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Matthew Good – A Single Explosion Lyrics

I dreamt last night of sirens
By flashlight I had found you
You just held my hand
By the bright lights in some ICU
Even the planless have a plan

I can’t write love songs when I’m on these things
I’m affable, responsible, but hard to be around
It’s correctible and they’re right you know

It’s as easy as it sounds
It’s all as easy as it sounds

I dreamt last night I saw you
A single spark explosion negotiating with the dead
By the bright lights in some ICU
On my chest you put your head
And said…
There you are
There you are
There’s my heart

Doctors seek ethical framework for prioritising resources, patients amid coronavirus pandemic


Who gets the ventilator when there are limited numbers? Who takes priority when beds fill up?

Key points

  • Doctors have asked Sydney Health Ethics, a centre at the University of Sydney, to construct guidelines on how to prioritise patients and resources
  • The request comes amid concerns ICUs will be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients
  • The guidelines provided serve as a framework, not a set of rules

These are the difficult decisions doctors — particularly those in intensive care units (ICUs) — are expected to regularly face as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

With the virus already putting pressure on Australia’s healthcare system, some medical professionals have turned to ethicists to help direct the process.

Sydney Health Ethics, located within the University of Sydney, was approached by an ICU doctor to come up with a series of ethics guidelines to help deal with the unprecedented crisis.

“We’re concerned about how the guidance in the future might be implemented,” centre director Angus Dawson told The Drum.

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Mr Dawson said decision-making dramatically shifted when hospitals moved from normal practice to “pandemic practice”.

“Once we are in a pandemic situation and we are responding to a particular event and we have constraints placed upon the resources we have, then we have to do something different,” he said.

“Clinicians will always do what’s best for their patient, but if they’re all doing that, there’s no system for resource allocation in place.”

Former director of the intensive care unit at St George Hospital, George Skowronski, said the decisions doctors were likely to face due to the pandemic would be “way outside” what any of them would have experienced before.

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“We’ve never faced the kind of resource constraints that we potentially could face in this situation,” he told The Drum.

Dr Skowronski, a contributor to the guidelines, welcomed their release.

“The more we can prepare the better we will do the job,” he said.

He said medical professionals had been keeping an eye on what was happening internationally.

“What we’re doing at this stage is looking at the best evidence we can find from the experience overseas to try to be able to predict who is likely to benefit, who is likely to survive, who is likely to get the best long-term outcomes,” he said.

Researchers warn of difficult times ICUs face

The ethics request comes amid mounting pressure on ICUs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast podcast.

Earlier this month, The Grattan Institute’s Stephen Duckett warned ICUs could run out of ventilators and staff by April 11 if cases continued to double every three days.

“That’s what really, really concerns me — we almost have no time!” he told The Drum.

Mr Duckett compared potential case numbers of COVID-19 and the amount of ICU beds they would require to current availability of beds.

He also tested what would happen if resources were boosted.

“If we double the number of ICU beds, that buys us three or four days,” he said.

“If we halve the proportion of people going into an intensive care unit, that gains us three days.

“These add up, of course, but they still leave us in April.”

He said the information should have been a wake-up call for the Government to enforce a shutdown of all things that were not “truly essential”.

Government secures access to private equipment, staff

One third of Australia’s intensive-care capacity is in the private sector.

Today, the Federal Government struck a deal with the country’s 657 private hospitals to expand hospital bed numbers by 34,000 to tackle the pandemic.

The deal also opens up access to private hospital staffing and equipment, such as ventilators.

Your questions on coronavirus answered:

Speaking to The Drum today, Mr Duckett said he was not sure there was a need to subsidise private hospitals.

“There are lots of other industries which would put their hand up and say we’d like to be subsidised for not doing anything,” he told The Drum.

“I’m not entirely sure this was a necessary step. It’s certainly not a well targeted step.”

How do we determine who gets what?

There were several different proposals put to the Sydney Health Ethics team about how to choose who gets priority in an ICU.

“It’s not saying ‘this is a list in a particular order’,” Mr Dawson said.

“It’s trying to say to people these are the kinds of things you’re going to have to think about and it’s good to think about them in advance.”

“What we are suggesting is that the number one issue ought to be trying to get the best possible value out of any resource that we have.

“That would be used to prioritise [patients].”

In cases of potential “tie-breakers”, Dr Skowronski said it would be reasonable to take social issues into account.

This would include prioritising First Nations communities due to existing healthcare disadvantages.

Mr Dawson said he hoped his team’s ethics guidelines would not even need to be used.

“This is all about prep for what needs to happen in the event of resources being truly constrained,” he said.

“If we’re lucky and we don’t have numbers turning up then they won’t come in to play, because the normal practice won’t have changed.”

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:

Video: Under the microscope

(ABC News)

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

‘Incredibly encouraging’ result as WA records just nine new cases of COVID-19

Perth 6000

There have been just nine new cases of coronavirus recorded in Western Australia over the past 24 hours.

Key points:

  • WA Health Minister Roger Cook called the result “incredibly encouraging”
  • It continues a downward trend in new WA cases over the past few days
  • Mr Cook said the state was still “sailing into this storm, not out of it”

The new cases bring the state’s total to 364.

WA’s death toll remains at two.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook labelled the new numbers “incredibly encouraging”, but said it was no time for the state to let its guard down.

“To have single digits at any point in time in terms of the corona pandemic is amazing. To have them at this point in the cycle … is particularly encouraging,” he said.

“But we’re not out of the woods. We are sailing into this storm not out of it.

“We need to continue to be vigilant. We can’t be complacent.”

WA COVID-19 snapshot

  • Confirmed cases so far: 422
  • Deaths: 3
  • Tested negative: 16,022

Latest information from the WA Health Department

Mr Cook urged the community to continue following the guidelines in place to help slow the spread of the virus.

“I just emphasise to everyone that we need to make sure that we continue to practise good physical distancing, good personal hygiene and ensure that we listen to medical authorities,” he said.

“And [follow] all the guides from the Government to ensure that we can actually flatten the curve and push this pandemic out as far as possible.”

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Seven-year-old child tests positive

All nine new cases are from Perth’s metropolitan area, including five females and four males.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast.

Mr Cook said four of them had travelled from overseas and three were close contacts of those people.

Two of the cases remain under investigation.

The ages of the latest patients range from seven to 77.

“So we have another small child,” Mr Cook said.

“I understand that child is currently isolated with his or her family.”

Mr Cook said there were only eight people out of the total number of diagnosed cases whose infection origin remained unknown.

Seven Artania patients in intensive care

The Minister said 54 COVID-19 patients remained in hospitals across WA, with 12 of them in intensive care units (ICU)— including seven people from the Artania cruise ship and two from the Ruby Princess.

A total of 30 patients from the Artania have now been admitted to Joondalup Health Campus after being transferred from the vessel while it was docked in Fremantle.


Coronavirus patients from the Artania arrived at Joondalup Health Campus yesterday. (ABC News: Herlyn Kaur)

Mr Cook said three were in intensive care and 27 were in a stable condition, while another four Artania patients remained in intensive care at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The two Ruby Princess patients are also being cared for in Joondalup’s ICU.

“The patients in ICU are very sick and our thoughts go out to them,” Mr Cook said.

“We wish them all the very best in their struggles and the challenges that they have.”

The Artania cruise ship remains at Fremantle Port but the Australian Border Force has issued a directive for the ship to leave Australian waters.

“I hope to see it leave as soon as possible, there is no reason why it should remain in Western Australia,” WA Premier Mark McGowan said.

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Regional borders to close from midnight

Of the total number of confirmed cases, 34 are from regional WA.

The State Government’s ban on intrastate travel comes into effect at midnight on Wednesday in an effort to limit the virus’s spread across the state.

From Wednesday, all non-essential travel will be prohibited between the state’s regions.

WA police will set up checkpoints and mobile patrols to ensure people are adhering to the restrictions.

People have been urged to carry employment documentation with them if they travel for work.

The construction and freight industries will continue to operate despite the bans as they have been deemed essential services.

Hundreds of new ventilators, ICU beds ordered

The Government has ordered more than $15 million worth of additional medical equipment to help the health system cope with the pandemic.


WA’s public hospitals are set to receive 200 new ICU beds along with other equipment. (ABC News: Margaret Paul, file photo)

The new equipment includes 301 ventilators, 201 humidifiers and 200 ICU beds.

Mr Cook said health authorities were working day and night to ensure the system was prepared.

“This equipment is being sourced from a range of global suppliers and will arrive in batches. The first is due in the coming weeks,” he said.

The Government has also begun what it called a “major capacity building program”, creating hundreds of new beds in public hospitals across the state.

“[That] will enable us to significantly expand our services, commissioning literally hundreds of beds across out hospital system,” Mr Cook said.

“Our system is now actually starting to realise significant capacity and I am very pleased to say that we’ll be able to support all the patients that come forward.”

The Government also wants COVID-19 patients to have access to cutting edge treatments on trial around the world.

It had planned to introduce legislation into Parliament on Tuesday to allow guardians or next of kin to consent to medical research and experimental treatments.

Currently, guardians or next of kin can only make decisions regarding medical treatment, not participation in medical research.

Your questions on coronavirus answered:

School attendance plummets

Meanwhile, WA Education Minister Sue Ellery said public schools had on average experienced a drop of between 70–90 per cent in attendance this week.


There has been a massive drop in attendance at WA public schools. (AAP: Paul Miller)

Parents were last week asked to keep children at home if possible, where they could learn from online education resources.

Ms Ellery said the education sector was now working tirelessly to prepare for term two.

“People are working on that very hard now, on establishing essentially a virtual school,” Ms Ellery said.

“I appreciate it’s a bit confronting for parents this week, but I remind them there is access to learning online.

“We are not asking parents to become teacher. We are just asking for their assistance.”

Program launched to help homeless

The WA Government has also introduced a pilot program to help some of Perth’s homeless population, as circumstances meant many could not self-isolate or follow social distancing measures.

A total of 20 people experiencing homelessness will be moved into Perth’s Pan Pacific hotel.


The program to help some of Perth’s homeless may be scaled up if the trial is deemed a success. (ABC News: Graeme Powell)

“The State Government recognises that there are a number of cohorts in our community that are more vulnerable to COVID-19,” Community Services Minister Simone McGurk said.

“The Hotels with Heart pilot learns from similar initiatives happening interstate and around the world, including in the United Kingdom, America and Canada.

“With the help of community service organisations, this initiative will take the pressure off the health system in Western Australia and potentially help to flatten the curve as the state fights to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The program could be scaled up if the trial was deemed a success.

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:

Video: Under the microscope

(ABC News)

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

What’s a ventilator and do we have enough of them to fight coronavirus?


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has drawn attention to a vital piece of lifesaving medical equipment: a ventilator.

You might not immediately know what it is — but you would have seen them. In hospitals, online or in television medical dramas.

So what exactly is it, and why are they needed right now more than ever?

What’s a ventilator?

The ventilator is effectively a breathing machine, or the most common component of a “life support” machine.

It’s connected to a tube that goes into the mouth, past the vocal chords and down into the windpipe (a process called intubation, for those playing at home).

Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Sydney, Greg King, said it helped a patient by doing either all of their breathing or some of it.

“If breathing fails, the patients obviously dies. So you can think of ventilation as very much a life-support system,” he said.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast podcast.

Is it the same as a respirator?

No, it’s not, even though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Professor King said the term “respirator” meant different things to different people.

Sometimes it’s used to describe the face masks worn by medical staff to stop them breathing in viral particles.

But it’s also used to describe things like the underwater breathing apparatus scuba divers use.

For the sake of clarity, it’s a term best avoided.

How is a ventilator used to treat coronavirus?

It is mainly used for the very serious cases of COVID-19.

Anaesthetist Dr Simon Macklin from the Australian Medical Association (SA) said in those cases, patients were weakened to the stage where they have difficulty getting enough oxygen into their lungs and enough carbon dioxide out.

“When that happens patients often have to work extremely hard to try to maintain adequate oxygen levels,” Dr Macklin said.


Ventilators are doctors’ best tool to keep those with COVID-19 alive. (Supplied)

“Often patients become so fatigued by this process they’re unable to do it on their own.”

They are then given drugs and placed into an artificial coma, before being connected to a ventilator through the tube we mentioned earlier.

The ventilator then does the breathing for the patient.

Are there different types of ventilators?

In hospitals, there are two types of ventilators that are used.

The ones we’re talking about at the moment for patients with coronavirus are Intensive Care Unit ventilators. They’re attached to ICU beds, and are considered the “gold standard” of ventilators.

The other ventilators are used in operating theatres for major surgery. They’re like one of the original models of the iPhone. Still good — but with fewer features.

Dr Macklin said the intensive care ventilators are specifically designed to cope with “very sick patients with very sick lungs” while the operating theatre ventilators aren’t as sophisticated.

President of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, Dr Suzi Nou, said in critical cases, ICU ventilators were used because there were a wide range of settings you could plug into the machine to minimise risk to the patient.

“When I’ve had sick patients in the operating theatre, you can have trouble ventilating them for whatever reason, the patient and the machine are not getting along so well, and then you transfer them into ICU and you put them on a nice ICU ventilator, and it becomes a lot easier.”


Personal protective equipment is fast running out in some hospitals. (Unsplash: Jafar Ahmed)

Do we have enough ICU ventilators?

At this stage — yes. But the concern is that we will not have enough as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.

“It’s the crystal ball question.” Dr Nou said.

Currently, there are about 2,000 ventilators attached to beds in ICU units around Australia.

The government is looking to double those to 4,000.

Going off global figures, about 5 per cent of coronavirus cases will become critically unwell and will need ICU care.

So based on the way the virus is tracking, doctors are concerned many more than 4,000 people will need to be hospitalised during the pandemic, and require ICU ventilators to help breathing.

But when we talk about shortages, we’re not just talking about the machines.

Ventilators are run by anaesthetic, intensive care and emergency doctors, while the day-to-day, minute-to-minute management of the ventilator is overseen by specifically trained intensive care nurses.

And there are fears that there are not enough critical care staff to use the extra machines when they come into play.

Can other machines be converted to ventilators?

You might have seen stories this week about vets being asked to sacrifice the ventilators used to keep animals breathing, if the number of coronavirus patients needing ventilation exceeds the number of machines now available.


Animal ventilators would need to be cleaned and checked before being used on humans, experts say. (Supplied)

Overseas we’ve also seen engineers make ventilators from snorkelling masks and even ventilator parts out of 3D printers.

Back home, the Government has also flagged it.

It’s currently in talks with car manufacturer Ford about the potential to make machines, while Finance Minister Mathias Corman this week told the Senate that “the states also have processes to convert existing equipment into ventilators.”

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) on Thursday said it took a “proactive stance” in terms of repurposing alternative devices – like veterinary ventilators.

But are these converted machines going to as good as the fit-for-purpose ICU ventilators?

The short answer to this is no, Professor King said.

“They’re not going to be as effective, as sophisticated as the modern ventilator,” he said.

“But whether that translates to worse outcomes, we don’t know, because a lot of this will also be dependent on the skill of the medical team around it.”

The TGA said that where possible, health care facilities should use approved, conventional ventilators when necessary to support patients with respiratory failure.

But as Professor King notes, sometimes some ventilation is better than no ventilation at all.

Dr Nou said as always, prevention was better than cure, and physical distancing measures were crucial in trying to flatten the curve and reduce the number of critical cases of coronavirus.

“If we could stop this potential tsunami of people needing ventilating support, that would be better than making bits of circuit out of 3D printers.”

Video: Scott Morrison announces moves to reduce public gatherings to no more than two people

(ABC News)

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Identical twin clowns with cystic fibrosis ‘fighting for every breath’ after grim prognosis

Brisbane 4000

When identical twins Peter and David Bissell were born with cystic fibrosis in 1973, they were not expected to live past three or four years of age.

Key points:

  • David Bissell has been in ICU since Monday night for liver issues, while twin brother Peter has liver cancer
  • Their history of health issues including a double lung transplant means it is too risky to operate
  • The pair have been entertaining Queenslanders for over two decades as clowns Peebo and Dagwood

Four decades and a double lung transplant later, the duo are facing their greatest battle yet with doctors telling them their latest health conditions are inoperable.

David, or Dagwood, was rushed to the ICU in an ambulance on Monday night with liver complications, while Peter, or Peebo, is battling liver cancer.

“Because of failing kidneys and their rejection and a lung transplant they [the doctors] aren’t able to offer me any chemo,” Peter told his followers in an update on Facebook.

Video: Peter shares an update on his condition from hospital (Supplied: Facebook)

(ABC News)

In an emotional interview from his hospital bed, Peter told ABC Radio Brisbane’s Rebecca Levingston they needed a miracle to survive.

“We’re [both] facing issues with the liver. Two weeks ago they discovered a couple of extra spots on the liver and … they can’t do anything for us,” Peter said.

“The kidneys are at a point where they can’t tolerate anything anymore … it’s pretty challenging when you hear that sort of news but we fight for life, we fight for every breath.

“We had that lesson for our 46 years on this planet, and when they say it’s inoperable and they can’t give you the treatment that you need you know you’ve run your race.”

‘Dad are you fixable?’

Peter said the pair were putting up the good fight having received stents earlier this week, but felt they were fighting a losing battle.

External Link:

Peebo: At the hospital with daughter Millie

“For us personally it’s a big mountain to climb and I can’t see anything coming out of it,” Peter said.

“We just want to make each day count. You don’t want to count your days but you’ve got to make them count.

He said the toughest part has been explaining his deteriorating condition to his 11-year-old daughter Millie.

“When she says ‘Dad are you fixable?’ … I say the medical team is working really hard to fix daddy,” he said, battling tears.

“I know her life will continue fine when mine doesn’t.

“Along the way we’ve had some marvellous medical teams, doctors surrounding us and nurses, medicines. And that’s bought us time.

“I guess that’s what it is, buying time.

“Me personally, I’m at that point where I’m not sure they can buy me anymore time.”

‘Suck the guts’ out of life

Despite their health hurdles, the much-loved and well-known entertainers have been bringing joy to Queenslanders for over two decades.

“I’ve never been one to focus on crossing the bridge until it comes … and it’s coming pretty fast. But we just try and paint a bigger smile on that face,” Peter said.

“We’ve had an awesome opportunity in our lifetime to create something beautiful with our clown characters Peebo and Dagwood.


Dagwood performing at a children’s birthday party in Brisbane. (Supplied: Dagwood and Peebo)

“[They’re] a couple of clowns who have allowed us to engage in a lot people’s lives and allow them to get around their worries and put smiles on people’s faces.

“I guess that’s what we love doing the best.”

It’s a craft that has stemmed from their many years spent in hospital wards, with David previously telling the ABC they learnt to be clowns while being in-patients as children.

“We have a lot to do with the oncology ward at the Royal Brisbane Hospital as we know first hand what it is like being a child in hospital,” David said in 2014.

Recalling their many hospital stays, Peter told Rebecca Levingston they had “always been defying the odds”.

“When we were born they only expected one and I was the afterbirth. We weren’t even supposed to survive the first night,” Peter said.

Video: Peebo and Dagwood spoke to Australian Story almost two decades ago.

(ABC News)

“So from that very first day back on August 19, 1973, we’ve been doing miracles every single day.

“Even the prognosis back then was ‘you’re lucky to pass toddler age’ and ‘you’re lucky to pass teenage-hood’.”

He said their struggle had taught them their most important life lesson, to “live life, love life and laugh and make everyday count and suck the guts out of it”.

“You may only know someone for five minutes in your lifetime, but you can put a smile on their face. And that’s what our clowning does for us,” Peter said.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

OneFour – In The Beginning Lyrics

Play this song


In the beginning, it was only me and the gang (Tru)
Introduced this country to drillin
All of a sudden they all wanna bang
All of a sudden they all wanna rap, deal, sing and loot
(rap, deal, sing and loot)
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
(trap, drill, ching and shoot)

[Verse 1]
They send my young home same night our opps got sent to the ER
(They did)
They want that smoke but all choke that place they puff that shisha [?].. (Haha)
I don’t post bout’ drillas i do them numerous times that side got ruined ..[?] (Of course)
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Grab that stick tryna hit that homerun (fuck)
If you ask bout who we drilled
Then come on bah we got no-one (No) evidence will they show us (No)
Testimony from no-one (No) we don’t know about those ones
(No way)
They look the part but they posers
No respawn when this game is over

[Verse 2]
Them boys some frauds that side [?] no good lad they don’t ride for no cause
They some dogs
We done taken your mate now come to back what is yours
Sending shots they drop and they crawl
That side call the cops when they fall
Us boys got no love for the law
Shit don’t stop my people must eat got mouths to feed and people to sleep
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Young ones round a circle your street
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They come forth we burn em and leave
Big 45. a burger and Gs [?]
We shoot they jump like hurdles in street [?]
No callin’ police (No way)
Duckin’ and weavin’ indeed [?]
No love for the enemy, leave em deceased (Gone)
They send all my bros overseas cuz’ we bring the energy out of the streets
Still waitin’ on bros release
Trap, drill and repeat
Trap, drill and repeat till the drill is complete (Ay, Ay)

In the beginning, it was only me and the gang (Tru)
Introduced this country to drillin’
All of a sudden they all wanna bang
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
(trap, drill, ching and shoot)

In the beginning, it was only me and the gang (Tru)
Introduced this country to drillin
All of a sudden they all wanna bang
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
(trap, drill, ching and shoot)

[Verse 3]
These gronks ain’t earned a spot in this game
We make moves, they all ride our wave
There’s too many times that we’ve gone the distance and knocked them back in their place

Don’t get lippy bruz it ain’t safe bridge [?] up you’ll see the risks that i’ll take
My side’s out here drillin the most that’s why there’s some [?] of us in that cage
[?] wanna stop, come and knock me 27 gang we drillin them [?]
Them boys they be doing it softly
They hate, but then they all copy

Bad boys come our way
Bad boys stay
Won’t man play no games
Trapped in the bad boy way
Bad boys hate

[Verse 4 – JM]
They talk bout drillin but this [?] they know we’re winning
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What? think i’m a gronk?
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Gangs still out tryna make that two

Really been out here since the beginning
It was only me and the gang
Introduced this country to drillin’
All of a sudden they all wanna (Gunshot)
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot
(Trap drill, ching and shoot)

Lil’ Kim – No Auto Blanco Lyrics

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Niggas call me Blanco like the mob out here
We overseas, they like “How you get them Glocks out here?”
I got killas in different countries, you know squad out here
Feed a lot of wolves, watch it how you talk out here
“Fuck Lil’ Kim” – that’s all I hear is people talkin’ evil
“Fuck Lil’ Kim” – if you say that then bitch I better not see you
“Fuck Lil’ Kim” – bitch watch your mouth before they can’t ID you
Laid up in ICU where nobody can’t come see you
Why these bitches think they safe because I’m not out?
You know any given time Kimmy could pop out
Everytime I see these chicks they quick to cop out
I G’d up these hoes, thinkin’ that they got clout
Get’cho ass back in that house, we got No Limit tanks
Master P dropped that shit off last night, we pullin’ rank
Never talk when gangstas talk unless you ’bout that action
My track record’ll tell you bitches I ain’t just rappin’
This Dior coat is the only one, so you can’t jack it
I’m a masterpiece, wrapped me on his arm like a bust-down Patek
Niggas flexin’ on the ‘Gram, but they be broke
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Never count so much right now, my paper’s stackin’ up
I’m in my Louis bag, you hoes could pack it up
Ya’ll both got [?] and you out, it ain’t adding up
But you say you keep it gangsta, nigga that’s cap or what
Big and Pac’d be alive right now if you niggas ain’t gassed shit up
If I knew who did it, I’d personally wrap their caskets up
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Got shooters out in Brooklyn ready to die for nothin’
These rats runnin’ around in this jungle, down for nothin’
Be careful we got apes out here, bitch you lyin’ for nothin’

Strong Turnout For Shaggy & Friends Millions Raised For Kids

Shaggy and Friends saw a strong turnout from patrons on Saturday as the festival raises millions of dollars for kids.

The addition of several international acts to the lineup this year help drew more attention to the cause. Since it’s inception in 2009, Shaggy and Friends saw one of its biggest turnouts last night. The show’s organizers say they are currently doing the tally and will announce in a press conference just how much people were in attendance and how much funds were raised.

Artists like Wyclef Jean, Sting, and Doug E. Fresh all traveled from overseas to perform for the cause and let’s be clear, artists were not paid to perform, they all did it for free. The proceeds from the music festival will go towards the Bustamante Hospital for Children, which is the only children’s hospital in Jamaica serving kids from all over the Caribbean. Since 2009, Shaggy’s Make A Difference Foundation has raised over US$1.5 million for the hospital which has been used to expand the facility and purchase needed medical equipment.

Co-producer of the event, Rebecca Packer-Burrel, who is Shaggy’s wife, says they are aiming to raise US$1 million from this year’s show which will be used to expand the ICU section of the hospital. Shaggy noted that their plans could be hampered by land space so he is issuing a plea to the Jamaica Defense Force who owns a large parcel of land where the hospital is located to donate one acre. The dancehall legend says that the ICU only has five beds and is desperately in need of more space to serve the demand.

“We have five beds in the ICU for the whole of Jamaica,” Shaggy said. “So we have to expand the building, that’s where the challenge will be. We need more land, we’re on JDF land.”

Local artists like Ding Dong, Shenseea, Dexta Daps, and Aidonia all delivered solid sets. Watch a segment of Aidonia’s performance below.

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Mozzy – Scorin (feat. Lex Aura, Lil Blood & Slim 400)

[Verse 1: Mozzy]
That nigga told, he been rockin’ wit the rollers
Chain gang slimey bitch Rocky Balboa
I be on dope bitch fell into a coma
Really from the four’s had to get it off the corner
[?] and them smokers on the porch playing poker
Fo’ nick hefty, too bulky for a holster
There’s all type’s of bitches on my Motorolla
We pulling out the corner store wit hella baking soda
Another cold summer I ain’t seen a summer colder
Gang enhancement charges when them people roll up on us
They throw the hold up on us plus they boosting up the bail
The crime rate quiet all the shooters in the cell
It’s Hell Gang bitch i’m going straight to hell
Just made it harder for yourself it ain’t no way that I could tell
It’s either a maney jumpshot or hit the NFL
We fucked his career off he got possession’s for them sales

[Hook: Lex Aura]
One day i’ll be balling, yeah
I’m outside by the corner
I’m trynna get this money, yeah
I just flipped another quarter
Started off in a stolo, yeah
Now I’m sliding in a foreign
Touchdown city solo, yeah
From the bottom I’m scorin

[Verse 2: Lil Blood]
Started off buying plug, ten for forty
Outside me and Dirt he was carrying the 40
[?] industry barkin rolled coke on the third
Trynna touch these five racks from the first to the third
Crack dreams bitch what you know bout cookin
Instagram flippin black gate we juggin’
Got whatever you need, just bring your lighter
Been out here all day and I’m pulling an all nighter
Pants dirty, black hoody I’m on a mission
Fuck these bitches, gotta get it I’m chasin chicken
Boiling water, add the soda watch it rise up
And Scrr, Scrr, Scrr, when I scrape the sides up
Nose dirty, snortin coke from all my zippers
Real pimpin, need dough from all my bitches
Nigga I was sellin coke to my own father
If I ain’t sell it to him he would buy it from my partner

One day i’ll be balling, yeah
I’m outside by the corner
I’m trynna get this money, yeah
I just flipped another quarter
Started off in a stolo, yeah
Now I’m sliding in a foreign
Touchdown city solo, yeah
From the bottom I’m scorin

[Verse 3: Slim 400]
Pigs hit the block my real ones went to jail
Ain’t no money to post bail so they sittin in cells
My youngins shootin at civilians
I ain’t wit killin children
But it’s bracken blood it’s day to day
You caught at the gas station now a 40 in your face
Now who callin who phone, hut, 48
I’m the first to line up, I ain’t a second late
Slid off on some real shit
Real niggas feel this
I see you endin up in the ICU
Hitta’s know I rock wit the Hell Gang, and free my nigga Truth
It be the solid ones that go first, and the snitchin is bool
I bleed the [?] bag for bag, misleading these hoes
Still gettin it out the gutter and it’s me and my bros
I don’t claim to be, I’m in these streets, put it on P’s
Free real niggas, so fuck you industry niggas

One day i’ll be balling, yeah
I’m outside by the corner
I’m trynna get this money, yeah
I just flipped another quarter
Started off in a stolo, yeah
Now I’m sliding in a foreign
Touchdown city solo, yeah
From the bottom I’m scorin