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Al Wordlaw – The Miracle lyrics

God’s- love- is- the- world- to- me

Vs 1
God is love
And love is all His world was made of
I thrive off His nature of love,

Chorus 1
His love is the miracle
The miracle
Oh it’s God’s nature,
It will heal every heart in life
And make life better,

God’s- love- is- the- world- to- me,

Vs 2
A heart that’s broken in pieces
Can get a better new start
Through God’s grace and mercy
As His love heals every part,

Chorus 2
His love is the miracle,
He repaired this heart of mine
So I could love again so freely,
He only wants us to be happy, yea
He’s no mystery,

God’s- love- is- a- miracle

My God is waiting,
He’s waiting for ya’
Waiting to mend a broken heart,
I was broken, drinkin’ and smokin’
Fornicatin’ and just hangin’ out,
Awl, my God is waiting,
Waiting to love through someone’s heart,

Chorus 3
So if you’re looking for that lasting love,
The only way to find it is through the miracle,
Put the Lord in your life first,
And He will lead you to that someone special,
Trust your faith in His Spirit,
I know that you can do it,
Just let if flow, it’s the way to go,
He’s waiting right now,

God’s- love- is- the- world- to- me,

Vs 3
If you want a better new start
Then give Him your heart,
And He will perform the miracle,
God you’re a wonder
But through Your Spirit a bonder
Of peace, love and happiness
Just for Your world,
You gave up Jesus so we could be free,
Free to live justifiably,

Vamp Out
You’ve got me in your glory,
You’re number one in my mind,
I’ve got to tell the story
Of your divine,

Oh Lord I love you so
And I will never let Your Spirit go,
Oh no, oh my Lord,
My Heavenly Father,
I love Ya’
You picked me up
When I was down,
You turned my love life
All the way around.