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Flower Kings – Compassion Lyrics

Compassion Lyrics

For the week, wounded hearts
For the nameless, fallen stars
For the ones who built this land
For the ones with a gun in hand

Compassion, for the fearless, harmless, stunts
Compassion, for the lost and lonely ones
Compassion, for the homeless, refugees
Compassion, for the scattered families….

World of yours too small, history recall,
Better not forget, now look in both directions
Warrior, king or slave, freedom is your trade
CyberCain still screaming for connection…..

Compassion, for the ones who lost their faith
Compassion, gave it up & give in to hate
Compassion, where hell is their self made heaven
Compassion, can’t forgive seventy, nor 7

Compassion, is it us against the others?
Compassion, for the sister & her twisted brother
Compassion, with your face against the wall
Compassion, for the human after all

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