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Andy Milonakis – Internet Rich Lyrics

[Verse 1: Andy Milonakis]
Fuck your game bitch, I’ll fuck your main bitch
This Twitch shit is making me rich
Wanna rock Versace? You just gotta watch me
Andy Milonaki’s way too cocky
I ain’t cocky I’m just better than you
And I’m smoking shit louder than Pepé Le Pew
Got passport stamps and you got food coupons
That’s a nice whip for me to poop on
Louis Vutton I’m freaking, sushi in the evening
How come all these MJ songs be sounding like the Weeknd?
I’m sick with the disses, I’m into your mistress
She’s blowing me kisses and now she’s my mistress
I’m done with this business, I fucked it and flipped it
I’m like a Cosby drink cause I’m in it to win it

[Hook: Andy Milonakis]
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich (Yah)
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich

[Verse 2: Andy Milonakis]
I’m Harvey Weinstein, you like fine in them jeans
Let’s talk about this movie roll, it’s not what it seems
They try to discredit my credit on Redditt
But you got a shitty job so you got no merit
All you want is karma and some Insta glory
You’d probably suck my dick for an Insta story
You’re not a hater, you ain’t nothing but a fan boy
Playing Fortnite, you ain’t ever seen a tan boy
Fly to Hong Kong, looking fly in Hong Kong
Asian bitches on my dong wanna hear a rap song
Coast to coasting, [?] the ocean
I’m sick with the oils and I’m steady with the lotion
And steady dropping bands like the music crisis
He’s off the block chain, he don’t check the prices
Your mom’s a blowjob Betty but the whore bites
The bitch sucks dick like Drake at Fortnite

[Hook: Andy Milonakis]
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich (Yah)
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich

[Verse 3: Dankquan]
Woke up musty, went to sleep dusty
Mom in the bathroom, don’t think she trust me
Unicorn nigga, who the fuck are you?
Never been pregnant so there can’t be two
Sus gang, dicks in my ass clap-clap
No license need a Tesla, see me in the ass crack
Bitch I’m streaming, [?] mad
Bitch I’m streaming, [?] sad

[Hook: Andy Milonakis]
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich (Yah)
Raised on the internet bitch (Ayy)
And we killing this shit (Yah)
Just made a million on Twitch
Fuck TV, we internet rich

Harvey Weinstein Confirmed to Be in Treatment Amid Sexual Assault and Harassment Scandal

Harvey Weinstein is receiving both inpatient and outpatient treatment amid the numerous sexual assault and harassment allegations against him, E! News has learned.

A spokesperson for the producer confirmed the news to E! News on Saturday, following recent reports that he was seeking treatment.

“Mr. Weinstein is receiving inpatient as well as outpatient medical treatment for the next month or so,” the spokesperson said.

No further details were given and the producer’s whereabouts were not made known.

Over the past couple of week, at least 50 women have accused the produce of sexual misconduct and six of them, including Rose McGowan and Italian star and xXx cast member Asia Argento, say he raped him. Weinstein has apologized for past treatment of colleagues but denies allegations of non-consensual sex.

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Police in Los Angeles, New York and London are investigating several sexual misconduct allegations. Weinstein has not been charged with a crime. The controversy has cost his him jobhis marriage and many of his honors

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Last week, after reports say Weinstein was headed to rehab, paparazzi encountered him outside the Los Angeles home of one of his daughters.

“I’m hanging in, I’m trying my best,” he said at the time. “Guys, I’m not doing OK but I’m trying.”

“I gotta get help, guys,” he said, as seen in a video posted on TMZ. “You know what, we all make mistakes, second chance I hope.”

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A day later, Weinstein was spotted in Arizona, dining with friends.

On Friday, a source told E! News that the producer was still in the state and “going to an outpatient center during the day” and staying at a hotel, adding, “He isn’t taking things seriously at all and is more concerned about business and his next moves. He is just going through the motions with counseling and doesn’t seem concerned at all about what’s to come.”

Weinstein has not commented.

TMZ reported that day that Weinstein had completed a one-week outpatient program to treat psychological issues and was leaving the state. 

News of Weinstein undergoing inpatient treatment also comes a week after TMZ reported that authorities responded to a 911 call made by his daughter Remy to “say her dad was suicidal.” Police told E! News they had arrived at the house in response to a “family disturbance” but could not confirm the call was about Weinstein.

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A friend of Weinstein told Page Six that the producer is not suicidal, but “his heart is breaking for his kids.”

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JAY-Z In Talks To Buy Harvey Weinstein’s Stake In Film Company

JAY-Z is reportedly in talks to buy Harvey Weinstein’s stake in the film company he started The Weinstein Company.

Unless you have been living off the grid for the past week then you would have heard about Harvey Weinstein scandal where multiple women have claimed that he sexually assaulted them. JAY-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, already has a vested interest in the company after having signed a first-look film and television deal with The Weinstein Company earlier this year. Despite the scandal, Hov wants to continue his partnership with the company but as a shareholder.

Carter, along with billionaire, movie producer, and other investors, are teaming up to purchase Weinstein’s 23 percent stake in the hugely popular film company, TMZ reported. JAY-Z is currently working on a Trayvon Martin miniseries with the film company and they already produced “The Kalief Browder Story.” If the rapper has his way then more films will be coming in short order.

Harvey Weinstein left the company last week and reports suggested that he was forced out by other shareholders after the New York Times published a bombshell story about his years of sexually harassing women. Since the report, a number of women have come forward with stories of their running with him including Cara Delevingne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie.

The Weinstein Company is one of the most powerful companies in the film business which makes Harvey Weinstein one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood. After leaving the company, he issued an apology while quoting JAY-Z. “Jay Z wrote in 4:44 ‘I’m not the man I thought I was, and I better be that man for my children.’ The same is true for me,” he said. The problem with that quote is it can’t be found nowhere on JAY-Z’s “4:44” album. Perhaps its on a song that never got released.