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Goldlink – Best Rapper In The Fuckin World Lyrics

Rocket two by night, uh
Keep a hammer and that .22
Shoot a nigga wit dat uh huh
Lil bitch think I’m cool cool
Freaky like Adina
Sing songs like Alina
Wet like Aquafina
Legs slippery light like Gina’s
This my baby momma shit
She like when I rhyme like this
Baby like when talk like this
But you still ride baby momma whip
Pac when I get too real
Pop then I got two deals
Ant won’t do it then Luke will
And the gun jam and I shoot still
Papa was a rolling stone
Mama kicked me out and said don’t come back home
Trapped my lil ass off in a back room with a thin mattress cover in the basement night
Couldn’t call my mother, had to get these packs off
Get a Mercedes bike settled for the Porsche, you know how I kept it light
I lost wait, hmm, a lot of niggas to gun fight

Long days from Le Pearl days and the metros, no bald fade
In hallways had to part ways ’cause the streets had my lil mind made
We killed most our enemies
Had to kill my own too
By 14 or 15 a nigga was real live grown dude
So don’t talk to me or chat to me about your phone
‘Bout yo friends, ’bout my post
‘Bout my man, Mac, yeah he gone
And he did what he did
And we were young, damn near kids
But it’s cool and we cool
And I love, he love me too, so give no f*ck, what the f*ck
You niggas care to f*cking do, I do not know nor do I follow
I know one thing though when you this hot this dick get swallowed
Soul gone, f*cks not given, his heart is hollow
I wanna kill rappers, these bitch niggas is shallow