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Shaggy Talks Chronixx & Damian Grammy Plus New Album Dropping Next Year

Shaggy is gearing up to return to the scene with another classic dancehall album.

The dancehall legend is currently working on his next solo album as well as another joint project with Sting. During his sit down with Winford Williams last weekend, he opened up about his upcoming album, the state of the music, Chronixx and Damian Marley Grammy nomination, and his charity work with the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Speaking about the current wave of reggae/dancehall in the mainstream music, Shaggy said that he would like to see a little more chart action.

“I personally would like to see a little more chart action, mainstream chart action,” he said. “I think there is a movement, a strong reggae movement. I see more touring especially the roots artists them doing a lot of touring and connecting with an audience on a global scale. You don’t see much chart action, I think Sean [Paul] is probably one only few chart action you see now.”

Shaggy confirmed that he has an album coming out in February of next year, but didn’t give us the title. “I have an album coming out on Sony and I have been working on this album for the longest and keep changing it,” he said. The dancehall icon opened up about the Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album with Chronixx and Junior Gong being the hot favorite.

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“In fairness, I’ve only listened to two albums out of that batch, I’ve listened to the Chronixx album [Chronology] and I’ve listened to the Junior Gong album [Stony Hill],” he added. “With both albums, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Chronixx at this point is clearly the crowd favorite locally. You see him at these concerts, he has a movement going on in Jamaica right now. Gong now has an album that is out and it will be interesting because he has more of an international appeal, more of a global brand and he is been around for a while, and he has being around a famous name in reggae music.”

Watch the interview below.

Damian Marley Talks JAY-Z Singing Jacob Miller On “BAM” Demo

Damian Marley got a chance to be a part of history when JAY-Z contacted him to be a part of his landmark “4:44” album.

The dancehall legend appeared on the single “BAM” which sampled Sister Nancy classic dancehall banger “Bam Bam” and Jacob Miller’s classic “Tenement Yard.” Speaking with VLAD, Junior Gong said when JAY-Z played him the hook he didn’t even know it was him. “Jay has the hook already he knew what he wanted for it, his voice was the demo,” Marley said. “I didn’t even realize it was him because I was like who is that and he said it’s me and I was like really.”

He did admit that JAY-Z is definitely not a singer but he was impressed. Damian Marley also said that Hov played the entire “4:44” album for him in the studio and he was very impressed just like the rest of the hip hop community was when the project finally dropped. The two music legends then went to Jamaica to shoot the visuals for the single and Damian Marley detailed how JAY-Z sent a private jet to him in Africa to fly him back to Kingston for the video.

“We did the song out in Los Angeles and then, of course, he wanted visuals to support it,” Gong added. “I was actually in Africa on tour, I was in Ethiopia and he actually sent a plane to come get and fly me straight from Ethiopia to Jamaica, so that was kind of cook. It was a great experience I had fun showing him around we were in Jamaica for two days really showing him around Trench Town, took him to Hellshire Beach and we spent an evening at Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica so it was cool.”

Damian Marley said the people in Trench Town where his father Bob Marley grew up loved JAY-Z. Junior Gong new album Stony Hill is currently available.

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