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Rain and up to five degrees Celsius are expected in Moscow on Sunday

Cloudy weather and light rain are predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Sunday, November 28, the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

During the day, the air temperature in the city will be from three to five degrees of heat. South wind at a speed of & nbsp; from five to ten meters per second. & Nbsp;

Atmospheric pressure & ndash; 739 millimeters of mercury.

Cloudy and light rain are also expected in Moscow on Monday night. Thermometer columns can drop to zero degrees.

East and southeast winds at a speed of & nbsp; from five to ten meters per second. & Nbsp; Atmospheric pressure will be 743 millimeters of mercury.

Recall that, according to forecasters, & nbsp; the warm front from the Eastern Mediterranean will retreat from the capital region on November 30, and a mild and snowy winter will come to Moscow on December 1.

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More than 20 flights were canceled and delayed in Moscow due to snowfall

About 20 flights have been delayed or canceled in three Moscow airports due to snowfall. This is evidenced by the data of the Yandex. Schedule & raquo;. & Nbsp;

As of 19:20 at Vnukovo three flights delayed and two canceled, to Domodedovo 13 flights were delayed and two canceled, at Sheremetyevo three flights were delayed. & nbsp;

RIA Novosti reports that Domodedovo airport periodically closes the runways for a short period of time to clear snow and de-icing.

It is specified that visibility in the airport area is within 500 meters, snowfall is accompanied by a crosswind. In the press service of Domodedovo noted that an improvement in weather conditions is expected after 22:00. Citizens planning a flight are advised to leave for the airport in advance.

Earlier it was reported that cloudiness, light precipitation and ice will be expected in Moscow on Thursday night.

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In Moscow and the Moscow region announced the yellow level of danger due to snow

Precipitation in the form of rain with sleet & nbsp; is predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Saturday, November 20, the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation reports.

ice '', – the message says.

During the day, the air temperature in Moscow will be from one to three degrees Celsius. West wind with a speed of & nbsp; from seven to 11 meters per second. & Nbsp; In some places its gusts can reach 15-20 meters per second.

In the capital of the Russian Federation and the Moscow region, a yellow hazard level has been declared due to weather conditions. It is expected that & nbsp; rainfall in the form of sleet and rain will end by 21:00 Moscow time. & Nbsp;

Atmospheric pressure, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, will be 724 millimeters & nbsp; mercury column. & Nbsp;

On Sunday night in Moscow it will get colder to minus one degree. Cloudiness, sleet and light precipitation in the form of rain and sleet are expected.

Atmospheric pressure – 731 millimeters of mercury. West wind with a speed of & nbsp; from five to ten meters per second. & Nbsp; In some places its gusts can reach 15 meters per second.

Leading employee of the meteorological center “ Phobos '' Yevgeny Tishkovets & nbsp; said that & nbsp; November 20 & nbsp; in Central Russia, up to a quarter of the monthly precipitation rate will fall. He explained that this will be one of the strongest wet snowfalls in 73 years.

In addition, the forecaster warned Muscovites about & nbsp; a baric precipice. & Nbsp; According to him, by noon Saturday, atmospheric pressure in the city will drop from about 736 to 716 millimeters of mercury.

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Penguins and planes of the Patriarch. 10 little-known facts about the head of the Russian Orthodox Church

November 20 marks the 75th anniversary of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia . It would seem that this man is always in sight, has done an unthinkable number of important things both for the Church and for Russia & ndash; he is always in sight, & nbsp; those interested in his biography know everything about him. & nbsp;

However, our correspondent from the Patriarch's press pool, which & nbsp; covered & nbsp; many of his trips and meetings, Yuli Tutin, & nbsp; tried to collect and tell the readers of “ Arguments and Facts '' several little-known facts about the Primate of the Russian Church.

Fact # 1. & nbsp; There is always time trouble around him.

To keep up with the Patriarch in his movements & ndash; an unthinkable business. How many times the journalists from the pool, seemingly running after the patriarch, lagged behind his corteges and did not get on the plane & ndash; Over the decades of hard work in the Church, always in a mode of absolute lack of time, the patriarch has developed a tough work schedule. And now & nbsp; the people who surround him are in & nbsp; constant, almost unbearable time trouble. His Holiness appreciates every minute and therefore tries to optimize his time as much as possible, filling all the free intervals. In a working residence in Moscow, in Chisty Pereulok, behind the main building, there is a small old kindergarten, where, on the recommendation of doctors, he made it a habit to walk. So & nbsp; he always calls someone from the staff of the patriarchate to discuss matters in parallel. At the exit to this kindergarten, there is now even a duty jacket for the people with whom he walks. & Nbsp;

Fact # 2. Loves sports.

When he was & nbsp; rector of the Leningrad Theological Academy and Seminary & nbsp; for the first time in the history & nbsp; of the Church & nbsp; introduced physical education lessons & nbsp; for future priests. & Nbsp; For many years he rode mountain and water skis. & Nbsp; Kirill also loves to swim, walks a lot, and interest in martial arts In 2014, when celebrations were held in Sergiev & nbsp; in Sergiyev Posad in honor of the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh, I met with teenagers – participants in the bike ride Nizhny Novgorod & ndash; Sergiev Posad, who brought from their homeland an icon depicting Sergius of Sarov and Sergius of Radonezh. The children gave the Patriarch a bicycle, & nbsp; and he promised to ride it. & Nbsp; And the head of the Russian Orthodox Church & nbsp; is a military pilot. He sat at the helm of the MiG-29 more than once, when in the 90s he mentored the Smolensk Air Fighter Regiment. & Nbsp;

Photo: Valaam Monastery

Fact No. 3. He writes the lyrics for performances.

Any participant in the Patriarch's trips to distant dioceses & ndash; and before the start of the pandemic, they were regularly & ndash; I have seen such a picture more than once. His Holiness nestled somewhere near the wall on a chair in the inner chambers of the next church he opened somewhere in northern Kagalym and was writing something down on pieces of paper. As people from His Holiness's entourage told reporters, despite the texts of sermons or speeches prepared by the referees, the Patriarch always rewrites them, adding from himself & nbsp; personal attitude and & nbsp; a lot of facts that even professionals have not dug up. & Nbsp; their main, large public texts and especially sermons he cooks himself. He is one of the few people who can speak well beyond a piece of paper. The Patriarch has an exceptional preaching talent. But behind every performance is his personal preliminary work.

Fact & nbsp; No. & nbsp; 4. Never signs anything without reading it.

& nbsp; U & laquo; AiF & raquo; there is one privilege surprising for the media – Traditionally, the Patriarch congratulates our readers on Christmas and Easter with a separate written address. Since the newspaper is signed in advance, the editorial board must receive the text ahead of time. And it is always & ndash; great excitement. & nbsp; The Patriarch never signs anything without reading it and more often than not & ndash; without correcting. He is very attentive to any printed word that comes from him, because he understands the responsibility that lies behind all these texts. After all, each text is, in any case, an appeal to a specific person. There can be no formalities in this appeal, and a person should not get the impression that this is a paper prepared by the referees, to which the signatory did not attach personal participation.

Fact & nbsp; No. & nbsp; 5. & nbsp; In childhood he loved oven.

During a trip to the Vologda diocese & nbsp; the patriarch met the children & mdash; wards of the social project “ I want a family. '' 11-year-old Dima Bystrov said that he and his new mother Anna Rudakova , sister and brothers love making donuts, and asked the patriarch if they had cooked such a dish with his mother … To which the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, laughing, said that in his time there were no donuts, but he made gingerbread often and with pleasure.

Fact No. 6. He maintains close ties with his family.

Patriarch & ndash; a monk, a person, by definition, deprived of the opportunity to have a wife or children. But this does not make him lonely. & Nbsp; He treats his relatives very humanly, maintains and maintains family relationships, never distances himself. & Nbsp; Despite being busy, he also maintains personal communication with them. The & nbsp; patriarch has relatives in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saransk. When the patriarch was in Mordovia, he met with very distant relatives in the house where his grandfather lived. & Nbsp;

Photo: Kremlin's official website

The Patriarch can also be called the spiritual brother of the current President of Russia. & nbsp; In the documentary film “ Patriarch '' Vladimir Putin told the story of his baptism. & nbsp; From it it turns out that in 1952 the Transfiguration Cathedral of Leningrad was baptized by his own father who served there as a priest & nbsp; the current patriarch Father Mikhail . Moreover, this curious coincidence surfaced only a few years ago.

Fact № 7. Absolutely does not know how to get tired.

Stand the whole service on his feet? Go through the 9-hour religious procession at a fast pace, when even the young fall from their feet? Hop out of the plane and have meetings all day? It's all about him. & Nbsp; In 2016, the Patriarch, after a 9-hour flight, spent & nbsp; at the Havana airport & nbsp; 2-hour meeting & nbsp; with & nbsp; Pope & nbsp; Rome & nbsp; Francis . The journalists accompanying the Rkskogo Patriarch fell off their feet, and the historic meeting did not end. Then for two weeks he traveled across America, got to Antarctica. The people around have already prayed & ndash; Isn't it time to return for a rest. But the Patriarch did not refuse the photojournalists and patiently posed with the penguins, who, by the way, were imbued with ardent love for Kirill, although the rest of the expedition members hissed.

Fact number 8. Almost died in a plane crash.

On the way back from that historic tour of Cuba-America-Antarctica, the engine in the plane in which the Patriarch and the accompanying journalists were flying. & nbsp; In the ensuing & nbsp; unexpectedly after the usual hum of engines, the silence & nbsp; The Patriarch continued to busily discuss the details of the next day's meetings & nbsp; with his press secretary. He was not only not scared, but showed everyone else how courageously one should treat any problem. One of our colleagues, who fell into the aisle in a frantic prayer for salvation, was forced to shake off her knees and continue to write news about the visit for her publication. & Nbsp;

Fact No. 9. & nbsp; 50 years could not visit alone temple.

In 2018, while visiting the & nbsp; Feropontov Monastery, entering the temple painted by Dionysius, the patriarch recalled a long story from his life. In 1969, he specially came to this distant monastery to see the frescoes. It was winter, and the museum employee categorically refused to let the then young priest into the church, referring to the fact that frost when opening the door could damage the painting. It so happened that he was able to realize his plans & nbsp; only & nbsp; almost 50 years ago.

Fact number 10. There are no close friends.

The patriarch & nbsp; a lot of people with whom he is pleased and interesting to communicate, he is always ready for a conversation, but he has no friends in our usual human understanding of the word. And & nbsp; he himself spoke about this more than once, there can be no friends in the sense that the head of the Church needs to be with those around him at the same, equal distance, so that there are no attempts to pressure. He sacrificed for the good of the Church his personal interests, affections, and communication habits. There are really no close people around him who could boast of the status of a “ friend of the patriarch. '' Although, of course, this does not negate the fact that the patriarch has many good and good friends with whom he has maintained warm relations for decades.

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Yerevan asked Moscow for military assistance after battles with Azerbaijan

Due to the shootout on the border with Azerbaijan, Yerevan appealed to Moscow to defend the sovereign territory of Armenia in accordance with the 1997 bilateral agreement

Due to the shootout on the border with Azerbaijan, Yerevan appealed to Moscow with an appeal to defend the sovereign territory of Armenia in accordance with the 1997 bilateral agreement, said the Secretary of the country's Security Council Armen Grigoryan, reports the News.am portal. While this is an oral statement, it will be followed by an official written appeal.

“ Since the attack was on the sovereign territory of Armenia, we appeal to Russia within the framework of the agreement between the two countries from 1997 with an appeal to protect the territorial integrity of Armenia , in the logic of the implementation of mutual obligations '', & mdash; said Grigoryan.

To protect the territorial integrity, Armenia also uses the mechanisms of the CSTO, he added. According to him, “ if we cannot resolve the crisis with existing structures, Armenia will have to turn to other structures, that is, other international partners. ''

The exchange of fire began around noon on November 16 on the eastern borders of Armenia in the area of ​​Mount Tsitsernakar. The aggravation was preceded by mutual accusations of provocations between countries. The border skirmish, of which there were many over the past year, quickly developed into full-fledged hostilities with armored vehicles and artillery. The seriousness of the situation on the border was added by the call of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to his compatriots to be ready to “ defend the Holy Motherland. '' Explosions and gunfire can be heard even a few kilometers from the battle zone & mdash; from Goris, one of the largest cities in the Syunik region of Armenia.

Both sides quickly announced losses to each other. The Armenian side, even in the midst of the fighting, confirmed the presence of those killed and announced that the troops had left two combat positions. The Armenian Defense Ministry also posted a video of the battles & mdash; it shows that the battles are being fought with the use of technology.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, three hours after the start of the fighting, announced that panic reigns among the personnel of the Armenian army and a counteroffensive is underway. This is the most serious incident on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the end of the 44-day war.

On this stretch of the border & mdash; Syunik region of Armenia and Kelbajar region of Azerbaijan & mdash; skirmishes have been going on for half a year. The constant tension here is caused by the fact that the Kelbajar region, which was previously controlled by the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), after the war passed to Azerbaijan and where there was actually an administrative border between Armenia and NKR, an interstate border of two warring countries arose.

The first serious incident here happened on May 12 last year & mdash; then the Azerbaijani military entered the Black Lake region (Arm. Sev lich). Yerevan called the incident 'an encroachment on the sovereign territory of Armenia' and turned to both Moscow and the CSTO for help. Baku insists that it is impossible to say exactly where the new border lies between the two countries until its delimitation and demarcation is carried out, and for more than six months it has refused to withdraw its troops from the region.

< p> A year later, the parties failed to fully implement the provisions of the joint statement that ended the war. In particular, the countries could not agree on the defrosting of transport communications in the region, which would allow Azerbaijan to receive direct land communication with the autonomous Nakhichevan and further with Turkey through the territory of Armenia. By mid-November, a meeting of the leaders of the three states was being prepared & mdash; Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but now it has been postponed indefinitely, a Russian diplomatic source told RBC. According to the interlocutor from the Armenian side, now the atmosphere is “ unsuitable '' for this, and the conflict on the border has only worsened the situation.

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Investing in real estate – the pros and cons of investing + TOP-18 investment methods

Author Yakovleva Galina 57 min read Published 2021-11-16 Updated 2021-11-16 Hello, dear readers of the financial magazine “RichPro.ru”! Today we will talk about investing (investment) in real estate.

From this publication you will learn:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment;
  • Various options for investing in real estate;
  • Features of investment in construction;
  • How to start investing with a small amount of available funds.

In addition, at the end of the article you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

The article will be liked and will be useful both for those who are just looking for ways to invest their own funds and for experienced investors. Don't waste time, start reading. And perhaps in the near future you will take the first steps towards a successful real estate investment.

What are the main advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of investing in real estate, in which real estate it is better to invest your money, what are the ways to make a profit from this type of investment – about this and not only read further

1. Pros and cons of investing in real estate – the main advantages and disadvantages

Every adequate person thinks about profitable investments. It is important that investments save money from the detrimental effects of inflation . At the same time, it is desirable that the invested funds work, bring additional income.

Investment instruments used over a long period of time will help to achieve the above goals. At the same time, it is important that they have minimal risk and be very promising. This is exactly what real estate investments are like.

The need for housing in humans arose many years ago and has survived to this day. She will not go anywhere in the future either. Therefore, real estate will always be in demand, which means it is an excellent investment tool .

Moreover, such investments represent a perfectly acceptable option for doing business. For this it is not at all necessary to have huge sums of money. You can still invest in real estate at the initial stage of construction . In addition, there is an opportunity to become a member of a housing cooperative by buying a share in it.

Like any other financial instrument, real estate investments have both pluses , and cons .

Among the advantages (+) of this type of investment are the following:

  • constant profitability for a long period, for example , by renting out the purchased property, you can make a profit for many years;
  • relative availability of investments;
  • real estate has a fairly high liquidity (under certain conditions);
  • a wide range of investment options.

Despite the significant advantages of investing in real estate, they, like all existing investment options, are subject to risk.

The main disadvantages (-) of such investments are:

  • demand for real estate is in a rather tangible dependence on the economic situation in the country as a whole and in a separate region in particular;
  • prices for real estate are quite high;
  • in small towns, the demand for real estate is quite low level;
  • high additional costs – utilities, repairs, taxes.

Moreover, there is also the possibility of force majeure . It happens that the price of a property falls sharply due to compelling circumstances. For example , apartments in an ecologically clean area will become cheaper if a factory or a busy road is built nearby. As a result, the investor will not only earn nothing, but it is also possible to lose part of the money invested.

To avoid most of the problems, it is important to preliminary analysis . It compares possible options for investment and examines various factors and circumstances that may affect the value of real estate.

Popular options where it is profitable to invest

2. What real estate is it profitable to invest in – 8 popular options + comparative table

Investment experts believe that investing in real estate is much less risky than trading on the stock exchange, investing in startups and businesses. The explanation is simple: real estate very rarely gets cheaper.

It is most profitable to invest in real estate in large cities. This is especially true for residential premises. At the same time, there is a direct relationship: the larger the city, the more profitable it is to invest money in real estate. This fact is connected, first of all, with the difference in liquidity for it in different cities.

But it is important to understand that in each locality you can find your own suitable real estate for investment. To get the maximum profit, you should conduct a thorough analysis of all existing areas and choose the most profitable of them.

Option 1. Residential real estate

This option is most accessible to private investors . The risk of investments in residential real estate is minimal.

There are two ways to make money on the purchase of residential real estate:

  • purchase for the subsequent resale at a higher cost;
  • purchase for renting .
  • In any case, buying an apartment, it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

    • location – in a prestigious, residential or student area, ecologically clean, remote from the city center;
    • < strong> layout of premises , including the presence of a balcony, combined or separate bathroom;
    • condition – availability and quality of repair;
    • infrastructure – how far are kindergartens, schools, clinics, public transport stops, shops.

    In general, anyone can matter to buyers, even seemingly non-essential criterion:

    • view from the window;
    • floor;
    • neighbors;
    • contingent of the location area.

    To buy an apartment (or other residential real estate) as profitable as possible, you will have to search for it on your own , without the help of a realtor. However, it is important to check the purity of the transaction being made. We talked about how to do this and what you need to know when buying an apartment on the primary and secondary housing market in the last issue.

    Option 2. Commercial real estate

    This option is for more experienced investors … Small-sized office and retail space, as well as large-area buildings designed for warehouses, supermarkets, production workshops, are suitable for such investments.

    Such premises are invariably in high demand. A huge number of businessmen are looking for space for business and are ready to give their owner rent . Those who buy commercial real estate have to regularly receive profit from their investments.

    Rent is a classic option for generating passive income. The investor's profit in this case does not depend on the time spent on work.

    It is useful for an investor to know that when choosing commercial real estate as an investment object, you need to have a fairly large sum of money. Investments in this direction usually start from five seven million rubles.

    Option 3 . Land plots

    The purchase of a land plot requires less money than the purchase of an apartment or commercial real estate.

    There are a number of advantages of investing in land plots:

    • minimal level of the likelihood of fraud;
    • no repairs are required;
    • no payment utilities;
    • the buying procedure is easier than for other properties;
    • relatively low taxes;
    • simple registration;
    • no need to resort to the help of realtors.

    All land plots can be classified according to the purpose of use. For short-term investments with minimal costs are most suitable plots that are for construction . More long-term investments worth making in land intended for use in agriculture and industry .

    But there is also disadvantages of investing in land. First, , the state has tightened control to ensure that land is used as intended. In addition, , taxes on this type of property have recently been increased.

    Option 4. Suburban real estate

    Buying suburban real estate with the aim of its further resale is stable profitable business . This is especially true for large metropolitan areas due to the fact that more and more often their residents try to settle or have the opportunity to relax as far as possible from the city noise and dirty air.

    There are several options for investing in suburban real estate:

    • purchase of objects under construction;
    • investing in ready-made cottages;
    • purchase land plots intended for the construction of suburban real estate.

    The prospect of investing in suburban real estate increases over time. But when choosing an object for purchase, you should pay attention to its location, existing infrastructure and communications … Other factors that are important for creating comfortable living conditions may also be of great importance.

    Option 5. Real estate under construction

    Another investment option is investing in real estate under construction (new buildings). Despite the fact that the riskiness of this option is somewhat higher, but you can get significantly big profits.

    The explanation is very simple – a property under construction costs much less than on the secondary market. Therefore, if you invest at the initial stage, after the completion of construction, prices are likely to rise significantly. As a result, the investor will receive tangible profit.

    Risks when investing in real estate under construction are most often associated with the developer company. If it is unreliable, the risk of the following situations increases:

    • untimely commissioning of the property;
    • complete freezing of the construction site;
    • in case of illegal construction or lack of permits, complete demolition of the building is possible.

    That is why, before investing in real estate under construction, an investor needs to conduct a thorough analysis of the developer.

    In this case, it is important to study not only the reputation of the company, but also the following characteristics:

    • the time of the company;
    • the number of completed and commissioned objects;
    • whether there were any downtime during the construction process in the past, their duration and reasons.

    Read about how to buy an apartment from a developer in a new building (house under construction) in a special issue.

    Other investment options in real estate

    The above investment options are the most popular. There are other ways that are no less promising, and therefore also deserve attention.

    Option 6. Investments in parking spaces

    This type of investment is relevant for large cities . The amount required for investment in this case is relatively small. Parking spaces are constantly required by drivers, so the demand for their rental does not dry up.

    Moreover, fines for parking in prohibited places are constantly increasing, cars are increasingly taken away by tow truck. Therefore, parking will always be in demand. However, it is difficult in this case to predict the potential income, since there are no statistics on such investments.

    Option 7. Participation in real estate funds

    This refers to the purchase of shares of a fund investing in real estate.

    The advantages of this method of investing are the following:

  • real estate is not registered in the ownership of the investor, which is often very convenient;
  • professionals are directly involved in the investments. a certain basis for investing funds has been developed;
  • a high degree of diversification.
  • The above advantages allow the investor to be confident in a high return on investment.

    Option 8. Investing in overseas property

    Investing in real estate objects located in other states are usually considered a guaranteed investment. For example , residential real estate rarely depreciates, regardless of its location. Moreover, it can be regarded as an option for a future move. That is why most experts consider such investments a rather profitable option, not devoid of prospects.

    To summarize, let us summarize the methods described above in a table, excluding additional options for which there is little statistical data. This will make it much easier to compare them.

    Real Estate Investment Comparison Chart

    Yield level
    Investment Features

    1) Residential property

    Approximately 30 65 % over 3-5 years
    When purchasing a property for rent, you should expect long periods

    < em> 2) Commercial property
    Investments should be made for the longest possible period

    3) In the ground
    Minimum taxes

    Simpler purchasing scheme

    4) Suburban real estate
    Profitability is highly dependent on location and infrastructure

    5) To real estate under construction

    from 25 30 % for the duration of the project (from the excavation stage to the commissioning of the object)
    A fairly high risk of loss of funds in case of the wrong choice of the developer

    The table shows that real estate investments are long-term investment of money with a fairly high return. We talked about other ways where you can invest money to make money in one of our previous articles.

    Profitable schemes (methods) of investing in real estate

    3. Investing in real estate – TOP-18 ways to invest money

    By investing money in real estate, you can get income in many ways. Some of them are obvious, others are not familiar to everyone. Let's try to systematize the maximum amount of information about possible earning options.

    3.1. Investing in real estate for the purpose of generating income from renting it out – 12 ways

    One of the options is to buy a property and rent it out. In this case, there are several ways to generate income.

    Method 1. Purchase an apartment to rent it out

    This option is the most popular way to make money on real estate investments. Renting out an apartment will not be difficult, because there are a lot of people who want to rent an apartment. It is important that you can earn money on relatively inexpensive real estate objects – rooms in a hostel or even in an apartment. By the way, read about how to make money on an apartment in one of our materials.

    The advantage of this method is that there is no need to put in a lot of effort. It is enough to choose suitable tenants, sign an agreement with them and receive monthly money.

    However, this method also has significant disadvantages :

    • low profit;
    • if you buy an apartment using credit funds, it is unlikely that the rent will override the mortgage payment.

    Such disadvantages do not matter if the apartment did not have to invest money, for example , upon inheritance or privatization. If you buy real estate, in this way it will pay for itself for a very long time.

    Method 2. Acquisition of an apartment for the purpose of daily renting

    This way of making a return on real estate investment is more profitable. However, it requires quite a lot of effort: you will need to show the apartment almost every day, move out and move in new tenants, do cleaning, wash bed linen and towels.

    When renting an apartment for rent, it is important to choose the right tenants. Best of all, if they are tourists or business travelers … Such categories of citizens rent housing for a longer period – up to several weeks, since in any case it is more profitable than staying in a hotel. Usually such tenants behave calmly, and there are no problems with them.

    It is less preferable to rent an apartment to young people who want to have fun. This is fraught with complaints from neighbors, damaged furniture and repairs, smoke from tobacco smoke in the apartment.

    If an investor decides to rent an apartment for rent, you can advise him to take a deposit in the amount of the cost of living … This will become insurance against damage to any property. It will also be useful to make a copy of your passport.

    The advantage of this type of investment is a higher level of profit.

    shortcomings include:

    • the likelihood of damage to furniture and other property;
    • the need to frequently show the apartment, move in and evict tenants;
    • it is required to regularly clean and wash.

    Method 3. Purchase an apartment with subsequent hourly rent

    Experts call this way of renting the most aggressive . At the same time, he is able to provide maximum profit.

    With this option, residents will have to move in and out many times a day. Therefore, it is advisable to live or have an office next to the rented apartment.

    It is important to be prepared for the fact that neighbors may begin to express complaints about the fact that strangers constantly go back and forth on the site.

    There are several advantages of this rental method:

    • high profitability;
    • with properly organized advertising, there is a chance of renting an apartment almost around the clock.

    However, there are a number of disadvantages of this option:

    • the constant settlement of questionable persons can lead to damage to property;
    • it is necessary to be near the apartment at all times in order to regularly check in and eviction;
    • neighbors dissatisfaction;
    • too frequent bed linen change, as well as cleaning.

    Method 4. Buying an apartment for the purpose of organizing a hostel

    Hostel – a budget type of hotel, which is the provision of a bed for rent in a comfortable apartment.

    There must be a high-quality European-quality renovation and all the amenities necessary for living. At the same time, 10-12 beds can be located in an apartment. Most often, this option is chosen by people who have come on a business trip and tourists.

    Those who need to spend the night somewhere, but do not want to overpay for an apartment or hotel, usually stay in hostels. The prices here are much lower than with other rental options. They start from 500 rubles .

    Advantages of investing in hostels:

    • high income if it was possible to ensure permanent residence of clients;
    • even if some places are not occupied, the hostel will benefit from the large number of beds.

    Cons hostels:

    • at the initial stage, you need to make a luxurious renovation, which should be maintained at the proper level;
    • the cost of bunk beds;
    • claims from neighbors are possible;
    • will have to devote a lot of time to advertising, settling in, cleaning;
    • to be able to accommodate business travelers, you will have to register an individual entrepreneur, since they need documents for reporting.

    And, unfortunately, not so long ago a law was passed prohibiting the development of hostels in residential premises. Therefore, for the activity to be legal, you will have to buy commercial real estate .

    Method 5. Renting out the purchased townhouse

    Townhouse is a European variant of housing, the distinctive features of which are low number of storeys and maximum comfort of living.

    In addition, this type of housing is located far from densely populated areas of the city, there are few neighbors here. Most often, these are settlements located near the city, the outskirts of the city, woodlands.

    Renting townhouses stands apart from renting apartments, because it has its own characteristics. This option can combine daily, hourly and monthly rentals.

    The advantages of this method are:

    • the possibility of settling in tenants of high social status;
    • , if desired, the housing object can be re-planned by dividing into studios, and thereby increase the number of concurrent tenants.


  • stable profit;
  • you can reduce rental payments for a while in order to keep tenants;
  • a variety of rental options, for example, in parts;
  • the dependence of income on the size of the area, which can be hundreds or even thousands of square meters .
  • Among the minuses of commercial real estate as an investment object are:

    • difficulties in finding tenants on large areas;
    • during crisis situations, problems with renting are possible.

    Method 11. Redevelopment and division of the premises into separate isolated immovable objects of a smaller area for subsequent renting

    Basically this method is used to create several isolated residential real estate objects on the area of ​​one premises. In other words, an investor, having a one-room apartment , can divide it into 2 studios … As a result, the profit from renting in comparison with renting without changes increases by at least one and a half times.

    Apartments with one, two, three rooms, as well as cottages and a townhouse are suitable for redevelopment. Difficulties may arise with the legal conduct of such events. However, they can usually be resolved.

    The benefits of this method are increased profits by creating multiple isolated spaces.

    Disadvantages consist in the need for redevelopment and technically complex repairs, as well as in agreeing on the changes made.

    Method 12. Buying a garage, box or parking space for rent

    This option is suitable for investors, who want to invest in real estate, but do not have a large amount of money.

    Most often they buy garage boxes, parking spaces, including underground ones, as well as garages.

    < strong> The advantage of this method is the low level of price entry. In some regions, to acquire such real estate, it is enough to have about three hundred thousand rubles.

    A significant disadvantage is low profitability.

    3.2 … Investing in real estate for the purpose of further resale – 5 ways

    You can earn money by investing in real estate not only for rent, but also for sale. There are also several ways to do this.

    Method 13. Acquisition of a land plot for subsequent resale

    This is one of the easiest ways to invest. It is enough to buy a land plot, wait for the price to rise and sell it. At the same time, you do not need to invest large funds and efforts on its maintenance.

    In addition to resale, you can build a house, townhouse or cottage on the acquired land. The property can then be sold or rented .

    The advantages of this investment option are :

    • a large selection of land plots for various purposes;
    • if a subsequent sale is planned, a minimum of effort will be required.

    Disadvantages appear when the land bought for construction. In this case, additional efforts and financial costs will be required.

    Method 14. Purchase an apartment at the time of construction, and when the house is put into operation, sell

    When this way real estate (most often apartments ) bought in the early stages of construction.

    In this case, options are possible:

    • buy real estate at the very beginning of construction, when there is only a foundation pit or lower floors;
    • invest in later stages of construction.

    There is a direct relationship here. The earlier the property is purchased, the more profit you can get after putting the house into operation. In some cases, the investor's profit reaches up to 45-50% and more. But to get such an income, you need to buy an apartment at least a year and a half before the end of construction.

    It is important to take into account the high risk of unfinished construction, which is typical for our country. The chances of being left without an apartment are quite big. Therefore, the safest and fastest way to make a profit is buying an apartment in the last stages of construction .

    The advantages of this method are:

    • you do not need to search, move in and move out tenants;
    • income is closer to passive – it is enough to buy real estate at the construction stage, and when it is ready, sell it;
    • the profit is quite high, since real estate and materials are constantly growing in price.

    The disadvantage of this option is a rather high risk of unfinished construction.

    Method 15. Acquisition of an apartment in a deplorable state, finishing works and sale

    In the modern world, apartments are often occupied by the lower strata of the population, for example , alcoholics, drug addicts. Naturally, their housing is in a deplorable state . As a result, the apartment has disgusting plumbing, tattered walls, a terrible smell.

    There are other apartments suitable for this investment method. These are the so-called grandma's options – real estate in which retirees lived for a long time, who could not take care of it properly. Most often these include apartments in old buildings that have been in operation for several decades.

    Such apartments attract investors. They can be bought at a very low cost, having made repairs, and brought to a decent condition. After that, such an apartment can be sold at the average market price or even more expensive. ( We talked about how to quickly sell an apartment and what documents are needed to sell it in the last issue).

    You can also use this property for different rental options.

    The advantage of this investment option is that by selling such an apartment after renovation, you can get a substantial profit. Moreover, you can rent it out with regular passive income.

    The disadvantages of this method are:

      < li> the need for additional repair costs;
    • the demand for dysfunctional apartments is much higher than supply, many realtors are hunting for such real estate, so it can take a very long time to select an option.

    Method 16. Buying real estate pledged or under arrest at a reduced price for the purpose of subsequent resale

    In the process of lending, banks often take real estate as collateral. If the borrower is unable to pay the obligations assumed, the encumbered property becomes the property of the bank. Credit organizations often try to sell the former objects of collateral as quickly as possible, reducing their price as much as possible.

    The advantage of this investment option is the ability to purchase real estate at prices much lower than market prices.

    Among the disadvantages such an option can be called:

    • the complexity of the bidding procedure, it will take time to figure it out;
    • it can take a long time to find a suitable property;
    • it is necessary to regularly monitor announcements of such sale options;
    • such real estate can be bought only for cash, mortgage lending schemes are not applied here.

    Method 17. Building a house from scratch and selling it after completion

    This investment option is quite popular because land and real estate itself become more expensive over time. A house built independently will cost less than an apartment of the same area, and the difference can reach 100 %.

    With this option, there is practically no risk of unfinished construction. It lies only in the financial capabilities of the investor, which are better calculated immediately. Those who have construction skills and several assistants can significantly reduce the amount of investment.

    When building several houses at the same time, it becomes possible to save on building materials. In addition, the initial capital can be borrowed … There is a chance to get a mortgage for the construction of a country house.

    Most often they build houses and cottages . If you have a large amount, you can build a townhouse or even small houses of several apartments.

    There are several advantages of this investment option:

    • high profitability if successful;
    • the ability to use the house for their own purposes.

    Among the disadvantages can be called:

    • the investor must understand all stages of construction;
    • if the construction of a house is planned with the use of hired workers, he will have to independently monitor the progress of construction.

    3.3. Original (unusual) ways of investing

    In addition to the above schemes for earning income from renting or reselling real estate, there are other ways to make money on real estate investments. These could be unusual ideas like the one below.

    Method 18. Re-equipment of a sea container into a residential building

    For Russia, this type of suburban real estate is new . At its core, it resembles an ordinary change house, but comfortably furnished. Such a house is the most affordable option. You don't even need to build anything here. It is enough to install a container, make high-quality repairs, extend communications.

    When comfortable living conditions are achieved, in such a house you can live on your own or sell it … If there are highways located near the site, it is quite possible to rent out such a house .

    The cost of creating such a housing is low. Container you can buy used for about for 100,000 rubles . Repair work and communications will cost about 150,000 rubles . In principle, this is quite enough to get decent housing.

    It is curious that, if necessary in the future, such a house can be moved to a new location.

    For example at home. During the work, you can live in the house from the container. When the construction is completed and the work is transferred to another site, it will be possible to move the house there.

    If we talk about investor interest, a house from a container, if beautifully finished, is quite possible rent out … Of course, such rent is much cheaper than in a full-fledged house, but there will always be a demand for such housing. This is due to the fact that many people are looking for the cheapest options for living.

    This option is also suitable for those who buy land, but do not have the opportunity to start construction at the moment. In this case, you can place a house from a container on the land plot and live in it yourself. If you rent out such housing, you can save up for construction or pay off the loan taken for the purchase of land.

    The advantages of this investment option are as follows:

    • low cost of housing;
    • you can create a creative interior, unusual design outside the house.

    Disadvantage is that not everyone will agree to live in a house from a container. However, if you apply maximum imagination and make housing comfortable enough, there will be no end of tenants.

    Thus, there are a lot of ways to make money on real estate. When choosing the right one, you should focus on your preferences, as well as the available capital.

    Step-by-step guide for beginners and novice investors on investing in real estate

    4. How to start investing in real estate – 5 easy steps

    Regardless of which way of earning money is chosen, real estate investments should be consistent and prudent . This allows you to minimize the level of risk and maximize the resulting profit.

    It is important to adhere to a certain sequence so that investments are comfortable and safe.

    Step 1. Determine the level of financial capacity

    First of all, the investor must decide what amount of money he has . This is what determines what type of real estate money will be invested in.

    It is important to remember that you can only invest free funds that are not intended to pay for the vital needs of the investor.

    If the investor's capital is small, then you will have to choose from investments in land or housing during the construction phase. It is also worth considering options for increasing capital through borrowed funds and attracting co-investors.

    Step 2. Study proposals

    One of the most important stages of any investment is market analysis . The size of future profit depends on it.

    To make a really profitable acquisition, you need to spend a lot of time analyzing the current market situation.

    Those investors who are able to thoroughly study the trends and nuances of the market usually get really big profits.

    Step 3 . Choosing an object for investment

    It is important to choose the right property in which funds will be invested. Some high net worth investors prefer to invest in luxury housing and various exclusive ( for example , penthouses or apartments with terraces) . Such objects are much more expensive, but they also have higher liquidity. This is especially true for large cities.

    If you decide to invest in projects under construction, you should choose those of them, the construction of which is carried out in one stage . The cost of such housing is constantly increasing as new floors appear. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in such real estate as early as possible.

    In terms of profit margins, secondary market properties are less attractive to investors. But such housing can be bought on a mortgage and immediately rented out.

    Step 4. Buying a property

    At this step, it is very important to correctly and as cheaply as possible carry out the procedure for registering a property. Those investors who do not have sufficient experience in such purchases should seek the help of a lawyer or an experienced realtor … He will help you to correctly execute the transaction in accordance with the law.

    It is also important to remember about the tax nuances of the transaction . You should familiarize yourself with them in advance.

    Step 5. Making a profit

    To make a profit, it remains to resell or < em> lease purchased property. At the same time, the payback period depends on the objectives of the acquisition.

    For example if an apartment in a new building is resold, income will be received in 2-3 years . But do not forget that when selling a home that has been owned for less than 5 years, you will have to pay tax.

    Renting is a more long-term investment. Payback in this case will come only in 6-9 years . But at the same time, the investment risks are much lower. Moreover, the rented property will remain the property of the investor. It can always be sold if necessary.

    An investor must understand that by making investments consistently, moving from step to step, it is possible to significantly reduce the level of risk and increase profitability.

    Popular areas of investment in the construction of residential and commercial real estate + successive stages of competent capital investment

    5. Investments in real estate construction – 5 reliable options for investment + main stages of investment

    Investments in real estate under construction are very popular today. They are a great way to make money work. Therefore, it is so important to understand all the nuances and subtleties of this issue.

    5.2. What kind of construction is better to invest in – TOP-5 options + comparative table

    There are several different directions that allow you to invest money in real estate under construction. The choice depends on the experience of the investor , as well as the amount of the invested capital .

    Below are the five most popular and least risky investment options in construction.

    Option 1. Investments in housing (apartments) in buildings under construction

    This option is considered one of the most available investment methods, which have minimal risks. The purpose of such investments is long-term – to purchase a living space (apartment) during the construction phase, and when it is completed, sell or rent out .

    When choosing an object for purchase, it is important to consider the following indicators:

    • location – the distance to the nearest transport interchanges, public transport stops, metro stations;
    • the layout of the living quarters;
    • infrastructure – are there schools, kindergartens, large shops in the immediate vicinity ;
    • prospects for the development of the area in the future.

    It is also important to remember that small apartments with one or two rooms are in greatest demand on the market.

    Option 2. Cottages (private houses)

    Cottages traditionally include houses and summer cottages that are located outside the city. Such real estate can be quite profitable. The demand for cottages is especially high in large cities. Their residents strive to provide themselves with the opportunity to relax away from the bustle of the city, dust, noise and gas pollution.

    The most promising investment in cottages at the foundation stage is considered.

    When choosing an object for purchase, you should pay attention to several indicators:

    • the status of the area;
    • are there communications;
    • how developed is the infrastructure .

    Other parameters may also be important, on which comfortable living depends.

    Option 3. Hotels and hotels

    Experience of investors around the world allows us to understand that the payback period for such investments is about 4-6 years. These are very good indicators , especially since in large cities there is always a demand for high-quality living space on the part of visitors.

    Option 4. Production areas

    This method of investment is most suitable for those investors who already have experience in real estate. It is important to decide on the purpose of such an investment before purchasing the production space under construction.

    The following objects are in greatest demand in this option:

    • furniture factories;
    • food processing facilities under construction;
    • production of household chemicals and essential goods.

    For novice investors, it is best to invest in industrial real estate by using the services of professionals: mutual funds or management companies.

    Option 5. Investing in commercial real estate

    This is another option that is most suitable for fairly experienced investors.

    The following properties are considered commercial real estate:

    • retail premises – shopping centers, shops and supermarkets;
    • restaurants, bars and other catering establishments;
    • centers for entertainment, sports and education;
    • office and business centers;
    • warehouses, hangars, storage facilities;
    • agricultural premises.

    Investments in office and retail space are typical for megalopolises. They are in high demand from businessmen looking for space to rent. The owners of such objects, maintaining them in proper condition, receive a stable profit.

    It is renting that is considered the best way to make money on commercial real estate. This option is characterized by a large amount of initial investment and a long payback period (at least five years).

    The table below helps to compare investment options in construction:

    Type of property
    Investment Features
    Payback period

    1) Residential buildings under construction/new buildings
    If the property is rented out at the end of construction, the profit will increase, but the payback period will also be higher
    1 2 years

    2) Private houses, summer cottages, cottages
    It is important to consider the location and infrastructure of the area

    3) Hotel facilities
    A promising option for megacities and resort areas
    4 6 years

    4) Production areas
    Suitable for mutual funds, that is, collective investments
    8 10 years

    5) Commercial real estate
    Experience investing in real estate is desirable
    6 9 years

    The table shows that the most interesting option for a private investor is investment in construction housing , namely the purchase of apartments in new buildings for the purpose of resale.

    5.1. How profitable is it to invest in housing construction?

    The average construction time for a residential building is 2 years. During this time, the cost of residential premises in it increases by about by 45-75% .

    It is profitable for developers to attract funds from investors. This allows you to avoid bank loans and at the same time collect the amount needed to build a house. Therefore, at the start of sales, which usually falls on the earliest stages of construction, the cost of housing is minimal .

    Especially big difference in price is observed during the construction of microdistricts or rather large residential complexes. Such housing estates are being built in stages. Developers set the minimum initial cost of apartments in order to attract the first wave of buyers, as well as create a positive image.

    As a result, investing in real estate under construction, after putting the house into operation, you can get the amount twice the initial investment … The only thing that can alert investors is the risk that construction will be suspended or completely stopped.

    Gradually, over time, the cost of housing increases as construction progresses. Experts have found that the construction of each additional floor increases the value of the property by about 3 %. Therefore, the sooner funds are invested, the more profit will be received in the future.

    Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate under construction.

    Among the advantages (+) are the following:

    • high level of profitability and liquidity ;
    • reliability – housing rarely gets cheaper (especially in large cities);
    • a high level of supply, which means a large selection of real estate for purchase;
    • different ways to use the property in the future (resale or rent).

    It turns out that one successful investment deal can be profitable for many years. For example , having bought an apartment in a building under construction from a developer, an investor can rent it out in the future. As a result, he receives passive income , which is not limited by any time frame.

    This method of investment also has disadvantages (-). The main one is the fact that the demand for housing is determined by a huge number of factors. For example During the crisis, many do not buy apartments, having decided to postpone such an event indefinitely. And there is also a colossal risk that the construction of a residential building may be frozen (suspended) or stopped altogether due to the financial difficulties of the developer.

    But it is worth noting that most experts, comparing investments in real estate under construction with other investment methods funds, conclude that they are much less risky than, for example, playing on the stock exchange.

    Sequential stages of investment in construction

    5.3. How to invest correctly in construction – 5 main stages

    Any investor knows that investments according to a pre-prepared plan can increase the level of profit and minimize the riskiness of investments. Investments must be carried out consistently, in accordance with the developed strategy. There are five stages of this process.

    Stage 1. Choosing a developer

    A mandatory and important measure at the initial stage of investment in construction is developer analysis . It is important not only to find out the name of the developer, but also to clarify what his reputation is. Experts recommend investing only in those projects under construction that are being built by a well-known construction company in the city.

    When choosing a developer, it is important to consider:

    • reputation of the company;
    • how many objects the company has already put into operation;
    • reviews;
    • how experienced the company is in complex construction;
    • how many investors the developer has;
    • partnership with credit institutions (banks carefully choose who to cooperate with, conduct a thorough analysis and do not interact with developers who dubious reputation);
    • how carefully the developer complies with the legislation (the main regulatory act is the federal law 214 -FZ).

    В You can trust the following developers in Moscow and the Moscow Region:

    PIK Group Is one of the largest developers in Russia. The company was founded in 1994; it successfully implements large construction projects throughout Russia. Focuses on the construction of affordable housing. Over the years of activity, about 250 thousand apartments with an area of ​​15 million square meters have been built. m. It is one of the backbone enterprises in the Russian economy.

    А101 Development – the company has built about 500 thousand square meters. m. residential real estate, as well as more than 50 thousand – commercial . The developer is also building kindergartens and schools interacting with the budget. Cooperation has been established with several large banks in the framework of mortgage lending programs. The developer is included in the TOP-5 in the Moscow region and in the TOP-15 throughout Russia.

    Capital Group is a company that deals with a full cycle of construction activities from analysis of plots for construction to finishing of finished real estate. Completed 71 projects, resulting in the construction of 7 million square meters. m. of area. The company's facilities were named the best projects in Moscow and the Moscow region.

    Stage 2. Selecting an investment object

    Another important stage of investing in real estate under construction is selection of a suitable object . It is best to start from the area where the demand for residential premises is the highest.

    When choosing an object for investment, it is important to consider the following parameters:

    • infrastructure;
    • the proximity of public transport and metro stations;
    • other characteristics that affect the degree of living comfort.

    If you are planning to invest in commercial real estate, you should think about the final goal of the investor in advance. It will also be useful to draw up a professional business plan.

    Stage 3. Negotiation

    When the developer and the investment object are selected. You can start negotiating . It is important to understand that in accordance with the laws of our country, it is impossible to register the rights to real estate under construction.

    However, the investor has the right:

    • participation;
    • join a building cooperative;
    • register an investment deposit;
    • conclude a share contribution agreement.

    Experts advise staying on a share participation agreement.

    In addition to the method of registration of the agreement, the conditions for depositing funds are discussed … The main ones are the purchase in installments (payment in installments) and a one-time deposit of funds, but other options are possible.

    Stage 4. Studying the documentation

    All agreements entered into must comply with applicable law. It would be useful to check them with the help of an independent lawyer. Many people think that this is a waste of money. But it is not advisable to save on the security of transactions.

    Stage 5. Conclusion of the agreement

    The final stage of the transaction is conclusion of the agreement . Before signing the final agreement. It is important to carefully study all of its points.

    In this case, you should pay attention to:

    • when it is planned to finish construction;
    • what are the terms of termination;
    • the price should be fixed, there should be no conditions on the basis of which it will change;
    • penalties in case of violation of the terms of the contract should be prescribed for each party;
    • force majeure .

    It is important to approach the acquisition of real estate under construction with the utmost care and responsibility. It is important to remember that there are risks that can be mitigated by strictly following the sequence of investment stages.

    5.4. How to make money on investments in construction – TOP-3 working ways

    An investor should know what methods of earning on the purchase of real estate under construction are the safest and most proven.

    Method 1. Renting out

    The rental income represents a long-term investment . But this option has a stable level of profitability.

    The payback period in this case exceeds five-six years. But do not forget that the premises in any case remain the property of the investor.

    In large cities, there is a demand for rent of various types of residential real estate : luxury apartments for a day, rooms located in dormitory areas, studios for young families, etc.

    Taking into account commercial real estate , it can be noted that the demand for it from entrepreneurs is also consistently high. Premises located in business and shopping centers are especially popular in large cities. The only drawback of commercial space is the need to invest rather large sums of money .

    To buy a apartment , usually 1.5 is enough – 2.5 million rubles. If you plan to invest in commercial real estate , you will need about 2-3 times a large amount.

    Method 2. Acquisition of an apartment under construction for sale after commissioning

    If you purchase a property under construction for resale, you can recoup your investment quickly enough – already after 1 2 years . The sooner the construction of the facility is completed, the more interesting it is for investors. Particularly lucky investors receive income in one year in the amount of 100 % of the invested funds.

    It is important to evaluate other possible options. It is possible to make quality repairs in the finished apartment. As a result of such actions, its value will increase by about a quarter.

    Method 3. Participation in collective investments

    Investors who are looking for the safest options for investing in real estate under construction can be advised cooperate with resellers . In this case, you can become a member of a professional investment project without buying real estate at all. To do this, it is enough to join a collective investment fund and receive income as a shareholder.

    There are several reliable funds operating in Moscow and the region that invest in real estate. Including those under construction:

    E3 Investment – here the minimum amount to enter is 100 thousand rubles. When the profit is guaranteed at the level of 25-90 percent. All investments in the fund are insured. The investor can independently choose the payback period of the invested funds from six months to two years … Investors' money is invested by professionals in highly liquid real estate, the investor only needs to make a profit. This option represents passive earnings with a guaranteed profit and a minimum level of risk . The company provides information support, as well as free consultations for investors.

    Sminex – the company invests in finished apartments, as well as objects at the construction stage. The company builds houses itself; as an additional service, investors receive apartment renovation … In addition, the company takes care of finding tenants. The company builds cottages, residential buildings, commercial facilities. Experts call the indisputable advantage of the presented organization the focus on achieving high quality of the real estate under construction, as well as their safety during operation.

    Thus, there are several ways to make money on the real estate under construction. They differ not only in the level of profitability, but also in the efforts required from the investor.

    5.5. 4 main risks when investing in real estate under construction

    Any investment involves the risk of losing your investment. To minimize the likelihood of losses, you should study in advance what schemes are used by fraudsters in the real estate industry, what to fear when investing in construction.

    Risk 1. “Soap bubble”

    The first method of deception gullible investors are extremely simple. Fly-by-night companies sell myth to gullible investors, and not actually under construction objects. All work on construction sites is carried out solely as a distraction.

    Often, such projects are organized and carried out with the help of various legal structures. As a result, the deals from the outside look absolutely legal . However, as soon as the scammers collect enough money, they disappear along with the contributions of investors.

    The first way to identify a bubble is the grossly underestimated value of real estate objects. The investor should compare prices with the average in the area under consideration. Excessively low cost should be alarming.

    It is also important to make sure that the information about the developer is in the official register. It includes all active construction companies. Therefore, if the company in question is not on this list, it is not a real legal entity.

    Risk 2. Bankruptcy of the developer

    There are many reasons why a construction company may go bankrupt:

    • ineffective management;
    • misuse of funds;
    • lack of finance;
    • < li> high costs.

    Naturally, the lack of money affects not only the construction company itself, but also the investors. In order not to face such a problem, when choosing a developer, you should focus on a large company that has already commissioned a large number of completed projects.

    Risk 3. Failure to meet the deadlines for the delivery of real estate

    Another nuisance for those who invest in real estate under construction is failure to meet the deadlines for construction . This risk is especially unpleasant for those who buy real estate with the help of credit funds. The lender does not care when the property will be commissioned, it is important for him that all debts are repaid on time and with appropriate interest.

    Experts have come to the conclusion that every day the deadline eats up 0.01 % of investors' income. In percentage terms, this is not much. However, in terms of rubles, a decent amount comes out, especially when commissioning is delayed for several months or even years.

    Risk 4. Force majeure situations, as well as unpredictable changes in the real estate market

    These circumstances can also lead to the loss of part of the investor's funds. An example of force majeure is the onset of a prolonged economic crisis … As a result, the supply in the real estate market can significantly exceed the demand. This circumstance leads to a significant decrease in the value of real estate – often by 10-20% . Even when the situation evens out, investors will already lose part of their potential income.

    Also, an example of force majeure can be natural disasters (forest fires, floods, earthquakes), wars, industrial disasters. The only way to protect yourself from such risks is insurance of real estate under construction .

    We recommend reading the material about home insurance, which describes important points when taking out insurance for an apartment or house.

    < p>Thus, like any type of investment, investments in real estate under construction are accompanied by various risks. Some of them can be minimized by conducting a thorough analysis in the process of selecting an object for purchase. In other cases, insurance helps to avoid unpleasant consequences.

    6. Practical recommendations for increasing the return on investment in real estate

    By investing in real estate under construction or ready-made, any investor seeks to maximize the final profit. This can be done using the methods below.

    Recommendation 1. Make a redevelopment and agree (legalize) it

    Redevelopment of a residential property – the simplest option, which allows you to make housing more functional without changing its total area. If you carry out the redevelopment measures correctly, you can increase the cost of an apartment or house by 15-30% .

    In this case, you should not carry out uncoordinated redevelopment . All planned changes must be registered with the authorities dealing with these issues. Today it is the architectural department in BTI , as well as in the district administration.

    It is important to know that the legislation prohibits making certain types of changes to the layout, for example , demolishing load-bearing walls, as well as expanding the kitchen at the expense of living space, increasing its size by more than a quarter.

    Recommendation 2. Attach additional space

    This option to increase the cost is available for private houses and cottages . There you can build additional floors, convert attics into attics, build a balcony or veranda, and make other architectural changes.

    Recommendation 3. Make quality repairs

    If you make quality repairs, the price of an apartment will rise by about by 15-25% . The profit will be higher if you make the repair yourself, investing only in the purchase of materials.

    It is important to buy quality materials . Buyers may well be able to distinguish between good quality consumables and cheap Chinese ones.

    Recommendation 4. Convert residential property to commercial property or vice versa

    Having studied the demand for real estate in a certain area, you can transfer non-residential property to residential property and vice versa. Making a profit from converting residential space into a commercial one is relevant for large cities, especially for business districts and walkable streets.

    Thus, it is important not only to invest in real estate, but also subsequently to try to extract the maximum profit from it. We described above how to do this.

    Ways of investing money in real estate with small capital

    7. How to Invest in Real Estate with Small Capital – 3 Realistic Methods

    Many people think that not enough money is an obstacle to investing in real estate, but this is not the case. Smart business people are able to get by with minimal funds, as well as attract additional funds. There are several methods to do this.

    Method 1. Raising borrowed funds

    The most popular way to increase investment capital is loan processing for the purchase of real estate. Today, many banks provide such loans.

    By the way, we talked about where to get money if all banks and microloans refuse, we talked about in one of the previous articles of our magazine.

    Investors should be taken into account the fact that any borrowing is associated with the payment of interest . Therefore, it is important to take into account additional costs during the analysis. The planned income should overlap the interest on the loan and provide profit.

    For a loan, you should apply to large credit institutions with a positive reputation.

    It is not necessary to take out a loan at interest. Many wealthy relatives give loans to loved ones without charging any additional fees.

    Method 2. Attracting co-investors

    Ideal for investors who have insufficient capital – unite … For those who have carefully thought out the project and will convince others of its effectiveness, finding partners will not be a problem.

    Method 3. Choosing the right strategy

    Any investor understands that competent planning investing is an important part of their success. Those with limited investment knowledge may be advised to seek help from more experienced investors.

    Various investment clubs serve as an example of quality support for newcomers. Such projects bring together investors who pass on their experience to beginners. The clubs hold various classes – courses and seminars, detailing private investment. Considerable attention is also paid to investments in real estate.

    The following issues are studied on the subject of real estate investment:

    • strategies;
    • how to enter the world of investment with minimal capital;
    • investing in various types of real estate;
    • rent and sublease.

    Thus, insufficient capital is not a barrier to investment. Any purposeful person will find ways to make a profitable investment .

    8. Professional help when investing in real estate ⭐

    Professional help is never free . However, it helps to significantly increase the level of return on investment.

    Those investors who wish to minimize risks , but at the same time ensure a sufficiently high profit , it is advisable to cooperate with experts in the field of real estate investment.

    In Russia, three companies working in this direction can be distinguished:

    E3 Investment offers long-term investment in different types of real estate. This ensures a high level of income. Here is the minimum threshold for entering the real estate market. Investors can deposit an amount of 100 thousand rubles or more.

    Those wishing to invest in this company can immediately find out the level of expected profit. To do this, just use the calculator on her website.

    Contributions to an investment company are characterized by a high degree of reliability. There are three types of insurance for all types of assets.

    Activo offers access to the most liquid areas. Investment security is ensured through independent collective ownership. When investing funds from two million rubles, the company guarantees a profit of 11.6 %.

    The investor purchases real estate and transfers it to the management of professionals. The company provides its clients with full reporting every month, and also guarantees the safety of the invested funds.

    Gordon Rock Is a real estate agency with an international presence. Investors, using the services of the company, can invest in hotels, commercial and residential real estate located abroad.

    The following services are also provided:

    • hotels, catering facilities, medical centers, mini-hotels;
    • the acquisition of real estate for persons of retirement age;
    • investment in a ready-made business in several countries of the world;
    • consultations and seminars dedicated to effective investment.

    Thus, to invest in real estate, it is not necessary to have a lot of capital and significant knowledge. All you have to do is turn to professionals.

    9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The subject of real estate investment is multifaceted and difficult to understand. Therefore, many investors have various questions on this topic. This is especially true for newbies . Let's try to answer the most popular questions.

    Question 1. Where is it more profitable to invest money: in real estate or in a bank for a deposit?

    Often people without investment experience, who have an impressive amount of money, are asked the question of what to do with it – buy an apartment and rent it out or put it in a bank for a deposit?

    Suppose that the investor has 3,000,000 rubles in stock. Let's consider both investment options.

  • If you put money in the bank at 10% per annum, you can earn 300 thousand rubles in 12 months, if the terms of the deposit do not provide for capitalization. Read about what capitalization of interest on a deposit account is and how to calculate a deposit with replenishment and capitalization yourself in a separate article in our magazine.
  • Now suppose that an investor has bought a one-room apartment in Moscow for the funds he has. By renting it out, he will receive 25 thousand rubles a month. As a result, the same amount of 300 thousand rubles will run up in a year.
  • When comparing the two options, one should not lose sight of the fact that in the case of renting, additional costs arise – utility bills, taxes, repairs and others. In addition, you will have to spend a significant amount of time looking for a suitable property, settling in tenants.

    It would seem that deposits are much more profitable than buying an apartment and then renting it out. But this is not entirely true; analyzing the example, we did not take into account the presence of inflation. The depreciation of funds gradually eats up savings.

    An important investment rule should be taken into account – you cannot trust the official data on the inflation rate. In fact, money depreciates much faster . It turns out that in the best case, the interest on the deposit will override inflation, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make money on such investments.

    At the same time, property prices rarely fall. In the long term, its value increases. Also, rent is constantly becoming more expensive.

    Thus, it turns out that when considering the short-term period, you can earn more on deposits. However, given the fact that apartments are becoming more expensive, it can be noted that real estate helps to more effectively resist inflation.

    Question 2. What real estate is more profitable to rent: residential or commercial?

    Some investors purposefully analyze the real estate market in order to understand which properties are more profitable to rent – residential or commercial . In general, it is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since there are commercial and financial risks on the market.

    For large investors, commercial real estate objects are usually more preferable … Experts believe that such investments pay off much faster. However, due to their peculiarities, they are more difficult for beginners.

    As for residential real estate , it is beneficial to rent it to those who received it without spending money, for example, by inheritance or as a gift. When buying such a property, it will pay off for a very long time.

    It should be understood that investing in commercial real estate is quite risky. This is due to the fact that they are more influenced by the situation in the country's economy, for example, the onset of a crisis period.

    Investments in commercial real estate are subject to other types of risk that are difficult to account for. As a result, mistakes may be made in the process of calculating the required capital, which ultimately will lead to an increase in the likelihood of buying an object with low liquidity. Such investments may not only fail to make a profit , but also entail significant losses .

    However, speaking of financial relations, it can be noted that in the case of commercial real estate, they are much more stable than that of the owners of residential premises with their tenants. When making a lease for commercial real estate, the tenant is interested in keeping it in proper condition. This is due to the fact that it is the state of the areas where the activity is carried out that forms the opinion of the clients about the company . Tenants rarely try to keep them in the best possible condition.

    The issue of income earned from the lease of various types of real estate stands apart. Everyone knows that when comparing premises of similar size, commercial properties bring in much higher income than residential ones.

    Pay attention! When buying real estate, an investor should analyze what potential income it will bring . This is especially true for those objects that have already been rented out. It is quite possible to make a forecast of the profitability of a property at the time of its acquisition.

    You should also compare the effort required to manage multiple properties. Naturally, objects of residential real estate (even if there are several of them and they are located in different parts of the city) are much easier to manage than, for example, a retail space , divided into parts and transferred to lease to several businessmen. It is all the more important that commercial real estate is rented for a much longer period than residential real estate.

    Some investors will argue that today real estate management can be transferred to specialized organizations. But this again requires additional financial investments.

    What conclusion can be drawn from this?

    Thus, it is more profitable to rent commercial real estate. However, this requires a significant investment of money and effort from the investor, as well as high-quality knowledge of the situation in the market itself.

    Investments in residential real estate are available to a wider layer of investors. This will require much less cash capital. At the same time, such real estate can become a source of almost passive stable income for a very long period of time.

    Still, investors who have at least minimal experience of investing in real estate can be given important advice. Before making a choice in favor of any property, it is worth conducting a thorough analysis of all possible options, paying attention to both residential and commercial real estate.

    Question 3. How to buy real estate as cheaply as possible?

    The fact that real estate is a profitable option for investing funds is unlikely to be doubted by anyone. However, there are ways to dramatically increase your bottom line. To do this, you can use tips on how to buy property as cheaply as possible. With a good combination of circumstances, you can save about 30 % of the cost.

    Consider the possible options:

    1) We have discussed in detail the acquisition of real estate under construction . Such investments are profitable and have a good return on investment. However, the level of risk in this case is much higher.

    Unfortunately, it is possible that the construction of the house by the developer will not be completed on the appointed day. Moreover, there are cases when houses have not been commissioned for many years. In such situations, it is often unclear whether construction work will be completed at all.

    In most large cities there are several associations of defrauded real estate investors. These people, for various reasons – for personal needs or for the purpose of investing funds – bought apartments in buildings under construction, but in the end they were left behind . It can be tricky to sue a construction company, especially if it declares itself bankrupt.

    2) Another option to reduce your investment is purchase of real estate without renovation . The investor invests in finishing work, after which the price of the property immediately rises. With a successful combination of circumstances, high-quality repairs using high-quality materials, you can quickly get about 15 % of the profit.

    3) Investors with experience in the real estate market use even more interesting ways to save money on the acquisition of an investment object. For example, many of them acquire real estate confiscated for various reasons, put up for auction .

    In case of bankruptcy of individuals and companies, their creditors are interested in both you can quickly return the money due to them. Therefore, bankrupt property is often put up for auction at very greatly reduced prices . We wrote a separate article about tenders and auctions for bankruptcy.

    4) Due to the emergence of a large number of non-payments on mortgage and other types of collateral loans, credit organizations often sue their clients for property that acted as a guarantee of a refund under the agreement. Such real estate is also sold at understated prices , since the speed of return of their own funds is important for banks.

    Where to look for such offers:

    On the Internet, you can find specialized sites that collect information on the sale of real estate, confiscated from debtors, as well as sued as collateral. Often, investors here find very interesting options for investment.

    In addition, information on the sale of pledged and confiscated real estate of legal entities is contained in the relevant register for their bankruptcy.

    Question 4 What books on investing in real estate should a newbie read?

    Any questions related to the field of finance require certain knowledge from the persons dealing with them. Therefore, it is important to study specialized literature on a topic of interest. Investing in real estate is no exception.

    Book 1. Robert Kiyosaki “Investing in real estate”

    < p>

    Many professional investors believe that the best book on real estate investment was created by Robert Kiyosaki. It is called quite trivially – “Investments and Real Estate”.

    The content of the work is unique. Renowned in financial circles, Kiyosaki has brought together 22 professionals working in the real estate investment field. The result is a book that contains not only the theoretical foundations of investing in real estate.

    This work also contains a huge number of advices that do not lose their relevance, and other stories that professionals share with the reader.

    Book 2. Eric Tyson Real Estate Investments for Dummies

    This is the ideal book for beginners in real estate investment. It explains in an accessible form how to invest money profitably and correctly.

    The book contains detailed, well-structured instructions on what actions a beginner needs to take.

    Anyone, even without financial education, can extract a lot of useful information from the book by easily reading it.

    < p> & nbsp;

    & nbsp;

    Book 3. The ABC of Real Estate Investing by McElroy K.

    This book is ideal for those who is a little familiar with investments. It will help you learn more about how to work with investment objects.

    The reader will learn how to choose the most profitable property, how best to work with a huge amount of necessary information and documents.

    Great importance in the work is given to how to maximize the profit.

    & nbsp ;

    & nbsp;

    Book 4. Alexey Durnev “Investing in real estate. How to make money without start-up capital on other people's money “

    This book should be read by those who no longer want to hump for a penny. There is not a word here about how to get rich and solve financial problems in a few days.

    Instead, the work contains useful information on how to invest in real estate without risking losing personal money.

    It also explains how to get good returns on this investment.

    & nbsp;

    & nbsp;

    Book 5. McLean Andrew James and Eldred Gary W. Real Estate Investing

    The book tells what other ways, besides reselling, to make money on real estate investments.

    After reading, the investor begins to realize that there are a lot of ways to make money by carrying out such activities.

    & nbsp ;

    & nbsp;

    & nbsp;

    10. Conclusion + related video

    Thus, real estate investment is a promising way of passive income. It does not matter how much money the investor has. In the modern world of investments, you can start earning even with a small investment .

    Nevertheless, it is important to constantly engage in self-education, try to learn as much useful information as possible.

    At the end of the material, we recommend watching a video about investing in real estate (ways, pros and cons of investing):

    And video – “How to create inexhaustible income in the real estate market”:

    That's all for today. Successful and profitable real estate investments!

    If you have any questions or comments on the topic of the publication, please leave them in the comments below. See you soon on the page of our online magazine “RichPro.ru”!

    Источник: richpro.ru

    Moscow declared yellow level of weather hazard due to wind

    The Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation has declared a yellow level of weather danger in Moscow and the Moscow region due to strong winds, RIA Novosti reports.

    “ Degree of intensity of dangerous phenomena: yellow & mdash; the weather is potentially dangerous '', & mdash; it is said in the message.

    It is noted that the warning about gusts of wind up to 15 meters per second is in effect from 20.00 Sunday to 20.00 Monday.

    Earlier, the head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center Lyudmila Parshina said that parts of Russia need to prepare in the coming days for snow and rain and the onset of climatic winter. New atmospheric fronts will displace the anticyclone, which provides dry and cool weather.

    Источник aif.ru

    Welt called the lack of ammunition the reason for the defeat of the Wehrmacht near Moscow

    Operation Typhoon, during which the Nazis intended to take Moscow, failed due to problems with the logistics of the Wehrmacht. Florian Stark expressed this opinion in an article for the German edition of Die Welt.

    The author claims that the lack of fuel and ammunition greatly delayed the advance of the troops, which allowed the Red Army to gather forces and drive the invaders away from the capital. According to him, this is the main reason for the failure of the offensive.

    Another reason, as noted by & nbsp; Stark, was & nbsp; rains, which turned the roads into “ mud rivers of meter depth. ''

    < p> Earlier it became known about the death of the oldest veteran of the Great Patriotic War in Russia Timofey Marzoev, he died in North Ossetia.

    Источник aif.ru

    “The muddy road prevented.” What do they write in Germany about the battle for Moscow in 80 years?

    Plot World history with Andrey Sidorchik

    In the fall of 1941, the leadership of the USSR was in complete panic, alternating mass executions with feasts with caviar, chaos reigned in Moscow, and the failure of the Wehrmacht was explained solely by weather conditions. This is what the Western media write in the materials for the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow.

    “ Some horses died by sinking too deep into & nbsp; mud & raquo;

    The influential German Die Welt & nbsp; released a whole series of materials dedicated to the events of 1941. How the authors see that historical moment is clear from the headlines. An article by Sven Kellerhoff called “78 Wehrmacht divisions were supposed to take Moscow, but they were prevented by mudslides.” Florian Stark's material has an equally flashy title: & nbsp; “ While Hitler's tanks were rushing to Moscow, Stalin had feasts. ''

    Mr. Kellerhoff at the beginning of the article, I must give him his due, admits that the first months of the war cost Nazi Germany dearly: “ The German ground forces lost half a million killed and & nbsp; seriously wounded, and & nbsp; this is every third soldier. '' The Germans suffered no less heavy losses in equipment.

    The historian goes on to describe Operation Typhoon. & mdash; & nbsp; a large-scale attack on the capital, as a result of which in the “ boilers '' near Vyazma and Bryansk there were over 680 thousand soldiers of the Red Army. What prevented, in the author's opinion, from seizing Moscow?

    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; And on & nbsp; the roads along which the tanks were supposed to rush to & nbsp; Moscow, there was no hard surface & nbsp. Some horses died by sinking too deep into & nbsp; mud & hellip; The change in weather allowed the Soviet troops to bring the location of their units in & nbsp; compliance with & nbsp; the now obvious goal of the Wehrmacht.

    A problem for both sides

    Not a word about the fierce resistance of the Soviet units encircled by & mdash; & nbsp;. There is not a word to the feat of the Podolsk cadets, who held back the enemy tanks, which were rushing to Moscow. And in general, Mr. Kellerhoff does not mention the actions of the Red Army at this critical moment.

    Indeed, heavy rains, which fell for several days near Moscow in October 1941, deprived the troops of the ability to move quickly. But the Soviet command, which urgently had to patch holes in the defense, faced the same problem, no less. And then it turned out that Soviet transport workers and logisticians could work in such conditions better than their German “ colleagues. ''

    As for the thaw as a deterrent, it continued in the fall of 1941, but it did not last long & nbsp; and soon gave way to cold weather, which, at least at the first stage, turned out to be in the hands of the Germans. This is what is in his memoir, Soldier's Duty. wrote about this one of the future marshals of Victory Konstantin Rokossovsky : “ Colds chained the swamps, and now the German tank and motorized formations & mdash; & nbsp; the main striking force of the enemy & mdash; & nbsp; got more freedom of action. We felt it immediately. The enemy command began to use tanks off the roads. ''

    “ Chaos reigned in the city. And Stalin feasted “

    However, Sven Kellerhoff's article can still be considered relatively balanced in comparison with what Florian Stark is treating readers.

    The Typhoon, with which the Wehrmacht wanted to take Moscow in the fall of 1941, & mdash; & nbsp; writes Mr. Stark. & Nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Faced with a disorganized defense. Communication with the headquarters was lost, chaos reigned in the city. And Stalin feasted.

    Stark begins his material by describing a banquet in honor of the British and American representatives, which took place in the Kremlin in October 1941.

    “ Stalin invited them to one of his typical celebrations with caviar, suckling pig, game and ice cream , as well as tons of cognac, vodka and wine, & mdash; & nbsp; the author writes. & mdash; In total, 32 toasts were made & mdash; & nbsp; most of them about the imminent victory over Nazi Germany. ''

    According to Stark, while Stalin was giving banquets, the Soviet units were not prepared for the German offensive, which led to the encirclement and colossal losses. And then the author explains by what methods the Soviet leadership tried to deal with the military catastrophe.

    'Muscovites were herded into the militia and labor brigades'

    “ The NKVD began mass shootings, & mdash; & nbsp; says the material Die Welt. & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; By & nbsp; 1942, almost a million Red Army soldiers, suspected of not defending their positions until the last, were convicted by field courts, 157 000 of them to death. & Nbsp; This is almost ten divisions. ''

    Speaking about the so-called “ Moscow panic '', the author refers to the British historian Richard & nbsp; Overy: “ Stalin almost lost control of the capital, giving it not to the “ German Wehrmacht '', but to their scared to death people. ''

    How, in the opinion of Mr. Stark, was the crisis overcome? If you think that the author of Die Welt had even a word to describe the courage and heroism of the Soviet people, then nothing like that.

    “ Only the brutal use of the NKVD troops put an end to what is happening, & mdash; He writes. & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; To demonstrate his tenacity, Stalin held, as usual, a parade on Red Square in honor of the anniversary of the & nbsp; October Revolution. & nbsp; Meanwhile, Muscovites were herded into the militia and labor brigades and sent to the city to strengthen the defenses. But the Germans did not come. ''

    That is, how did you not come? As Florian Stark writes, “ the lack of fuel and ammunition, but above all the onset of the rainy season, which turned dirt roads into mud, halted the advance of the Wehrmacht for several weeks. '' >

    There is a strong feeling that in Germany in 2021, materials about the Great Patriotic War are created according to the guidelines of the Reich Minister of Public Education and Propaganda of Germany Joseph Goebbels , who skillfully attributed all the failures of the Wehrmacht to mud, then to frost, then to bloody commissars, who were driving millions of Soviet people deprived of intelligence to slaughter.

    Maybe this is the reason why modern Western policy towards Russia is lame on both legs? After all, if you replace the objective picture with “ cranberries '', then meeting with reality sometimes becomes very discouraging.

    German general Gunther Blumentritt , who directly participated in the battle for Moscow, described its results as follows: “ This was a turning point in our eastern campaign & nbsp; & mdash; hopes to bring Russia out of the war in 1941 & nbsp; g. failed at the very last minute. Now it was important for political leaders in Germany to understand that the days of the blitzkrieg were over. We were opposed by an army that is far superior in its fighting qualities to any other armies that we have ever encountered on the battlefield. '' how Stalin feasted in the Kremlin.

    Источник aif.ru

    MOSCOW SUKA Lyrics and Video Song – Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar, Ekaterina Sizova

    All the way from Moscow
    Kat (Unh haan)
    It’s me Neha (ahaha..)

    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka

    [Russian Vocals by Ekaterina Sizova]
    Kruzhit vokrug vso bystrey
    Ot tebya zhdu novostey
    Bud’ zhe so mnoy posmeley
    No vso ravno ne nagley
    Kruzhit vokrug vso bystrey
    Ot tebya zhdu novostey
    Bud’ zhe so mnoy posmeley
    No vso ravno ne nagley
    English Meaning:
    Spinning around faster
    I’m waiting for news from you
    Be bolder with me
    But don’t be impudent anyway
    Spinning around faster
    I’m waiting for news from you
    Be bolder with me
    But don’t be impudent anyway

    Yo Yo Honey Singh!
    Tera good luck, tere te aa meri akh
    Koka mein chadadu
    Tera khaali khali lage nak
    Patla ja lakk
    Tenu lena billo godi chakk
    Kalashnikov varga jatt
    Russia ch paunda dhakk

    Podnimi bokal v nebo
    YA tvoya koroleva

    English Meaning:
    Raise a glass to the sky
    I’m your queen

    Turn the music on
    Don’t let me be alone
    DJ hold on
    My gangsta boy come on

    Deek la ke pee lai aja gatt gatt oye
    Daaru ton tu tauba kare kahda jatt aein
    Mein keha deek la ke pee le
    Aaja gatt gatt oye
    Daaru ton tu tauba kare kahda jatt aein

    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka (yeah, aanh)
    Aanh, I love my Moscow suka

    Chadheya chand, chand
    Gangsta’ fun (fun)
    Glock gun (gun)
    Naal valaiti rann
    Mere shaunk avalle (‘valle)
    Meri balle balle (balle)
    Haterz, pozers nu rakha jutti thalle
    Jatt sirre da shikari (aanh)
    Gusse di bimari (aanh)
    Geet likhaan khare (khare)
    Mein Gall karaari
    Meri black ferrari (aanh)
    Naale chitti Lambo
    Hor ki vikhava thonu chaddo rehndo
    Laayi main yaari, (aanh)
    Neeli dagaah, (aanh)
    Ishq ch v na kade mili meinu wafaa
    Vafah, sajah sala kauda nasha
    Chaddo fuddu gallan veere
    Peg paa, unh!

    Deek la ke pee lai aja gatt gatt oye
    Daaru to tu tauba kare kahda jatt aein
    Mein keha deek la ke pee lai aja gatt gatt oye
    Daaru to tu tauba kare kahda jatt aein
    I love my Moscow, suka

    Kruzhit vokrug vso bystrey
    Ot tebya zhdu novostey
    Bud’ zhe so mnoy posmeley
    No vso ravno ne nagley
    Kruzhit vokrug vso bystrey
    Ot tebya zhdu novostey
    Bud’ zhe so mnoy posmeley
    No vso ravno ne nagley

    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka
    I love my Moscow suka
    Yo Yo Honey Singh!

    The clock is ticking for Putin — but he has a surprise plan to hold on to power

    Russian Federation

    Twenty years into his tenure at the summit of Russian politics, Vladimir Putin is planning his next move — and unfortunately for a group of senior politicians, it means they’ve got to look for a new job.

    The Russian constitution, adopted on Christmas Day 1993, was explicitly written to prevent someone like Vladimir Putin from ruling the country in the way he has.

    It imposed a limit of two consecutive terms of four years for people elected president.

    So when Putin became president in 2000, an eight-year countdown began.

    As the deadline approached, he was an incredibly powerful and popular figure.

    High oil prices had fuelled a booming economy.

    He had been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and he had started releasing an annual calendar showing him shirtless in various action-man scenarios.


    Putin is renowned for these shirtless publicity shots. (AP/Kremlin: Alexei Nikolsky)

    Musical chairs at the Kremlin

    But the rules are the rules — sort of. Keen to hold onto as much power as possible, he supported his long-time sidekick Dmitry Medvedev to succeed him as president.

    Medvedev appointed Putin as prime minister, and immediately set about introducing a constitutional amendment to extend the length of the next president’s term to six years, and making sure Putin would be back in the top job as soon as possible.

    Russia If You’re ListeningGoing nuclear to stay popular
    Russia, If You’re Listening is a podcast about Vladimir Putin’s campaign to undermine and destroy the western world. Subscribe now.

    During his four years in office, Medvedev mostly stayed within the parameters set for him by Putin, with a few exceptions.

    The Medvedev years were characterised by warmer relations between Russia, Europe and the United States than were seen under Putin.

    In 2009, the Obama administration attempted to capitalise on this with an attempt to “reset” relations with Russia, and the two countries signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty.

    But under Medvedev, the popularity of the ruling party waned.

    The global economic crisis hit Russia hard, and while Putin was successful in being re-elected as president of Russia in 2012, he received more than 4 million fewer votes than he had in his last election.


    Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev during Putin’s inauguration ceremony in 2012. (Reuters/Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool )

    Popularity waxes and wanes

    His popularity slump wouldn’t last long.

    In 2014, beginning with the annexation of Crimea, he engaged in a spectacular campaign of foreign interference, aimed at restoring Russia’s status as a global superpower.

    That came at a cost though. Sanctions imposed by the countries he meddled with and a slump in oil prices tanked the Russian economy.

    In mid-2018, as he was at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Moscow, his political party introduced a significant raising of the retirement age in an effort to lessen the country’s economic stress.

    The reforms were wildly unpopular.

    Russia is rehearsing global war
    There is every reason to believe Moscow is rehearsing a global war scenario, along with other smaller ones that may build into that, mobilising the entire panoply of reservists and multiple militaries at its disposal, writes Stephen Blank.

    They lit a spark among Russians which became large, sustained anti-Putin protests.

    Polls — even those controlled by the Kremlin — showed a significant drop in his popularity, which has remained low in the year and a half since the reforms were announced.

    And yet Putin sees another constitutionally mandated deadline looming.

    In 2024 he will, for the second time, reach the presidential term limit — and Putin knows he cannot risk reaching it without a plan to stay in power.

    Putin hatches a plan

    Overnight, he unveiled his plan — and it was a surprising one.

    Instead of amending the constitution to allow him another term as president, he appears to be setting himself up to switch roles to prime minister once again.

    But this time he will not be risking even a loyalist like Medvedev having more power than him.

    In his state-of-the-nation address overnight, he announced that he would be amending the constitution to transfer many of the president’s powers to the office of the prime minister.


    With the resignation of his cabinet, Putin can appoint new loyalists to see through the constitutional changes. (AP: Dmitry Astakhov)

    The suite of constitutional changes is extensive — altering not just offices of president and prime minister, but increasing the power of the State Council — a presidential advisory body, and the role of the judiciary.

    An hour after the announcement, Medvedev and the entire cabinet resigned to facilitate the changes, leaving Putin open to appoint technocratic loyalists without political ambition to do his bidding.

    Public support won’t be tested

    Why Putin chose this path instead of staying on as president — as many predicted — is still unclear.

    Perhaps with his popularity low, he was hesitant to risk calling a term-limits referendum which would so obviously benefit him.

    Anything less than emphatic support for him remaining in office indefinitely could damage him even more.

    His chosen path may allow him to rewrite the constitution to suit his purposes without turning it into a plebiscite on his personal popularity.

    Another consideration on his mind may be his own longevity.

    At the 2024 election he will be approaching his 72nd birthday, and while he is unwilling to relinquish power, he may be crafting a powerful role for himself as head of the State Council, where he could enjoy a semi-retirement.

    By making the announcement with four years on the clock, Putin has left his options open.

    Matt Bevan is the host of Russia, If You’re Listening.

    Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

    Travis Scott – NC-17 Lyrics

    [Intro: Travis Scott]

    [Chorus: Travis Scott]
    Me and my bitch, I swear we like the same sex (ooh)
    Fuck with all my chains on, let’s have chain sex (serve, yeah)
    Hangin’ with the gang, you get your fangs wet (wet)
    Wanna kick with the gang, you gotta bang it (it’s lit)
    If you gon’ throw ice on, gotta swang it (ice)
    Holes in the wall, I can not hang it (nah)
    Pour different colors, sippin’, tainted (ooh)
    Whole thing of vultures start vibratin’ (rawr)

    [Verse 1: Travis Scott]
    Don’t do playgrounds, we do not swing sets (swing)
    Shawty got the K, don’t entertain threats (grah-grah)
    Shawty came my way she brought the same sex (same)
    Bust it down, she talkin’ body language (it’s lit)
    Eating that punane got my bangs wet (eat it up)
    We gon’ have to change for the banquet (drippin’)
    Solo with Mussain is not the same specs (skrrt, skrrt)
    Pull up, left with something I ain’t came with (alright)

    [Interlude: Travis Scott]
    Woah, woah, woah, woah
    Woah, woah, woah, woah
    Woah, ice, froze, go, get, gone
    Get gone (yah! yah!)

    [Verse 2: 21 Savage]
    Three main bitches thinkin’ they my main bitch (21, 21)
    Hit the club and swap the hoes I came with (straight up, straight up)
    Don’t you come outside, we on that gang shit (straight up, straight up)
    Had to switch my t-shirt ’cause she stained it (on God)
    Had to buy a visa, she from Moscow (21)
    Fuckin’ ’round with Travis, you get crossed out (crossed out)
    He used to be on, that nigga off now (he off now)
    I done got so rich, I Saint Laurent my dogs now (straight up, straight up)
    Earrings cost a quarter certified by GIA (21)
    If it’s ’bout my bae or ’bout some smoke I’m on my way (skrrt, skrrt)
    Your bitch gave the kid Cudi but I’m not signed to Ye (on God)
    I nutted on her cheek, her new nickname is Baby Face (21)

    [Chorus: Travis Scott]
    Me and my bitch, I swear we like the same sex (ooh)
    Fuck with all my chains on, let’s have chain sex (serve, yeah)
    Hangin’ with the gang, you get your fangs wet (wet)
    Wanna kick with the gang, you gotta bang it (it’s lit)
    If you gon’ throw ice on, gotta swang it (ice)
    Holes in the wall, I can not hang it (nah)
    Pour different colors, sippin’, tainted (ooh)
    Woah think a vibe just start vibratin’ (rawr)

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