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Summer Walker Says She’s Scared To Date Men, Ready To Date Women

Summer Walker may be switching teams, and we are not necessarily talking about sports. An Instagram Story update on Monday night has left fans wondering if the songstress is officially done with dating men.

“Where the b*tches at?” The “Over It” singer questioned. She finished her question with a rainbow emoji which is a symbol of the LGBTQIA community. While this had fans speculating that the 25-year-old “Playing Games” singer was officially joining the queer community, what clarified the decision for many was her follow-up post.

“I never wanna see another [eggplant emoji] again I’m scarred fo life,” she said, throwing in a laughing emoji.

The laughing emoji, however, had fans wondering if this was just a joke. Still, what was more prominent on the minds of her fans is what her boyfriend, London On Da Track, had done to upset her this time.

“What London did now?” One person asked. Another surmised, “London done pissed her off Nd she can’t vent to us nomore,” and another expressed, “I’m tired of them breaking up.”

The couple is known for having a rocky relationship since its beginning in 2019. Though the famed producer publicly spoils his girlfriend and mother of his child with expensive gifts, the two have had their fair share of ups and downs.

Earlier this month, the producer had gifted Summer Walker a Tesla and other surprises that made her birthday what she described as “unforgettable.”

Late last month, the two welcomed their first child together after Summer Walker had announced her pregnancy on social media in November. Notably, the producer fathers two other children from previous relationships.

Some fans are shunning the idea that there is now trouble in the camp, as the two have apparently been getting along for some time. Fans took to Instagram to suggest other reasons the “Girls Need Love” singer could be fiending for some female attention.

“Postpartum is real,” said one person who hinted that the singer is under severe stress. Another explained, “Maybe, just maybe, she’s saying that because…ya know, motherhood? It’s stressful when you’re a 1st time mom and she prolly like hell nah keep that thing away from me. Everything don’t always gotta mean relationship trouble, sheesh. I ain’t wanna see no meat for a min after my first baby.”

Walker has not revealed the main reason for her decision to consider taking herself to the other side of the moon.

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Summer Walker & London On Da Track Welcomes Baby Girl, Says She Won’t Share Pics

R&B songstress Summer Walker has officially confirmed the birth of her baby girl.

The confirmation comes almost a week after sources who claim to be close to the R&B singer hinted that her daughter had arrived. In posts on her Instagram page last night, Summer alluded to a fake page being created for her daughter by a fan while noting that there will be no pictures of her child on the internet.

In a follow-up, she said, “So let’s all forget I was pregnant & move on with our lives so I can enjoy my little angel in peace.” Summer Walker added heart eyes and the angel emoji.

Summer Walker announced her pregnancy last November after initially denying that she was with child. Fans of the ‘Girls Need Love’ singer had been speculating that she was pregnant for weeks after they claimed to have seen a baby bump in an Instagram post.

In the early stages of her pregnancy, Summer Walker was heavily criticized by fans who were disappointed that she was bearing a child with famous producer London On Da Track. The couple has had a rocky relationship, with Summer seemingly calling off the romance several times, only to get back with her baby daddy, who has kids from previous relationships.

? l Confirmed! Summer Walker and Londonondatrack have officially gave birth to their baby girl today! ?? pic.twitter.com/IimfwTiWWn

— ??????? ? (@summerliyah) March 24, 2021

London On Da Track has been accused of being an absent father by his previous children’s mothers and also by his current girlfriend, Walker. Late last year, during a rocky period, the singer called him out saying, “black men gotta start doing better when it comes to being a father. my grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis ni**a lame (in reference to London).

She further wrote, “I guess ni**as still dealing with the shackles of mental slavery or some sh*t, back when white men ripped you from your families and beat you to death if you tried to protect them. It goes deep. Sh*ts really sad.” At the time, many criticized Summer for putting herself in a situation she knew was less than ideal, having observed his behavior with his other children.

Despite the tough times in her early pregnancy, the singer and her producer beau seemed to have reconciled, with her having a largely uneventful pregnancy and in recent weeks announcing they were expecting a baby girl. The couple threw a lavish baby shower in late February, where the singer was gifted dozens of extravagant items from celebrity friends.

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Fans of the singer have taken to social media to express their joy at the arrival of her daughter. One user commented, “Princess Bubblegum has arrived,” complete with heart emojis, while others commented on how fast Walker’s pregnancy seemingly was.

As usual, there were critics. One user both congratulated and shaded the new mother, writing “BABY MOMMA NUMBER 4. WELCOME TO A WORLD OF DRAMA AND MESS SIS. CONGRATSSS!”

Despite the negative comments, a baby is such a blessing, and Summer and London are surely overjoyed with their new bundle of joy. Congratulations to them both!

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