Jpegmafia – The Bends Lyrics

"But the support we’re getting from the African-American community has been overwhelming, and I wanna thank each and every one of you…"

Maybe I’m stuck in my ways
Fantasies, fantasies, fantasies
I should rap like Sly Tendencies
Obviously, I’m who I meant to be (Facts)
My leader treat me like an enemy, he a casualty
Wonder if he cry when he see fans of me
Can’t believe we thought he’d be the man for me
It’s sad, for real, melody
When we f*ckin’ you better pretend to be
Gotta keep that on-brand positioning
No surprises, you know its the bends with me
Now halt, niggas dyin’, you know it’s y’all fault
People pray for the press to impeach
Deeper down, know that vote is a loss
It’s sad (Yeah)

(Yeah, ooh-oh, ooh-oh
Ooh, oh, no no, yeah
Ayy, I don’t got nothin’ to say to remember this shit


MAGA raps, caught a body in a MAGA hat (Yeah)
Who try get rid of me? Let my bottom bitches handle that
Nah, baby, I don’t wanna go (Ah)
Made men make it look close, f*ck the polls
Change the language when they decipher the code
Flip the script, now the caption is closed
Vice City, used to print all my codes
Strap on my hip ’cause I’m bitter and old
Mountain Dew sippers, they hatin’ the scroll (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Bunker bitch decoratin’ his home (Uh)
Black man got it sowed
Get the money, y’all can keep all the hope
Rich, all my enemies is broke
Big bank and we rakin’ in more (Yee)
Off a probation, them cases is closed (Woo)
I’ma tell we like Trump told you
f*ck it, nigga, what we got to lose?
Ain’t gon’ be no peace with the crew
‘Cause it’s one piece we gon’ aim at you

(f*ck Trump)

Eminem Went HAM On President Trump In BET Awards Cypher [Watch]

Eminem, aka the GOAT, went HAM on President Trump during his 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher freestyle.

The rap legend held nothing back when he stepped up to the camera under a parking deck with his crew standing in the backdrop with vintage cars. The moment was ripe for all things happening in the country politically and socially, and vintage Eminem once again came through, showing hip hop is alive and well. From Trump twitter fingers to war with NFL players, Em touched on every topic in an expletive-laced freestyle that will have the President fuming by tomorrow morning.

Slim Shady even name drops the 44th President Barrack Obama at the start of his freestyle. “But we better give Obama props/ Cause what we’ve got in office now’s/ A kamikaze that’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust,” Eminem raps. “When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that and/ Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada/ All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored or would rather/ Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.”

Eminem even called out his fans who are supporters of Trump telling them to decide who they rather support and if its a draw and they can’t decide, then they get a big FU and a middle finger at the end. Another iconic moment in the BET Awards Cypher was when Eminem held up his fist in support of black NFL players who are using their platforms as star athletes to protest racial injustice in America.

This BET Cypher will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time for its share impact on the conversations going on in the country right now about race and inequality. Eminem is the right man for the right moment and hip hop will never forget this moment.


Eminem: Raises fist & speaks on inequality for minorities & addresses Trump

Black Twitter: https://t.co/WxwQNv57ic

— ? (@6upsidedownis9) October 11, 2017

your mcm had to watch Eminem pace around like a maniac and rap slowly to understand why NFL players are protesting

— mg (@cashtaIk) October 11, 2017

right now Trump and his generals are in the War Room working on a diss track about Eminem

— Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA) October 11, 2017

Live look at #Eminem's racist white fans trying to decide between 8 Mile or MAGA after tonight's #HipHopAwards pic.twitter.com/q4b4eAtNTU

— DeshundreEntertainer (@dballenger55) October 11, 2017

eminem dropped a 5 minute diss track on trump today I wonder if trump will pull a ricegum and fire back

— RyansAverageLife (@RyanAbe) October 11, 2017