

Premier Steven Marshall said Mr Duluk decided to resign his position after a discussion between the pair.

“This type of behaviour is completely and utterly unacceptable,” Mr Marshall said.

“Sam Duluk recognises this.

“He deeply regrets the actions of late December.

“He has apologised and now he has received the penalty.”

He said it was a “very significant penalty” but he did not need to resign as an “excellent Member for Waite” because of his “error of judgment”.

Labor wants Premier to take more action

Labor deputy leader Susan Close said Mr Marshall needed to do more.

“This Liberal MP has clearly sexually harassed a woman in the workplace,” Dr Close said.


Connie Bonaros was elected in 2018. (Twitter)

“Connie Bonaros is a woman of integrity and that is what she has stated has happened.

“The Premier should remove this person from all public roles and should be publicly condemning this activity.

“It is unacceptable in today’s day and age for someone in a workplace to slap another person and for a person to speak inappropriately and behave in a sexually inappropriate manner.”

Ms Bonaros has been contacted for comment.

Yesterday, she said she had taken legal advice in relation to the matter.

“All women should feel safe in their worksite,” she said.

“All men should understand that their harassing conduct can have a terrible impact on how safe women feel at work.”

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

BONES – Knock On Wood Lyrics

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Popcaan Eyes Major Investment In St. Thomas

Popcaan has his eyes set on a major investment in St. Thomas, a move he hopes will drive development in the rural Jamaican parish.

Last month, the Unruly Boss met with St Thomas, Member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas Dr Fenton Ferguson where the two discussed the bad roads in the parish and the need for development. A rep for the dancehall star told Dancehall HipHop that he plans on not just talking but take action and is planning to use his own money to invest in the community.

“We have a number of ideas that we are planning to act on and so far we are getting outside investors interested in our mission,” his rep said. “Poppy spoke in depth with the MP and the two have agreed that the parish needs some development of infrastructure and business activity. It’s almost like St. Thomas is being left behind and this has been going on for years where we are neglected by politicians.”

Popcaan leads a protest last month in St. Thomas where he called for the government to fix the deplorable roads in the parish. “We have been trying to get the Government’s attention for a while now, and still no change,” Popcaan said. “St Thomas is a parish where we don’t have a lot of things, but right now, we’re just asking for the road.”