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Spice “Go Down Deh” With 2.5 Million Views In 4 Days, Set Eyes On Grammy

Spice new mega collab with Sean Paul and Shaggy already hit 2.5 million views on YouTube in a mere days after its release.

The Queen of Dancehall is confident that her latest track, “Go Down Deh“, has Grammy award-winning potential. The track, which features Grammy-winning artists Shaggy and Sean Paul, became the number one streamed song on Youtube in Jamaica within 24 hours of its premiere. Since ascending to the top, it’s remained at that spot. This is her second track to do so well off her upcoming album TEN. “Frenz” was also well received.

Spice spoke with the Jamaica Star and expressed how happy and appreciative she was that the song was well-received by fans. She also said that the song was supposed to be released last year, but they held off because of the pandemic.

“We were supposed to release the song in 2020, but due to the pandemic, we decided to hold back and wait until this year. There was so much heartache, trauma and sadness last year, it just wasn’t a time to celebrate and dance, and that’s what the song is about,” she said.

She added that she was very excited to release the track because of her talented colleagues. “Mi did excited bad bout it, though, because this is Sean Paul and Shaggy on the same track. They are two of the genre’s living legends, and so I knew what a banger this song would have been,” she continued.

Spice has benefitted from Sean Paul’s call for unity in dancehall and said that she was very proud to have both veteran artists on the track. The “Tables Turn” singer also said that many times when artists look for collaborations, they tend to think of international acts instead of Jamaican talent.

“We always look to working with artistes from different genres, but I want us to realise that we have legends in our own genre that [we] should be celebrating. It meant so much reaching out to these two mega artistes and working with them,” she said.

She expects big things from the album, which will be released via VP Records, with who she doesn’t have a very good relationship with. She also thanked Shaggy for the role that he played in producing the album.

“We are in a better space now thanks to Shaggy, who intercepted and offered to be the producer for the album. I can’t say how much it means to me having his support.” She added: “Also, given the fact that they are two completely different tracks on two different topics, the album is going to be very versatile.”

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Lady Saw Not Backsliding Into Dancehall Says Pastor Who Baptized Her

Lady Saw is not backsliding but plans to return to dancehall.

Dancehall fans are divided since hearing the news that Minister Marion Hall is returning to dancehall. Some think it’s exciting to have the fiery songstress back in the genre, while others believe she’s just exploiting it for her own gains. Hall has made no mention that she intends to return as Lady Saw, and nobody’s quite sure what her brand of dancehall will sound like. Amidst the bit of confusion, the minister who baptized Hall has every confidence that she is not backsliding but simply responding to a calling.

Bishop Everton Thomas spoke with the Jamaica Star to share his feelings about Hall’s planned return to music. He believes that she will not be returning as her former persona.

“Marion is not going back into the dancehall as an artiste where she was coming from because she is too grounded,” he said. Bishop is the head of the Emmanuel Apostolic Church. He added that she was defending herself and there was no sin in that. “There are times when the Lord uses you as the instrument in that fight, just as He did with David,” he said. He maintained that she had the right to defend herself because RT Boss “a try buss offa her.”

RT Boss made a name for himself in the past two weeks after he went after Spice and Hall with spurious claims about the two being involved in an obeah triangle. He said that “a Lady Saw first start do obeah so me did haffi put on heat on Lady Saw make she run.”

Hall has since denied the claims and, during her two-hour sermon last Sunday, December 27, said she would use “Holy Ghost missiles” to defend her name when she drops “Mi Soon Alright” on January 1.

During the sermon, Lady Saw also said that no one could stop her from using dancehall music. “If I want to go into the dancehall to proclaim the Word of Jesus, who is going to stop me? If I want to go back into the enemy’s camp, I will go. I am not looking for you to agree with me. Nobody nuh bad like Jesus,” she said.