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Morgan Heritage Wants Reggae To Embrace NFT Amid Success Of New Single

Morgan Heritage says its time for reggae music to embrace NFT.

To stay alive in the music industry, you have to be both talented and innovative. This could be how an artist approaches the production of their music or how they approach finances. One of the directions that the music industry seems to be heading towards is digital currency, and lately, all the buzz has been about non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Morgan Heritage may have just become the first reggae band to enter the new digital realm. They recently revealed that their NFT’s for “Light It Up,” which features Norwegian singer PelleK, has already sold out. NFTs are relatively new and in the simplest explanation, is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. The ownership rights are different from copyright.

The two-time Grammy Award-winning reggae group spoke with the Jamaica Gleaner about their decision to embrace the new trend and how they were able to join the digital currency world. They released three songs as limited-edition NFTs in partnership with Bondly Finance. One of those songs is new for the NFT collection, while the others were digitally remastered from their catalog. The latter mentioned songs will be featured on their upcoming album, Legacy.

The first track, “Light It Up,” was made available on April 17 and was sold out in a few hours. That sale brought in a total of 175 NFTs. Memmalatel ‘Mr Mojo’ Morgan told the Gleaner that the sale was historic. “It is historic for a reggae group to do this. Some individuals, whether it be recording artistes or those in pop culture, put up NFTs for sale and end up only selling one; we sold over 200,” he added.

The vocalist and percussionist of the group explained that he was exposed to blockchain technology through a friend. After that, he did his own research and realized that it was worth investing in. He added that the way he saw it was that NFTs were a new form of digital art, which could gain significant value on the resale market.

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“When there was an NFT boom with major brands getting into the space, like the NBA, that’s when we knew it was a big shift. As the group understood more and saw that NFTs were a viable opportunity, for about six months we reached out to several companies. We had to make sure reggae was there on a major level,” he continued.

He warned, however, that this new realm of finance may be more suitable to artists who already have a significant fanbase. Mr. Mojo also shared that the band was lucky to be able to partner with Bondly, who he described as a leader in the cryptocurrency realm. One of the most successful artists with NFTs so far is rapper Tory Lanez, who, through a partnership with a blockchain company, was able to generate 450 songs NFTs. He created history by selling it all within two minutes of release. That deal was worth about US$500,000.

While many artists are looking towards NFTs, not all have enough fans or recognition to make it work for them, which is why he believes that their success so far is a great leap for reggae artists.

“That’s why it was monumental for a reggae group to be able to do that, that didn’t have any mainstream success; if you look at it, our success has been through grinding and touring.”

This is another push in the band’s desire to own more of their music. He revealed that they recently secured a deal to own more of their catalog from the family-owned record label, CTBC Music Group,

“Instead of releasing new music, we acquired around 80 per cent of our catalogue, which is unheard of in our genre … this was achieved during the pandemic. To own that much of your catalogue is rarely seen in our genre,” he said. They are the first reggae group to work with
Bondly Finance and they are hoping that other established reggae artists will soon come on board.

He also reasoned that it was not so much about the money aspect of it but rather embracing new ways of getting music out to the world. “We wanted to create a reggae invasion on the blockchain on Saturday, and that’s the statement we are trying to make. We want ‘legacy artistes’ to now come through the door and do what Morgan Heritage has done, and have the same success,” Mr. Mojo said.

He added: “As a creative person, there is an opportunity to now release projects on blockchain that can be sold for an amount to remake the actual investment and at the same time introduce the music to a whole new community of collectors who can acquire, trade and resell NFTs through the platform,” he said.

Too many artists are dependent on the old ways of making money in the music business and have to wait very long before they see any profit, he continued. The Legacy album is expected on May 28, and each of the NFTs will give exclusive access to unreleased music and ownership. Those who secure NFTs will have a chance to hear the new and remastered music before the rest of the world.

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Chronixx and Morgan Heritage Leads Reggae Grammy Poll

Chronixx and Morgan Heritage are neck on neck in a new reggae Grammy poll.

The Grammy awards is less than a week away and there is a lot of attention placed on the award for Best Reggae Album this year because of some strong contenders including three local acts, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. The Chronology singer and Gong are the hot favorites to take home the Grammy, but in a new online poll, Morgan Heritage might just cause an upset.

Chronixx and Heritage lead the poll with 29 percent of the votes each, while Damian Marley trails the two with 20 percent of the votes. Hawaiian singers Common Kings and J Boog each came in with thirteen and eight percent respectively. A few days ago, the same poll shows Morgan Heritage leading Chronixx by a single percentage, so its safe to give the royal family the edge in the race for the 2018 Reggae Grammy.

There is no clear indication about on how voters will vote for the real Grammy and it could go anywhere. Traditionally, once a Marley is in the lineup it’s almost safe to say they will win, but this year the other acts in the category all released strong albums last year. This is the first Grammy nomination for Chronixx who’s Chronology album was well received. The young singer has made a name for himself in roots reggae music as one of the brightest young voices of this generation. He is the new face of authentic Jamaican reggae and he is getting a lot of praises for his work both locally and internationally.

Morgan Heritage won a Grammy in 2016 and is looking to add a second trophy to their shelf this year for their new album Avrakedabra. Damian Marley already has three trophies under his belt so for him this may just be another nomination. Nevertheless, he is looking to win the Grammy to add to his accolades.

Morgan Heritage’s Golden CBD Water Hosting Pre-GRAMMY Party

In yet another unprecedented and historical move, 2016 GRAMMY award winning and 2018 GRAMMY nominated Morgan Heritage’s companies Golden CBD Water will host a pre-GRAMMY event.

The high profile GRAMMY festivities such as Clive Davis’ annual party have become a staple of the music filled events ahead of the coveted ceremony, but the first ever in NY honoring the Reggae nominees. Notables from all facets of the Caribbean diaspora will intertwine, mix and mingle with mainstream media, sports figures, politicians and business figures to not only celebrate Morgan Heritage’s achievements, but to honor all nominees and reggae as a whole.

“The Reggae genre and Caribbean music on a whole is one of the most influential musics on the planet,” the company said in a statement. “We’re grateful for the Recording Academy for including our genre every year since the mid 80’s in the Annual GRAMMY Awards. We believe it’s our duty to bring our community together as a whole during GRAMMY week and honor the nominees for their achievements and amazing contribution to the genre for that year. Just like all the other genres that are included in the GRAMMY Awards Ceremony. We hope that this will be the first of many Golden Grammy Parties for years to come. Congrats again to all the nominees that are up for the Best Reggae Album of The Year. Best of luck to you all.”

The Golden GRAMMY Party will be hosted by media personality Dahved Levy from WBLS and famed comedian Majah Hype, the pre-GRAMMY party will feature special performances by Jemere Morgan and K’Coneil, with music provided by DJ Norie of Power 105, Massive B, DJ Roy and UK’s DJ Splackavelli. With an anticipated red carpet which will boasts a gamut of stars, the pre-GRAMMY party will take place on January 26th at Suite 36 located at 16 W36th st, New York. Admission $150 Pre-Sale, $250 at door with a number of limited tables are available at www.fanlink.to/goldengrammyparty

GRAMMY award-winning Morgan Heritage will kick off their Avrakedabra European tour February 1stin Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The European Winter Tour, will see the band perform in several cities throughout Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

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Damian Marley’s ‘Stony Hill’ Tops Billboard Reggae Ahead Of Grammy Awards

Damian Marley‘s Stony Hill album returns to the top of the Billboard Reggae chart this week ahead of the 60th annual Grammy Awards.

Junior Gong and Chronixx are the hot favorites to take home the Grammy for Best Reggae Album this year, but with a Marley name behind him, Gong is traditionally favored to win the trophy. Chronixx’s Chronology album is currently at No. 6 on the chart. Whether or not this latest development will sway voters in the reggae Grammy category is yet to be determined.

Both Damian Marley and Chronixx released two well-received albums last year and both artists are deserving of the award, but only one can win. The other artists nominated in the Best Reggae Album category also released great albums, they include Morgan Heritage (Avrakedabra), Common Kings (Lost In Paradise), and J Boog (House Ting). This is the first Grammy nomination for Chronixx and Common Kings.

In a recent interview, Gong praised Chronixx for his effort while saying he is honored to be among this batch of nominees in the reggae category. “Some good albums are in the category this year,” Damian Marley said. “Chronixx put out a really nice album, which I listen to as a fan. I like that album a whole heap. Morgan Heritage, who are close family friends of mine, they have a good album out too, likewise J Boog. I am not so familiar with Common Kings, but everybody else I kinda know them music and we are all friends.”

Junior Gong already has three Grammys under his belt while Morgan Heritage won the covetous trophy in 2016. J Boog is now in his second consecutive nomination in the category. The annual Grammy Award will be held on January 28 at the Madison Square Gardens in New York. The show will be broadcast live on CBS Starting around 8 PM EST.

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Damian Marley Says He Is A Fan Of Chronixx Music

Damian Marley says he is a big fan of Chronixx music.

Both Junior Gong and the Chronology singer are nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 60th Grammy Awards set to take place next month. The two reggae stars released two dope albums this year with Gong Dropping Stony Hill in July and Chronixx dropping his album that same month. Both albums were well received by reggae fans globally.

Gong says that he is deeply honored to have gotten a Grammy nomination for his latest project and also praises Chronixx for his latest body of work. “Some good albums are in the category this year,” Damian Marley said. “Chronixx put out a really nice album, which I listen to as a fan. I like that album a whole heap. Morgan Heritage, who are close family friends of mine, they have a good album out too, likewise J Boog. I am not so familiar with Common Kings, but everybody else I kinda know them music and we are all friends.”

Morgan Heritage, Common Kings, and J Boog, are the other three artists who received a Grammy nomination in the reggae category. Damian Marley and Chronixx were also nominated in the reggae category for the 2017 MOBO Awards which Gong won last week.

Chronixx, Damian Marley & Morgan Heritage Gets Grammy Nomination

Chronixx, Damian Marley, and Morgan Heritage are the only three Jamaicans among the nominees for Best Reggae Album.

The Recording Academy released the list of nominees for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards yesterday and JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar leads the pack with eight and seven nominations respectively. They are competing with some other big names in categories like Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. The reggae category doesn’t usually get much publicity overseas but in Jamaica, it’s a big deal and this year we have three local acts vying for the Reggae Grammy.

Chronixx debut album Chronology is widely regarded as one of the best reggae albums released this year. Morgan Heritage also released a very good album, Avrakedabra, and Damian “Jr Gong” Marley’s new LP Stony Hill is also well received. The other two nominees for Best Reggae Album are Wash House Ting by J Boog, and Lost In Paradise by Common Kings.

“When our music is celebrated by our fans, that is the greatest satisfaction an artist can ask for,” Morgan Heritage said in a statement on Instagram. “When your peers consider your music top of the class, it’s just humbling. These are blessings and we’re grateful to Jah for giving us the guidance, health, strength and perseverance to keep spreading this message of peace, love, equality and justice for all mankind. Bless up the @RecordingAcademy @grammypro for recognizing #Avrakedabra!”

This is the first Grammy nomination for Chronixx who is currently one of roots reggae’s most talented artists on the scene right now.

Morgan Heritage and Diamond Platnumz Creates YouTube History

Morgan Heritage and their collaborator Diamond Platnumz creates YouTube history this week with their new video “Hallelujah.”

The cut was uploaded to YouTube on September 28 and rocked up close to 3.5 million views in less than a week making it the fastest growing views on Youtube for a song from an African artist. “Hallelujah” beat the previous record held by Nigerian born singer WizKid who had one of the biggest songs on the planet last year “One Dance” with Drake.

“The record has been doing well and this is encouraging, considering that we just started promotions,” Mojo Morgan said. “We are expecting big things from this project as we continue expand our brand to break into new markets.” Maliaka Lepine, the reggae band’s publicist, added that the single shows versatility since Morgan Heritage is mostly know for their roots reggae songs.

Heritage new album “Avrakedabra” has been doing well since its released and is currently in it’s 15th week on the Billboard Reggae Chart. the project currently sits at number four on the chart after recently returning to the top ten.